Hour 4 - Don't Stop Believing

Friday, January 19th

The final hour of the show, we welcome Neal Schon from Journey to talk about Journey coming to Fenway Park this summer with Def Leppard, We're all ready for the big Pats game this weekend and are willing to offer a healthy hand if Tom Brady needs one, plus Were You Paying Attention!


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They Hill Man Morning Show on demand. And more I'm always online pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Currently enjoying this show. You're Amazon echo we just learned that there is a one in twenty chance that that Amazon echo of in the future. Will be created in redesigned to right here in beautiful safe for Boston Massachusetts because Boston. Is one of the final when he cities that have been chosen. The B finalist for the Amazon headquarters so you can listen. You always listened to WA AF. On your Amazon at goal or on your Google home and all you have to do is ask elect's or school. To play WA out and turn your smarts speaker in to a radio. Coming up about ten minutes. Neil Shawn of journey will join us and he is. Teasing. I get mocked and ridiculed for my radio teased my constant radio teasing he is he's doing. The journey. Tour and they stop at Fenway Park I don't believe that that's been made officials can't somebody called this morning in. They were alarmed that they hadn't found but I wolf well. And it didn't make it please email this morning on cell will pocket you'll John about that coming up just a little bit. Today's weather brought to you by the mid state auto group in Auburn the best most fun place the buyers are. And it is going to be sunny today and the temperature it is going to be in the thirties 36 fry. 48. Tomorrow for a high yeah and it will be 45. Or the AFC championship game on Sunday. I agree this Dexter. Vitally Dexter bold prediction. Amazon to Nashville I green Nashville has a going out Nashville is the city. Of the moment today and everybody loves how many people. Lacey and the instant ram that people are always going to Nashville and they always take it you have to take the obligatory photo in front of that giant that. Yeah Angel wing and yet parts of Nashville except that other check up then that other chipping it's like the sun flowers get only worse right yup. Oh my god avert totally found and like do the fault like it's healthy on and you are first of all the while clips UPS and my. I love that. Mike when I was the national like you do my OTD. My outfit the dying in front of the wings. But like and that's from Providence came down content she was like if he's in tragic picture haren out like a girl players. Number about stand up and. Oh and this person thinks that the championships Sunday stress segue into the watches in mountain alive Reid was the horse that way they've ever. I thought that was a pretty good luck. I mean who doesn't wanna take their mind up game and no go skiing or boarding. When you have your own radio show how can segue Hillary was so I'm open to criticism I don't I mean I'm not somebody who. You know I'd I don't shy away from from from criticism. I my blocking your ears I am happy to you know to get your feedback but I thought it was pretty safe feet I about it was it the fact that it was a very creative. That's life. I hate it it is 910. Here on the Hill Man Morning Show. And now OB I drive by and through vibrator on nuclear armed with a WAS. Towards Minnesota. A little aggressive. Salesforce risk Roger by my hair doctors doctor traveler doctor Matthew oppress the desire to be involved ladies. You have hair issues are you reduce call 1800 get paired monitored here are. Dot com. Thomas Anderson every day when the vessel to people. When you look at all I mean. Facial it's hardly anything else so yeah. I really always hostage. That's Jeb McCorvey and obviously. We don't know you don't get a lot out of the patriots while they're playing from the patriots are as you heard Rob Ninkovich former. And I felt champ and defensive end of the patriots lost. Army jags. Are patriots are gonna win big time the Eagles have Bob Minnesota's 640. That's after the pats and the jazz who had a 3 o'clock there on CBS. The the Eagles and Minnesota are on walks my groin served by ripped off. And eleven on four run in fifteen games and with the win over the isles in New York last night far too. Are crude flows is the last night. You got a lot of data Jackie Burke do we call on NASA and and Patrice Bergeron news. By Wayne Cashman. The legends the former captain of the Boston Bruins in goals. All time for years to 78 fashion to 77. Johnny view 65 nanny five passable for 59. My buddy nifty Middleton it for a two then. You have to work here 3985. In him nearly 344. Sober years our climb in the latter. Don't forget buyers at four point two bulls career goals. I do the one that went off your ass. That poor job it is that's the point to those