ICYMI - The Great American Sandwich Challenge!

Monday, August 27th

Matty & Nick present The Great American Sandwich Challenge with celebrity guests Mayor Walsh and Shower Beers Girl! What sandwich will be titled the best American sandwich? Listen to find out!

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Yeah. We thought Indians 37. I guess I'm always online and you schedule WA AF. Only on up to the bar we are with the mayor here and show our Beers girl we are brought to you by town fair tire if you need tires. Town fair tire has the largest selection of tires at the guaranteed lowest price everybody down there attackers. You said his opinion on it then all this stuff had been. Rod rod I wouldn't be our show previously. Unmet unique with the man. Nick and I wrote this ridiculous thing for him to same read he got about half where they'll play. Dowdell and others got a good sales pitch because of that tonight. Got whereas the month of August in the year 2017. Dark mark the eight months. On the efforts on February and nephew Nicholas commonly referred to his daddy in that and also making this Matty in mid day in the city. They've already hopefully this show doesn't get cut the Mexican. My question is guacamole I you and I knew I. We welcome your question there Aaron I'm not a great level here. This very good they were feeding their own toenails. He came out of luck or. Operation theatre items and mr. marry our memories of her patio or killed Google they. Misty watercolor memories almost as much as we all welled up when we Sakharov loan percent hug and Saturday night. I now. There while Merrill losses. It sits on Matty nick and by the way you like to join us in addition to listening even go to FaceBook live it's FaceBook dot com slash WA. AF. Roxanne mr. mayor I know you've got to an appetite for success and he's got an appetite for. Boston's growth. You have an appetite for a sandwich will have to secure the largest one that this hit six of them we us I six finalists we went to the audience we took a vote what's the great American sandwich because it was international sandwich days some weeks ago so. One we settle it right here and right now we have the mayor in here we're going to find. The best Americans that's right as we bring Harris as our per our production assistant will will Anderson. Brings us the same idea and one other question on askew I know there's a lot going on Boston's growth and development is that and our rate none of us could have ever even predicted. And as much as I'd love for you to tell me what neighborhood as the new seaports likened to a speculative land by. What would you say is on Boston's wish list by eight you know to me like. Amazon coming to town per say there are many get a big coup with GE what's up what's on mayor Walsh's Boston which. Honestly one of an amount which this is making sure that our our public school system. It's the best in the country not just by the greats in the schools but actually putting our young people on pathways success because you think about Boston and all the great growth there. A lot of people who work in the city I grew up and other parts of the country which is great but I wanna make sure that I you people. It opportunities when I see the violence in the neighborhood and he he would dig down on it. Oftentimes you'll see that moved me these people young people and in older people that are caught up in the violence they quit school and they had no other Tony life and I know it sounds kind of corny but but that's true that's what I wanna meet. Yeah image on his great you know Stanley Cup will be great now all of that stuff would be great but for a truly had had something that I could actually. Says he'd get one thing they can make a big impact the best impact you can make is making sure that any young person that goes and it can be got and the Boston when they get out of twelfth grade there are apparently. Called her crack that I would like I could as nothing more have avoid going into kindergarten I was in Newton on some schools there amazing within the whole metro hysteria boss you've got some of the best. Public educational systems in the entire country and what people think Boston now. They think. I think technology. That thing great medical they think obviously top flight education sports and to be able to keep that up not easy but it seems like you're at the forefront. Yeah I know that that's true we it's amused different ways similar to continue to move forward I just wanna make sure that everyone has an opportunity to to. To experience that incredible economy you know it shouldn't be where you'll portal we were born to. It should be really a vote and vote living here gives you the chance it certainly was Bono who once saying where a year board should not decide the pretty deep and mr. Make it restricting music. It updates to music you whatsoever why. Aren't in the world famous classic. Tuna self cleaning goat June launch of the 1950s brought your iron workers are guys out there worker went. On building is up honey give it two missing outright had a today. So I mean right away bush attack product. Earlier on its refreshing although I have a little male issue but that's. Now and I I cannot can no one in his two I just don't like any seafood nothing. It's the smell what did you. Why did you spit on an Arab Boston's you have to I don't