Hour 4 - Keep Your Chin Up

Tuesday, January 23rd

Hour 4 features a call in from Mary Lynn Rajskub, a PTA case, Minnie Mouse getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and Were You Paying Attention.


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They Hill Man Morning Show on demand. And more I'm always online pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. 901 and it's a jugs in the deuce featuring Daniel Craig is out more of the regular full on Hill Man Morning Show when he comes back. On Thursday weather for today rain heavy at times gonna get up to 54 today watch out for the high winds also worked 41. Right now in Boston and joining us on the phone. One of my favorites actors comedians. It's Mary Lynn and rice god did I say that rate that ice. Divisive name right all right did I say that right. Maryanne Wright I. Hate. No I was so nervous believe me I knew how to say the name but I'm just was so nervous because I've messing it up like when talking to you and why it's on its presence right now morning I tell and he just. Yeah I think after all I. Should be there. A name correctly but I wonder how do I have a name that's not my last name issue but it spilled HS you and I've heard every single pronunciation of that first day of school is always a nightmare I would imagine the the same for you. Yeah I wouldn't know when I was getting it into this line of work I probably would have changed it back the fury are no time. They lick of sense. Why you hear your beautiful and your unique says that that makes it awesome and you seemed. Called. Peace love match seemed to help take. You seem to have done pretty well. Does this despite the difficult to pronounce last name I mean everybody I thought you say you must do do do people recognize you most from 24. Do you would you say. Yeah it is strange thing because now I'm sort of shift in the people's mind and they don't know why. How the crowd really don't sleep or and the other half there's so much out there and shoot you know. It's it's it's not a bad news shows and a lot of people. That don't know what at all so they're just they think they know me from carpal and I have to tell them is from TV. All knotted at a I think it is I think I just had billiards if. Why I first saw you on the on now on HBO pay without Oden hurt him and David Cross on who Jack Black was on a couple of those in and Brian yeah. You are yes. It yeah I laughed hysterically and all of that incredibly sick humor and I am and I'm glad I came back for a little bit that was awesome and he did work on the Larry Sanders Show. Right. I did yes I was around that same period of time although guys where I just. Let's get LA kind of by accident with no good reason you know children dollars in my pocket and now car and it ended up you know with this. Incredibly cool group that people that was. The mister show I liked that Jack Black in that great time. So where we're so. Having that confidence to do that and just say you know what ominous tacklers. Word that confidence come from home. Well I love you afraid that like that because that is the exact opposite it was just I light. To do it I was threatening to do it. And I had no I was in San Francisco doing a former Arctic and that would art school and I came across these kind of. Alternative comedians and that was just during his weird shadows I'd. Went to LA and someone else is our state and someone else's house and just. Like we're doing a show about love performing. And that and I happen to get noticed from forming Celtics could have done it and I moved there with its back it has shout things he learned that you just very. It's a very difficult. Tennis that's so cool what a great story text or wants to recognize your work has scaled the snail. So I'll so yeah well yeah now I ask you you've been so Calgary and a lot of sick people over there had been sent her arm. Yes but. They'll go ahead on Ellen now that they're garbage out because they're not always sunny in Philadelphia yeah Matt now. I had to be I'd be more to raise in the main characters are they saying it's you likable. Because there's a sense this program character. Yeah there's every demo of my hair make up trailer went another. It outlaw it I'm out and what his shirt like there's years there's he has they had it. First stop that need to make you go way I do party yelled as well the party's right. All right so I watched in search of Fellini yesterday and I have to say about halfway to the halfway through the film I had no idea where it was. In the movie or in my life. It's it's it's it's we have Alex slowly how it's slowly takes you to this dream stated and it's about a girl who's pretty much protected by her mother whole life but she loves. She lost Fellini and her when you're way too much but there she ends of going to look for her in Italy and this is. Based a little bit on the life of Nancy Cartwright is that right to say that. Yes yes. And do you do I would try to I checked bag it currently the voice of art since then yes or no and. Yes she really did get on the plane