I I I will save or Smart friend and me 175000. Dollars and had no goals and two. Pretty that's. You know I experience on you know. Get him down if you get sucked decade. It's all geared fellows have the I have in Canada. On Saturday adventures you home on Tuesday she's lost 8982. The semi sixers last night as regards you know Qaeda Reno win. And the good news is ourselves are still in first place in the east of thirty foreign twelve next up the magic Sunday. At the garden and don't forget USC to two warning. Tomorrow night at the garden it's eleven quite. The eleventh fight card set up and down meal to each and McDonnell is the main event. I'd UFC dot com retired sir I think he and I know you smear sportsman arguably. Thank you much different. The the giants. Bouquets. Of roses deliveries are getting a little bit noxious. Oh. Who did this one come from today. Doesn't say. Now started this and I will tell you this. When you walked into the studio moments ago. Is a bouquet of roses the size of LB's head yeah that's how big Baylor ID idea. In the grand story it so there is an instant rams story. On mines program that shows the massive bouquets of roses I'm guessing. That it may be from. The Casanova who sent the ones last Friday grants that would be as smooth move is east and that it. It was 44 roses line is at 44 roses this funding count them but it felt justice because he's 44 years old right and you had said something about age and trying to. I don't know is he trying to ours is something you really I mean how do you feel about it. It's very nice and not in a position where I'm super grateful it's it's and they're really expensive to and a. The really high quality roses fade out here and here come here comes the shut down. I guess I am in I'm not it's just got out of the seven revelation I've denied though it's not looking for anything right now all right so we should save his money because not having the desired effect I mean I'm. All right the second. And says sending cat food instead of flowers when does that ever happen Atlanta Manning is as real life. Not I'm back I write some wonderfully wonderfully sweet zone but he falls. Hope so there anything like that it had a little time to myself well now. I may not remember danced out of a quarter ago left such a sunflower skews you know thrown throne and capital growth gift cards so. You and me yes I believe me India Turkey and Iran. And you'll learn blossoms being I think it is a I think it's. And I think sending flowers is. I think it's a very nice thing for this I think that I think you mean you're gonna every time you see them your gonna think of him and even though you don't know you know what it is it's like you know when you don't have a profile picture on FaceBook and it's that that just the blue in the white out and yeah. It's like male or female. You know it and it's nice yeah me three what is it three days four nights. Could to Bermuda. Also seeing go yet their lives or else underneath an enemy we mean by herself I mean he would hire I don't think you'd fire crews that nobody goes oh yeah me that was Dallara doubt will be something ninety's. There you know it'd. You know Daniel to one another guy. And do you eventually get you out is you wanna make a point and you want to. However remember a year. So you know sender rock on our you know on little vague afforded me caring. To terror to happen and ripping up some strange dude and then when she's ready and happy to rules you're going to be there. Here's the Texas says I would send 24 roses. If I weren't so busy cleaning pools at the cougar ranch aha I. Gainfully and yes that is a physically tough damaged engine it's a fairly typical. A we are about to be joined by Neil show on a journey. We end up doing it through and building Friday. Based on our discussion earlier about creamy tomato soup and grilled cheese random would gain. For virile farms switches over and Concord in this this is visual eye I go there from time paneling home for a kale I get Mikhail there. I kept secret I don't know your story they have an usher they do tomato business and grilled cheese on Wednesday's only up. I. Joining us right now it is it is a pleasure to have Neil show on a journey on Neil good morning. Hey Mike how you doing Bob might like us I am not a drag right actually he's my okay great yeah Mike here in the paper that you got marketshare. Now mind. No listen I'm you know you don't we don't you know. We can be nameless and faceless and that's it that's at the famous doesn't really doesn't matter but we are we were just actually discussing because. Caller called in about it we were discussing the series finale of The Sopranos and the use of don't stop believing in. And I'm wondering when it comes to obscure references and all the times. That a journey song we also discussed earlier this morning. Caddie shack and and Rodney Dangerfield. Cranky and anyway you want it from his