Hour 4 - Requirements for Dating Danielle

Tuesday, February 13th

February 13th 2018 Hour 4: Requirements for dating Danielle, Crazier than Danielle, LB sports minute, we're you paying attention and more!


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They Hill Man Morning Show on demand. And more I'm always online pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Now back to the Hill Man Morning Show yes they're here because we. While your at the worst. Welcome aboard. Another act that is calling it. Career. Correct littered Skinner thought outdoors store about the war. Final member final tour as are the colony there as soon original road east. Today's weather brought to you by stone come forward and it is going to be sunny. And the temperature. Is going to be in thirties today coming up tomorrow. It is hump day on the show it will be no one hump today so if you're street struggling. This Valentine's Day then we'll do our best to provide you with sound. And I use this term loosely some expert advice from the expert dating coaches and the like. About how you can finally find. That's soul mates they you have been looking for if you haven't found that soul mate. On. Tender. Or where. Plenty of fish. Or Christian mingle our bumble or for me and our farm farmers only arm. Aren't you want farmers only because of the love of animals I think that it's not that kind of not biblical. Should be done in Auckland activities that you had a miserable experience on the on the dating sites I remember correctly you adamant I see an opening I C a rare opening you've gone back on the dating site taking advantage Friday. Wouldn't it to me it turns into Ehrlich. Morning -- now in the inbox is. You know I know we joked that their listeners. Would atlas that. Requirements that that that was there would have incumbent. On us. A means. Now we know that they have a say suggested that take care of yourself at least I can't there I think if there myself. And you don't problem for women. We will talk about this was Valentine's Day looming. Is it is something that the that a lot of guys you meet the dated they're not even self sufficient limits when they're not there income you know what. They're just not good at things I think we really lacking the education system is teaching people real world. Skills. Like managing your finances. Rats so many people in and I was a victim and activate huge debt problem. Well I guess you spew racked up 50000 dollars buying bags and shoes I had Johnny boy in my life. Tragic irony guys and add to that being said. I think a lot of people don't know how to deal their financing package and end to the parents want something I don't care don't and I. I yea guys this is this is the guy this is a regular dues meant dollars or 1% owners are the top 10% owners and the and the successful people. The rest of us. Know that we're gonna wake up tomorrow and we can tackle Dan no matter what physical what you gonna one's gonna kick. I area at the dollar menu of Durham McDonald's saw it can mean. All week we joke on the show that you know I'm looking for well off man and I I can pay I pay my own mortgage of pan am bills like take care Obama announced. I'd like you to pay for dinner but I also like you'd be able to pay your own mortgage is on helping the right. I have about personality. And have a good sense of humor and be able to deal with what he said I'm Michelle writes from. Projects and which just. I give credit to anyone I've dated and had been on the show that the very difficult thing to deal it is not about a lot of random stuff from me I felt about certain things in college emblem club blonde like. If you mean that you're ho and college a one year when I went first he understood birdies and a I breakout year ended and years. And I should Lawrence man gets very upset when you're referred to on the Sho us ho and and yet he cares and as I can understand that. It's so we're honored Garrett he's good and a rapper. Meaning of these if he's good in the bedroom almond green speed reduced to a good column if your if you're only skill is being in the wrapper. That's excellence a lot and eating out are you gonna go now when you're we were starting out talking about the dating site yeah you're gonna go. Match dot com warrants and it's witchcraft to filter through the you know now I I I live I did I it's I've it's been so long for that I wouldn't even know how to protect us via. I mean they say the grocery the grocery store is the best place them Wear them if they modeling. And maybe that's midnight noon mother and her crew and on that. I'll. Well Tuesday and it would just wind up being important retail maybe like you know in its sales in Italy. This year it like ten you know dream customers entering traditionally with the injury as this one a date and out of the university like. It is for certain lights and. Hi this is Jaffa on the shooting at a premium sports studio line about what's up Jeff. Wanted to wanted to put a lot of connection you are. And learning year relationship Jeff and Jeff Howard and I know I'm ready by nature of what you're ready to go. Parents I have high blood pressure so it's kind of what they they won't. Out here in trouble for us. I'll going booze and here's the other thing getting Daniel drown that's that's your that's your fault that's on you. I know I know I apologize but don't give no good