How Creepy is it? - Boob Eaze

Friday, February 24th

We read listeners texts and emails about an awkward encounter with the opposite sex, and decide, how creepy is it?

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They Hill Man Morning Show on demand. And more I'm always online pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. And now his intentions go from me. Wanted wraps yeah Hill Man Morning Show Christmas I know anything can some sort of smooth talking he's manned the truth is charged. And freaky how creepy and it's activities this yeah. Scaled one time. That's his words can't. We're always ready and able to assist you if you feel like you have been in a situation. And that could or could not be creepy and you need to determine will lack help me determine on a scale of one to ten and this email came last night. From a 31. Year old female listener of the show okay and would you like me to read it verbatim yes please okay. I'm a 31 year old pregnant woman who listens to your show. Last week. My female. Co worker and shot. We're discussing in the work lounge. How he told. My breasts war. Okay this the pregnancy things I sure I don't know because I've never been pregnant yes and I don't either but I know with the yeah yeah yeah return severe tenderness and asking him. In feet another person there were a couple other coworkers of ours in the lounge. But I was not sure that they were able to hear our discussion. Yesterday. An older man who works with me. Came to my cube. And brought me. Move ease. Which he said had helped his wife yes. When she had had nipple pain and I got that for her shower and I thought it was a joke when they pulled out the little tub of the cream okay actually look what it's called we have called me EU's I get it. At first. I thought it was a nice gesture but then as they started to think about it I was concerned that it was extremely creepy. OK not for me as a parent I feel you think I was single. It would be like and eat the re on the creepy okay it's yeah married and his wife has had a share. Maybe he's just trying to be cast as well. It is stay out of that whole area. There are guys that work quickly with the younger woman who are here and can use like I say you don't sign your wife go through a rights Geithner would be a nice guy telling you said let me help. Putting on. Is I mean I don't know Europe if you're listening ladies call them or tax. How creepy is that scale of one to ten. 617 techsters a woman says not creepy at all. I think. The boat now appears that 857 text. I am pregnant now. For the second time. Negligent that is high level creepy. I had a coworker asked me about breastfeeding after my last son and the coworkers a guy and I feel like that is extremely Korea. Here's my yes you continue to breastfeed. Then 978 tax I this is says coming from a female I think he honestly meant well. I'm 31 in pregnant this is a 617 tax. Doesn't sound too creepy to me my female boss. Keeps asking to touch my belly that happens a lot do and there's a lot of women who find that really creed. Right you can't have a goal and the unsolicited. Belly touch via telephone delicate summit touch somebody's bell actually do it my friends like I would never ask the stranger. I don't even like close friends I always ask and I feel your beer belly like. Eight net and do you start to cry and maybe not exactly you I'm like oh god bless you look at what happened your boobs. Never understood it and believe me it wasn't one why I have never. You know would it be your job can't take we know what's in there are now your pregnancy shaming you know and I look pregnant woman I think they're beautiful. But even if play you know there in my in my best buddy's wife was pregnant. What why how where why get up point eight senator Richard Dolly the with a boot I mean just that's creepy. I've seen it happened to pregnant transferred. Why can't we haven't I get women balancing gas. Out guy thing a guy with at that they were at the same place in this that same complaint would always come minimally run up to them like. Give them a vigorous belly rub and in my unit that is so personal. A let's city. If he was a single guy and he went out and bought the blu be easy for her that's creepy. Scale of one to ten I give this to seven that's a 774. Attacks from a woman overstepping. Regardless of what his intentions were innocent or not 77 port text so creepy I just had a baby four months ago. And I'd Barton ended up until I matter and I had so many creepy guys asked me if I was going to brass. You are not that I'm in Iowa nationally now. Who love the buckle up the Mets suck cock I what's up the NASA. I had when a black egg has backed it I had a customer that wanted to get it back. It added I just do it. You know I didn't want except that and that that I am I like analyze and and that idea I backed. All of the nipple shield I can hang. And that image that we added that I've ever had. He was he was like it was a customer. That looks like that that's it anyway I did. Told Atlanta that they let you are not like Ed Blake 400 dollar that the back. What what kind of a business where you end. At attacked and attacked okay so this guy you were selling things to him and he went on and what you 400. Dollars worth of nipple shields and Kubrick YouTube do you really things yeah. Now. This I mean again the intention I think is sometimes. This is Caitlin good morning Caitlin. Right Howard go. I'm glad I'm actually. Well I mean like it's not our congratulations. Think you know I had a really really Iraq. Fact China shirt and if anybody eat eat and eat and