Hour 4 - Pulled Over For Smelling Gravy

Thursday, January 18th

This hour, we're still recovering from the KFC gravy cocktails, Brian Wilson got an F in high school songwriting and that song turned out to be a hit so he went back to the school to get his grade corrected, Marky Mark might be connected to a renowned steroid dealer, plus Were You Paying Attention!


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They Hill Man Morning Show on demand. And more I'm always online pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. You can enjoy the show in this radio station. On year Amazon echo or your Google home. I got a text earlier from somebody was having an issue with the Google home. When they told Google home to play WA AF and I was gonna point out that there's a big news story today. About the amount. Like the end with that the that the Google home use uses yeah but and that people are having some problems from a like home server respect from the data perspective yes so just be aware of and that I'm not you know. I'm not an IT guy. But just you know duly format goes I do know delete from our. And our fans got Franken could probably help you out without him properly today but anyway. I'm you can enjoy WA AF aren't your Smart speaker and he can turn it into radio. All you have to do is politely ask Alexa or Google. To play WA AF than if you're traveling on a ski trip warrior. I don't know fear. Driving under some kind of a a a bridge or something like that. And you have your Google immunity I hear elects and your card you're one of the lucky few parties have that that book murals that. The quick. Were questioned listeners this'll Tex lines serving 97107. When you give commands to your various devices. Do you say please and or thank you just in case because I find that when I give commands to my Amazon Acco. I would say please and then after she does the action I say thank you even though I know she's not hearing it from like Justin cage she'd it's it's like. It's like the weird guy and ranger it's literally I mean I'm Jessica she wants security yeah snaps one day becomes acting like them as very Joyce at hand me the water or. It's like Alexa I feel like the robots are gonna take you down it seemed like you know what. You said police in particular time. The only person who doesn't have to do is. This creepy creators of the robot rhetoric has. They dare the master. Of the robot like that now like that. Could show guy who created the the sex robot that the one that debuted at CES death. And the and a was and now it's. It should what's the name of that robot that we. The army harmony harmony and I harmonies the wanna as the Scottish accent whom he's. Did that David. The robot creator the overlord of the robe of robot overlord it's it would allow them. Sure I was listening to some stuff yesterday for him because somebody sent me this video. That's the part where he says he can basically. I'd do anything you want with that with the robot. Nothing is. Off limits in terms of what you're talking about you can talk for about adult contact. And adult conversations mature sexual subject matter that normally. Obviously Syria will be very basis. Hard to get a series. Ticket sale archives is sick twisted. Dirty things the other two years sex rumba wanna. Which is fine. Unless you want her to answer you Mike Smith. Yeah Cha. And she just comes alive she came back from five feet deep and guys came back and patch it well and maybe. That's the case it seems like yeah. Yet I feel totally in our hearts thank you so much. Ten minutes without me seems like an eternity among. Also this. Two minutes wit me will also seem like an eternity. And it wouldn't. That's it she's got kind of mission NATO O'Connor vibe going on right now she's called she also has got to Jackson. Well that is one of the voices that we have installed on this and I kind of really like it. Literally hundreds of voices and this was the one that grabbed me really nothing to do with the the Scottish justice sounded. Elderly and I liked it. I mean how creepy is that the guy who creates the sex wrote it's got it that's the deal I mean. Little bit right yeah me at the think of everything that it could possibly do when they goes on in his house and went along side. It probably had sex with everyone before you buy the thing you know the thing hasn't been placed soil before you die I by the creator of. If she becomes like a typical white eventually want him to buy plastic surgery improvement. Probably I'd really like this you can go for the 400 CC upgrade. I believe she comes with interchangeable face exactly. And you can get any accent he he prefers the Scottish ones I in the eulogy at the end I don't. Apple rocky Elmore. I. Had it right via. I mean no room. Coming up get this boards now and then we'll get you know. We'll get through where you pay attention also on a little bit Greg you ever. Graduated from high school as we discussed rationale I'd just clarify for people can that the always missed some misconception about the. Class is a laugh exactly what that that you failed anatomy and physiology and not Jim Ifill the only got through the regularly side's hands. Tired of the media for Zia. Outside guys filled anatomy and physiology and and I never won. Everyone made it made it out quietly. Why do you why do you ask. Well Brian Wilson from the beach boy. Wrote a song in high school