which is very Arnold. And go look for believing. And it's a program and then if you're familiar Fellini films. View do you really enjoyed because there's all sorts of visual references myself fall through it and and the and you're you're playing you're with Maria Belo who I think is a really underrated actress she's fabulous area. I she's so great. Yeah and an alleged armed. Speaking of part of pronouncing names could you help me width. Miss solos first name. And yes this is another one. Our incoming bet she's been a lot of stuff I'm back isn't she great is. Joseph is amazing and there's a lot of like. Close ups of her face in the way she changes in the film because I think that it easier facet first of its Albright and and freshen them as it gets on you see what. You know the experience suitor but it's he had some very very interesting film hot how did you how did you get into the us. I was contacted I get beat her grace and her team. And. It went in on earth and it's just such a labor of loud and I. Read this script and I tried to have that feeling that you're describing that it was just this dreamy. You're sort of wondering if she really there and I but it's definitely happening. And it. There's just so. Gorgeous to look at of course I didn't know that I just took the chance on my part so we're all in Ohio. Yeah. There are literally the chemistry that it Belo was really good. I was so much our memory about. Was so old generation any and giving the I don't have term world I mean I was not a big trauma that she so good at. Rahman and such a serious actor and touch it I am legitimate film actress that. You know I was a little bit scared but we got along really well and. He had that the other thing I like about the someone's just speedy. The bonding of those. Three main female characters. That you had a lot of heart and a lot of emotion and it's not often that I get it won't you know just something like that. You know from on the your ear and incredible actors so modestly save that you know I camp we've we've got lots of in Missouri tomorrow and now you're you're super. And yeah I mean I did I feel like guys who. I let I hate my crap seriously but I also if there's a chance it will not take it seriously I will be the first one party that you're you're all so yeah. You're also builds up so. Yeah. When I was tortured and wait for they would cut out all I have I admire and I can. Even feel real emotion of it I want the end and I cannot deal of debt limit. To train. I its Maryland rise gov is our guest thank you very much for joining us and if you wanna watch in search of Cellini it's a coming out on dvd of the and all the digital platforms this it's not on now it'll be out on dvd. January. On the morning. She's not a gymnast as a today I'm an actor. Zach thank you very. Isn't that isn't what we're on the Monday to knock you out a lot but I also gave. All right if you like pretty big yeah into the emotional it is viewed themselves goodness thank you very much for joining us thank you so my. You're the best our mission let's Mary Lynn rice and I'm so glad that. Not all dizzy yeah. I don't royal I Director General we are now so unprofessional Karzai and she's this she's shaking her head right now and Asia malware has its fiery 611. And it's only literally who was your name right in from her. It was bothering me all the time you know obviously bothering him that well I think OK that's enough of that right now but you know you. You know it's some easy shots or disaster. And and so many other comedians yeah that flipped the switch from. You know doing funny stuff in my gamble played you know comedic character our show or doing stand up or whatever and then. Doing serious role amazing movie you know delegate or stuff Adam Sandler yeah. Right I don't learn actor and dumber Bill Murray I was like it's a certain steroids forever and ever and ever and you know. Stragglers now stooge he uses these serious about mr. out. All right it's it's 912. What are remind you that if you missed any part of the show today. You know we podcast stuff like that interview or any of the features and report simple we also have the full show podcast in the anything. That's so those will be available today WA AF dot com to you can listen of those. At any time I do not have an erection thank you very much I'm an admirer of hers when he knew himself he did I now seriously. Thanks thanks Daniel and I'm sure if that's. Keep you on the level thank you what you get sued to get ahead in the chair you're listening posts never gonna get that and WA AF FM and AC one was hurled Boston WEEI hasty to Lawrence and WW BX HD two in Boston. And now LV I find nothing wrong with that aid. With the WAS. Sports minute. MLB and have got a massive he has to assess what has brought you by doctor Robert Leonard doctor Matthew a prestige there in my body so I can say that call now 1800 get here deterred or be involved ladies. Yeah a pair shoes of these guys are the best of the best change was change your life. I think everybody in these sort of Emmys this success and rightfully