radio my friends. Yeah you build a group. So yeah you did leave Danielle is several boxes of tourist gets is which was a very nice thing to do and I don't already. Oz gold is good as I like the I'm the school extra that was the school meant by that but I appreciate I appreciate that the I'm glad I don't I don't have to get away but you don't English you I had it in my apartment. Yeah about the expensive stuff few but the more expensive stuff the extras jeepers yes. But listen up it was great to meet you and I know human being LO little sexual chemistry here in the studio. It was that it would actually it was an is that it was probably pizza. Lot of people and that counts by after hearing Friday show and they agreed that that's the very sit in on. I'm some people's lives were changed by Pete's times that they never heard before a. Smuggled they a bacon pizza from towns appeared smuggled list. Smuggled it pretty openly and then that's you know I'm okay no I mean it is that it that it probably could've gone there. I then. Where did you I was at taken my dogs from one house to the other and my darling bella Barrington. Was in the currency with me and now all of a sudden if that had peaked and as I was driving like managed to fly and that tends not pizza. Pounce Bob pizza boxes fairly small fish to flip it up and get about half of it down and. Our flag. Sure I love. There can't be one thing on him apparently Emmys thundered and and parents. And he's account surfer yet that that's geared at asking for gas explosion. Is eighty is a text from a guy is 80000 enough the year. That's perhaps not not a bad qualities your debt free. And a local property taxes and yet very low overhead than we human Aruba all inclusive. So you require credit report basically is as well adhere to turn around that it is joining the thing I don't work my my credit scores like any fifteen Nate twice I need all three reporting agencies to weigh in on the burying an event pantry and canyon. Like she was given the worst. I'm never on our bureau renter united Dayton Daniel the character. Don't be put off by then because if I ask you certain questions about what you like importing. You're likely going to be slightly older than me so fight under the table with like. Would you ever move would you be open having it again trying to do it tomorrow that is only like like as soon as you meet them you ask that question from nothing like second or Democrats. Because you know I see it hit the guy get up at raced out of there or the look of terror in his yes but be Smart enough to say it day he gets really that's not. I don't have. Time I don't wanna waste anybody's time slot to start dating someone and get 6789 months into it and then have them like I'll I would never have market mimic a cult. I'll. I declare that at a time like I need you about it. That's kind of stuff you put in a UA answer questions about that stuff even I think like change has been on there you would say like. Hats kids wants kids does you know so that you establish a different governor you know it's not. If it if you're you're aging your woman was I mean. I didn't see your page. IA but if you're Yuri is a junior woman who would be your you don't wanna jump into a relation from the dude it's divorced twice for four kids I mean. You know at my age honestly. I'd be hard pressed the funding and it didn't have kids and wasn't divorced and if you still think. I'd be like what's wrong with him. It's all right he's success both your ISS I dated yet there are several people who I am glad I could see the sun coming a mile concrete actionable item in my car really nice knowing thanks for the drinks. This is this segment and not show is crazier than Danielle I love the immediate question the immediate. Inquisition. On whether he'll have kids and then what throw you. If you're into that we can continue with the top three in the tequila and whatever else his legs are in their feel like no other number of kids I don't. And I don't waste your time and kind of got these thank you so much for the tacos. Here's the Texas says I suppose that's better than trapping him like most women that. Who that's real for a shot and pregnancy at age forty Mardi like way over the high risk level Sony deck. Am I checked you're getting knocked up steam and ultrasound appointment to claim on going to be there and I just don't want it to be like weird like I don't know who's cadences. Here's the Texas says I'm in love with you being allies have been for years 36 year old business owner I have a kid though. That's that's a slick Swede you better be good then though it appeared that appeared in here it. If you're not a good father and that means your prime not a good boyfriend and still are you still using that. Freshman year hoster photo undertaking of color are you I used. And yet they worst photos I have Mason athletic coaches. Pleasantly surprised when you sing in person. I get like it basically my dating profile would be. Mean looking down one landlocked the camera on my phone that can self see mode with the chin says if you still like me after that you're going to be. Golden now here's a 774 attacks would you date someone younger it you talked about the pool boy but that does not he's not gonna he's just. Who like him around. We'd like that oil immediately and stop right there cabana boy immediately Tony -- tween girl