that he called surface. And his music teacher. Gave him an. Really yes OK thank why is this the news story because he went back to the high school Hawthorne high school in Hawthorne California. To have that wrong. Right hit on a dinner forum yet they go out there even an angry amid because that song later turned into. Was surfing safari there for an and closer certainly not our concern are their first. If it's your target about surf and there and yeah. That was the Beach Boys first ten and 1964. A packed now that was there it if if that's when he wrote in high school that was their first that sought. That's an eight years later and got a today and the music teacher gave him. After that that aren't radio listener. It's it's like if your biology teacher of gas fired chip for your premiered you know I can do the work I deserve all I'd be based not deserve yeah. Now in reality everything works right well I I just I mean. I own. Ideas your eyes and I didn't do the work they don't suck. I learned a lesson about doing the work. A load oh it's Joseph the musicologist yes job courses. What school and everybody. Else you know letting graduate either you know that right side and yet he graduated bottom. So yeah. By the unpredictable thing shall I know it's an older lets us style awards here told the that they actually some good news says. Is that everything you'd want in it was. Slammed into. It was great so with the kids LB if they're healthy we have to call. I think you wanna go this spring. Where it. Well yeah I think you'll take it need to see body that was going to be hot enough for the along. The yeah. It was probably wasn't a partnership. That sort of sit. You're not commenting on Brian Wilson and us and the the worst hit the first hit that he wrote to the Beach Boys which got an afternoon high school. I just truly different that what that's foolishness you know we all know his genius. God only knows of McCartney's bass Paul McCartney cried great song beautiful book. Sure it's fortunate they don't forget about. Or the hello. Yeah. And certainly this. It's. It's. Another disgusting. Green need to use on. The guys getting good vibrations from lawmen and getting excited patients can't do that that don't drainage. The runaway yeah if you're right now excited here in the good vibrations no excite they've given their stars that I've been. MM MMM amendment. Knows it's that's wiped out. Yes adventurous and there are thin and Steve O'Donnell just let him have it. I answered no no I didn't know how I got it right obviously I know I'm not gonna obviously. Be my best or right. Well it is 912. And time for this. And now no. At that I stayed up attacks have some really good with the WAS. Sports mid. Sport has try to let my hair doctors doctor Robert Lerner and doctor Matthew prestige the best in the business. You're bald you're tired of being bald and ladies if you have her chews call 1800 get here are prepared you are got. Some Mimi on FaceBook alive. Who has seen the back of my headset on my knees. Is that over. I think he's uncool this morning yes I think it'll Bennett. Yeah if you're hearing and you tell me before we leave the house in the morning if I have that had please. What what's what's next pay the Bruins got a dead against Montreal. It's like not direct shot clock tick plus. Know a lot of you are up 41 Boston and BCS there must I would call. Pastas lunar or martian creature else dashed for the big guys next up the islanders tonight on the road and then Montreal again. Climate Saturday aisles these new York at seven. Tension on NASA and will you read day was last night it was incredibly awesome sixty years ago in 1958 he brought to color barrier. Played three years for the Bruins and a bad zionists are you know Renee race courses. You know what. But certainly I think he's seven the heat issue. He's our callers career announcing a National Anthem at the garden anymore. And I noted Daryn you know. Right at the pump the of the pub I on compass pianist the yeah so you can pump with Renee you know the John Corzine thank you. The Celtics have won a sense of a big day out they'll serve reserves measured. Over on causeway street that is a 730 tipoff championship weekend. For the NFL patriots jags of threes aren't CBS C goes meaning at 640 air on fox or gripes keeping it real. You just never comfortable that I mean she goes for all the work and he does everything that we have been doing on here. Oppression powerful sense of but we had been out here obviously the week but there's no comfort level you've got to put the work and we got you where are you got started has. We have c'mon play out. I love the pages of salary then sykora like I said yesterday well more and more portals. Greedy who he had taken a parent Chirac. I don't take permanent eight operating going to be a good game. For the first half that's bad or not I'm not I'm not worried I'm not I'm not the hours are you tell me I'm not going to go to the game because I have 8 PM flight to Vegas and I don't wanna leave. Be morally self. Yeah pilot stage of the U don't want once I'd like to stay every listen I've stayed through every single AFC championship game and I've ever been through Iraq and resize. It and ultimately that's got guys that 45 degrees it's elevenths and yeah. Would noses yeah I would like colder tags are warm. When teams see I read up as Tom Brady would say get them out and get