ICYMI - Old School Game Show Return!

Tuesday, February 13th

Old School Game Show stopped by the studio again to talk about their upcoming Harvard Square show and to let listeners win tickets!

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We lost Indians 37. Podcasts are always on. On your schedule it WA AF. Matty and nick would like to welcome into the studio once again. Mike D'Angelo and Ginny nice shade from old school games ago. Globe. Things might get Ginny thanks to come back again. So you have a big Valentine's. Day show coming up. At Harvard Square the over in theater. We have. I mean I. Friday night tickets still available yes it's still there are some tickets still available and a nanny. I always loved going to seek game shows at theaters named after differences in the grounds. Go right at the height. It's okay. And not only. I hit it again as. So someone right now is actually going to win. Tickets to your show him. Because when you guys come in we don't like to just talk about it that's really look like it's not. I'm just like they say one thing shall. Mike and Jeanie. It's old school games you know that means that you guys walk. The talk you bull look. Like you've come out of a 1970s. A time yet yeah. Of that discovered time travel item item in Atlantic and the part of the you're so interesting and also I don't know if I'd speak about I'm Sharon groups did on state I don't know where we're going to OK you know. We have a lot of grant that night that you got into it if they don't you know it. Basic Mike you actually. It's she. That's on nick my cohost robot that. Mike you actually asked Cheney to be your wife on stage correct that is correct sir Isaac that we I propose on stage we had efforts kiss was staged has been technically that counts right thing and we got married on stage too because. We are damage people who desperately crave attention to how does that yeah I'm thinking I can't. On the board. It may have the best thing you can say to me asking you to marry you on the stage right now Sarah. And I'm guessing by the gold standard on your finger season yes sir yeah. She did know my right your team and it's likely that and let's I don't want to hear about your after enough to vote on an application Acer and it it. It's not right let's that it further adieu let's play for tickets shall we let's play game let's go to Brian Weston Bryan are you there. Yes I am all right Ivan let Mike NG do their thing. And see if you can club I'll have you play and then we'll talk to another person the framing imports to realize see who does better in Winston. I do in their Bryan right now gonna play little lightning round with you sir here's out builds for the Valentine's Day coming up here we got we celebrity. Couples who summoned to give you this right now. Some of them. We're actual couples at some point and some and we just made up right now have been due lightning round style. On the net this the couple using their real estate here we go right now thirty seconds on the clock Bryan let's do it. Natalie Portman and know the day. False that's real a delegate EDT. Very correct any polar and Johnston mouse. Turtle that's what Madonna and Dennis Rodman. They know that the elderly unmarried and Justin Bieber. Very. Not that my kids very. Thick. Black Britney Spears and Michael Payne. I don't know that's balls and he's not maybe. That's one all. I'm sorry. If you do there's and frank malware I asked why should know. What will now I've run and you did good knowledge finally ending this idea under pressure. Not bad too Brian hang on the line OK anybody. Niigata. Bryant from Weston now what will put him against let's go to. C west and we have to metro west won a league what north yeah and go to Manchester,. New Hampshire and talked to. Paul holt Paul. Yeah you later it was a mansion days dads are caught. But there solo I think on this one. Mike and Ginny now you said you wanted us to play for someone to is that right that's right we wanted to open the enemy of the more difficult to with the home field advantage right now okay could have meant unique step in here okay. So all gonna plan your half OK so you have to. And I can have no place. And yeah. And a series now down volume that we know about music than good luck. You reduce all right nick you read this category of course who gonna give easy song titles that have romance and that means you get those the artist that he. Here we go right now thirty seconds on the clock. Here we go out outlook and an elevator. Aerosmith correct global terrorists apart. Comedic cheer captain Antonio. That's local people is to get all and that joy division's abundantly sexual dealing Marvin gay correct only some money. Hold home who to see you guys and even just as it is now back. Yeah I'm catapult wanted to Barack Obama did can't stacks all a Digital Underground program at crazy in love. Beyond today correct that sex is on fire. The you know they don't they can than California does kick up. Kids all like yeah man I didn't particularly on. I wanna know love days. Four bad romance all of the dog out yeah a lot of guys and wow and yeah common that you may get an. So any chip shots. I'll pick it apart from Manchester. I think you've got eight because of us Bryant matter I'm sorry. I pay you did great hole the odd ball hang on once that. So Paul did eight Brian did five now and I'm wondering. Yet. Do we would have to be Seagram. Evil that yes we are we. Hi Brian that's why did I ever. Going out making it rain day. All of the view are going favorite song by tase today to overrun. Cambridge is right at Harvard Square right at saint yet. 8 PM. February 16 and if you wanna go have a great night you gotta check this out old school games so go to their website old school games showed dot com if you wanna get in on the game. With Mike in genie here you guys are awesome yeah I think that's that's a look that was a that was possibly them the most electrifying five minutes in the history of this radiation. There's going to be thirty for thirty doc about that round of Judea that this happened I had one damn that's so epic right. Actually ACC news's David mirror is actually in the hallway waiting to interview you guys about power being the top trending story of Tuesday and out breaking news somebody in the studios pregnant and it's not an. True drew thank you guys so much thank you thank.