Hurricane Hardo – Maaike Brandis

Friday, September 14th

As hurricane Florence approaches, some people just refuse to leave their homes – Maaike Brandis is a bar owner who’s decided to stick it out through the hurricane.

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Yeah they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I only saw. Pinned on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. I mentioned that we were going to talk to one of those. Who has been riding the storm out to down in down in the Carolinas and she is ready to join us now here on the Hill Man Morning Show. Her name is some might agree Candace and she is the owner keep beer wine and liquor. And Mike in the morning. It all of it well thank you for being on. And yesterday. We where we were all wondering why anybody would stay and sell. We've got it we wanted the find somebody that we can have on this morning who could tell us about that. I've been. Hold it Lackey won in the year all of it reminds. Out of an owner since. Well I don't know about fifteen years now. And the building network and that is over a hundred old it's not a slide down. And also how are compromised that's about it will only. And I wanted to make sure that we won't actually had something to come home she says that they had a lot of all he. So we kept all tenants well yesterday evening and equity backed. Chew our respective houses and try to camp out here. I wanted to do Ian Pattinson and that happens is that I can handle all of the outlook here and I aren't. Back on the other side of the gate or outside of the 84 of each Julie yet depends on road closures. And. Sorry I'm near campus and I almost all all all that's. The beef jerky and lose. I'm not a party. That it and a dozen other Enron would beef jerky is is it one of those drive through liquor liquor store places. Now they're actually don't one of those here in the senate select parent and ultimate and Carolina each. It called a group through. Know what we are trapped in her long are and store and I saw here in our care are you can have a combination of well. You know. Yeah on all the problems. Let it sit down and enjoy the possible wind hurdle I fear we also silently salute Obama them want to cause six. He got a got the election match the facts. Because we have 300 at year. And we have thirty caps. All I have to which they had control. Attribute triggered violence they have or that's what the the title of the fact this routine last look in the world. Yeah it's definitely had cracked yeah lack and I'll. A brought upon all the while lawsuit about you're talking. All over the world will go out he's not open seat frequently eat sleep it's really good. Solid wind like Value Line he easy and inexpensive deadline. The the it to go option makes that the Indies got a place and sounds like I'm crumbling there yet cannot build a Condo on top here that you used your bar slash liquor store about I actually. The league at. What was. That may Michael what was it like last night what was it like overnight with a hurricane. Are your what does that have actually at the beverage on my porch for a little while and must man. And and I think it at all 130 and I watched it. There will be happy and managed to get you aren't that I've done that. We're pretty lonely out there. The win. It wrong against might need all this and Powell has is seeking. The whole load pictures to use arms. Where all. Those sort sort of don't hit it in the attic. I'll say it. Separate boot. News. I hit Kimmel and that there aren't but it would only be. I'm good people in downtown mentioned sort of losing power late last night. But I cats multiple multiple of that city it saw. Unfortunately I would on the same route to a hospital. So whenever my whole Hong. It is repeat what pretty quickly it now. What time would you guess. You get your first customer today deeds. What are you gonna go out if somebody wants six Packard twelve YE going to be hurt them that they Micah. Now I think it'll close it and we don't early last night a little that the palm and Aaron and today it. Is everybody's safety is priority number one and business partners that have decided that. It is not see it go outside. They opened the bottle out it is absolutely hate it well Wall Street culture at all. I heard I itself be in my cared. I've heard. Yeah you might have if you're are concerned are you you know that her cancer I used to play for the Bruins in the NHL but that said. They they they were saying that waves were nine 3-D. Was it is was that it was a crazy like that where you war. Now if I let it and I whereas. About two miles from the river. And I mean I'm on long running TV each is yeah I'm I'm I'm actually pretty easily around here. I had a lot of worldly and is actually not all somebody below critical swampy area. Let I don't I meant that Emma and Dan has essentially because it's historic it was the first woman since Little League all. I will incorporate them you can walk out of sorts if you're so loud. Lol I debris at the boat we invented America here I don't know if these. I don't know yeah that's not enough now and it I don't know if. Exactly what I cocky and we know we got lucky with the Internet. And where you frowns. I'm home in Islam from shelters Ontario aka little Natalie stand on an Edmonton. Are you an oil is sent alarm I can't. I'm from Saskatchewan north the northern is down two and their. Are you kidding me I would university in Regina the. Oh yeah I. It's gonna than how old are your own mind I know I'm and not what they're. I do I played for the Regina pats out that was my junior team before and I've played some of you aren't adware and malware that there is actually probably ask you are better now I'm IE got north York time from their win like three hours north York to. Well I guess all. For share now how much is only. How much stock in how much docking up. Did people do over the last 24 hours when it comes to blues I mean did you notice an increase in sales is everybody ready for the hurt yeah. Not only has been lost for it has since. Sunday sell or if certain little stocking up on the and and also evacuating as a people excited actually it looks available at all there to say. They're asking that people lost. On one day like Blackberry if you want on you just all sorts of people who don't want to insult us turn off few days. I don't think he'll get those those people on the new all if people ought to go in the happy that the day before it actually gets they'll learn English teacher and follow it because people want to know in order open. We were standing on all blocked a long long and most of all all the whole it will look when you. Here we weren't drinking type from a from the. And if people want to hang. Out I love it. She is a hurricane hard though you know who is or who is right and the storm out and I want to thank Mike a brand that's. For joining us this morning and it's. Thoughts and prayers and godspeed and I hope view get electricity back and hope the get the place opened up so everybody can. During the year and linemen and and everything will be back to normal soon and thanks for coming on this morning all right Micah. Anchor happening yet it did it take care we Edwards.