ready for the AFC champ another AFC championship. An embarrassment of riches we have here entitled. I've blossomed. And I've just for you MMA fans UFC to twenty at the guard neo teach Modano Cormier. Samir and you know thank god for Dana White he's the best so loved fight cards. And it's all going down its guard down Saturday nights to get there early enjoyed your take serving. What are your C dot com Google it blocked TR you dot com what are we are due to address some tickets and I'll see you ringside. I'm albeit Smith sportsman. All right thank you very much time now for the news and the news this hour it is abroad TU body Revere university are you ready to transform your future an online degree and Revere and help. She's from programs in business nursing psychology and public health. Learn more at Revere radio dot com perhaps you also buy cars for kids your number when charity prepared donations. Now also accepting boats are these motorcycles and real estate donations all day. So it would. As although. There has been around an out as being a client and they high profile steroid dealer wedeman. Mark Wahlberg. Didn't get that way naturally I could given the more I can't believe that yeah I'm Richard Rodriguez. Isn't accused steroid distributor. And last year the DEA raided his Miami based business called wellness fitness nutrition LLC. They've been doing yearlong investigation so let's isn't jailed now. Any pants some of his jail freedoms taken away from him so now waste snitching. He name's Mark Wahlberg along with actor Josh to Mel. He didn't help me that he could have. And Arlen steroid use and you get ripped off you may have seen now and when astrology I get skinny you may have noticed that when I took my shirt off in the studio which is featured in the top 1717. Part two of the latest exercise podcast which dropped yesterday. Who else. Roman rains throughout Diddy now. It right they they only mentioned three that they say that there were at least. Fifty clients many of them high profile. As part of the ring that was being distributed in western New York that does. They think they gained and they ran me like ten million dollars or something like that and sales. They have any kind of a band. And or elected they take away your Oscar if years if you're a known steroid abuse and what did he get my asterisk. The star on the Hollywood locker famous if it turns out the use steroids or artificial enhancement or get big Hollywood tends to go unheard of here Mark Wahlberg and you were only able to figure sheared off in a movie because he used their rights and the Oscars Oscars. The guy says that allegedly Mark Wahlberg is quote not a good person unquote. He said our relationship worked well for a bit and I decided to cherry pick who I want to work with because I can be more selective. He said when you're dealing with celebrities you unfortunately have to be very accommodating and Wahlberg was a good god when he started to get more demanding. Once I saw his true colors I decided to separate Thai instruments the rendering story averaged around. Carly all consoles are saying is steroids anymore so it's it's not like the eighties when everything was oil based everything's watered based nauert. You aren't needed it's not even cheating. Wife. Look sub in my world anabolic reference to be doing that you want your but I let it go GMC exists right yeah you know going get supplements for anything. You know it's arguably series. Killing you anymore because it's water base in your body uses what he uses are peas on the rafts and back in the day it was oil based on who and the oil stayed in your system and killed you. LB is not a doctor he's speaking on. What else. A piece on this you see there at the Eva optioned the book fire in theory into me for many theories who's going to play trump. Would you have. Who is the actor. Who could play our president and a mini series aren't very. Alitalia. Aside moment. Have has some money to exceed that it is our friend Frank Caliendo he's happy. Yeah yeah yes what would you want the about you but when they do it a historical. Dock you drama. And the person sounds absolutely nothing or looks absolutely nothing like the person it's really distracting for me like. They do a lot of drama stuff about the Kennedys and they either nail it. Or they dealt like. You know the big did that Natalie Portman was in one about Jackie Onassis. And the guy who played JFK it was pretty good. But if they don't get it right. Aids aids so distracting because it is because you know what the person sounds like what like what's his face as Lincoln was pretty. The available to us now minority grade he was he was pretty. I efforts program to call in specialists in the would be America's treasured. Dot com and on bank obliged on top half. I'm Yankee killer who is a guy who's the other gentlemen governor Jim cared to the other day angels. Yeah do else he's great in godless. Not to Aries not as easy godless on them well yes. He's such as good bad guy yes I've heard that hello mark. Good morning Gregory was a month. Now professor buyers now imagine if you cook the steroid yourself imagine that the Rory great that you would have old mosque war. What you don't you don't truly funny as you talk about red stuff but they they're trying to do you were cold medicine you know before game might I used to take. Sort of threat that he said yeah you take you