like series and hasn't Boston I had an internment camp in and I also like. That made you think Tom Brady is a racist do. So Sims are what first thoughts mr. mayor you batted two very good. Bread is fresh yep Fazio. The veggies despises the add ons give Justin and it's classic and mr. mayor we put something legislation where we immediately deport people who add celery to tuna salad not that cool and I just about as saying this will celery. What do you do any pickles and celery YouTube of course it mustard now Matty we did we did not go for the Italians or the quote unquote American said the closest thing. Talk about comfort food ham and cheese. Turkey is not believe that man roster it is certain mr. mayor says it's Turkey. So volatile that they expect now that's an advantage anybody think Turkey that I mean you can't for the mayor's office. Haven't changed could possibly be. Again to about iconic American sandwich is it's right up there. All timer you remember when I think. American sandwich him achievement in the first welcomes it deadbeat it is to protect him prove that this ultimately this is small camp. And the community debates and you won't go out and woodlands like black hate him and on my upon my nickname when I played basketball black forest yup. I think mr. American name hands all they don't we let them back like that Forrest Gump character stop giving nuts. Another I was content genre and the question yeah Richard. While. I I was waiting for government knows if I mean that's I mean I like him that's an option. That's not on the that's not yes. Finish out Holland W stop Neiman nuts are right hostages so and by the way while we're doing RC which there are some. Text questions for you mr. mayor I have a question about the current state recreational marijuana shops and masters can you give us a little update that will move and in Boston where the first well whenever they go Weston mass Boston much of the days but will move into the process we have. Very thorough process going through way and the bright I'm hopeful that before the in the habit. There people replied. We're we've companies under under you right now before we move for the common and perfect Segway speaking of munchies let's try to roast beef out. I. No this is the winner in my hand and do. You can't wait until we both got off all of this and we'll get a sandwich taste in music is this DX it's terrible of them I would do something like bread. The seventies. Taliban. Brett would have been a better choice. Guess we should talk when your growth I don't hear that it hasn't read it and figure out however one feels about it when you would go to school zairians third grade. You get 145. Some lunch period you would open up you watch box in your bag mr. mayor. And that's the amount didn't tell you which is that you with what's in which did you hope was in question on repeat about a jolly and they're great I'll. TV inject well that's a good segue mr. mayor to arm. Choice number whom we have war with that through this will be involved in americorps all iconic daily average assets. And Italy are laid out rally in the Renaissance. Is in today but there or remaining in everyone's message within. So thick PV NJ with. Our Eddie gotta be careful there's a lot of the kids now Keeney. Germans it's not allergies that's a good run in the past what are we gonna button analogy gone. Buses what that's the governor anonymous. Yeah that's. Boston shall remain in not a breath. I know I felt so badly like you know my all of these kids have to make sure they had let us soy nut butter they have like sunflowers on its own butter. There was another question for you on the nineties and 107 techs like I'm sorry this is clearly in the lead. Mr. mayor. Commercial vehicles. Can we do something about commercial vehicle parking in this. They want more of them taking OK I am not sure. You know you can't park commercial vehicles and residential neighborhoods is wrong with the promise yeah my vices Iran give our transportation call in the City Hall. You've gone through one on your cellphone in hand you can act and talk to a to this sweet. PBJ delicious very good clubhouse leader really already I'm like I don't need Perry isn't. It's harder literally yeah. Yeah it. Don't know personally but I like the church appears mr. mayor came early in the show. And it became like a greeting kind of caught arms rose no you you don't drink but it became more of a philosophy like. May you have the funding tonight after a hard day's work. And you worked your ass off the have a hot shower cold beer shower appears it's worked statements to do that well yes they ran that in shower at the there. For exact. So the house on Cape Cod and there's nothing I look forward to more. After either being at the beach or what have you been using outdoor shower and chemical there that's odd so show our viewers girls are sending us some photos of her doing that. That's a sharply as well as you try these sandwiches. What would you like to have with a shirt what's the best pairing. There and a cold places like the leftover pizza right Maltese and all these sandwiches and other damages I am. Well roast beef just as it's got the most mean and it is there's what. Our government and business you'll have to let out this is mayor here this is a Rubin this yes this is they eat classically it's sort of like a roof and it's a