ICYMI - Matty's Birthday

Thursday, December 14th

Today was Matty's birthday and Stiz had an audio surprise for him!


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We lost Indians 37. Podcasts are always on him. I'm new schedule and WA AF. All your lovely birthday wishes 50 it says however Matty secretly disappointed. 'cause he was hoping for something golf related I was given me chargers kept that is actually not too and and thanks slop the present neck. Both the main promise I endeavor I've I've went out of my way specifically I found something at but he would like a unique present also something. Germane to what we do here in the show and I am powerless that my hard earned money nobody out there get your job change electoral Melissa. Eddie you did that is not true and you know listen you know I'm struggling. So I made you something. All I couldn't I don't know why I like Amanda may or know of popsicle sticks on construction part of the best gifts I don't know like Dick help my adjust their entire drama of the studio and besides it's the thought that counts so I took it upon myself to make like. You know like the best of Matty all the times from this past year or Mattingly has a job soon but it ambiance of the day we're celebrating you we figured. Why not really celebrate you. Would this day is Grammy remakes of Mehdi is year and. I used to have he runs in his. Hate that so you know likely to be Catholic how old PC. And all that matters I'm gonna. On the back home game SPF value over your back out we. Todd you want your shoe that's. No I'm on the look like rock group does modeling career since a Graham dropped off this disgusting looking tea bags then I don't want to fulfill you those blocks. I'm so stupid. Yeah I value what the thing about. They. I don't. When more curious thing about these cities did takes a cause that is not to my they are just not yeah. They asked how our Don Mattingly taking speed but good that gave me I've got that. Hey I did so well. Dunn who buy our rights in this case and don't. Listen to a Snow White and she's still. But to listen to. And like something my love. Flags and then all of a sudden things I'd love to games I have many. That's you just try not sound like these races that you I truly do have friends who have some of the other day Matty but I don't know why they have why is gates right because that allergies that he month. This month that's why we'll let him so much so that then that's okay I just got don't want. Other African American and white prostitutes you'll find my meat out of my dad called hands. Cameron know what that next big guys out. I've got to Brad Pitt does that like Superman punch David jumps up with a spear good call already yeah I love the way you'd like simple way right. And everybody passes and no this is muscling him listening. If you want to get okay yeah you slowdown in say that in smooth little. I had to pick up tablet you show me what if it's good photos of these. And then I go to that town and it's on and focus on math and yeah Bob talks came into the paint you can. You could call anyone else. Other karate and golf yeah. A bomb that he here and what a year I guess I libraries are insignificant they are worth celebrating. Well that's just a sample of the nasty how is that now worth celebrating. Who the hell. Give us or yourself if I'm just going to like you know how it turns up as just slammed them on the gas and that I have played if untouched that you guys that was fantastic a did not expect that all of my god this is the best they go thanks guys.