ICYMI - Flirting to make the Deal?

Wednesday, October 11th

With all the Harvey Weinstein news going around, we get into a discussion about whether or not it's ok to flirt in business situations to make a deal!


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Yeah they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I can't send more I'm always online pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. This is very interesting texts. May we should discuss this from home before we get typical male. I'll read it verbatim. Came in on the tech means text line which is 971 of them. 617 acts as a female. Salesperson. I hate frequently. Flirt with the male customers. And there have been situations. Where they get the wrong idea. That's my fault but I know going into it. That I am flirting with a guy to try to get the deal we. She indicating that this will be. That this would be the actress has halt. Very fast that whole thing again right what is that she deserved of a very fine line BK is an interest in your opinion as a woman on this because there aren't women who use. They error. Sexuality there at their sexuality. To advance. Any where careers his as a very basically hard wired to respond to that kind of a thing guys don't. All of the like boot. And like you know you get can speaking and and have them wide vocabulary and and know things and be cultured but at your very cool or in the tiny little in space in your brain like. Oh maybe it's ego but anyway so I think women have to be very. Careful as AD on the supreme fear went into. Women have seen very careful uses a very fine line. Yes a woman might flirt with you to get cute to diet product or leave a tip at a bar. That doesn't give you the run rates to then. Touch her. Our approach Arafat apparently foreign to yourself can see where we're not situations. You might get confuse. I think it's a very. Tricky situation because. Depending on what's happening both parties could potentially be at fault given any. Type of situation so it's just you have to be careful. The woman is not always asking for the man knowing is not always necessarily wrong in it's it's a very complicated. I'm. Curious if you're a woman and years in you're in sales are your in and in yours or your in. At any kind of business where you. We will do where you need aid and mail to be our customer away deep are you all do you use. Is do you flirt with that person and is it would you read. You know we eat in would you would you reassess that facetime and I don't think. They're probably actresses this'll be like the 98 statement of the week there are probably actresses. Who went ahead. And slept to have him. In order to get a role and direct. And Andy. And I I don't know that you can call that wrong because that's their own. Decision exactly and then there are mean there may be some who flirted with them and were willing to flirt with him. But then he. Got a ticket if you took inexorably to creep in what level do you get the creep level twelve all right you know I think it's a situations like that political trap they felt they had no other I mean option and cynical on that keep quiet and I think they get a I don't Hewitt there's one of the women. There's one of the women who came forward in The New Yorker article. Is at eight yards and don't yes. And I believe he. Prefer he gave her mouth tough forcible Malcolm without her consent since then yep. And then. She date him. For a period of time. Correct so it will make sure that I get the right woman right because it is eight and and she it was he. Paid for her for in the any editor for kids there water. Expensive gifts chair and she was talking in the article about the guilt of what happened and the terror of what. You know that he that he terrified her but yet she went on to date him for a period of time. An amazing athlete I guess is running out is that I have the right woman combat. And yeah. During the initial assaults it it was like one of the massage things yes she agreed to reluctantly to give him a massage Zalman New Yorkers you mentioned. People are stirred up got aggressive. She told him to stop and then she said at one point she stopped saying no and feigned enjoyment. Because she figured it was the only thing that would finally get him to stop like that it would finally end and she can Aaron get out of there aren't. No word girl. And then she said for years she felt gilts. She eventually yielded to his further advances grew close to him he dined with her introduce her to his mother. Mean she said he made it sound like he was my friend and he really appreciated me and then over the next five years she said she had consensual sexual relations with him. Multiple times him. Men and she said that she knew that that contact. After the fact would be used to attack the credibility. Of her allegation. And she said that you know I was I felt overpowered by him and just kind of yielded to. I don't let diminish that incident with her yeah. But to go on later and soon date him and meet his mother and and do all the things that couples do. Yup it's just that's kind of a mixed signal to me so worry was that was it's so dramatic but you've later on you you spent. Time I'll never quite sure who is that the guy is a predator the guy who knows what Marin game mentally regulation to shortly you know we're all gonna say it only dated there. But what mind games in the played a maker may make it oh yeah yeah him continuously the guise of bidders is this is Josh hello Josh. Oh crap I can't believe airfield where it is great. Let's play guys salute. My favorite I actually that you're at a crosswalk where a couple of W because. Great. Good people down there the Brody family. Love and and you guys all of variety of boos that you provide to establishments. Followed her column for America an audience really appreciated. Yes bounced seriously make my day play every day he watched you know Paul thank you so you know concern over showed the and they use. Here is good news for food and L is not mocking you on snapped Jack right now like she does Scott from payments of. So we. It played it it's a bizarre situation that it. You know play to do is obviously. A complete piece of crap I don't yeah. I was also applicable believed there was saying that place. You know play. Sometimes women use there. What they have an hour it is clearly can't you know still. Get what they can't out of what they can't but it does not give it to the right to now you know. And also by the women use Danielle didn't really go as far she could of would this but. Didn't you know this is Daniel sorry about how men are there are