pastrami and cheese lettuce all the fixings but there. It. Almonte so goodness America it was very good idea. But it's on me prior rose BO. RIR mistresses make now what what you know what this is missing a some spicy mustard. And these spicy deli mustard but it was sandwich needs something I argue. But it might not be number one it should stand on its own merits I'm way more fashionable sandwich is the man anything we talked a political player out. You have favorite sandwich joint or favorite like it here have you know you get the catering because you a meeting at some people that are visiting two different places all the time I love. The Lambert chick compounds in cash that your mom is my number one player and I love to. Is in the bright and pretty friendly go to now right now but that's not a sand wedge we've had chicken sandwich yeah can't of the road I would consider at a sub. I don't know I'd consider an honest and that this that's an iconic chicken parmesan iconic Americas and if that's a sandwich than wood and meatballs obvious thing once. Harold you believe what are we gonna do about the campus station out of sandwiches into the American. It's too complicated I. No I was just gonna say I was gonna ask a stand like stand when you're growing up in Chelsea the one they'd actually be paying lip service to the mayor over what is or is not a sandwich and I did and I should be very proud spell big standout. I used to be finally number six. The good old Turkey club. This is so good dude but majority writing you'd it is seven it once it's by humans are mad or trash interest. Wow I I don't know why I'm so policy by choice did you go to played meatloaf this amnesty that would have been I want Brent right now look at bread. If a picture page ports. The rock station right here we go we're gonna vote all six we tried the I'll Rubin the roast beef. The tuna. Hand the Turkey the PB and we're all gonna go around a vote have a winner best iconic American sandwich. This is a song. Amnesty. Member bred American. Content. I'll mind lord right. She's this is not that the man running one of the most important cities on planet earth and we're making and wasn't I'm walking down memory lane compared. Are right outlook and what the mayor let's start our guests. Ladies first beautifully spurs shower because girl. What's number one. And it just any old Ruben. Ruben you heard any. Rotation of one of ghosts do is next I'm gonna go roast beef. Who. We do visit. Nick. Amanda PV engine all my god he'd been Matty. See I'd be going against. I feel like the post that the Rubin was the best tasting but I feel like it needed mustard and again earlier argument you shouldn't need anything to stand on its own merits and for that reason mr. mayor and for that reason only. I'm going PV inject. Well I. Estimate so you can either deadlock UGU can take beatings at the top or. You can create an it problem by tying with somebody else toy not a Massachusetts on what whoa where I'm going witness. It has that look at the carrier you're. She's it hurts I jobs is a Pastrana who has burned a classic works of the patient looks of the astronomy syndicate you are for big pastrami I think it has to you only get this in certain places the roast beef. And I would say the mics roast beef sandwich yeah is go that's what he's the best yeah. So how we have made the whole thing away time I really wild and everything else legacy as we saw the way the holdings while Adam. And it's very simple in my estimation we do one of two things either let it be the mayor's choice because he's the merits of Boston and he calls it. Or we can open up the text line let them decide accurately PB and I we will report the PG and it's gonna aren't the men and I I don't that's 97107. What's the best piece did you ever. Indian Jay everywhere but I gotta say though there is something. Cape Cod to get great like bill and Bob Z got Mike's roast beef there a roast beef sandwiches seemed almost become kind of like a signatures that's equivalent. Has it how can speak. You know roast beef. Other daily necessarily ya gonna make that a home personnel director you go you have mr. mayor we got to let you go we stayed longer than you said we really appreciate is anything we need to know any website any we need to know to help you utter largest student move in weekend anyone has any questions let us on the city. Other than that just enjoy the rest of the summer it's. You know Red Sox have a great seasons lets her have some fun here patriots is that up in a week and a half of the season he better and I'll look forward to all of us as sad as someone who listens they've added as a result of Matt yeah excited. Yes socks are exciting the Celtics look great patriot seasons kicking up a week and a half. This is the best time to be around here and also kudos to by the way to everything that's gone on. In in the city it seems like the growth is is unbelievable. There's music outdoors now there appeared guard their outdoor movies. It's like Austin really city that caught up with its funny person I want. I have yeah I guess it was so happy to see that's a keeper of the great work thank you say you and detects light is lit up roast beef PBJ's we can't count them. All. So there's gonna be a winner will report documents are ready to thank you don't like the chair of the city Abbas I guys they increase their take matters.