golf bag and is it you. If that that would likely the whole key is saying that that seemed. But what was actually finally went inside years later is that they sped it up beyond belief that was even funny yeah. Let I mean do you have a favorite use the other journeys on anything in film or television. Well you know I mean The Sopranos seven kind of hard to beat. Him you know mediated closed the whole series and it was like. It ended on the Apollo looked like that is a water world everybody like messing with the TV wondering if there went out you know. And into the songs continued just to get even bigger and obviously and so on. Is you guys are I think it's OK to say that you're coming to Fenway you're touring with Def Leppard. And I toward you toward would them previously Wright was that in 2006. Yeah and we we had a great time last time. And so when it was brought up by management. Everybody welcomed the idea. You know seemed dead. You know Paul bans were very cohesive and if we get along well together and our music fit well together. They have a Tommy has since totally themselves. The audience was very happy with. Overall show. On how do you play it I'm sure you have. I mean Fenway is a legendary ballpark have you played at other ballparks before. Yes looney. Like it especially eighties. We were doing a lot of data we were actually the first band to ever come up with a video screens. Outside. So that the people open and probably a little more intimate and so we were playing so many. Our baseball stadiums. And that that we had to figure out a way to make it more intimate. Saw it. So so what would you you know your your tour Def Leppard you to remove them before. How much do you guys in Iraq while you're on tour when you see a library with them I'd do you do you interact aren't you know. A time. Well I mean we see each other you know I. And pat you know hallway how you do break a leg is out whenever. We're gonna be flip flopping from night to night there's so that'll be fun. And you know hopefully we get to switch out this sad little world and he will play some a little different. When we're close C you know and I'm afraid of you know we can you dig into our repertoire a little bit. He'll show on a journey is and do all the text messages I've got and I've just got to ask about this because. Every we were talking earlier about Steve Perry in about you know how much money debate and could theoretically me if if the word. With the him I mean is that something that ever gets discussed by you guys. Now that's a little and then you know I mean it I just paid you know or it. We're getting paid more now we ever did. So you know why you insist something that we didn't think about. You know. From me. I would love to get together in the right with a guy you know not really taken about a money. Saying it's it's more that you on this matter writing partner. And could that. Could that ever happen. I believe to court because. You know let's just. Seen each other after so many years at the hall of fame induction. And you know that's out there that. There was a lot of love in the room there and you know. Many years have gone by. At least let up at the time you know everybody was in a different place and not so happy about the way it went down. But you know years past and again. Can't hold grudges and further cement after so many years ago by you to take a look at all the amazing work that we did together. It's. That's where yeah. Yeah I mean he's viewed I think the older you get. The less inclined you are to waste time with team votes that that happened in the past. Australia now. I I do think I mean listen there are not me in my it's wise now while we understand how to basically we we understand it. I mean even. You know you guys that you guys have been together for salon and you you guys said that like. You were bickering back and forth there about the visits the White House if I remember correctly. And that kind of thing happens on the show all the time we just had any Alan LT day a vicious quarreled. I felt I mean that those kind of things. Like you see you're you're over that right. Well you know what it is what it is I mean we we we clearly have different outlooks. On the words what it should be and what it shouldn't be and where I was coming from the assess where it's always them. You know we had an understanding with each other since the beginning to ban that would never be involved in anything like that. And so forth to happen and that has not been notified about it a little taken back. You know at this point like as sad as it is what it is it is about the music. And on their depleted its hands bottom line. Neil shot as I guess from journey and they will be. Act Fenway this summer with the Def Leppard and is it okay if I take a call from Jeff Neal. Chart let's get Jeff funny Jeff you're on when Neil. Good morning and extracurricular credit Neal always wondered what favorite