so they've been there done that many times and that's something that every other team it's impressive obviously and it's as well respected and well documented the same time. We can prepare the same and try to block out all the noise can be a lot written but again our guys. Been resilient they didn't block it nor is out and you know wants the ball is teed up and kicked off. Distrust our players trust are schemes and play football. Powell head coach Doug Peterson and lists and can't play nice seeing that race. Bank to rematch we'd be immediately meet the Eagles in 2000 foreign Jacksonville we're gonna do it again by no matter how nice you are. It's Pro Bowl week for the NFL before suitable fit to patriots vs BE AG LE ass. And that's weakened Sunday Derek Kerr. Greatest quarterback will be in for TB twelve down and Orlando this weekend. Former speaker Mike Vrabel was announced that it Tennessee Titans head coach could operate its nice that he's he's a legend now. Right it breaks me up big dog hurt. I'm like an idiot assistant coach. So now out of cardinals replaced adversaries as their new general. With Panthers. Will not be our Josh McDaniels. They got vikings offensive coordinator meant pat Shermer. As their heat team head coach after one guy on pride. Using concussion protocol will do the five step scale how he's doing test with the patriots doc and the new independent. Neurologist later in the week my call is he's going to be good to go. The Bruins are going to be trying to extend their three game winning streak tonight when they forced the doubles at the garden 7 o'clock. If you're not there it's our nest in the bruises while born through in the last fifteen or on fire and Avery starts circle please feel our. Was just two points five points behind first place Tampa Bay brewers rookie defenseman Charlie Mack from where I'm really just come down. Have a little bit of it's hard issue. Had some surgeries on the man Jim Leo for couple weeks and of twenty year old was seven season for the ages of black gold go to Ottawa Thursday. Then it is out of the all star weekend this weekend down in Tampa Bay to the big show this Sunday at 330 and NBC. Brad Marchand is our obese. War via a Big Three or three tilt their first place Celtics are in La La land taking on. Alonso on the lakers it's 1030 tip off tonight on CSN. Caused bass to hoops players evolve our number one Novo. Both Providence. School friar 630. Tonight. One of four top five tilts Roland I. Number two Virginia number four duke number five Kansas are all in action in pro tennis fans. The Ozzie open is in quarterfinal. Mowed down under and it's all on the deuce for the rest of the week I know B that's sportsman. Thanks a lot LV its 916. AF weather brought you buy it with still vapor. Rain heavy at times today hi Wynn's gonna get up to about 54 were at 41. Right now and Boston and let's get to some news with the lovely Danielle who thankfully comes back to us today when I. I Shia terrorists you love you junior while columnist feel obvious common she. News this hour is brought to you buying Subaru of New England featuring these symmetrical all wheel drive Subaru Impreza. Bill to accompany you on your winter adventures luck and that's what makes Subaru a super group the group New England dot com fresher also this hour by 7-Eleven. Now you go beyond breakfast with analysts options at 7-Eleven we need a fresh brewed small fifty cent coffee everything else you won't find anywhere else plus tax where applicable. At participating locations. Eighth is Ed teacher in Los Angeles freaked everyone who the heck out when he stripped naked. On campus on Friday and proceeded to chase down some nearby second and fifth grader off. Loser. Half was supposed to be doing a little out running activity would get here and claim. He decided take off follows close out these. It is not part of the presidential physical fitness exam in mind for sure it's no I agree. A local construction worker happened to be on a site next door and took some video. I teacher put his pants back on in the middle of the playground. The school had to send out a letter to parents as long as well as they robo call all they did contact law enforcement. They cannot comment. On the incident right now they do think maybe there might have been some mental health issues. Really that's the raw again it's one of those things or if it's smalley. And shame on and I sure it's a mental issue and it and they used methods act is a sad situation parents are still freaked out doc. On the guy could've hurt one of the children support for this man was rolling around naked on the floor. And plus all the kissing despite a pars very embarrassing very upset. Every man and and now LB network. Yeah. They're generally know if a yeah. Who are nervous and a uniform or cared got a second and fifth graders in and green and in. That immediately if any can instantly I have a cat walked in a mine mine my mom. In my Stephon I don't know do we wanna hear those. Did you it once before yeah I mentioned a couple of times where I've watched him and having