that's how. Which is many aspects of my pregnancy I would an OK and it. Yet both anything. Seriously I'd look so bad I was so sick. It miserable the last somebody overheard me and gave me something made it that achieve the taxi totally out. Though is it less is it made less creepy because he said his wife used that it crawler or whatever Italy or is that a technique. And technique that he's using. I mean. There's a lot of text here's. Who say she should not she should not have been talking about this out work. Like it's too much information thing and she gets what what she deserved if she's talking about her view the team work you know that guys aren't what nick well. No I I even listen I I I get what you're saying like and it's when it comes to that point but it's. You're having a one hour long conversation. And didn't think anybody else could hear them like oftentimes like you'll be in a break from people locked in people lock out like Iraq. She was broadcasting like. That's just tell everybody and it's that strength from medical pain. That anyone could have alleviated LB WAM yeah. It's just like I I've worked with summit for twenty years you worked with him for eleven years relax camera number and you forever we're not we're not gonna you know we're not good going into a private room to have a personal conversation yeah. Yeah a little bit. LA law and order show let's bring in. The only people offended fiery. Breast feeding him and what are solid every guy's you know albeit at certain low water rescues some guys genuinely care what I'm out might like. It respects that. And I I think it's a great thing that it's not something that I sexual. Right. Is Ed there are a mean there are some things. When it comes to do just that men are then they fantasize about and other things that there that they just feel our. Our iron in there are some people who find listen. Are there some guys who find. Breast feeding. To be sexual in in nature as as quickly as creepy as that is yes I think there I think there probably aren't some guys wanna hit yeah. There are some people who are gorgeous rooted out by handle so. And then there are some who don't care I don't care if a woman is breastfeeding in public kind of care. It's now if if somebody ends of looking at the end and that causes a big gigantic reaction I think that's a little goofy because. You do in public and I you know but an hour meantime fans. Four retired from the post office I used to come up to me often times and ask if I need it out massage and and in Miami is a good night. Billy and indeed in. Am I pregnant yet Eric you learn our regular viewers sexually harassed aren't happy and it's actually and Wisconsin. Since and that that very embarrassed. You know I mean that's a funny thing that you think that changed the let us it's actually embarrassed the home I was discordant. Scale of one to ten this is a seven on the 31 year old woman also oh and I would be creeped out. By men did that work but any guy eggs you know I cannot tell me is. That all right so. Honestly I feel like we're leaning toward not deck creepy laugh kind of nice lessons yeah last year yet. I think the disclaimer in the asking what with the worldwide and the kid there's much like views this yeah. As I now want to feel like a screen shot of an Amazon verified purchase of yeah anything about that now let me ask you yet. If let's say let's just imagine for a moment that there was a smoke who worked here yeah. And let's say she was twenty years old and she came in on Monday. And she was complaining. That over the weekend she got sunburned from at the beach. Would it be okay to come in the next thing and say I brought you some oil. Because when my wife gets sunburned Allah issue he spits out of the shallow oil that I I feel like you should rub this all over yourself at that would that be okay. It do you have disclaimers OK I like veterinarians is so that's good and I. Mean I don't know that I would encourage everyone on turning around the odd eighth. Let that happen if here is 781. Texts. Which says the creepy guys are ruining yet. For the compassionate guy there's not a moron on this and everybody is assuming that everything is creeping. Here's 617 Texas well this goes back tool. How creepy is that of like a year and a half ago. I just saw a woman would no shades in her window walking around right in front of the window to put a shirt on food what's that about. I don't care an exhibitionist or she just doesn't care. Economic that we we had that issue now over I think it was override EU. The guys and there was like some chicken and you're level apartments I'm saying yeah that was on how creepy is that yeah and head and and the woman. Was walking around nude and for it was on comedy yes. Yes she walked around nude every morning every morning and there was a group of people and went there and want and the tourists taking down notes. I mean there was food. There was the woman. Over here in Watertown. Who used to be honors their masters where Eric wearing virtually nothing yes on and it remains unknown and the road every morning when I drove by with it right from the weekly now America you know beating crash that we're pretty sure I think she wanted people that. Really want to have a look she. That's fine someone militarism. And a guy. I mean. You're not allowed this this Texan wants though it's okay to tell female co worker. That you will we your wife really likes a particular sex toys and then give that I wouldn't. And I mean that would help me that would not only that though you can probably covered in an HR director of netware. I.