How Creepy Is It? - Air Freshener Camera

Wednesday, September 13th

This week in How Creepy is It? the crew Discusses a creeper in York Main who hides his cameras in the bathroom.


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Yeah they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I can't send more I'm always online pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. And now his intentions go from BP to pornographic. Hill Man Morning Show Christmas I think your songs artists and. Talking and he's manned the truth is gorgeous. And creamy. Yeah it's. Until further east law meadow who owns rental properties excuse me he who was in ink only was renting in New York. Is accused of placing. He didn't. Cameras Indy little. It's automated air freshener that ya on the back that toilet all this is an ingenious Cory from her. So this guy. Was renting a place in York Maine yet. And he had the camera they let lots of cameras apparently in the house but in this particular case. The one in the bathroom was and the Otto. Spray aerosol out there air freshener left. Benton someone who was staying in the home became suspicious. And they discovered there were quite a few cameras and now. 32 year old Joseph McGrath has been charged with violation of privacy was on vacation. With a group of people evidently some children who were recorded as well it was his fee normally Indiana family members that are out which is disturbing. In new ya. So detective Mac cal CNET talks about the relationship to people. Gentlemen picked it up. Then I think he felt caught a little bit in his hand and when it fell apart obviously from there he. Quiet downstairs to come apart and from there the video we see who's dead obviously the supplies they did you know this was gonna happen have been friends for a while some of them have been friends for along time. And there's a few their family members. Didn't see it at all but now there you know. Obviously very upset especially with the children being photographed and videotaped. Yeah no thanks a sick I'll hand through on what people I know that the relief. Moon this air freshener smells like creep that guy on the guys are real foot for a bit of a sleaze. So yeah does that I. It's terrifying how easy it is now to be of lawyer with with how. Tiny pinpoint cameras have beat them and China technology anywhere it's really can't care via. Right now hopefully the authorities are dealing with a in the way that he should be dealt with you'll be back in court in no time.