take flight to practice suit to Fred and five copies you couldn't document wanna punch your brains out and now let's Tuesday when it but nobody it was a cold medicine then but now it's illegal in gross. Ports. This it is a text or wants to know what I think of the guy who played Dexter. Playing JFK in the crown. And he was pretty good but. He did not he didn't look really like JFK and even minute sound that much like JFK. But that crown stuff. In season two. When and JFK Jacqui you'll be there is that stuff in the crown because Jackie Onassis insult that the queen okay. And cut back to her like she went to dinner party afterwards and she was like. Starting Catholic basically taco how about Elizabeth let's. And Queen Elizabeth was a rip paths. But it but they may eventually she was really upset when. When one when he was assessed. Hello Melissa. Hey you know more about people who earn a brilliant mind right there aren't that. Without violating a lot like didn't have a decent facilitate our impunity into trouble is and he would colonel if it will LA atlas. How come off so late and I doubt that there was it has an area. I mean I don't if he says things it's you know it's there to say they're just not you than last year being treated first of all reversible. They give they give people test if you have a bad back testosterone. There's all kinds of supplements now littered jacked up with testosterone. Although grovel before the throne is not is that not a guy storage back in the day testosterone. Was an oil based steroids that was illegal how testosterone occurs naturally in your body. And what what. And I am talking out your ass knocked testosterone. Was steroids and it was an oil based. Needle fed. Supplement you put your bar a big guy he jacked up that guy you lose weight they gave you more power gave me more strength. Now everything on the. I just lost their own occurs naturally in the mail body and he could also supplement that you could you could out of supplement of testosterone but it's not a step. Probably I'm not having a full debate with the US I I don't know whether your I got you know what I just thought that your your doctor and you know everything I'm telling you all pretend like I'm some sort of a donkey don't know I don't have to tell the audience that for themselves they don't. I want you to people who are texting and don't want you telling people that steroids are an RE eight OK this them every day. They don't and are responsible mud hole you're not a doctor. Oh boy you're not here where's the where's it going. It's always going to lose notice. Is that's going to Sears dealer as a going to steroids out of the profits are less violence I mean. Sounds so I'm. LB tens Italian dressing little tall building wasn't tell me what this is called you can read it tests. Tests to ignite. Test act as a Teddy Beckett tonight Tex ass tax test the united past that's easier match. Easy ignited yeah that's testosterone. That's what guys used to shoot their ass in the eighties what they called the legal. This is what they call stories that are illegal and this is what anybody can buy a G and see every day so there. Get a Boehner. Do you think you and white cancer that's not why it's not the same yeah. Said let's get black market Clint you girl this is the gravy talking I mean I've been a great guy I ever since I've. And funeral is is a thinner another number one would notice it won't virtually PG user now why are clearly not. Hello Tony. Hey guys let's morning Atlanta help clear this debate on the whole steroid thing. So LB umpire clear wrong because they're that different. All that crap that the DNC. So that you reading greens are almost all of them urged that claim to help you boost testosterone which is all BS and will work. Then you go on line. You bite actual testosterone which it still had to steroids and it is actually occurred in the bodies were to growth hormone. And then you can buy real steroid actual. Anabolic steroid like climbed to try and and I'll let. Don't know I understand that I did but again I'm just armed and just tong here that. All the old storied. Fear. Was oil based steroids or would stay in your body. All steroids now. Our water based pill taken thank your body uses what are users and impede the rest our food and you don't die from a saw. I I just love that people love to see steroids and steroids it's two different theories I don't need steroids because I have sold mouse yeah. Hello hello. Well you relied please you know it's a low ball. And good morning Greg I'll look at it euphoria by. Is that bad road at some of that that that thousand examples but not regarding an old you know all steroids. One of the first stories I remember that brought things to light. They've ever seen a lot of oils they don't documentary. Yes words that fascinating you know way I remember when they sent somebody asked them foray. His autograph but he didn't know his own name. It's horrible when you I mean it was arm toward the Arab when he was getting remember him being on Johnny Carson. At the very end and it was it was it was really it's. It was it was really horrible. I feel right to register your apartment while walls are about dragon that day was like doing some kind of like. Relayed chase era tax Erica actually after the trip to Bangkok Thailand we remembered you know Michael Fox host boosted their flight three weeks and I don't know