image and my my mom and my stepfather conference. And you're still traumatized well. I thought it but that's like I'm talking about like at a school or similar public or understand I was senator disorder so everybody saw your parents and so I was nausea and now I don't even I don't personally have and an old person under an adult naked in some. I don't know LB. It's one we take it to the text line 971%. Don't take it to its excellent take X yeah. The subversive senate simply bath salts. Right and I look at it and didn't need it around elementary school age children pepper and a what what else in the there's another teacher that's actually in the congress trying to actually this one is the opposite he had too many clothes on. Haven't intact what's it actually it act county college. Daniel Mashburn. Is an adjunct professor. At Tarrant County college he walked into his astronomy class. The other night and he was wearing. But the ball cap a tow Boggan. A scar over his face and gloves. It turned out the lights off to class about twenty minutes late. Students kept asking him what he was doing refused to answer any questions about it. People started freaking out when he was started discussing the Korean. And the moon in the Dark Knight seemed incoherent never actually brought anything astronomy related up in the class. Talking about a lot of things related to the Muslim faith of some of the students were freaked out but he never acted like this before the they actually called police. And this is what the teacher had to say about the incident. I if you don't know why they hear me why are there for eight management Packers did Dave yeah. I I offer you nothing but her hot club and the universe university in my hand right here you can look at it. Now you can look at it right here in my hand universe. Right there. That some did not some of vessels that's more like mushrooms here on our he still trip and from the day before. You know maybe over over dosage. That could be a really good notable also. And I mean this isn't doing anything that isn't doing things in a hospital and it's been an hour Nathanson a media or Margot are our power. And editors turnaround. Toward. You were long hitter or the beat his movement and we talk about. I guess some some social justice finally for the Disney. Corporation. Yes. And finally Minnie Mouse. Got her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame well because well. It's only been forty years I mean to Ottawa and a we have an area right and that's exactly what the person leading the ceremony said miss Katy Perry. See many is like returning home it is a special skill to bring joy to so many. And she doesn't with an effortless back of a laugh stunts you've got around. So today. At 340 years after Mickey got his star. I'm delighted to honor many and her magic with terrorists everyone Minnie Mouse. To. The and it's. And finally I am angry makes me angry Mickey is like. Loved the little wrote Ratzinger. At the pool congratulations the Minnie Mouse yet for crying out loud brow. All right tonight and nine point three. Hill Man Morning Show here again Hillman will be back on Thursday. We are going to have breakfast with the baker when he comes back so our governor Charlie Baker actually in the studio and then also. We're gonna have still five all you know. Inside the war female brain young tomorrow. Around 830 or so Christopher Titus will be in the studio please mr. Titus. And then it's another comedian rich Voss will be here around 830. On Friday and that's coming up but today it's it's jugs. It's the do is featuring Danielle and though we're gonna get to where you paying attention coming up very soon. It is jugs and the do should featuring Danielle. For the rest of the show today up until ten we do the work day blitz in the tomorrow will be back again and Greg will be back for the full on Hill Man Morning Show. On Thursday here it's a 933. And wanted to let you know that the work they blitzed starts at ten completely commercial free every weekday for over an hour Mistress Carrie comes here comes in here it's usually don't commercials she's amazing. And right attending and the taken off completely commercial free and that was courtesy of our friends at the mid state auto group. Weather for today yes it's raining out to tell you that heavy at times it's there's a lot of fog. Right at some highlands and for forgot six turn your headlights for Daniel. Eggs out all over the place it's okay it's gonna get up to 54 today worked forty. Right now in Boston. So. Tom did the Oscar. Nominations gone they did it okay. They were an ounce of splitting the uncle the memo until toros the shape of water. Is leading the pack with thirteen nominations of course one of them best picture Maarten one honest three billboards outside adding Missouri followed with nine not Dunkirk at seven. All three of those of course Scott best picture nomination for the rest of the list for best picture call me by your name. Darkest hour get out the phantom thread and the hooks and see any boats. You guys aimed. LB LB hit