ICYMI - The Chicken Trifecta

Wednesday, September 13th

A caller of poultry proportions hits us up to hock is favorite chicken shack. Unexpectedly, hilarity ensues.


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We lost 10 AM the previous seven. I guess I believe I'm. On your schedule as WA AF dot com Jeremy you've spoken class today. Very night RBIs but he. State. That you you were talking about restaurants that have armed with a door ought. Yes ovaries are the vote right chicken farm in Mason bill. Where is that and what do they serve friend. They went that in all you can meet. You keep going there later chicken they got rolls. Popped up. Lines. Saying. Salad all you can season absolutely accurate mercenary. How much. Thirteen parents are outlawed only teach you to those whereas. In the rules. Now you can do the trick in the chicken fried our current assessment still there and try to. Okay. Could you could always go to the village secret. Then you get this criminal. Okay. Red carpet it's the same almost the same is that Richard confirmed what you get to. Then you get the goal we saw oral sex in Whitfield in gold to departing. And you get not only white rolls cinnamon rolls you'll also get. But kicked some. Along with him out should it. Could try to edit it. A million voice overs there. You're fantastic you're developing I got married. It is quite sure. What you can bring about why do visit where is 400 this nation bill in Rhode Island. Right off route 100 because it is what these seats 400 people sometimes have to wait for I was just he. Jeremy weir had three requests on the 9717. Tech needs text line. To have you committed and start reading all of our live from Los. OK. Yeah. I'll do whatever you need guys on the engines for the chicken trifecta the projected right back all of these I don't. It's been slipped below are out. The places that he was under replaces were rattle us journal have been going. I want 46 and 800. We got to do this we got to do that you teach us there was this guy. Out there upper right but. Only up by. May I did you you committed to write to get married chicken farm. When you're tired you can browse. Seen them to present a hundred yeah just a war to record additional. Thank you gentlemen. I thought these dogs that though I back how many how many times you have a horrible meal at a wedding music boil which this was studded and it should have found. Right right I can only keep each locally sourced you know it's gonna be fresh. Thirteen I made five Jimmy our goal and a guy like me who likes to strap on the feed bag I know you enjoy yourself a good by thirteen 95. Fresh chicken from the farm the roles. Salad. Rolls our order they presented him with a special wedding cock. No not that's where there's. Those. But on the death. Hey you know it's interesting. They're they're this segment that. I had a martini and actually has little chicken and at the cocktail he. There you go.