I'm with interest and one of those for like five minutes and let your year traveling China just it's a lot luncheon in Donnelley and I think it's fine we're still friends island you know. You know we are but other than that I. Now I'd be hard pressed a double A. Beat me like building yes now it's those that are thirty that will be the cut off point babies and old navy looking pretty have been thirtieth of thirty and forty like Dana and my agent panel. To graduate 95 to that's weird and into the downer Brothers something. And your coverage of 57. Those that there's a sixty a lot of oil that's there and if they have to be an official member of AARP electorate have vowed to get the magazines that does that and I beef jerky Willie aged. Couple well. Let's use this. It is Bob hello Bob. Guys what's up no comment that aren't quite I got it up there as well. And guy and he oh victory only entity as well. I don't know how I feel about that at the captain Jack for the creepy is that it. A just got a a check in. From an acts yeah please stop too funny tell them you don't have to open your mouth with questions your mother will take care of that. That program but I'll answer but then again. Yeah this is an ax and a so your mom good spirited does a course that it was them. So your mom quizzes. All of your potential suitors about whether they want to have kids announcers there aren't things that I. My colleagues at one point in any of my long term relationships. That for one my whole family really wanted and you could I guess what personality. And others telling Thad Allen all of my eighth like long term significant others. And and had. So. What do you do when woody woody can do when he you know she's 32. Now a member of the Islamic creation like we need to when he tune with him what's one thing and it went you know buckle down and just get it together and the next I don't know of any kind of worry about it. They simply looked so cute like pot you know when he seizure in the wake up and be 35 and single and I like joke about it now Mike. Good morning to tell me any credit I don't know if film them one man look. You're really one good he's viewed one just want to add child that's it that's what she wants is likely to Chile as a militant. Which you feel that Connecticut and we don't come on the fence at this point like I'm happy if I did but if I didn't turn the end of the world is like. Yeah I think I'm over it to them like Europe create a grandmother thank you thanks to take it. Pressure opt out. You know she's thinking right now doubled eight. Either you know that's what he's thinking double date I'm not considered as an excellent island Daniel's mother and it was a wonderful yeah you definitely deserves all the respect in the right there are never Christians yeah do you do you have Brothers and sister nominal I am only I can totally. A mile away. I have them like one 1000000% only child syndrome it's. Here's the here's the facts I think this is it's. 781 Texas. It's from Scott Peterson event. That's not a note with says Obama it's gonna. I'm a fifty year old business owner but three of my former wives have died and it's every chance we just can't do with it for their suspicion and Erica. It was in the same way isn't as cold case presently hot tub bit cold case files and homeland. A bag that you're not dating anybody that's that's in the cold case zone now that's after named Robert Wagner. I'm not done I can't imagine if Robert. If Robert Wagner. Let's say that he really was involved yes. Okay. And he got away with it now until he's immediately buried underneath him and now they're gonna their they'd like he's a person who's gonna keep that in Nike's gonna go to jail Robert Wagner noted jail like that I would be like the next celebrity trial yeah like OJ Europe. Roberts was that beau was -- his name. Oh god freaking moron what was his name anyway. I'm amazed that he was not found guilty and that late yet reverently laid down with the. I was the most amazing thing out there but there's another guy in the vote. You mean and you talk about back to notre Wagner they're yeah Christopher want to personalize and yeah so would he not be charged to. Well I was married to our that's a deployed it I don't know that I don't tell me to lay out the vote spread is a cap hit on their tail. Overboard. The crowd. No I don't have last night and you're gonna come was that the 400 regular guards there and writers you know exactly killed somebody. Question though about the Robert Wagner thing at what point do you become cocky because you know it's like Whitey Bulger to like you've lived your life for a certain number of years probably panicked at some evidence is gonna surface right literally ounces surface right. You know double key EU. At this point at which like you know what. Totally got wind that I am and I wanna know what that what that threshold year it's like five years thirty years like what is. I mean she. What you or did she die hand it was it was probably like in the as a meeting earlier eighty or more in the early 80s81. So it's the end almost forty years. Curtis says it's yeah yeah what they did and I also get. It's it's pretty. The right now I'd probably at some point. Elect I'm Scott free on this like Edward green evidences this. That's ultimately yeah he's found guilty jewels and John is available. At. Right up your Alley at the rate you're trying to make your way through the entire cast of Falcon Crest night in apparently at this stage now when it aired bilateral. Ones I'm. Retired oh I'm from the sixties and that comes abruptly fired a hero through and and the ultimate prize. 