sites cemetery that project and you've done so many would all questions that well. Am I allowed. So they would send me any you know he's self phonies like. Very spur of the moment you know could be a Sunday afternoon like Iran. 5 o'clock and you'll call me and say hey can get down here right now I got a phone when I you know you play and he's bringing dampen the guitar. Those surest thing in the world you know. Crap like you are not get down there and what we'll have a great jam but. He's very spontaneous like I am and last thing I did with them I did you know the version going down there and ended up on his record with swift you know Mike. And this is dead and obviously very cold it was just. One take it one path lies and does that. And down even come BSN. But my favorite project was sending gasoline is HS. And I don't know slower boats in the middle. Of scoring. We were looking for an opportunity. To where we can get together and have enough time to write a record and rehearse and actually play. And so we have three weeks and I've also posted near Boston in the middle of major tours. And and so we decided. That everybody also saw a big case that we get together. And we worked a we wrote the record. In the nine. It is and you know about a week. And we proceeded to really organize it as well as we could to play their lives because there wasn't going to be enough time to go in the studio. And to a studio recording and so. We've recorded only two days so only played two shadows. And you know most of the senator's performance. Is what made the record. He'll shot as our guest from journey than any chance of that happening again lives you and Sammy may be it's a serious thing there. Or something like that. Well you know who knows men had a little beach HS say as we looked at the planet out saying different looking. Really good for a while many got the offer to go back into it to Van Halen had such an insult. Fact consult through the cracks and if so let you know as they think happened all the current. There opposite you walk around the shop for different people and that's please send me an very tight still. Who worked Neal who are your three favorite guitarists of all time. Of all screwed up or I'll talk to some big. Rake guitarists that. I mean you know for me Jimi Hendrix was always came up but it depends on which Andre you talk about. That I listen to you know blues and message out. I listened to rock. Won't let allegedly for electric blues and Albert King for a you know. Old old you know real loose. It's you know. I loved Wes Montgomery free jazz. John McLaughlin truer fusion jazz. And many others. There's some great guitar players. Doesn't 978 taxer who works with some younger people and they mentioned that you keep confusing their coworkers when you mention a record. Yeah. They get very confused. And I suppose that a digital downloads but yeah I choose articles go by right now at half. Lois and it has it has been great avenue line and journey at Fenway on Saturday August 11. It is going to be one not to mess and we will we will be there and thanks a lot for for joining us on the show this morning. Thank you guys he had and I believe the tickets go on self February 3. Yes this but you do where you determine your house and I thank you guys what I'll be your book you will we get there what LB meant to say was don't stop believing in. And cool. Luke. Don't stop loving touch and squeeze in the we never sat down I don't think we can play that song anymore in light of the climate these days some of these songs at the all right Neil nice to have you on. That is deals she meal she. And he can't hear from the Nielsen on has any problem keeping his yeah does that. For nails yeah. I. I think I will die in a billionaire just yeah an interviewer Andrea are you. Multi platinum courier to be sent out kid advocates. Candidate. That's a tough day for Steve Perry and his family. That is respectful and it is our beat him there that's in those brands are you that as Hill Man Morning Show is presented by Alco store technologies you're data center solutions provider. For more information go to tackle store dot com. King out texture says he makes an excellent point. About aria meant that hotels should be washing their pillows which you can do with my wife Elin and not other pro narrow. Make him make a pretty good point one. As a moments. Here's a tax inquiring whether I am going to the Warren awards. All of those happening this. An SE yeah yeah the press. I don't know I am I told you I'm going out there for work 'cause it's the pork. It's the howl at the moon managers retreat on priest. I am also going to be their during the gun show. And Matt Light nine on Tuesday are going to go do some deserts some some secretive. Shooting low round and I'll buy and sell a gallon yes yes so the gun shows and that's not me out of the out of the pool. The gun show. Rules that Emmett Arianna. Yeah I'm