from energy and burn out case are. I must get out I think that's on Netflix now or is it HBO don't want to let them yet and dom. That's amazing because that is a Jordan peels first time directing announced he's getting an Oscar nomination. Which is I think is pretty awesome. Owners considers a one before the Oscars c'mon I mean movies and me about it. You know Watergate disaster the post all Bora while now while not so much all that I think that's about the Pentagon papers. So it was just Tom Hank it's it's America's treasure and the Washington Post and I think the times the original in the original serve was supposed to put out. Release the Pentagon papers which were leaked to them which were saying what we're really doing in in southeast Asia and down again it could do it for some legal reasons for the rest. Decided to do it doesn't think that's what that's about but I'm gonna have to see them. He'll be to actually and maybe take a history class barrier to do it in theater. What as opposed to. On the street where abouts are wrong question will. Once he comes out of theaters you watch on your TV. Yeah oh yeah that's usually waited as a very cheap. Beer art mr. mark unless of the Star Trek or Star Wars solemn. And I don't care. It doesn't there's an premium now. And security team our expert Terry did 13 march forward fort word punitive Eminem's and on. Paul Bartz for a large grow immune to certain snooze you know and your people bloggers argue theater. You know we talked about this. Few weeks till I mentioned that I watched writes the Will Smith film that yet what's produced which I thought was great for an action movie. And like a scifi movie I thought it was pretty others pretty awesome and and the conspiracy theory that. A lot of the studios' influence the of the movie critics to say it was the worst film Tony seventeen for that reason LP. Because you could just go ahead streaming at home and I met you are thinner. And spend all that money and concessions and everything and then had the NC level it was a memory sneaking extra yeah so but now so at The Who. Who got the best actor nods there. Best actor nods Timothy Shannon name for call me by your name Daniel Day-Lewis for phantom thread Daniel Colonia effort get out. Gary Oldman for darkest hour and Denzel Washington for Roman. Frances McDormand three billboards outside having Missouri Margot Robbie for I Tonya which is. Yeah you saw and I know Isaiah that was very good so good it's it's just that. It's a it's a dark comedy it's not serious Allison Janney got the Golden Globe for that I think she got the sag award for that too yeah. Yeah she's. She's justice. Can't even say how incredible. She wasn't she's also nominated for an Oscar for her performance tonight on. Search around and for lady bird and Meryl Streep for the house to. Street obviously narratives she nominated exactly LV gets entry cheeseburger for a program. This warily nobody. I don't wanna get any on the microphone and open was an on during the commercials hopefully not Philadelphia cream tea. Who let you speak ya what why what I do is you know Latin I get it done what I give a tone that was that we think that was good. Philadelphia house today that there waive its own I might give it to you mark yeah parity might turn my back bouncy in Tripoli yourself reflect. Nokia that's great. To Elsa yourself for a quick is he never get to say hello Ernie and marks one of our system pretty secure the station and a marks gonna be a father present. After days yes I days larceny and father he's already suffer from sleep deprivation. I can say is I work with the group of consummate professional thing and where I put Internet at Belmont all a live up to us here. Guy. We really see it down LB throat while he's chilling. I wish them the best part is that you think you don't get sleep now is yours I'm on phrased it last month sorry talk. Imagine imagine. Having a wake up every three hours and and during the scheduled to feed the baby scared yeah. It's gonna do a great man you gotta love it it's going to be. Whole different level sleep deprivation and and it's gonna but I I thought I don't have defeated be the first couple months I'm not a quick the speed of eighty right the you'd be up. So you guys and start telling us is that the key and human cheer you weren't depressed and that's morning. It. There's there's not always all of the sudden joined the Lashley. To look now but nobody you know I you know it does best kids. Annie had an hour and I'm not a candidate wanna rescue that means. You know she feeds an elaborate and you feared. Two she feeds it wore number of are you feed every hour on the hour guide how delicate shot out. Just you saw him around me yeah eBay and Jamaica and eighty shots that's all he does 00. Very accessible and eighty cents. That's it. Are right wallets it's not afford if you wanna call and for war you paying attention go right ahead on the frame him for studio line that's 6179311. AF regular Black Label Society tickets you see them at the palladium. If you win were you paying attention before