ICYMI - Matty Goes to Washington

Monday, July 31st

Former White House Communications Director, Anthony Scaramucci, was let go after only 10 days on the job. Matty believes this is a job for him and is marching down to Washington DC, asking for votes and your support. 

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We lost 10 AM the previous seven. Podcasts are only I'm. I'm new schedule and WA AF dot com. That he'd get nick we've got some breaking news on the national level. Making national news because I don't know a lot of humanity American news editor which is behind this is crime is console. The mood chief is out. What do you mean the most is out Scott I'm votes got a mood when you get fired 545. Weren't already ten days maybe that's not true. You don't hear the Vegas over under line is tonight at an all new episode of will you make it ten days. And the new scanner mostly. After eight. Disgraceful. Appalling controversial. Nonsensical almost comedic re scripted week and a half communications director at the White House Obama is. I hope I dig a little umbrage at this. Because okay. Well everybody freaked out that he deemed too. Channel you know that interview with the New York Times guy. W leak in a fire my whole thing I love that I'm one of those breeds in the summer I want my politicians swearing like that behind closed doors I want them threatening me what you think that candy you. Pick Kennedys behind closed doors are going up then it would Debbie going to mass well they work wall all on my own. Won't know too soon to sin that he just Chappaquiddick Artose listen. Never too soon. I don't mind Paul doesn't act hip and right right right. When you don't know what. You know that the final nail in the coffin what was it the divorce. His wife reveals they've been living apart for six months she birth of their child last week he sends like attacks and like oh congrats I'll. Make sure to take care Kaz and not only noticed that the kid yet. What it what that what. What's a dumpster fire this is compatible speaker dumpster fires this is completely irresponsible journalism but we are not journalists and record comedians. I did see a thing on Twitter. That somebody said. That. He and the scare Moochie was following a gay porn star correct. And they gave porn star when he saw the news following is that what and then like within days of that the wife announces she's leaving him and nice fire lol oh because their schedules didn't seem. All coalesced and do think mr. Ritchie has little. Who live. Even if he did Matty what's the big deal winning track yeah I went into a lot. Why else I am asking. If this what house was being president. What prejudice. Against him oh do you have volume as examples well maybe they have maybe they have some dirt on some. That's one of the best kiss concert ever now. Great ship carefully read about lives and this is insane India that's fast these ads the White House is now officially. The best episode ward to most dangerous or worst depending on where you fall with your beliefs and feelings yet of the apprentice or just any reality show ever. I mean you have to. Previous out. Tell me fired. Landeta Matt Flynn out of me how life there in spite I can't even keep track of all day and I put that out my post. Cover the other day survivor why oh my god it was right about. At the head on. It Allen had half an and I'm like all right I don't wanna do this year on the show but I think I (%expletive) matters on now's a good times and he. Nick I've enjoyed working used to isms or we're I'm throwing my hankering to be the spokesperson for the White House I think is the new spokesperson for the I think rate. Mattingly get in contact with me. While you give a little addition most of us have examples of my great quotes throughout the years in the show. Years we've been on fifth or just feels like yours I love the gates laid up. Now why would you want that noise I have many gay flag so you go out no problems they want any trouble. Love everybody. I Blake drink in his own urine killing transient hitch hikers and eating their flash. Yeah and put AG BA governors and get right. I'd like eight years old written lines. I want Pedro at the midget. Mr. Bush the president. The bad don't. It's like what are you feel about the presidents on Middle East policies are right now you can comment that I do of lamb. I knew mr. Blake about. Donald Trump saying that he was gonna build that ball and Mexico's gonna pay for it. It's never gotten. How do you feel about of the recent study that says by the year 2100 Earth's temperature may rise like to hold degrees was she always she got a high pitched. There are hitting on the First Lady constantly backstage I didn't sleep when Iraqi. Using mr. Blake. A follow up question. Why did president tramples on the Paris accord I have so important for me. They got I don't see what I can't and that why would meet all of this right now we are officially announcing I'm mad he's candidacy room. Press secretary of the United States. Communications director mean Sarah Huckabee Sanders is the Press Secretary per say but you could be communications director I think it was me so much more effective. She's she's dumb broad okay kids here's the chocolate men dancers. Government takeover. And now Iman again the communications this way house straightened out. And you know what you're gonna tell the truth he can speak it like it is and you'll never have any verbal slip ups are now bonds whose future. Wanna pot roast. If you like to support my candidacy. You can. Collison finished fourth studio like 607931. Way if you spread the word I love Harry variance. With the word go bought. You're very automatic play. Putting is gathering. To be president Donald Trump's. New communications director who. And Press Secretary practice at nova title before I went well that's a that's above that of violent get one you like that grandma's. I'm sure nobody. Nobody will take offense to anything you'd have to say as a matter of fact I think people who finally. Be able to trust the White House like they're being fed the truth let's start pumping. Literally sat out the question now I'll pretend. But for real I'll try to answer them. Mr. like. Yeah nick Stephens Sosa and Preston who. North Korea. They say they have. Intercontinental ballistic missiles that could possibly reach not just the West Coast of the United States but anywhere in the contiguous 48 states how do you think our country. Will and should respond to this potential threat. Well necklace and the president is not going to get to the situation where he's going to give away strategic. Plans that we have let's just say this we are working hard diligently we have the best minds. On the best people. All the best minds working on this. I just my original thoughts. Wow how about that. That was better than anything you know what you know she did. He kept your cool. Attitudes like very few people are able to do these days I can totally Q what can pick to ask him a question assail it oh yeah I learned this one here ago. Mr. like yeah. Question for you right now. About. The president and his relationship where is Jeff Sessions. Hey listen I appreciate the question and by the way I love the organization work for the news organization report. But the American people doesn't wanna get bogged down right now. In these type of toward rumors they care about jobs and they care about people going back to work they can feed their families and healthcare and NAFTA this president's focus on and that's I'm focused on our show men know that guy. Third don't you feel as though the American people constantly being distracted by the president in his. Tumultuous nature is difficulty in establishing relationships is difficult in long term early yesterday and Jeff Sessions again ladies why. I said the president doesn't wanna get the American people don't care about these things you wanna come that we all gonna come out. Step up. Also asserts the American people don't care it's not doesn't even though it sounds like a singular entity it's actually pearl. Loud. You know. I asked him losing Michael. By Soledad I was listening to your advantage I was about example but I will keep our cool when I'm open up and see why would. Now this one. He's stiffer than one of my junior high tube socks. A threat in nick. We love when you leave us voice mail messages so I'd do that Malia may be. Take this as your opportunity audience to audition or submit your real or take. Four White House communications director and possibly for Press Secretary. For president dropped 6177795454. Maybe you can give your support or maybe your against me. Running to be the new spokesperson the White House all Spanish she an awesome seeing that would endear us to be Latino community are legitimately right. Home from work someday. And I remember some of the things that we say in general but let alone. These two engines Hugo off on that lead to these lines and I just think like not only has no show ever done this before. But I I just can't imagine what's going on the tree between like the factory would like. The fire in the scheme that makes those words then when they travel from that range of about I have no idea why it's never known.