ICYMI - Matty's Mattress-Free Mattress Read

Wednesday, December 6th

What happens when you ask Matty to do a simple live read? Literally anything but.


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We lost Indians 37. Podcasts are all is mind and I you schedule it WA AF. Hello Andrew. It's Matty and. Yet and I I O what Google can. And what's up there Andrew talent and. Yet. It didn't look good I get the black player when it's time. A couple we don't eat diet without ideal of daddy you would in fact meet actors and commercial. IRA. And I added that ideally I I I look. How lap. Public that I had this is very weird Andrews hang on and will play that within the next money minute Andrew is still is was literally playing that. In between songs are just off the air just now laugh and say isn't out yet and on top. Yeah Andrea we'll do all so I'll take an instant Graham video of his plane in studio. With Matty smiling because he likes to smile and he makes people laugh. And how hard that I'll put it out and it's Graham it's tough to actually put it out on the website that. I know what you're talking about is literally fifty seconds of a human being coming completely damaged with. Yes it yet elect at what he's doing it let. But now at me if they'd be right. Right what do you. I specifically requested by our friend Andrew in Hudson we now kick off the prime drive time width. This little nugget from a few weeks back. This is Mattie Blake's matches three matches firm read what you do me a favor okay watch or listen to me a favor you good you good KB goody gonna go to the Ozarks you know embezzle some money. You know take the money gonna put them back. To me mr. like actual human adult who has a radio show. On and chiefs that's incredible you do is plug in the guitar he can join the band if they're given you a free adjustable base incredible oh no they mean like the base that moves as a in my house or use the vibrant and actually more 1190. Eight's backers so take that and smoke it just look no further than naked guy who lay on this day there we've biblically lay on the base and I don't know we don't pay. Pretty good right and yadier valiant but that thing and a. They and and I Allen went. Curious sing about he's city. Did take some pause drug does not DiMaggio Bardot Triad. To Ahmadinejad. And that. You do. Light greens everybody.