that widget to get to some news. I want it to get to a very important story about the computer parts. That recreate Africa by Toto I do wrong call yes is that there's a bunch of these that this one is exceptional the has done very well pretty spectacular. I think it's called the flop the turn on and is the YouTube video that's out we grabbed a little selection of an and it's the African cover. By the hardware orchestra. To do. Ooh that's all computer hard drives of me that's amazing. It certainly correct. Not a television. And I'm not gonna look in the record. Deal with local. But I mean I'm like the did the did the money in the. The was putting while this wasn't a lot of money lot of effort again that they were that they are not instruments in other thing he's got to figure out the tones and stuff than there. The cradle migration tiger era trenches and gentle reader now whenever I don't care no seriously 300 and get on the night yeah there you go you gotta. And yet it on my my jewishness and connect. It's implemented cheese on mar Mike. Are what else is in the news. Let's see all we know what we didn't get to the Florida not like the rest of history earlier. It's our age and now another addition to Florida. Not like the rest of us who have been to Florida it's basically criminal population. Pact struck. Clearwater police arrested a man after he was caught on camera stealing exotic fish from the local pet shop his name was not deuce Bigelow. Crews Garcia junior entered deep pets safari with his accomplice. Stole and several. Difference prized fish. Rob shies with the Clearwater police department. I think it's probably the first call I've ever heard where somebody stuffs like fish and her hands and and pleases him. He stuffed the fish down lies paint finish in his pants and tropical fish yeah. I got god when we hope one of those were one of those political and Angel fished are those poisonous the open of poisonous spines or something like he will fish. Tougher finish now I don't know hundred. But the one idea employees said that she could see the two of them kind of looking over like looking over the tanks poured into the cat crap. I solved and they kept asking random questions at the employee like them and distracted. They went over toward the door finally employee was able to get plea number turn it over to detectives. Which was that allowed them to be identified only god I mean really and you paint a lie fish and you know cared about those fish you would've brought it properly recycled water receptacle or at least it's warm and moist. Maybe if your answer warm and moist and the whole the problematic treatment the whole other problem. Well let's dispel another whole other. With a plastic. That's yeah that's awful awful would it will do anything else and they. I'd say yes and you mentioned at the beginning of the show and I've been thinking of nothing but going to the table talk pie. Store on my way home today and loading up. You know lemon my favorite really yes traditionalist with apple been telling our Sara duster and also down good stuff like you'll be you'll. I'm elements. On the scale but hey listen ever. From what murmuring there. And banana. Banana cream yes yes he is an extremely good you don't bananas the other we kind of the real banana and there were little pieces of America certainly India Alamo and whatnot the banana cream and any of the pie crust Alamo. Going to be heated and yet you gotta heat of the pie. It's usually a happy and then I guess not heated. When hearing into what about cheese on the apple pie that was that it was a weird you know yeah like no well I'm mama I'm on the fence about that announcement. But he pumpkin. There I did the survey mean honor of this extremely important holiday were people were asking her favorite tech Iowa over the top eight flavors apple of course came in and number 190% of its America yeah. That's right bashing America than ever to my favorite pumpkin pie 17% or an affair. Chocolate pie was number three and chocolate putting fine but our enemy porridge. While I do a better shot replies Tuesday like putting days yeah but yeah we condense it. Lot of way to create history you know many of the chess pie which is chocolate and that's like coconut movies and stuff that's really yes there. Ton. I can. And he can't buy a lot of time. And putt he can time the kind lots of business unit putter until legged cheesecake on top of the cheesecake in an opponent now don't I known it's amazing. Cherry pie was number five in Orchard Park and an. Rhubarb. Risk dad's driver -- learned a little moisture in an Iranian well first I'd just like eating the cherry pie filling out of the can have my hands. Chicks dig it tries OB didn't bring it the war in reference all there is a warrant reference. What are your time. None of it not for nothing can I used to go back reclaim old school yeah on air yeah. The Blue Line chair yeah they did the video of the number cherry parsing words. It was like an air Longo thing. Oh yes she did yeah I think she did billboard artist and what our idea