How Creepy Is It? - Staring Into Your Soul

Wednesday, March 14th

We read listeners texts and emails about an awkward encounter with the opposite sex, and decide, how creepy is it? Today we hear from a woman who was on a date with a overly agreeable guy who wouldn't break eye contact with her... According to Danielle, super creepy!


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Yeah they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Always. Pinned on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. And now his intentions go compete and keep pornographic and Hill Man Morning Show presents I know you think you're the smartest. Talking ladies man the truth is we're just. And creamy. Yeah you can do this yeah. Right. Com. Received this email yesterday. And we need your help in determining on a scale of one to ten. How creepy it is. I'll read it verbatim. I went on a first date last week with a guy I met on line. We went to not your average shows in Acton. By the with a red tires all the not your average Joes that with the dependence on February she'd feel. JR's oil the Fed does it is that the no harm its prime time. The pond does it so good. About ten minutes in to dinner. I realized that he was staring at me with constant eye contact and excessive admiration in his eyes. Larry give me a wire brush heap on shortly after that I noticed that he agreed with every single thing I was saying of course he did even controversial topics yes. Yes that's right how would yes you're right. Kind of along that I was doing wrong I was completely creeped out by this and I'd like to know how creepy the listeners think I'm already creeped out. You hit this. Like pay attention to someone but when ace doing beastie air into your soul move Manila. Yeah. Yeah yeah oh yeah. It is that so wrong this is why men can't win you know is that so wrong that the guy is trying to look at her like like she's. The lightly just senator attracting ever or he's really key leader dean me when you might. How this is cool having your dinner with a artery here's a 617 tax from woman who says this is of twelve on skill and he's looking at her like she is the on tray not not not not not like the entrees eating but does that. I was gonna say he's probably wondering what her flushed it slight. Yes I absolutely. Oh yeah I know just the other day treatment when he. I don't no no no violence and disease a bad did he and I am he doesn't give you you know on that yeah I like you said he was gonna killer after dinner. Yes that's the kind of guy that that you you go in for the first kiss. And you like that does not plan and then you had a pool lane open your eyes nearly his eyes have been opened the kind. I. Again that's not a good thing and he should be closing his eyes also. I mean I was corrected like in a nice cooler whenever I had my first. Actual kids to not keep your eyes open so this guy is no excuse for not knowing that a vintage. And here here's a 978 Texas says I think dinner on the first day and going tonight your average shows is an eighth idea could be like if they don't like coating going to dinner on the under a seat on the first thing around and drink or is it gonna put up portrait you sit there. Let's see here is a 774 attacks are in that guy exclamation point exclamation point I was being polite. Her eyes and her smile were amazing so that's excuse me I didn't react properly that is the guy right there I'm me. Informal. And only thing that I took them both off her face and put them in a jar. By the way that's great epic that poor guy he was just not your average Joseph who's generally thought at fair task and me hear their story now let's work out at seven tonight call and sevens at Portland and I gotta you gotta Collins Castaneda isolated and ever get a date yet rafters and here's the Texas says it's Charlie's side. So I can't. Creepy and that's how creepy artist it's it's OJ Simpson creepy it. Yeah I mean I loans. It's here is a Texas says may be used over compensating because several women have told him that he doesn't pay enough attention to the murder or what I mean I have to all black guy. At that Gilligan an elaborate. A little with can happen if we put the hairless medication and it's wrong. I would. About this book brewing here a whole half mast in buffalo beloved Buffalo Bills on the voters yes well. All we got off war broke out advice to girls you flies are being. Shoot a good big fret or become. Normally you can do you can't do anything anymore he can't this guy was trying to look like he would like he's you know he was interested and he was. Well usually favoring or lotion and that of flowers you know he was hearing. News during the Charlie Brown teacher yes all the warmth or brought him last gasp ballpark I thought well what else has absolutely it's only later. It I'd say you're all saying that scale of one to ten minutes is seen it's it's at the time out there on a scale of outrages gets weird I disorder that you should disclose and that's okay with it and. This scene right away government's oil to the reset. Not to buy your food within the drink don't agree that it has Anemia graves' disease. But I'll that's a Wendy Williams hasn't yeah that's true prize or Hillary puts pressure on the bank your eyes and makes it your eyes bug. And yes problems with the contact. Everything about them that you aren't that that woman in England and public fifteen contacts in the back of her idol you know fifties a lot of talked about that a few minor.