party with them and miles you know is there yet. It would do with the injecting you would now stands at his house capture. Now how hack. I agree this Dexter. How is that the years your taking all of these testosterone and enhancement things and you still have them was not only hangs yeah they are medium that's why have Muslims and if you were looking into something about it that attitude and yet it's too early. A young couple you only the the a couple of hangars in need it meets some parts of the night over there all right were you. Hence the bottom where you're paying attention is coming up next. I feel like LB is going to be pulled over on the way home and he's going to be arrested because is car reeks of gravy and that's it that's going to be a crime now like that's what's gonna be like a law enforcement officers gonna be suspicious of locks up to your car. And he smells KFC grave of ice boundary that I've got to buck the raiders are just yes yes. It you have a funnel here funneling gravy directs LB is funneling gravy drinks at least I think but we had fun this morning samplings. Creating. And sampling the new OK FC. Gravy. Beverage is gravy cocktails that are made with gravy infused with gravy and I believe you could tell. That that is not endorse segment based on that that LB did not enjoy the second one of the hardware and more on us now whatever the bird Arturo and the only sort of an anyway don't pay him back and I do unless it was nasty I'm looking like bird. Portman has been out how do you have it how we could out of Manhattan I had it at. Be honest I'm I'm I'm I'm just peculiar. Now that's my goatee and you're really in Ireland fired you're here again. Your beer and tequila guys that it that is my diet and image to mosaic were words some. Number two in an exchange. Yesterday was. Maternal barks at the garden for reason on there and never once on the show. I was there last year the. This problem and explains a lot this tax. Says that the state of Massachusetts is about instituted no open gravy container law and due to these new KFC drinks so. I would imagine that if they get a lot of positive feedback that. They you'll either begin to serve alcohol at their restaurants or war. Maybe they will do the pre mix. Kentucky fried in in the area available in the in the liquor stores in the off premise accounts and sports and in those woods well. On time where I was Whitney saying that the pre mixed. You know a lot of that that sits well. What do you think there at the league in my case you there's a lot of Texas said Borchardt telling us two months ago the rural whites in guy. Yes he was in the box. One loss from which would well that's life. I heard it while it's 939. And on tomorrow show. We are staring. The Hillman Jenks in the face. With the hill man hole. And paste done I don't wanna save that I don't wanna jinx innings I want saved. It'll be one of the last film and models of the NFL season so Chris Hogan of the New England Patriots will be back on the show. For. A discussion about the AFC championship game on Sunday Chris Hogan will join us during the 6 o'clock hour tomorrow. And at 730 tomorrow. It is Nancy no doll. New segment on this show in which Daniel is able to help you lose whatever kind of problem you have. She knows everything just ask her and it will. She'll help you Oakmont for you this I know that this is the last thing Chris Hogan and he was here before doesn't mean I don't I'm not a lot of what Obama. Daniel where is he 386 area code from. Would be. Daytona Beach our air down there this argument in a round this text or there. This text message says. Could we all take ten seconds. And congratulate. Marc Hsu. On taking. Many miserable. Lonely nights and turning them into something magical by allowing the full show pod can now. You thought that was going I don't know where that was built. Or felt or. Have asked me. Most important I think that the ethnic. Here's a Texas says Massachusetts Democrats just proposed a gravy tax Pakistan agreed not to believe. Right only in marriage. And then. We're gonna legalize gravy consumption you can make your own gravy up to six quarts. But this is in order to get gravy in a retail establishment we have to have earning a and you can't have your LTC if you're buying gravy. That it is going to be a route taxed too yeah Cory noted if I keep blow people. It the gravy. Could have been. A relief for people who of the group problems but now we can't we can't address that because we can upgrade. Com by the way there was a lot of live video this morning and instrument stories and things and I am receiving a lot of instead grams story feedback. On how marvelous you look you most of it from man and I. Neither one negative comment on FaceBook like either I feel that made it. Yeah you so that it takes just one term determine their presidencies Nixon got a red yeah. Bosh looks and Oren potluck how long were you a bartender for I'm right that and seven years. They did to it coyote. And then as an angry bees for probably four or five most annoying things. That you encounter with customers as a as a bartender you really don't know Canada fun dedicated sharing of those banks shared view these before they'll go back over to them and. He bachelorette party that rules 25 deep. That comes in as a runner bar crawl. Everyone orders one that ultra. They wanna pay for it with a credit card and close it out