84 year old Raquel Welch. That's like your ultimate answer on asides. All right it is 9220. And as long retirement how crazy you are apple will get through this. There's somebody out there crazier than Danielle can you go way back. Like I could ever leave me never did. And I eat I love. That other chick went a little nuts on a flight from the Dominican. To new York and had to it around. Having eight resulting in a jetBlue plane having to make an emergency landing brought in to core is her name she's thirty she is. She works and merchandising for party and now after she does for the free product. Brad and yet so. And in July people were hearing about it she's in court this week in Virginia. So she charged with interfering with flight crew members or. She drank. Masses of white wine about ninety minutes into the light Dominican team. It and it refused to serve for more alcohol. She started becoming. And cursing at the flight. The way she allegedly flirtatious. And the man sitting next car. The flight attendant gave her some water and snacks deterrence over yeah and she's she reportedly threw them across the air aircraft I don't mean this orange. She was putting. Costs. In a bid to restrain her but allegedly broke out of them. Five minutes later. She's accused of calling the flight attendant and I think all kicking him in the leg it's the line it is the line fusion fusion did not trust yourself on the line and Dan. Quick audio obscure reference from bridesmaids. All this Mary. Does a very strict remained. Why comptroller Dan and eat our pizza and I. They had to make an emergency landing in DC. Her defense attorney says that she was intoxicated. Prior to boarding the flight but still allowed to consume poured drinks thus putting the onus on the flight attendants the. Flight attendant said she was served for credit card shows that she was charged only three drink so we'll see if she winds up doing any jail time it's mind before. About her job as courteous as they standing by her during this that are no comment so cousin Michael a Mohammed unit thing. Thank you Daniel 925. And today's Hill Man Morning Show is presented. By Echostar technologies. Your data center solutions provider. For more information you can go to echo stored dot. Now LB. I sleep. No longer than fifteen minutes with a WAS. Sports that is true. It's fair sportsman's right by doctor Robert Leonard and doctor Matthew looked rusty boy news call 1800 get here changer lattice. Change your life. OK okay. Sleep. This yeah. Now is awesome great joke that was called on NASA and and I was very watch last night. He had northeastern Huskies thirty years or history that holing Huskies bearing the U in the Beanpot final five to. On the back from Adam good debts hat trick. In the consolation VC. Beat. Harvard 54. And intently not oh my body just a little bit sad today immigrants who are laser show. Have these very hot Calgary Flames and BC settle on John you drove joggers 145. Are black world of ripped off five or six pennants twelve the puck drop tonight at the garden is 7 PM. The season lost three or four. And are off tonight the clippers on causeway street mourners there in second behind Toronto they're half game back in the Atlantic. Charles got Miami tonight it's baseball season people Red Sox pitchers catchers today for his work growth real. Tomorrow on Valentine's Day a year a new skipper Alex Cora. Who won at all would the Sox in 2000 so I would say things as. Landing here yeah I get it I'm learning what I wanna I wanna I wanna win and I would say is a win most seven this city. This special season hasn't finished the way they wanted the last two years and I haven't talked to them about of it seems like they wanna prove everybody wrong. NASA socks you're trying to get to damage 12 divisions in a row and value overall we're not resume to bring them. The big time trophy home 2018 South Korean Olympics American Shaun White. Ben Ferguson chase shows he and and the medal round is tonight at 8 o'clock American glory Kim. And Ariel gold won gold and bronze in the women's half point. Yesterday's winter tour on all day today ketchup on NBC or send. The medal count Norway leads her to foreign three for nine medals a chance to form once for seven. US says four medals two gold one silver one bronze it's early patience the US is gonna come back big time. Cy Young runner up as the battle wives. It's 46 usually play from 95 to 2008. He was busted by police CR forty plus parents of cocaine. Year out he's gonna go to jail for a long time so lines it's kind of bad move. And the winner of the Westminster dog show. Was how hard. How cute. Where it hurts. The puck was man do you think beyond that you really want to know. A must be prime viewing your home. I never watch it was never watched and I can't seem to show from pilots or explicit directions aren't you try to get an entrant into the the Westminster dog none in the showdown it's continued you know like he's you don't notice them. You know I feel about not neutering dogs. Like if he had beautiful dog named send a new wanted to subjected to I don't know a lifetime possible