gonna run and I'm an overnight diligently worked on OJ people who bring work out here on a vacation yeah well I don't generally don't but OJ when you go to lake some. Caribbean resort thing. And you're walking down the breakfast like to chow down there is some both food who's running it's only one guy that. And then again on the treadmill I know but there's a speech ran outside. What you're doing an image Jim 100. What are your mirror being Zurich really hard on goal for an ocean somewhere right he's. Exactly. Exactly. Writes we are moments away from where you're paying attention and you'll the opportunity. To win tickets to see Papa Roach when we get to that but first. It is a free ski Friday and it's. 939 which means the 9 o'clock hours well underway. So all day today. You'll have the chance to win lift tickets for the very best mountains in new England and right now if you are the seventh caller. On the Framingham Ford's studio line. I am going to give you a couple of lift tickets for Sunday. Real. Eateries far and he'll qualify for the grand prize which is a weekend get away at Sunday river itself. Be the seventh collar at 6179311223. And you'll win a pair of lift tickets for Sunday river and keep listening. Every hour during Carey show and every hour up until five during Mardi neck you'll have the chance to win. I want to ask you a question put up with the French actresses of a certain age. We're not down with the need to movements if we talked about Katherine to knows the other day she's acting like in her mid seventies yes. And now Brigitte our demo or had broken out. Small picture now you're you know you're getting an issue all worked up when human now numbers she parred though and Catherine denote. But both of which still extremely attractive here are annoyed by the way air rises likes of feel around dares say I don't love them. They want me to say I had to death do us so what are Brigitte part though say. He said the vast majority of cases it's hypocritical ridiculous and on interest and she did an interview with Paris match. And she said many actresses flirt with producers to get a role. It was then when they tell the story afterwards they say that they've been harassed an actual fact rather than benefit them in only harms. She said she'd never been a victim sexual harassment goes on to say I thought it was nice to be told that I was beautiful that I had eight routinely told. Backside. Hole this kind of compliment is nice. Well I mean there. Nobody it did you know it's European women it is stolen and those those same women go to the beach topless. So the attitude is completely different right yeah then American women who are tirade and what would you know we caught you hope reviewed turn to top off on the B. Yes I mean I do think that the you know for her. Times were different then I mean I assume that there are women. Female actresses who have flirted with a producer and orderly it's cool a couple of hours yeah. Including a mortal blow could pop and maybe gain an advantage and sales is sure. Partner. And his feminine maybe grab somebody in an arid place and gave them the wrong idea and went back and said they were a victim and never app. And public Bart Andrus and did the one extra Barton behind the bar so he would hear it straight to your page so it is. It. It is difficult against the navigate if there if there is flirtation going act. And then. The mail all the mail things are right while Lewis this for a pack and it's so she's getting the wrong idea what she's saying it's hypocritical. Of Fuller and then later on its that's not you do. Well mr. should be paraded by or should probably areas enumerated. On the social media's. What was was her big role but she Pardo. Was she. If you bond curtain now know was it. My La vida low the Fellini film. Oh was that that. I'm trying to please I mean this is like we're talking like the fifties and sixties Jersey and so yeah there are an excellent the and it's your movie when she broke through in America there. She quit. Like early on she did yeah exceed that she's tired of ownership signing here I want to be alone when she made her money and she's not and then she dedicated her life. Animal rescue. Like your observations. Well. It's it's an interesting thing years you're yeah I think you're right about certainly in France there they are very open and they you know they're not right there today that's they speak the language of love over there are so obviously price. Or did the French just kidding no and everything is the target our friends came over here. As we learned in the movie better off dead with a fresh is the language of laws that. That it amounts today this is it is. Are right. From. What's the on Monday's show. Is we're so how's that working its UN LB on his. I just I was just judge in the due to Daniel OK and then Tuesday and Wednesday it's jobs and reduce featuring dead so you feel good you'll go inside