very very basic and women need it if women flirt with a guy to get the sale didn't. And the guy. Can't resist some flirting to do what's right for an old elephant and the guy is that's zone that's his own fault Meredith. What if if he's not if he's gonna buy something from somebody because there hot bank and that's his own aid that's he can't go deep down you still think she really does one sleep with you and it's not run on for the what is an average gas and that's where whereas if it's not run if if if a guy is. Basic enough to it to be able to be abused like that then that would stop the war is not doing anything wrong I don't believe some women get very upset about. Other women that flirts days in order to get a sale or something hello Molly. And what's Ali what's going on. In my car thinking and that might be a controversial thing to say it. It's a strange man kind of similar to prostitution. And. Women. Has been doing. Jokes as it is really different frame ten. And. Fur on her. So that they can get it. Protection or money order the job or at the movie a letter. Because they know that a lot of those. Dirty dress weird man looked totally go for it and then get them what they want. Yet but that's conceptual that's very interesting Molly very very interesting. Mina and Mike. And it okay or that occurred there that are that unprecedented. In the attic are and I didn't mean it. It's there he. How links look AM getting what why are really that. And Hansen gives you hear the audio if you hear the audio. That we played earlier that goes. Or so why you notice. You notice that we eat but do you notice that he said. I'm used to it with regard to touching. With the woman's rest because I don't mean I I would I wonder how many. Of that how many women are out there that did say I'm Dennis can essentially sleep but this I mean it's again a role. Whether it's. There aren't enough muscle yeah. I'm not gonna do you guys were my children. Its. Coming down and one minute it's. My wife. 'cause my brains he's silly just wanted to loosen the yeah. Your engine underneath her politeness is. Don't ruin your friendship. And I mean or so. Suggesting and I mean I'm still if I shoot the whole children thing here aren't you want this freak is 781 Texas says I flirted my butt off and our recent company golf tournament. To get the players to purchase more raffle tickets to help support the New Hampshire food bag thank you and there weren't a lot of family and support that I don't feel guilty about it I don't know and that woman hello Jack. Good morning guys what's up Jack. Greg LB I can't. I forget to thank the one I Turkish are actually Claudette. Does the government and the second thing is one of the suggestion that the machine shop or 45 years and I want you I won't make suggestion that you. Renamed how creepy effect Harvey Weinstein the warhawks. All right that's why it's there. Give again credit as a loser what we what we were you say LB aren't ours to say who's the com. The blonde bombshell on the shark tank he via. Super rich. One girl I know they talk about. Dad did butch is she guy I I remember reading the article blog her because she's tall she's like 511. And she's like every business me amber went into a warm mini dress desire of the greatest asked the grizzlies I'm. And I want after sale but that doesn't mean that doesn't mean you can walk wrote in a robe. Oh I'm Nstar workers went out right hello Jackie. Good morning what's up Jacqui. Not much. I'm an iPhone and maybe they'll equipment sales and I decided to comment beta I literally echoed being out content. You know fighting to get an eating or third. That talent and he is I think it on the cable I I play every cut them out but it. I'm I don't think that I'm very excited to get over the line and and make. And at the college and. Now a bit but but you do. You'd do a knock it do you acknowledge like there that there is a slippery slope there where let me ask you this because this is interest thing. And Daniel was talking about the two mentality men and women so here flirting with a guy to try to get a sale you're using. The the the belief that he might have. That you are attracted to him to try to get a sale correct. Correct. If he'd then goes further and starts to actually believe that you might like him and then. Askew out for drinks. Or who. Or one eyed you know whenever wanna go somewhere afterwards something. Are you offended by that even though you were giving him the impression that you liked him to try to get the sale. Okay our senate getting us out for drinks are a follow up and get together we would love most people I think if he. Physically aggressive like where's my hug or that they'll lean in our kids don't know I think yeah I mean I think but I but I think the differences. Like so it guy who she's flirting with a guy and wanting to guide to things that she likes him. So then. The guy says where's my heart and then it's like how you can so great yeah I haven't but but but that's kind of what she wanted because she wanted she wanted him to think for me like there you the white men. It is attacks it's very important. For me read men do this also yet again flirt with look at the guy who called yesterday. And said that there was a woman who said if you wanna get and that was my company to get me in and he was now. It was nobody got zero in on 99%. If you go to. Wrote music that. Strategy. You need to be prepared to do damage control pick us up what do you mean you need to hand the expectation that yeah yeah. Man or woman if you flirt with somebody doesn't get the right to trade on the banging your forcible mouth about how ever. You need to be prepared that they're gonna have the wrong idea and I are gonna need to have a strategy for how you're going to exit from that situation gracefully ever get a good business people do tour. I don't want to Donnelly prepared. They think that they can just go into something like that flirt and be like ever bought it runs fine and it goes south and I. Hello yeah a desert your rookie on the John. Techs who would like to know if I have ever shown up for our morning meeting in May in just a rove and meeting news I think based on historic you had me sign up to pay out enough to discuss many people doesn't get the and in the left. I'm Pia disclose what angered the Indy. NBA NBA NBA non disclosure that we would amount to maybe shop around Alou lemons that maybe. All hell imagine if liking it unless there are anxious maybe I should. I should get some kind of a monogrammed. And over something for our morning meetings in the immediate thoughts. I boxers disease that he's super.