will that she's but not new during the day after speaking for our friends. Today but put some kind of a stopper in and but those those who've read out there on the thing they ever like who in the middle of the. Yeah cats like porn stars they get points that can get. Please I'll have to. It points off if yes I am not at the got them to score yeah Billy Idol my idol pack it up and analyzed most control thing. As William Peterson. And hours and hours before and I mean I've seen bits and you guys yeah they ask him doctor Freud I they do the rhyme. I had a couple of friends that show dogs in its isn't very. Like structured rigor I mean their life then they've done very well that never successfully it's it's like it's a whole different so it's like pageant life. We talked about that case in England. Where competitive. Competitive dog owners poisoned him. The Dodd. Like a bit like a prime winner a threat yeah yeah that was threatening. Trophies though man. India as the mom takes out the opposing cheerleaders for high school athlete sponsor in its contour and an obscure reference I think if I'm not mystique here and the first powder pounder Warren god bless and rest and rest in peace. A listeners darn who was a dormant. Doug Sanders fans. To go to another. Neighbor's house like three blocks away and I no listen listen here all of us they had been pure bred great games I'll stop it. And you know hump on no and then here came Berman yeah putts and there and think and maybe gathered on the great pains me to be expected to. Puppies underneath Rodham and I I took one that was. The first are. So where narrative that came here to serve although yeah. Is all right we're a player or you're paying attention. Coming up next. Hey this is Nick Sorensen and now back to the Hill Man Morning Show W. Several techsters just student in and they wanna know if you were talking earlier. About neutering dogs or neutering man Manuel was it was now. There. I notice you're having a lively debate with several techsters about Newt AM. Neutering thing is an inside joke with a buddy of mine who refuses to get his dog neutered with the things seismic teasing him now everyone's jumped on this like. And we intellect and acts like it's radio condom. I. I mean here at the Bob Barker. Boston year you want the pets spade in order. To control the pet population. Is anyone to my house and people like. Am. I. Opted that I I pockets like blue notes payable on Greg's plans and it turns out LA. My dog is pregnant now are getting kicked out of the apartment that we worry. And like I had a baby out of time for my died and I don't wanna do any things some dislike and take that and play. It's died down today if. Knowing comes to take at that every rescuer that's listening right now it's like an orange orange and grandparent. It. Now when you do need the right man yes. And bring him home yes do you tell him I had time about how many animals of Australia MEI hi Dana just so you know. Why did you see out here for a few minutes segment of the bark collars and everybody and and think women at the two bit like doberman in the picnic no older I'm like no it's actually penis the four pound to Allah that you should really be. Now the most aggressive. Very aggressive penis. But I mentioned both united political and it's a. I Jon the we should make the 9 o'clock hour the fund's own every act. I could not for the life of me remember the name of any of your animals during the not so Newlywed Game that we did for the website the other day which is pretty neat campus and interesting choices but I am suspect and I screwed up here I screwed up your birthday tonight compete no I didn't care well actually you me Sonny forget their name three seconds later there. It's like when somebody you know it's like the information about when a friend of yours has a baby. And you don't know what these when it is there when it was Bora it's like that kind of information is not that important demand which is not really that interest in Mac obscure reference signed filled. Alain had a problem when her then boyfriend didn't have put an exclamation points. When taking the message that cellphones so had her baby. Another explanation while there was no eskolaste it was a real problem was addressed Danielle. Just for the record yes but he my dad Tommy when I was young. Always when you meet someone who can base or you don't forget afternoon and yes. Looked him in the guy move and shake their hand after being introduced and so and so not wild scene distract your your lol yeah you're so far below Q and on the arson handshake in England and all their awesome. And then you'll like you don't pay username and yeah. Obscure reference ace venture off in jiggling his yankees before walking into the apartment that's you bring Amanda and I hope. I guess mr. Bernard fox and RDT Rex are probably right at the door city could hang on for 12. Parade if it's a auto another criteria her criteria on that Cingular offer guy they would have to you. Be able to respect the very subtle. Sideways. Non verbal cues for instance like if we see someone that I don't like that they need to get away from our I have to stop telling a story where my. Great daunting thing that our rights stop talking percent Y. Just I just can't just be don't dump her and don't don't just be quiet don't. Why let Watson know Tony answered that sued because