the simple now mine on Monday he will try yes OK out sooner or an awkward. Zardari and it is 945. And it is time for this. And down day. Hill Man Morning Show presents the. Working. All right. If you have been paying attention this morning you should be able to answer a question about what has occurred on today show. Drew so call the Framingham foot studio time that number is 617. And I didn't have time and I salute to victory if there. And if you can answer the question and he could win that gets the pop or roach at the song is center. On March 15 so call now this is Josh hello Josh. It here's a text for you shoe this text through with a lot going on was the language of love please. It's since the last beat Clinton they're choking them. Josh. Why did mark shoes parents. Have the honor for him in Taiwan. Put money we want to. It. And the way. Mayor yet. That your idea. It's it's just it was just might might stand united my father was. Really it was like the extended family argued that it yet they were let's get him over him meet this girl he opens and it was an arranged marriage we learn this earlier bleacher live and attempted arranged marriage with a 75 real time when he accidentally. It's yeah. And isn't that cool story and it was amazing. Hello Jeremy. What's up Jeremy Ahmad so evident. Are you it's an inferred dilution and the moose are on month. Another. And in every one all right moose knuckle sandwiches. On Monday. On Monday show Jeremy what 1970s. Film. About the buffalo. Did Mike Hsu and I reference on the show this morning. Got me. Channel 56 classic. Or maybe a movie lot glass and channel thirty day. It. They did today. Let me just say that I usually like to call it and give LB riveting it. But when he told that guy from jury he keep his chin up I was like all right I got nothing now. I ballots I at the rate at the little things I didn't want him. What. Former New England patriot Rob Ninkovich announced that he would be doing. In the Gillette Stadium parking lot on Sunday when he was on this show earlier this morning. I didn't I hurdle but I didn't hear what he's gonna be doing now disfigured guess. Tell me it. That is yeah back in Iraq. The answer I was looking for was chugging the years. I believe. It's kid that has led the stakes being in journey is a billion dollar industry. I think it is home. Atlanta. Policy. Well. Dublin that it would happen on Tuesday and I wait what we're really good 2008. City. Can you answer a question about today's show have you been. Hope that's well below hole and say it's actually if you would go right now he's coming years. You cannot W trying to read that Bachmann to edit it out but Bachmann Logan and not just upload. You will. Good night in salt and in our pocket back. But wait a minute you say I'm not going to be allowed to board my flight to Vegas because of rain below blows like it is gonna interfere with a. Yeah I'll throw out holes to get fit you better be yeah and that's what I told you that. Been there. Yeah. People want to note hey look we don't get me. I can and thank you moment. That is the Kenyan man hello Travis. Yeah out oh correction Nikko said he was going to be shocked and India and it was going to be shocked Beers. Travis. Backward and a million dollars was a lot of money. What and what there and was offered that to get back together and we discuss them on the show this morning. Are very excited you're doing better around 9 o'clock. Are you 1 o'clock question. Journey guitarist Neal Sean said on our show today. That he would like to do a lot with Steve Perry. Are you got it recorders are maybe uttered out now sorry hello in my other daughter let's my can you answer any of the previous questions. No not actually sure to avoid getting the flu we learned this morning that experts are advising you should not touch what. Yes. Guess mine yeah viewers you for. Being specific well Bobby. Yeah from here Canadian and over I'm doing great you and me what can now. Would you wanna answer any previous question anyone knew where our. I used to love let increasing the children were doing mommy goes one of the best. Cheryl cook is six Louis's Albert. I totally obsolete and us that is the 1970s. Films that we referenced earlier. Blessed the bees and the children. And this is rod from Iraq. Yeah already and let them rob. 100. You only answer previous question and one was. The order to what we eat paper. Yes I do not. Whatever you do do not accept a receipt for any purchase that you make now. Because that is how the flu is spreading rapidly and it is the worst in thirteen years. According to the CDC hello Ed. What's up I don't. I'm gonna. I hate ice cap then it's politically it such an but I will be back at the at a lot of awful person. We got that answer just that our. What about Neil John you know what he said he would like to do with Steve Perry former journey singer. I'm. I don't act have a beer shock there. No