How Creepy is it? - Naked Man Selling Peanut M&M's

Friday, July 14th

Today on How Creepy Is It, we discovered a story from Ohio about a naked man roaming people's backyards trying to sell Peanut M&M's!


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They Hill Man Morning Show on demand. And more I'm always online pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. And now whose intentions go from BP to pornographic. Hill Man Morning Show presents I think there's some sort of smooth. Talking and he's manned the truth is gorgeous. And creepy how creeping. East Texas. Naked man walking around in people's backyards in Middletown Ohio selling in an imminent says echoed no I. I got a I got your fifteen not Eminem's right here there was it why was he nude well. Cox was that the heaps blunt demand is known to police a fifth incidents involving intoxication. And theft analogy drier own conclusions but. 930 Tuesday night this week this woman was in her house and sees this need to diner backyard such goes out to confront him. Any strain get her to buy candy from. Or any certain Sherri it was like one of those sales for the school yelling at Tony seven dollar it like kind of yeah yeah yeah OK so he's critic b.'s like pushing in toward her. She refuses. To end the man. Allegedly started fondling himself he's done that's and a few other occasions in a few other houses in the area but. Let's quit classes if you meet moose quit buses mom was one of the people approached. He he he was pushed him along to say that ten is there too didn't want to take it because he knows where they get in front and they starts well sort of window. And when they he was looking on the win though. They just find out that he was great. They kid from day. I'm done. All boy. It is an. He didn't leave oppressed him that he. We only did what he did and one of the lawn chairs and yeah. Hand he. Terrible sales skills. I mean I don't subpoenaed Eminem's chrome frame. I like golds can do cycled all bison Eminem's but could you wash your hands before you look at the Pentagon where you give those men are right.