he should have the five seconds they'll tell you after all our. If for an event and I can't remember someone's name and at the very clear like yeah this is my boyfriend's cell and cell. I'm and I see the open ended thing alright that's you or your name out as the can't understand they need to ask for the name solicitation because I really don't know the person's name seem very particular with all of these requirements one these are discovering now. A lot of facilities are in advance us. Seems like there might be a small tiny portion of the of the male population that fits into the guidelines and I'm hoping to have someone in that segment that. Yeah. I might might then diagram overlap with our clients and argue it seems like your overly optimistic. About the particular partner that your fine and I'm confident in my Miller on offensive line it sounds like they can have very few shortcomings. I think yeah. That's what's up yeah you can read into that all you want yeah it sounds like they're out to be near an almost perfect. It's sounds perfect and very forgiving a lot of things a great cut and I love. Fart jokes and nothing to do it through so I'm comic. But we'll have fun I'd just constant. There are certain social situations in which if you'd if you figure out that I like. I don't wanna be someplace or need to shut up for five seconds is someone I don't wanna talk to elect next to us or that I'm talking about someone who was just walked into the room. Now and I can't in Tampa. Sort of our economy or monetary low IQ normal shirt and I get. 350 bucks. When I'm long right around them or did I don't know I didn't act here you know in the venom venom and play at. That he can't. Can't believe any kind of a guy who's allergic to cats are to joining to a problem for a. That's the cubs are built problem. I. If you would like to participate in our end of the show game where you're paying attention he'd call right now on the Framingham Ford's studio line that number. Is 617931122. Theory and he can answer a question about today show. And you could be anywhere. And now it's time tour I don't know really prepared for the time you were paying attention. I. Call now. And answer questions about today show. And you could win game 100. Dollar gift card forward and show love valley ski area and it is ten. Who is up first this morning hello Tim. Margaret what's happening to our area. Good today's irrational fear involved and Oregon and woman who found watts. In her pie. Worm yes what what of what variety where today at a lower yes yes she is the only humans. Two contracted the title worms she had the pool fourteen of them. Out of her eyes when they were feasting on her eyeballs. Little below a Bryant. Hey what's up Brian. Barnett are. When a bird. According to lasts. Lanes it which is a marriage out. What is the number one thing that newlyweds. Fight about. All armed now worse news out full court. XL. IQ yes household chores is the number one thing. Newlyweds by about low wreck. Hello all recruit what's up Breck. Really very very very. I. Great gift for Valentine's. Day correct an Australian woman. Has declared. That she is bringing what it's very popular class. To the United States of America. Oh yes nude and the other. It's very freeing. It did you become uninhibited when you ladies participate in new did yoga. And of course if you've never seen in person and what there calling the downward moves knuckle. Yeah. How can you imagine that yeah and America I think that's the level it's at at the did wall. It. And a viewer jamming that breakfast in Richard Neer about the the same time you do the downward. I would see that it was very good yeah. Yeah yeah you don't car about Heidi. Can you imagine the instructor excuse me I'd I'd ladies' heads up. Sir you're mentally it is that the new moves to the back Augusta yeah. Hello Brian in the bathroom. What's up Brian. Our Brian. Eric or court door excellent thank you. Couples are couples are 37%. More likely to get divorced. If they get married went according to information that we learned today. And I'll say it outright yes that's correct yes. 37%. More likely to get divorced at the married morrow hello Kyle. All right all right all right Kyle. Good scenario excellent a Chicago television news station has apologized. For there Olympic graphic. Which listed the Olympic host city as of what. American restaurant chain. Yes. Jan 2008 victory and I thought it not for the Olympics are being held but there should be a Chinese Olympics. With a huge bill. I totally agree the I would participate in the mix that homeless parents of dead hello Alex. Hello what's happening Alex. In morning what's going on. In my network where you from Alex. Alex. I'm. It where he firmer what do you do for work extra finance person race. Actually outlet and I can't work out at that really excellent excellent. All right what has caught on what popular television program. Was I accused of marginalizing. On this morning show. Currencies and let everybody innings as well. I'll give you another one in England a long time crossing guard has been told that he can no longer do watt. With the school kids. Oh I don't know how you. Overdue Alex reckless and I don't very dad. Yeah prisoners and RG easily you know blow rod. And all of our the beyond and thank you for allowing asking me answer either of those previous questions. Oh yeah