How Creepy Is It - Spying With Drones

Tuesday, December 6th

We read listeners texts and emails about an awkward encounter with the opposite sex, and decide, how creepy is it?? This week, we discuss how appropriate it is to spy on others using drones!!! 

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They Hill Man Morning Show on demand. And our own lives online pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Everybody. Kind of weird announcements he. And now am I the only one losing record level. Genuine Crete wonderful things you manned moon shows music. All of those books hallowed meet the easiest. Move myself. How creepy as it. And police in Utah. Are concerned because they believe that global terrorism. Has reached a new level of Corey yes and sites somebody used to. A drone. To spy on people inside their home in the bathroom over the weekend or entity in Utah. And this woman and her husband. The husband was coming out of the shower yeah they noticed and likely in fall eyes to see they notice the humming noise. A drone outside the bathroom window on Saturday morning Rick you're desperate. If he'd. The operator of the drone had blacked out the lights on it and haven't installed. A very advanced camera. So that they could film those who they you're droning of love and this is I mean it's completely. Creepy. Cornerback Kris yeah but this the best part is that one think I was putting the camera on the drone he took a self think. The club who have so when I started going to all the footage yeah that was on the camera attached to the to drug little Ali nice photo. They're not like trailing. This area that. Out of it though and let it though her now this is. I don't wanna get Mike she all said and this is an elderly woman. Who lives in this neighborhood is skin and is concerned that she may have been a target. Yeah that's weird that is really weird I wonder what he's got pictures of me. I wonder loads. The following amendment that's I mean that's that's at hand right enact a highly. 100% that's over the top that's a fifteen are return your ticket I mean that's like being Alamo creeping. I mean only originated drone I. And how he. I mean I get it there if he gently three hot chicks would house frank Brando's DIA attitude to two doors down and they suntan neuter. Someone else fantasy girl who. It's really. There. They should do something about the drones adding yeah you beat there at the end just that section in practice he uniting not going to be able to have any. You write about privacy you're not gonna believe in DC in your own hall lets you. Michelle your blinds and. Turn your place in the some kind of a fortress or something that when that drone flew him back here this summer it's by a government property but if I shoot it down it's unlawful the starters. That's. You know she's reaching an open season at a record now. Mean so it's give or saying completely grief here I totally agree might not end should be some charges filed with room. It is 757. We're gonna play your home L voicemail messages back and just the moment 22. What else is in the news this morning any else that we should talk about. Yeah there's stern body teacher sex scandal but let me get the details out because people want you to mistake. With the victim was in this case. Age wise it's it's never good when it's a student but. This woman is 31. The teacher just from Milwaukee and she's a former kindergarten teacher. But she had sex with a teenage boy okay thanks attorney DA district. So she taught kindergarten and then had a relationship with a kid who is at the local high school Elizabeth Dylan is her name she is pleaded. Guilty. To two felony charges two counts of sexual assault and child a person who works are volunteers with kids. I gas. The Wayne which she and the victim got to know each other. I was through some athletics training since she was doing some stuff for the sports teams. The boy was involved in sports teams and they got to know each other I don't know if there're any direct snap chatting like disturb attack yesterday. But. And also inside the school. So we actually passing sound from the teacher that from the courtroom right before the sentencing and she's addressing the victim and and the victim's family. I've broken trust tender friendship. I know what Carlson I that your son and your family it's very appropriate for me. Crossed moron yeah I look yes I did later yeah. Human nature would suit us all she had she had texted the dad before the charges came to light and big deal. The parents not to report her to the police. And she reportedly said that dad I'll do anything to keep my name Paula guy blow Jews I don't know I went far. That all. So she gets two years in jail and a plea deal. What either way that you should be more like Agassi and completing a month that like pleading guilty to that she probably took a deal yeah errors usually they plead not guilty and hope for the best. And at the well for a sympathetic jury damn thing. Are blamed me of like a T to have we detested teacher few months and I'd was married at Agilent. The one that is now also exotic dancing on the side who claimed student. For using. I pay for his large vocabulary but I used to. Oh yes yes yes it's our GAAP net in lord your end because he was he was not yet what is it was a wicket smack. Well I'm trying to find the good the only pictures I confide Laker here imprisoned. Year honest should I just do the obvious that the commission that's worth picture. She looks like the image of Tibet. She's probably like. And lows of probably like six. Jimmie and Darren dealing began had to talk himself down is well. She IMF he might have thought about it. I. Am I will. Equal tweet this tomorrow I'm always trying to when it comes to news that's very important. I always I always wanna share with the people of photo or two right. The teachers. OK that is appearing. On my a Twitter feed. Rates now. All right. Greg LWAAF. Do follow me on Twitter Greg Hill WA apple Jack and. Street good morning guys Greg and thanks. Merry Christmas album a year and you hung tightened to decide to put up to blogging boys belong out. Till I'm blue and get a wicked tired because of the doron I do every you know people are partly you know peep getting property cannot concrete chaps collapse. So what is you know how they have the audition don't Irish you know it's like you don't have a you'd talk a leash but it's like remote controlled so little red. It's like OK inaudible talking about like an invisible to our defense. Jacob I use that calling it properties do you have any visible anti agent Roland force field. C'mon Greg you know you got pollute been knocked out we can think that the talent being lenient by you as anorexia. I think the really good idea have the like by Maxi gaffe which it's not are you got married Clinton wrapping up but it immediately it. Mass whole theater. Potential mouthful theater actress right now. I just liners though that I actually like hybrid technology to do the Pentagon for us fill our reasons and my friends on an arrow it's unlawful actions there. To enact this and at this. And that made it. I wouldn't be surprising to us next couple years your your to their being drawn neutralized there. We're going to stunting the enemy to playing the gras well you do and you have a horse yeah. Nevada I think the force field thing is perfectly if you wanna put a force field around your house the Dugard geeky people's drones away you'll be able to build an idea that people. Others are packed and I don't think you can play it the audio.