How Creepy Is It? - He Made A Roofie Joke

Tuesday, November 14th

A listener sent in an email early this morning after going out for Monday Night Football with her friends, while at a bar watching the game a group of guys joined them, one of the guys bought her a drink and when he handed it to her he said "there's roofies in it." How Creepy Is It?


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They Hill Man Morning Show on demand. And more I'm always online pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. And now his intentions go from deep pain keep pornographic. Hill Man Morning Show Christmas I know yeah smartest. He's manned the true yeah. And freaky how creepy. Is to introduce this. Mind. We're in mind you know kind kind spirit that then you phone and now under the death governor governor Richardson ran into Tokyo. Now it didn't take the email to the bathroom with me. Our the governor had this did you turn it on as it plugged in this is annoying a half. As the kids say. When that those new slogan for the station perfect pitch yeah you know I didn't need me to tell a story. And there and we need that much time I can summarize. Charity and then I'll get it yeah most show. Your ass together can sorry all right. This is an email from a female listen there. And she is hoping you'll help or determine. Whether she was completely creeped on we wanna know on a scale of one that. To Harvey Weinstein how creepy this this. I was at a bar watching Monday Night Football with my girls last night. And Matt's a pretty cool guy in his friends and they joined us at our high top spot but I that's not code by the enough they called the the same all tables in the back. It's certainly a bar area if I put trying to supply yeah. But if they have the literature actually said being in the restaurant area where it in the bar area you wanna be in the bar. At there's not there's nothing worse in certain around the world tables in the launchers on rescue me Kia both great at fort topic chairs. About halfway through the night he went and barbecued drank which I thought was nice however. When he brought it Barack. He made a joke about a roof he'd be union that. And so on movies rose rookie Joseph bro one of the worst luck what is this that thing that happened it's very common. Very common she says that at first she laughed but then she started to think about it. And she says I was wondering who jokes about putting a roof be in somebody's strength and I think I'll link yet I'm producers says I hear even touch and I 2000 there's a good luck but I. So she's. Earlier walk in a way to get the drink. Now I'm so is I mean I guess this is where I sometimes have an issue here we use segment because the guy it was probably just trying to. I make a funny in stratus but it gets creepy as it is just and in equity office crude and it's creepy. Here is a tax. 978 tack saying this is an aid on a scale of one to ten and anybody who is making jokes about movies. Has obviously moved feed somebody go to war that's. I think beyond. I think they're the least likely people to review the people adding a group B you're gonna make it really. Really concealed although hey way to make a good first impression yet rain and he's. Yeah at that and if the the thing you become the guy that jokes about graphene drinks. And I know a couple lows like friends who have been approached by the same dude. Enact did he make the old joke about throwing the routine your strength in the like nest is that they need the that it LP that Yang is there anything worse America could does the same thing every time. Let's see here's somebody. Who this is a 860. Tax. I. I think he was just trying to find out whether she had a sense of humor and that's a guy have zero with a rookie Joseph okay I'll. There is that when everything that's coming out with the Harvey Weinstein of the world these days that the best yeah I agree that there's the of the sentence nothing funny here and colonel rape joke. Here's a 36 year old woman who says it's not creepy it's just the really stupid things right now it's. You can take it an outage and injuring gather again day. Here's the finally texas' that's like joking about a bomb when your on complaining right yes if it yet if it ain't that the it's the have a sense of humor people nothing better than a good ol' fashioned route peach that's the text from a guy obviously yeah. Let's see 774 attacked so she was gonna drink it until he cracked the choke. Well I don't I doesn't say whether she drank it and not maybe she did but she's just thinking the fact that it comes to somebody's mind whom to make a rookie joking race is creepy in in the first place. Physically we're gonna review. Why would you think someone that would bring upper roof it would that are in the drink I'll bring it up shall never suspect. This is 401 tax from. The home continent of Rhode Island. That guy is the guy they bring home to meet your mom and he inappropriately. Hits on our as a way to try to make nights and make a joke if he and Sharon if Sydney camp just breaking the ice. I just try to break the ice all of that's just him what what are the chances he's their collar dynamic instructions now hundreds of snow. 100% and Willis time chip. That's the use that text that says it's. Did that guide that tells the same stories over and over and over again say there's nothing worse than I'd say that's the saints' time finally good to him about what would I mean this same line McCain. Let me give disarray and you're 21 years yeah like on a new listeners that guy has not heard they haven't heard any guys that story here that's not a reason they haven't heard your best. Here's a vitally Texas says that his dad as does this napkins. Smell like chloroform man of the people there that I am New Delhi and doesn't like Greg Moore remains is not Clark I'm. McNown definitely not sleeping with him. Here's the Texas says maybe he was an actual roofer and he was making a shingle to answer a I don't know. I don't think I don't think so I don't think so. All right so we're saying it's not creepy if he's not he's done a good pick up why not it's not that it's not like 1993. Other you know family. I don't think he's. Gary it's him you know he's the guy that single into all he'd you know crashes is current to it chip. You know and her current and actually get along yeah you can't let her chocolate I have zero social skills. That. Friends bring amount they're hoping he doesn't that they they go sit down the high up but the checks Miller please please let's ranked at the bars let me I'll be able and his LB just cells in their name actors but coaches say and the other side of the room guy nobody wants you over here this time cocktails house of Merapi yes to that stays and it just don't come don't know don't come over here. Why do getting up to veterans that way why now with somebody a check on him. Several women are fixing in saying even though it was in court case I would not have consumed the drink of it would have made him. Drank it just right just in case I. Very wary of and guys that go far to get the drink brand come back anyway it has been suspicious of everyone brother Timmy or make a jump on top of that I'm like you just wait the flight eight bucks on a cocktail and and I mean if you're sitting in the bar area I mean I think it's I guess that's a nice thing to do. To show the year. You know you do you like the woman in one of up to the barn dinner drink but you can also just what all week wrestle over in the yeah I don't let firms are murdering graduate and anyone at the lower in the. Have we weren't having a big problem in this country with a reported sexual assault that they golf for not yet there's kind of an over his little bit of a cloud over things right now so we can just yeah focus on bad and the and.