How Creepy Is It? - Stealing a Sex Doll

Thursday, December 7th

An Austrailian man stole a $3400 sex doll! How creepy is it?


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They Hill Man Morning Show on demand. And more I'm always online pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. And now his intentions go from BP. Pornographic. Hill Man Morning Show presents I need some sort of smooth talking ladies man the truth is we're just. Yeah freaky how. East Texas. Well undone in Australia. Broke into an adult store. To steal a sex doll. It was eighth 3400. Dollar sex doll. One of the thing do for 3400 dollars that the 800 dollar one didn't do pretty much and and liquid account and I mean I don't know that I can get into it on the air this one you can land the on the on the on the on the runway Italy and that's pretty much where you want to see it on the scallop and at the wrong airport and onboard runway everything. It's a life size sex doll it's about five feet tall. Yeah I had a ski mask on his face. Over his face Aggies bolt cutters to get to pat locks that that can't you know the head of the roll down. But you know the metal gates and frankly you know so we cut those and night 2 o'clock. Police are still trying to track him down he still at large right. He's experiencing a wideout right now we definitely through with little dissects all.