separately so now I've got to do 25 credit card transactions. On which Chile Dick get the you know the people that get at ultra the two bucks for the one beer to the notes Pena staff to go throughout this process that the paper in the and the receipt. And then you get the chick that does like. The 10% on the beard so it's like forty cents a elect just you shouldn't be drinking period speaking of beer how do you feel about the person who wants the F small sized sample on every single crash near the before they order what there. What the owner to say that the nice well next time I'll. Totally foreign policy yeah sample. Yeah that's free and net get a flight part of the cheap cultures. Well I don't I never understood because you know you're in the business of art I'd never understood the whole lightning. You know the great play there just aren't so latter yeah. It's like a six. Hour. My buddies and I I I wanna beer from an order will be here that's because you're not a craft a guy you'd understand the nuance that's just yet I don't ask am I knew he should you should be like I like and I'm like yeah I know like. Engler. People like a sample here now order here's Arnold tomorrow some snub in years you know it's one you just have the seven Beers because it's not standard stuff that you probably had him so it's not a standard chaplain of the Guinness but Estella a blue moon fan it's likely that you may not have ever trying to unseat him establish you're right it's up to you on her plate we have like gay. Now that's someone it is not like we abandon. We have I am funky Torre. Sour right now and that's rollout love them now something you've probably never have you ever had a sour. Now why why don't even drink craft beer and I don't know man I am I'm implied among blighted Bud Light down but you might wanna have a little it's a little sample of it and see if you like it before it there it's hours everyone else who differently so let. Yeah south Jersey cost fifty cents. That's. My guys get sucked him that is could forward and I toward and there's no resilient and everybody makes your degree or any of you fourteen. Fourteen ounces of beer. Bird you know 10% of the costs and there's more here you come back and have a burger and off full beer week players. It's not even if you look they drink a whole flight up. Now my yeah it's a lot of beer I guess yeah. And it's classy talk and possibly between 71010%. I'll call me and why do you draw on the zone crusty. Again. You get a builds lagoons some kind of the old daughter's on the order altering quad go to Belgian cheered for Belgian crowd to build and fly over to develop Belgium Belgium a Belgian. Law I don't waffled a client can't. I got to blow your quad you can see you might polar bear out there. LB I Ugandan and that is not the go to now for why I Vermont Teddy ID to get approval platter like just get a admirals. Point. What who doesn't. Personable who among nuns ordered me you know that question of the day and I seriously just sort of free against apps gamblers know I'm I'm I'm not. Better than the app sample and half. I think TGI Friday's was the one who first came up with that they have great potato skin gets a little coated yeah yeah but there's nothing better who want to. Whole elegant you're gonna go with one thing yeah he won mozzarella sticks him to the skins. A lenders and you Valentino Papa properties that that's simpler it's as though it's a beer sampler that's what it is time and instantly. And by the way you union approved group one don't at double of course. We need that tax year gravy your blood gravy content level I think that's the real details are an easy thing. All right let us debt to this. Hill Man Morning Show presents. First of all the weather which is brought to you by stolen Ford and is going to be sunny today temperatures in the thirties and warming up when the weekend gets here it will be 48 on Saturday. Call 617931122. Or three. It is if you have been paying attention this morning if you can answer questions about today show and you could be a winner. Of Papa Roach tickets for the saga Serena hello Amy. Howard you know local. Amy what do you do. Oh and laugh out OK Bob Gainey and new term has been created to describe the men. Who act like they don't know how to do household chores so they can get out of them do you know what that may what that new permits. Elected it cost. Us some strategic a strategic interest as strategic. I competence absolutely and to use that. I cannot. Fix that leaky faucet because I have strategic incompetence science strategically. Incompetent hello John. John I thought oh god how are done. Water primary door seriousness excellent. Don how do you feel about gravy infused cocktails would you would like to would you try to honor. I don't shot while others now will go to our it's. During during Florida now like the rest of us this morning we learned about the Seminole county and who sent explicit. Photos of his acts. To whom. I can't area. What you distracted by people who work with what's going well I would just what what are okay. During did you hear let me let me cut the chase did you hear Florida and I like the rest of us this morning I. They're OK the guy sent explicit photos to whom. Oh yeah I'm birdies and the photos that. We should order an art. That's about it and Hillman said yeah Moody's and the photos through Paul your art director at some guy sent photos of Zacks. And throughout Iraq I think did yes the box. That excellent excellent. This is sad to systems and this is Chelsea Chelsea and good morning though. I'm good thank you Ali excellent what do you do tales. I am at a sort of cool can you need one of the KFC gravy cocktails being ill prepared for LB today. No one I thought listening intently. 