ICYMI - Matty Saves A Marriage!

Wednesday, February 14th

The state of Matty's own marriage may be questionable, but he drops some nuggets of wisdom to a troubled caller!


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We lost Indians 37. Podcasts are always. You schedule Kelly asked. Let's go to Matt on the broken hearted Framingham Ford studio line what's Matt yeah question. In Astaro and their guys are being here. Oh got about I would much like yesterday and and the unity argument she called it. And then love. Told me that she got an agent. Of the other eleven years married to. Yeah I mean I don't obviously she says she is a strong man you've been killed and got away from time. A little excerpt they thought they would know what men who would easyJet. I'm Matt hang on I I think you are. Just jumping ahead too fast we say things. Two people that we call have a tape with for a long time. That come from the bowels of our soul. That don't necessarily reflect how we truly feel about that person even though you feel like that because she used the word hate. We sweet truly do. Take out. The worst of us on the people that are closest to us. I could be with Yoko. For a day and if you played me back the way I talk to her memory being honest now. On some days I'd be so ashamed to so embarrassed but I would then see someone and holing got it right Dylan we put on this front to the world. And when we get home sometimes with the people we truly love. We let our guard down we let we let that filtered dropped from our sub conscious and we just. Burst out all her frustrations of work whatever she does date today she's gonna take it on a new probably because you're strong enough to take. And really I believe she loves you now there might be some issue I don't know about I can't answer that 32 phone call but I can tell you this my gut is in these things. We say things sometimes we immediately regret and we take out the worst feelings we have on the person we'd love most. To very thin line between love and hate and I feel like her feelings just got the best were in that moment. And if you and her can ratchet down the temperament. I'd bet you and I want to call me back if I'm wrong and it and it does leader divorce or whatever but I bet you. If you can sit with her. In an honest quite environment and say that really devastated me I'd bet she would say something effective you know I don't hate you Matt. But this in this in this in this in this okay. Given a try. All right buddy got all of you know text that the generic sense yeah I wanna say you know one more than it is doing a great job you put up. I think that you ought to talk to that guy out beating you to south and an apple and an example. You're somebody else maybe a little closer to a menu and then say hey you know how it becomes a conversation. You really care it meant look at your. And then you know let's what you look at. Is not a. Thanks buddy and I say and I think gene on our men and then he'll be back. Hey did you know Max mould no slight on center might not say oh my god I just gave a beautiful heartfelt responses reverend knives or you just ruined. Gotta be stiff but haven't you I love you. See I just took out my innermost feelings. On you. Madden.