ICYMI - Lucky Chops Live in Studio!

Tuesday, September 19th

Nick found these guys a couple years ago in the subway systems of NYC and now they're here to play for you listners! Get ready for some brass rock!


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We lost 10 AM the previous seven. I guess are always on. On your schedule WA AF. These guys are called the lucky chops ability to UBB at the paradise. Tonight and tomorrow night. The record as Walter EP. Here is they're single from that record. Temple of boom hit it felons. That it. Lucky jobs will be at the paradise tonight tomorrow night. North Korea earthquakes well the world Burge we'd party here it's Matty and nick right now we're lucky chops. In studio at the paradise tonight and tomorrow night. They are Killen tomorrow night and there's lots of twentieth and 21 you got us there guys right wing moral bordello. So don't go to night they won't be there no and then there and I don't play outside the bus. Right yeah I go visit them on the part of us and that Hansa. Group of brass testing. So the melody there about to play now medley around and they are to his ability with the purse on temple bowl. This is the medley I heard them playing. Subway station a couple of years ago and that's when I got a brass Boehner on for the Mets and I and I am just gonna stop these guys that it's. I am just being honest is all about is getting ready to various issues so hard though. Without any that you and you can listen and watch right now. FaceBook dot com slash WA AF rocks or on our IG at many WA AF we're gonna have an up live. Here is the lucky jobs medley of funky town I feel good and so much more there. I. I can't stand myself. Lucky jobs tomorrow night and Thursday night at the paradise you guys killed it. Thank you so much. Check him out. If you don't know now you do. How we don't on times it is we have like two minutes. 'cause I feel the energy so much in this room. And you guys are set so great and sir you with the head man your energy is so infectious I just love how you play a about all you play. Your virtuoso I have started a band. Called the Blake throws. And I just wanna I just want did you guys figured as me at one musician to another. And just give me your honest feedback I've been working very hard at my band we register is we have that audio. I think we've got to do you know just to cover songs. I can be in the day. As the room. Brass. And little rock the job. Any amendment was. Great job guys kill matinee.