How Creepy Is It? - Baggage Claim Creeper

Friday, August 11th

We read listeners texts and emails about an awkward encounter with the opposite sex, and decide, how creepy is it? Today we hear about a guy who takes liberties with a woman's bag at the baggage claim in order to get her digits!


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Yeah they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I can't send more I'm always online pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. And now his intentions go from Greek and keep pornographic. Hill Man Morning Show presents I know he figures whose artists. Talking and he's manned the truth is charged. And creepy how creepy and it's activities this. Thanks to an email I received yesterday. We need an emergency. How creepy is that session right now for a female listeners so hopefully you'll texting and on the tech needs. Text on which is 977. And let this young lady now. How creepy it is on a scale of one to ten. What occurred to her recently at Logan Airport's hobbling all right. That's probably it. A bit of a cautionary tale of your female and you're traveling so here. All read this email or freedom. My college friends and I just returned. From a vacation in Barcelona. Barcelona. We were all roommates and we were celebrating five years out of school with the strip that's on that's cool area it's ever been to Spain to greater love their despair. I want to meet and I go up on your translator. But you love and are they love their organs. Now you can translate our heads and and yes. Maybe I'll buy that. Is that the rumors that guide the by having an undeclared and other races there and just imagine that for you notice is it in there yet any hope that at the after. After getting our luggage and getting an uber. My cell phone rang. And it was a guy from the flight. Who said he thought I was cute when I was laughing with my friends and wanted to know if we can get it trek. That. When I asked him how he got mine number via. He said he had noticed my suitcase. When we checked in. Founded on the carousel. And got my number off the luggage to. That why don't blow smoke. Then Clinton and her numbers right out there on the luggage tag here is a look at some luggage and. Iraq is is that is that for real your numbers on your luggage equity. The area gets a lot of that with him at their luggage. That is a 26. On how to create a it and yeah. It's very aggressive criminal like strike up a conversation while you're waiting for the bags. I couldn't hear later how good humble walk up at the tariffs on say they weren't hers and clearly you're accused president and just grab the bag take out a sex toy and then text later in the paint I noticed you like using these and I figured I can bring it back to you can develop your bank of weirdo does. It so it makes it would it be less creepy if he had said something physically to her out the luggage carousel slogan the personal interaction this is like. This is this seems like she'd he understands that occur and I'm surprised he didn't show up her house and they got back from Byron settlement with a chloroform rank. If somebody says creep factor 7000. That's a lot and texting and and says. There's another woman 978 text maximum creep. Who can't get person in his basement. She's a human sanity guy. Evolved and your boyfriend to come over and actually you know in his basement Rangel. I don't parent wants arm of the just the trailer and I remember I know. The Afghan. Now here S. Here's the taxes says. I think you need to consider. Consider how technology is these days and how everybody feels the need to communicate through tax. Or on the phone and non personnel sorry if you had if if he had say gotten her number often eighth block list that's a heck out of here Akron a that might have been slightly less creepy but he actually piece this is so stop curry he saw her in the airport. He'll look at her bank. He waited for her bag to come out on the other and grabbed it but why call cool aid and got her number off and then putting it back. Here's Mary. Here's the texts from a guy who says it's very intimidating. Two walked up to five girls and try to start a conversation with one of them she felt I forget until littered his dislike. Be assured her house next I disagree and flowers I don't. Understand that first while there's zero intimidation factor because you have nothing to lose. You don't know them. Either they they tell you get get half way for me to review its dude you for that she's like. Four I think you're cued to OK here's my number yet but she's down. Like you get awkward and stand there and wait for your bag right 000 so it's not awkward date that's a camera number effort on luggage and that is the basis here this admittedly it's extreme it's extremely he's just. My it it's her bag right so you you have no right to be grabbing and off the carousel and examine it for personal responsibility and I. Expectation of privacy right. Session kind of looking over shoulder the whole trip. Here is that text asking how he knew which bag was yours and she said that he. He said he noticed my suitcase when we checked in trouble very distinct looking piece of luggage that's Lilly. It's a fluid that I would never put limits on an inherent qualities in medieval or on the ramp at the airport at all. Planet candidates to work on that's I mean that's habits a soccer ball. I didn't say it makes him when he. That he noticed her bag checking in hand. And then freezes and then and then means and then on the ball flight are like that while waiting through the hole all I yeah. Kidding me why it you know I don't think he just like at the last second psych pop up for some as well. Around sees she's not there yet. Judith star dinner are whole flight and I love sounds like the Crete meters smoking. It's and unexploded blu up. And everybody believes that that is extremely. Creepy so that's how he'll be wire is ash.