assets I think there's probably like a minute servers in version of that and our bosses yeah us now. Number six is lemon meringue and a member from mentioned and number seven with strawberry cream. And number eight blueberry what was the key line up in line. No key lime that's the best buy Saturn. Key lime pies minded buyer that's the best it's got to be done well I'll talk in the green jello key lime the line and only Parisian lady out. Well lines as honest and he had good stuff heard all boy. Good stuff. Everything else Daniel. Instant Tintin and figure on it then how did. And just walk me down hr series are here it's 947 so accident I'll be probably won't be here tomorrow just a warning for those were getting into the automated card business and I'm not talking about self driving car talking about the auto pilot flashed lane assist features that are in things like test Clinton as a test that crashed into the back of the fire truck in California I'll good and Culver City. Happened on the freeway the driver reports that the vehicle was on auto pilot at the time of the crash we don't know whether to blame. Good driver or buck car in consumer advocates have reminded individuals that to outlaw all does well Tesla does have the auto pilot technology. You should not be using it as a self. Driving autonomous. Obscure reference on that in the movie Logan which is excellent bottling here next man fan but done all the a tractor trailers are. Driver analyst who in the future and now in the near future yes is one of them one of runs the runs a family off the road with a trailer horses or something but. It's like let's bring a forced their their double horses. They're like double tandem trailers but the driver Elissa when they turn this giant signal goes on and voice booms are going turning left turning laughter you know it's it's it's freakish. I fear that future are. There or anything ousting was also are all right thank you very much as 948 let's get to this. Yeah Hill Man Morning Show presents. Our rights we do that set the into the show every day if you were paying attention at some point today you could possibly get yourself. Some tickets to see BLS Black Label Society was to lay on Thursday February 1 I believe corrosion conformity. Also what a show on that bill that's a very loud show hitting our area that's gonna shake a lot of stuff loose. So what you wanna call it now play the game. 6179311. AF let's start off with the Dominic today Dominique what's up. That we don't care and Dominique where you paying attention today. Barroso okay this is from very early if we get a call from the can man. Why did the tanned man Paul and. And there. Now that the bears for a couple met him but. You know one what animal. Does Donald Trump. Hates according to porn star. Stormy Daniels. There are yes that's right the shark very good very good yes you there apparently was hanging with stormy Daniels a lot watching shark week during their flanked. And recently you. He yeah I would actually on the film saarc shark week don't shirts are well planned and England too much information. You know there are. Too many details our president fears and hates sharks in the Bush's new world that basically that's what she's. All right let's go to run news paper John here John what's going on them. Well thanks for calling into the show John. Do you answer the tanned man question. Are currently in the union and one what new invention would that we talked about earlier this morning would be perfect for LB. I missed salad. And today what about what year what is a yell what are Yale fraternity he's doing. To be more inclusive. It's segregated. An inaugural styles and and let's go to Rick here for where you're paying attention Rick good morning good morning he can you answer any of the previous question. No I'd like another police. Okay. What did a Philly doughnut shops say they would stop selling to support the Eagles. Indeed blocked it related donor. That's that's that's sure they said busts agree by the visit any Boston related product. If you let me tell accepted okay they. He didn't line Netflix black mayor oh yeah he hit it's Star Trek dirt that you are check it out highly record Leo look under the. One of the haves as in the new season it's McAllister episode yeah that's classy yeah yeah now where it might wait this is I can't. You know the guy who turned me on it was Brady who works here and it's it's very true you can't binge watch black Mir because after every episode you're basically. In the fetal position really steering everything about life threatening it is really it's crazy crazy stuff but thank you very much men appreciate. Our men. And stuff all right and notes due to Josh Steve Josh was paying attention this morning I don't Josh. Good to you can answer any of the previous questions. Our policy to the eighties and it together. That door between mail and email us. Not the arms. Out that sorted out. But it sorority you're in. Yeah that I had an idiot hired as a fraternity one of the higher ups and yell ask the fraternities and start letting