doctor. Charlotte Beers. A lot of hello Ron you know what's up run. I don't goods majority answer question are you know I haven't. You know than those John answer you want a different one. What you want during today's irrational fear. We learned about a daily sushi eater in California all who found a five foot what after eating sushi. You know as often when your all and you think that the to elect a new diet fat please people that are doing these but yeah it would fail but what's eight or. Yes but we're crazy I heard tape worm from the sushi. Horrid how do you feel it moving and sergeant I guess he did some I mean possibility he'll feel when he gets to the exit it. If it's really. The disturbing thing yeah. Though no sushi this weekend. I couldn't figure out whether or rice grains color on his back so I thought it was from the eight. Every pet owner's worst nightmare grizzard is popular rap sheet and a half a picket that I wanted the front part that breaks often segments. Yeah by the way issue latex or wants to remind you that WL VI is part of livid. Live and 56. He's and would outlaws Daniel was going crazy today when I in my that the heat is on die a plan fried because. But he's the news channel 38. He's on when their carrion socket. Gain the companies need to see me next yes. It's DelHomme. There are Shelby at Morgan choke. Now of house. I read aloud that you get the journey question yet know what's in to a record that same way back and they noted over called him a record. You know I wasn't real that was it that was not what he said. Now what you know John settle Eric. Yes I got beard or colonial Sean question yes what is right and what you Wear them yes that's right music with a right Eric. All right hang on. It's. One more question remaining Kevin Kevin there. Are doing good Kevin how Rio. Under but he did. Bill and house area. And doing instead in a. Boston is one of the twenty cities in the United States that have been chosen for what it. King. Yeah I don't know that longer though I'm sorry. Let's see if Brian knows all Brian. Brian. Aren't you Curious George forward George Boston has been chosen. As one of twenty cities that are what. Amazon has gone to grow. Our. Yes not offered at nine. Yes The Beatles The Beatles were offered one million dollars to get back together back when a zillion dollars with a lot of money if it was reference on that Lorne Michaels from senator Nightline offered The Beatles I believe. 3000. Dollars to get back together on Saturday night I didn't figure surprisingly there and it didn't they. Well we got to go and get ready for the race. He championship game and Tom Brady's press conference in which you'll say nothing. But the portion of the shall be back on Monday. And and Tuesday and Wednesday and then lol I will return from a business trip. When you and America I'll be back on. And when authors of if there is there an anger. I winners and install a cutter and opening I got to where now I gotta work for mayor street I get lower than that Reagan used those holes five rethinking if you don't start now man. I know why and the public vacation days at the end of last year and you and you and so. I get the body at this trip which is work and I get a trip to gonna go over and visit Julio over in Italy in case he's actually headed out to Italy next week that we that's that's so. I want to know my Dick you might united MacArthur and her strippers who snuggle up Shaq that's not now happening on the I know you think your funny that strippers highly unlikely that he'll even be here. I know I don't mind a lot longer however know analyst and I would never leave my body might shooting and I can't write and you have an important not to throw outside contractor. Whatever in time while the most recent one would be Van Halen as the hours and happier and a giant lemurs like. That's nice sound to jail auxiliary jobs are two models. Blood drive this one time for the walker changed Bob you are going to yeah details. We didn't and who knows edited files emails and calls and all the Promos and all the things might bring in workers or miners are okay. Have to live with the going to be married or not matter to them and get up for a lot of reasons. We're so we'll will have dinner in Texas Tech on Monday until now bad LV is earning Michelle and kept the data out of the grand ideals are when he's in the day just about how bad the shadow of just tuned in your he's really meant to you let him not file the rails now you know I imagine they're very good Twitter and there IG little guards never call energy. Of these out of control. If you missed anything this morning you'll be able to hear it. And it's in parity. In the brand new full show podcast. So oh every hour hour one hour to hour three hour for. Available. Later on at WA AF dot com as a full show. Podcast. Thanks for listening you know over an hour of Carey showed Max that's the WA import their blitz go apps.