other topic that ain't what it if they did I I. No I fives and no lie low fives either real high fives no low fives behind oh no no singling singling anybody out almost got. Yes I still can't live without I feel gently on all of what was her name Alex that the scientists that I'll like follow the sides of well I'll do my best. And I they didn't help resolve I've got to go beyond the live within my stomach at all about what he got. I would like Belton Jim Pickett director. Yeah yeah and Joseph got by just show up there and now you're me why I Solomon but some sixty million dollars Burt Jerry Cantrell guarded people that we got and force one that will be sky and makes them since we got Brian Byrnes on the restless. Yeah all of fired just don't Eduardo Perez. The you know the popular television programs that is accused of marginalizing on the show this morning. I don't don't get your brought out all the fairway known as well the only now oh. This is Tyler hello Tyler. Adored what's up. Ordered alliance. Let's see during today's nerd report. We learned that Prince Harry and Prince William. Are not in the news Star Wars film because they are two watt. Salt. Tall and everybody knows that storm troopers are only five foot eleven. And and those guys are both over six feet tall and so really no reference aren't you so yes. How's cowboy Ed Too Tall Jones. Right it's never be a storm to. Forget now he can every can never be just about trooper apps will. Iron right. Let's. ED. The television question was this is us now I have not watched but many loved many are they could do it they love it I can't watch enough yeah. I you know I watched the other day was. The that movie will is Matt demon that steam in. It's called suburban. Suburban convert a kind known and it is that where they shrink them. No lumping in and I don't want any assurance that he down and out and yeah. I don't want to update you know I don't I don't watch. I don't hear accountant killer I don't. Drew. Well I don't wanna spoiler alert woody is good news yes today allies of its a pretty yes that's killer ads ads that regularly. Actually is actually pretty remotely. Also watched the LBJ the full LBJ movie that we had run out of time yeah I had a rock I only watched half of it before the interview. And the but it's pretty good at forty Charles Harrelson he's really get that first five minutes might I don't know if I can do this of Lee Harrison and then it was like it and see him yeah now he has its users you analysts Milf. Yeah I watched the first two episodes last night yeah he's really good then it's it's too real net flicks that are it's showtime O showtime he had takes place in South Boston. Like Rosie O'Donnell she's brilliant and are there isn't there a controversy regarding smells like people are sent locally yet there they had a bunch advertisements of the bus dobbs. And a lot of people a lot of women it's obviously this is not a representation of of all the women's out. All are now I don't get all times. This whole city this woman is mass stopped she is a mass she's badly. She's a single mom on again did you rallies not doing this engine disorders I mean it's just like it's. Agrees it's it's a crazy greens show but it's it's great spirit and Aaron Murphy's law that thing is she's from there. You know she's she grew up in south the so on the one there were given a hard time oh yeah are mean as actual eighth. In this case against it is people who're. Various. Channel character. Yeah passion in general haven't gotten into motion like well maybe they're bigots to real I mean let's see what a mess this. I would but it's it's good news and B artist he's a newbie solbes. Of the gender but people that you have removed that other object but it Barbara parent. They were him via standard salary circle just as you've got a 600742. Square foot Condo. The 101000 dollars. A don't get mad. About the portrayal of people himself me and then that is addressed an episode really yes on my potential indication and it's really it's a great show I mean to me honest view lake. These billboards don't look that. They don't let that. I guess they're offended because it's the single mothers. And immediate and she's out of any defendant Larry. Via. She's a tutor for some rich family in the suburbs. And she's basically right McCain's papers for them because they're too busy on their phones and once he got an Harvard 'cause that. Possibly as. He wrote I thought well I don't know I it's it's like you know on the shows aren't the episodes aren't long like forty minutes but they pack so many issues in the forty minutes like every five minutes. There's like just horrible issue of some of the incredible. We gotta get out here are highlights of today's show will be available for you at W. Dot com very sin. It and there entirety it's a full show podcast every single day so. What do you miss something this morning lower earlier in the week or by earlier in the week I mean one day yesterday or last week or or or when matters Caspian misery in the pot unity. Podcasts sportsman you can go to WAF. Dot com for the full show podcast this hour one hour to our country. Floor our floor in their entirety and coming up next. It is WA AF thwart Dave blitz that means yet over an hour. Of Carey show without any commercials it's just nonstop rock. For over one hour two moons are next with Cary here at W.