women come there recruit the Russian sites per Korea it's. Yeah are we'll get that the united aren't there ago. Unsealed scoops who Steven. Steven. Morning all right Steven can answer any idea previous questions nobody. Okay. What did I say in response to the Philly donut shop. Banning. Boston pre implied donuts what did I say I would deny myself and counter protest. Fully negotiate yes that's absolutely right you're gasket that's right although a text or voices shouting out yes texts are pointed out that I could have of a stake in she's. Just not a Philly cheese steak. Writes yes right right OK if I was using those so I get a number nine pocket or number nine son who are everywhere I had yesterday yeah. Intangibles yesterday for number nineteen Angelo. It is the Angel but the number nine the one of the greatest Sam does welfare and I'm not afraid to say that yes there are let's go to go before LB loses mind. Let's go to bluegrass singer who. Chris I certainly did get one ought to hold on Chris solbes losing his mind. Okay I'm okay yeah just had our Chris are you ready or you're paying attention. Yes I was paying attention laugh at me I don't apple byte murder but I believe that can't be in question I predicted that okay. He called because that's the 6000. Feet thick but the whole. It got a great great impressive the game and also Chris very good very good there are so if you wanna play where you paying attention. The number is 617. 9311. AM forgiven we take its deceit. Black Label Society. At the palladium western salon a few chances here's excellent seven. 9311. Com that's that's a Jenna don't tell him that is definitely. Yeah get a hotel don't even risk it acrimonious at the 66 Friday doesn't get the Thursday night yet the polls in a televised in our premier around Monica and I've won't be able to hear or feel anything the next day. So yeah I'm gonna be my useless is you know I'm right right lets you keep on here for worry paying attention what's O'Keefe. Our teeth. What were 100 citizens. Of Montgomery Alabama. Holding candlelight vigil for. Our property of their Obey quit all right what what new invention is perfect for LB. There are very. What what kind airbags. Increase at all. Yeah out get that share our line on the air bag belts right Sophie falls in the air bags blow you won't hers mortars hit the right. All right good job analyze that in there on. Purdue where you pay attention when Colin got a couple more minutes or 6179311. AF let's go to John what's up John. Today I don't know the answer any of the previous questions. We I guess you can. In the nerve report today. It featured. A fake Star Trek trailer. Supposedly directed by who. So quite tiring you know yes you are absolutely right she's very user Bergeron ansari Europe's credit struck a him. He's qualified not Evian name Dodd-Frank whatever is called country unless it's William Williams. Time for a couple more than sixty accused rich it's. The shell. I'm Michelle. I don't think I. Let's hope a clear paying attention what we're 100 citizens of Montgomery Alabama holding candlelight vigil for. I was I can't and that yeah the there earlier at any time. OPM has. I think we I think we've already got did ask that there I got to know on for you what music legend is. Retiring due to being diagnosed with Parkinson's disease. Hi that balance erratic fairly early early early. Yeah let's see if the virus to go to get some food there was only a dollar and it comes with twelve of them and blocks what would that be. Sorry no site. You know right now. What we all count that one because I had no idea how he was gonna ask Ari what does. All we talked about rude texting and what went blends of routes on detects and what people text and how that is rude and what does Daniel haight. People texting her as a response. Re right dear Ari you or your sleeve for and she was. I think he was a time for one more here. Let's go to Joseph what's up Joseph yeah I don't Joseph hopefully you're paying attention. I saw Ari can you answer any of the previous questions. Alum and warlords are well that's a nice rather hear his travel honestly in this there. Are you one more and hear one more giraffes what's going on man. And how that issue habit and then no god no god so far this year did get back. All right. Gender Danielle question. Yeah. Oh and yeah. Yes she is she hates it when people takes McCain team put the damn hole in front of it really how hard is it are you so I pressed for time. Right. Before you go to Matt in a little flat and I think yeah almighty god. Yeah for crying out our whole line on their jet there ago where you pay attention reduce their Rio weekdays at the end of the show. And today's winner will get Black Label Society tickets. It has been a judge in the deuce deuce. Jugs in the duke Daniel today. Thank you very much for listening we'll be back again tomorrow Greg will be back on Thursday night and we will speak accident carries coming up next with the WA AF work day blitz and once 10 o'clock. Rolls around it'll be commercial free for over our thanks to the midst.