How Creepy Is It - I Know Where You Live

Wednesday, November 16th

We read listeners texts and emails about an awkward encounter with the opposite sex, and decide, how creepy is it?

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Morning show on. I'm always on the line and your special. Today asked. Everybody. An announcement. And now am I the only one who's who brokered have a genuine Crete wonderful yeah man moon shows music. I'm on FaceBook hallowed meet the easiest move myself. So. We have to help a woman out licences show and determine. How creepy this isn't this is the email I got. Over the weekend. I will read it verbatim. 32 year old woman here who loves your show. Thank you very much. I have always wondered if I would ever have a creepy experience worth emailing about and I finally do. I have been talking with a guy at work for a couple weeks very flirty. We've discussed going out on a date at setter. On Friday. We were talking about his apartment. And he said. I love what you did with the walkway landscaping at your place. I didn't really think about it till after the conversation. But he has never been to in my play right. We have yeah I think Google Maps we have discussed where we both live. But he has never been to my place. In how creepy is it. Good drive it isn't now. Only that the reason for that if you get that suffer from it as if he has social anxiety disorder. He wanted to check everything out before he picture for possible date the other than that there's no excuse it's weird. He got a text in on this ladies and guys scale of 110 how creepy is that. I did I guess. Here's a seven and one texas' mega creepy I need to know skip the scale of skill one that everybody being put all. Yeah basically you. Ought me just can't you can't try and be proactive what is she had an honor social media's. What are those what are get a picture house on FaceBook or talked about how she was put any time now like as she posted a photo of the front of the house yeah well obviously found face down. Okay. How look how look there he talked about going on a day to. He he was with his buddies drinking and then up at a bar or pub down the road the night before crashed his buddies had to blow near your house. And thought hey I'll pop by. So if you're around no car in the driveway. Eagle on your merry way no no harm no phone. Here's 518 Texas says that's put the lotion in the basket Stockard creepy. I don't and be a little less business and it is that replicates Francis for radon and I kept nice guy anymore do you look. I'm just ya know yeah I know was that book wanna dates have sought to sit home and national media that's when your ready. He is a 21 year old female I always Google. How can I these text message regiments of fast and you backed that up please something about when they're gonna go on a date there it is I'm 21. I always Google. Where is that Dan you know it keeps disappearing on our guy get so annoyed by the army to fruition now here's our question when she's gonna wanna days. Does your view of you Google litany find out everything about the guy that you're going out where really sued Google yourself. Well now here's a. It's 508 Texas creepy and he's a dope for saying it should be kept his mouth shut oh here's the 21 year old female 978 tax. I always Google map people's houses but it's creepy to make that comment pan out and so it was creepy that he screwed up and made that I'm. Okayed the use Google lacked a I took a bird Google Maps is. You know look at that thing at a local mapping Greg have you must be out front and they have the sensor bar over his face. A he escalating running. Did you now. I'm the best felt like justice of the little side note last time I bumped into the cat ground. And and I think seeing you there with drugs and in monkey a few of the people. And I left maybe twenty minutes later after you hit command and I put up front and like. He really tell them to keep his forget escalate running why is it's you know I'm running running that was I. I wouldn't I didn't know what reply unless I was not I here's Tony there's twenty different clubs. Well listen you got it to the valleys there that there that's very important right I sure. It's like having EEZ gotta have your you have to have your own. Closet you have to have your own locket and doesn't yet have an island in the kitchen and you gotta you gotta tip the validates it tip in and we hand out and just the end I don't write a tip from an advance and and you get the car left out front. I mean lord knows you don't awaited the and I don't get home get straight to your work in the morning exactly. Let's see what she lives on a main road and need to happens to drive that way to work. I again you can't. Yeah it the this Laguna irony said the sincere the sincere effort. He somewhere near how's that solidarity she she said they talked about their houses yeah Bernie talked about colon date so what he was near her house at a town wire. And in any he has nothing going on for the rest of the day and wants to fire to date the drive by overview and drive all the way on to make a phone call. Or is it is a creek community parks in front of the house in the makes a phone call that we drove by he knew where he told where you have so he drove by and there's no current driveway. Schneider. Lance gave them deceased chuck Carlos job. What's up Jack. I chuck Harris goes open is having coronary aired the millions that he's sitting outside the home of somebody lustig Laura de live. Let's see if she was so creeped out why did she tell them where she lived well I assume in the course of conversation. They're discussing. Where they blew where they live. Missing the point here are 978 tax how did he know that she had done something different. Oh that's easy and it's not good free beer may be so this is how were in the middle of how creepy is that if you're just joining us it is in a one. Here it WA AF and WA AF HD one west Borough Boston WK FN WK FHD one Brockton Boston. And a woman there ET how