840. And turned it back I'm. Well definitely B fifty bucks. But that's the re still 50. A woman arrived at the still police department terrified that a stranger was following her. And he was following her to tell her what. Right I guess there yeah. There are probably. Absolutely. Well done a very terrifying situation when a stranger wants to help you out or tell your headlights are not on at night. Hello there is there anything more pass Yugo when you drive down our instances of the lights on I don't gone real well you know. You really think they liked it that once you drive past and they give the face and trying to point to click. As we follow react. Cute and I don't throw. Yeah about the time I was that it got potatoes are KFC here we also facial lawyer Bridget. That's an exploratory bid you well it worked. That's right. But it isn't just a who's a version. Whose version of these star spangled banner did we play on the show this morning and why. And everytime you play it it's sends chills up my body at the RuneScape. Yes yes and why did we play. Luke why did you play it goes out. You've got the first part ride okay. I'll give it the Renee ranked court has announced that this is his last season there and channel line derby singing the anthem at the Bruins games he's done it. For 42 straight years hello Kevin. Her role what's up Kevin. More or how are you. Old Walt. Okay I kept them. Kevin what what Beach Boys classic. Did I earmarked on the show this morning. Looking more. Engines below porn addicted Sam tells. Well can you name can answer any of the previous questions. I shirt and yeah gravy. He drank a bigger look at. Yeah. Yes. But Texas I had something. Well and I misspoke. And called the bloody Mary the Kentucky Mary and and it sounds like that I ought to be a drink yeah look at the Kentucky Mary America their version is called the leaving their gravy Mary's and Kentucky would be with burger and a right idea and vodka that's all I'll tell you what is what makes a and he a really different. And excellence. Bloody Mary is to substitute the vodka. Wii is. The. With dark Rahm. And you wanna use. Who's the dark rom who's the rom people who make the ginger beard that's really good is it Myers now now. But carting note now Godlington consulates. If you try the gods wings dark rom yen in a bloody manner instead of buttons than hello vodka it's excellent on Iran can't really the sentencing. Really good I actually had one of those when I was down in the Virgin Islands he did with a posters British navy rom is so it was a zero Kennedy's not miss. It's really good. Hello Tom. Hey what's up top. I want. Beach Boys song you hear rock yes which one was an aberration good vibrations you nailed it absolutely. This. He is Derek Lowe direct. And very broad power Derrek. And all right. But conspiracy theorists also believe that what. Was inaccurate. In his positions reports. I did miss seven thought they got on small band and a I want to play the wanna give him credit for that but that's actually his height. Apparently they added an inch and what man has not image you know I mean alien lands out in the telling him certain things always always. But they believe that he's not as pol. Annie is batter then his doctor told us polo neck. What's neck or no are. Same. Why was dead in stereo named the mass hole of the week on the show this morning. Thought I would I'm a lot of got another one week during inside during inside the warped female brain. A man who just started dating a woman two weeks ago. Was disturbed. When he learned last night that she does a lot when she sleeps. And lowering. Not Harding. It is drooling yes. Sorry rules she duels all over. Termite hello Hans. That is bothers them you know at depicting it. My pillow with watchable that's true Danielle and that is true and it means you need your sleep. Our rates. Devin stereo. The Enders was named the mass hole of the week because he was driving along the road yesterday game he's a little boy who is choking. Pulled over. And gave the Heimlich and saved his life got back in his work truck and dad drove off to call. And then stock car crash and car caught on fire about this fire extinguisher. When put the fire and save the people love me so that was solid day's work area for dad and who's the mass soul of the week all right. We have to go but up next to get over an hour of Carey show without any commercials that's the WA AF work they blitz over an hour. Of Carey show without any commercials just nonstop rock if you missed any thing this morning you can hear the entire show. In its way and I was gonna say the entire show in its entirety but Toledo Edwards dungeons and then yes you can hear. Thanks to Mike shoe and the false podcast podcast ball shall podcast you can hear the entire show our one hour to hour three hour for any time. At WA AF dot com and tomorrow morning Hillman model Chris Hogan of the patriots. Evidently. And Nancy Nolan off and it's all on our show tomorrow morning will be here at six thank you very much for listening.