Hsu's Nerd Report - Fake Tarantino Star Trek Trailer

Tuesday, January 23rd

Resident Nerd, Mike Hsu scowers the internet for the latest Nerd News, today a fake Quentin Tarantino trailer and it is epic!


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Yeah they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always online pin on your schedule at WPA after Dodd got. Yeah. Or are they got the night you. You know I. This is just bringing. Some of my favorite. Movie genres. Together at once and I hope it happens they did a nerd report by I think it was night and eating videos and a that would be second yeah that's good that's good when Daniel can somebody work on that please yeah. It. Yeah okay now he's yet to be high. Oh yes I suppose you hold form peak insulin fittings and to become public that cheesecake and that on a high cholesterol so awesome. So I did in their report way back on a rumor that Quentin Tarantino. Really wants to direct the next Star Trek movie right and I'm all for them because I love Tarantino's movies. I think they're all awesome yeah he's he's a he's amazing wasted and the fine folks at nerd list. Did a brilliant job of putting together a trailer. For what could possibly be the Quentin Tarantino director. A director at Star Trek movie which which may come up so let's let's give listeners the. Here and I want to upgrade their mission. Where no man has. But outer space. As of their mission has changed there's just one thing I want revenge captain. Why not. Or. Introducing the ninth film by Quentin Tarantino but Rory orders Kirk was done all your succeed him and to bring peace to the galaxy. We brought their pieces instead. Its ability of green book. Three women. Tell me all. It was a good job good I don't. What blazers this list. Definitely the captain's log isn't the only award he's back. Mr. Obama have both done. Polls this doctor is the real McCoy our. Who were sending out by some holes frequencies. Did live even go there with a malignant. One bad as mother love and stories. The save enterprise should be hauling luggage that should be a whole new way as. Garvey should. Secure appraisers to thrill. Doctor. Well maybe in this final frontier. Their prime directive. Quentin Tarantino's Star Trek and voyage to vengeance. You're out of your and my spots. Coming soon Jordan dry they mirror you almighty god an NFL best they ever at the net and now would be the best way to steer the asset to drag it all out. And LT general Andre bear in America when you have a chain continue its owners can you put that up are faced with pressure can buddy thanks very he had they'd appreciate that scenario that's what would itself and its leaders say it would sound like if Quin Tarantino directed the next Star Trek film would as a strong rumor. That he wants to do it nannies I work. Nothing for me beats the what if Michael Bay directed opera. Trailer all you see that yes if you guys haven't seen that EU have I'm guilty on on on the delirious Twitter feed at the WA AF but it is. The sound effects and the explosions. So funny. This 603 techsters says did I accidentally and just an edible this morning what the hell was that that was the trailer than nervous made. If Quin Tarantino directed the next hurt and yet I really hope that it and yes your day all. The good thing about Tarantino doing a Star Trek movies I don't think we've seen a lot of the character's shoes. Are. They don't does he does have a foot thing while. Yeah doesn't know what dollars and movies and Australia. Nobody shoes and please know nobody used nurtured movie where shoe. Well that's right Albie bear they'll be on some bare foot planted shaped like issue foot massages or punishment or something like that I can't wait. That's going to be amazing.