ICYMI - Adam Ray's Nirvana Story

Friday, March 16th

Comedian/actor Adam Kay stops by, and tells an unheard Nirvana story, covers Hanson's "MMMbop," and cracks the whole studio up!


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We lost Indians 37. Podcasts are always. I'm new schedule WA AF. If it. Yeah you're talking about before the break before we stop like twenty minutes you're talking that you hung with I think this is. A great story you hung with Dave Grohl. Yet man and look like I know it's like a super name dropping story but it's like. Gee you know big fan of fact like there's extra layers of being tied to like you know Nevada growing up in Seattle it during that time and and so yes or heat we're out there almost do chosen that divide and and vehicle that is up from Melbourne and we saw that there are going to be there was Weezer is Oracle's go to the show. And at a news the stage manager 'cause or not they're to a manager is supposed to measure for public donate to an avid music video for them. And so he got a backstage and or watching the show from sides days in the we go back after winning an hour and then we're like yeah we have a shall Melbourne tomorrow if you guys and they often they did before that with New Zealand so. There are cool calm and we have to they would they did and we hung out before the show and after and and just talked like comedy music and used on these Nevada stories I want a particular. That I try to re hash is like he says Kirk Cobain or one show. Liked you know maybe like a year and them being together and just have cried a little venue downtown Seattle and somebody throws like a timing issue of the current command at one point during the show and he stops mid song. And takes issue and and would says thing out and start paying this year. And then and moan kind of goes nuts and NEC assess whether it was words wherever he goes back into the song. And then and then at the end of the show. Account will kind of so clear and and this it's kind of the old girl luck of the data was that the gates do you in my if you. I love very much mail somebody threw it on Tuesday. Oh. And dude you know if that's not a good trickle down but he again an accurate. I think you know all of us in this life wanna get to that it's located paean issue phase of our. That's what I wanna be like the mafia you medium and yet you to right passes there is this guy the reverend Horton heat. This musician he's playing his place in Boston one time I was there abstinent to do this one of the coolest thing I've ever seen a coach's room as. Analysts and Hansen and these guys constant trouble. They start the fight in court eat sing and he's looking at the deity can seize Watson's got a custom and also the guy takes is likely to concede yet he throws up on stage to bounce struggled to live afar and he court meets. In the middle Singh got seats up front. It takes a big drag the cigarette. Because it's that cat right there he likes it but we'll both flying across and hit the it's that cat right there and milk with a by Mike throughout and they and all about it when grounder and brought miles. Oh yeah so that's grounds to bounce here and and or when I was at. 1944 yeah. I'm really happy yes. He's not only its policy in the Highlander ultimately you have to you can only kill mad about the heading. I excel you're the Seattle Pena from the civic northwest I favored at least for everything sorry obviously enjoy everything apologies for a couple of years ago and groups are you glad to see what now regularly I amount. Nothing just analysts Obama parents' divorce next and Jesus Christ. What is more salt and around sometime and yet that was a terrible day. Also as risk you read them or the Iowa hey I don't play yeah. Yeah yeah. What about your mom walking in on you for the first time when you're you know. Mass he says taking care there and I yourself all of them yeah I'm being careful right now is you don't one. I wasn't doing that. No I'm not doing this was originally oh yeah another question I was are all right that's why I know markets are what about what's. Good whiskey for like when you've got to like your you viewfinder eighth grade grow from a FaceBook who dumped you for your best friend. But then you find out later years later you find on FaceBook and now she's. Real fat with a good and you wanna celebrate because you're like that's what you get that's karma when what to do with it was either like swallow. Oh. Yeah celebrating not. You celebrate that solid job sheet dodging yeah that she would do that she got. It's actually hard economic growth outlook due to not just on what about if your bag and grocers Albertson's in 1998 and you see the kid with Down syndrome dropped three drug jars of pickles consecutively. I don't know what I needed to help him clean it up and then that you guys celebrate because you like young men at one has a bad day. You know. I gaining anything get hands on apple yeah for sure I remember watching that ABC's special. The jars of pickles you have this is afterschool special there are allowed to Minnesota that of the other stories about seven minutes long but it is an epic by those days welcome that ran into the cute twenty years later. Oh really wasn't any effects are front hollers. I'll say your name I don't care if at a ring EU are phenomenal makes me and tonight at 8 o'clock. Saturday eight and 1015 laughed Boston laughed boston.com we call 6177. To laugh go see this guy thank you so much rather pleasantly and yeah its 515 you're gonna you have showed that I already had eight yeah it's all right so. Thank you rob and irrelevant yeah yeah success and your back and doesn't come back anytime and we'll do the whole thing I'd love to I'd rather have her tank correct. I. Yeah. Dad. Lou. Moving up.