old Lucia and I remember. Yet I have 32 year old woman others dip on 32 year old woman a little was kind of flirting with a guy or they were thinking about going out. And then in a conversation on Friday. He said he loved what she had done with the landscaping on her walkway and she wants to know how creepy that is our staffer actually fallen and crush this. Now I don't know I mean. Here is the 857 tax from a woman. The fact that he knew that she changed just a little landscaping. Meant that he is darn by more than once and it makes it super creepy yeah. That we hear things that Nextel you. Say it's super creepy people I mean not I'm not above it but then but I won't do it that creepy I mean it becomes so with that new. Blue lace. Ron the worse for him and well me. Here's the Bible latex I looked at my boyfriend's house on being. And he's standing in the driveway drinking a beer I knew I knew it was love at first sight. So maybe that's okay. My fiance is old roommate is a vitally text Woodstock the many guys that she would go on dates with. Ranging from half of the Celtics and some NFL players along when their wives or girlfriends. She had no problem doing the talking or for the opener Saturday. They took it. In an email Doug Graham aka. But shortly after hours ago for current she goes for current Kurt I don't know that currently don't know that current professional athletes. Should be directed newborn son combo you're you know you're close your assessment Rhode Island tonight you've throughout Newport in America and it's as angles on us and yeah it's actually tonight there Hanna slammed into you know snake a camera and try to beat there are an instrument ticker where board. Hello Tom Fey Tom. I would take not creepy on this one because what if they live in the same area yeah and he just bought a house. And he used triggered by the house before she bought it what it didn't look as good and that would look better after you bought it. Yeah I guess I mean I just think I don't know why you'd say that I asked I guess that's the kind of thing that comes out you're out of your mouth and then halfway through elect all. What did I just move that that. Does that open up for him and he was hoping she would respond with why how have you seen anything. I happen to buyer outside walking my dog yeah I think I am going to date with you I know more about you than your mother to us but by the time the date cat and mouse. We. I've had here's a 774 text from a woman. How could be is it I had a guy that I was talking to ask if he could come by my house to give me a hug. How creepy is that outlets you have to do you just yeah the hug just being eases did you say yes you know now obviously. If that. They kinda do though is he's doing heart on the stricter my attitude and pick it up a bit that. Let's see. I think that knowing the area that somebody lives and is different than knowing their specific palace and updates that are made to it. That is what is creepy at the and 128 year old female I'm where they'll be it's not weird is not creepy. Oh. And it's very interesting. Why. No idea I just knows there advocate to check if there. I would get it if they had just met and said hey we got lots of time. But her mother we're talking multiple conversations she said it was a few weeks. You know I mean so fine if I if I'm. Do something in the town that she lives and I'm unpopular and pop our house. The people Google like everybody that they want us that they want a date in everybody period. You're too busy with hybrids because it's always you know that would be an you know granted not all of it's true but the whole Wikipedia things not seen him. You find out you know we've Lyndon bars here are divorced towards my address is on there. And my name and he my son now and then that China and jobless and that's what are the top and I on the radio in the game the web communities. That's. All your bare yell yeah. I go in tatters. The public Texas says do you guys remember being in high school and driving by a girl's house that you liked. And I couldn't have been a bit but it is high usual of this big time it's thirty does that Merkel and man. He is a vitally text sounds like she needs the attention she sounds desperate and should welcome. Why I was because she landscaped your yard and the I don't know I'm wants it to. She passes. Landscape now equals I want it shakes. Here's the 978 Texas says quote unquote taken out of context yes it was taken out. You know you mechanics that payment. It's it's super creepy here's an interesting take on it from 617 texture is super creepy that he commented on the landscaping out of everything else that there is to prop a tidy. Package as well maybe he loves Lansky. It being a man that was maybe a guard tire fortune you know and one of those ladies and has a decrease 37 different kinds of flowers and manner Eric this is the. It is just like eight dogs in their back here and it's IK Kim and Paris in a lot of ammo there have. 617 tax Greg this is obviously a guy who does not know how to talk to a brilliance no game who owns it who brings up the landscaping in the law plan. Maybe scored. Maybe it's like is landscaped your yard code of texts a month and now maybe that's who was. All right well we're recession pretty creepy I guess most people fairly creepy most people say it's that it's very creepy. That is how creepy is it. If you wanna be on the show this morning at a call 6179311. AA four you can text on the WA AF act means Tex lines. Which is 97107. And it's the weather today it's gonna rain most of the day may get sunny by this afternoon little bit temperatures going to be. In the mid fifties. And us let's see him waiting for Jack a putting Jack girl doesn't wanna get fail now. Diana and landscaping and Jack or Jack has something regarding a drive by and now I guess now. Frequently people do drive buys on people that they haven't dated or that they just start or anything there. I mean I did that to me again. Seems rather her repeat our right. It's.