How Creepy Is It - Shady Statie

Friday, December 16th

We discuss an awkward encounter with the opposite sex, and decide, how creepy is it?? This week, a State Police officer, keeps pulling women over to get their number!

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They Hill Man Morning Show on demand. And more I'm always online pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. What else is in the news shall we get how creepy is that correct I get within that let's. Everybody. Weird announcement. And now am I the only one who has a record level. Genuine Crete wonderful things you manned moon shows resilience. I want baseball's hallowed meet the easiest move ourselves. And. Fifth as they state trooper in New Jersey who is in trouble his name is mark he's great 3037 yourself and he's being accused of pulling women over to ask them out on dates. Now as he got to work the bats and adds great New Jersey State Police. Started looking into the guy's been on the force for three years when a few women complained about his conduct. And when they looked at his and traffic stops they found a pattern of him pulling women between the ages of 25. Over. And according to Pratt Sweeney it is what it I've what Tony thirty fat money and thirty OK okay and now he would allegedly asked them on dates or ask for their phone number according to prosecutors. These guys are equipped with wireless mics and some of them have camps so they said that he would turn off the wireless Mike and then later claimed that it malfunctioned while he was working during BHF. OLD ethics is LB has not yet. My my. They say he also manipulated the data in the computer system to conceal the fact he was pulling over primarily female drivers. Regina Jarvis. Lives in Linden which is where the state troopers from and I had this essay. And they made this a com what can you trust. It was major Madonna and went and it's really bad. An element we're still there are hot chicks are where I was I was doing that I don't know marriage Snyder random you know. Probably if you're a woman any pulls you over any doesn't askew out it's probably depressed and probably if you did you actually probably about a month that it's like when you don't follow a woman back and it's a graphics update right ankle and well only follow smokes and again I write well but that's very creepy you know at 78. And he's been as you've been suspended or what it's suspended with pay any appointment hey hey Haitian.