Hour 4 - Call of The Can-Man

Friday, January 12th

Final hour before the long weekend! We're talking about the #MeToo movement and if it will end up like many of the other "slack-tavism" causes from the past, a call from one of our favorite people, Michaels Deli stops by for National Pastrami Day this Sunday, Danielle gets a giant bouquet of flowers from a listener, plus  Were You Paying Attention!


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They Hill Man Morning Show on demand. And more I'm always online pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. A and and now. I might be linked to the party is at that and a couple of days to go put Atlanta by Catherine the duke got it back about yet. Yes we talked about that on Wednesday yes yes well it. Glad that you get. At least I I'm really glad that we had actually emailed actually let up. Men who who are you know and empathize were and our primal urges boat. I don't think yeah history. I don't believe I don't anti Benedict be there at all I think it really. Call and I'm great respect angle that's right it would a couple of things that out of my insulation problem but that. Otherwise. That it worked. On it we needed it. Well you know Catherine the move is an actress and she and in 99. Other. French women. Wrote a letter and and basically said that they believe men should in and in really should be encouraged. To flirt with women who and that without that the there's going to be no procreation and there's going to be and it's not a it's not a crime as the man. Finds a woman attractive and is two is to get flirtatious with. I just don't reach up and plans for Barack. And I thought they would but that's a good friend in France you don't have taken their. I. Bet we have got blind though it got the line Ingrid in need a man where where we're actually getting man. And I equipment or regret. I mean our man. Knowing and then being emasculated. No is it a good thing. For men. Fifth to try to get their tiny little brains to think maybe before they they they say something or at that's I think that's a great thing. But it's. Sampling the pessimist in me. Feels that this movement will go the way of every other movement. And tragedy. An act of destruction in this country the further you get the more people forget. Meaning why like 9/11. Amber everybody had flags up everybody's let each other going traffic nobody honked everybody was nice for like two weeks. And then it went downhill and the first fears we have the memorial their remembrances and everybody tuned in and they were very respectful of the name. Now it's sixteen years later. Know people don't pay much attention to it. Kind of forget you people that grew up that didn't experience it firsthand at their kids so I think with everything. Over time. People forget I think it's great that the big movement and that's a lot of attention being paid to it people are urged to come forward with their stories. I just. I see how everything else goes and and I just fear that that were working will get back to normalcy at some point at it as inappropriate as that normalcy might be. Yeah out while I mean there were when we have that discussion on Wednesday there were women who were calling him. Who. Lol don't mind an occasional. Flirtatious moment their fuel and in fact encourage. Parents are so many different levels on the spectrum of. We know what might be flirting to me. That I enjoy that's fun and this is not you know leave the the attractiveness or the financial stability of the kind. What's good for Ernie for one of my friends might be over the line. Yeah you know what's over the line from mean might be whatever I want my friends I think it's you know you have to know your audience you have to know the person tells you about the offer they seem uncomfortable. Thought that was for men and women yeah you know just try to use some common sense that you know it's just. Flirting it's firm. Flirting is fun until masturbating to a potted plant that with somebody. And letting them know that you like and it's fun and it's sex scene it's part of the relationship ritual eventually run into the sex but anyway we're not gonna know how to talk with each other. And give you know. There's no body language. You know if you if you you know. Template and grab somebody with two hands on their but you lean in to the casual laughing her lips brush up against that guy's ear when you're telling him something more restaurants. All that. No I won't solo I think it that's part of the original part of a cell phone do you think you know you go to he'll laugh you put your arm in their formula lenient than. Your boom brushes up against their forearm of people here to them. You know the booby brush articles and underrated move I do unintentionally elbowed everyday because we both can't fitness diet and also he does it to who saw his boo us. Unintentionally on a clown yeah. Well yeah that's at eight text a perfect example coney Tony twelfth that such a huge selective in the movement I guarantee you could tell me. Re things about Tony right now now. What about a cure on a cruise ship are you allowed to place yourself in the pizza if it's ironic part of the half of today about the only going to be on the right ship billed them that that. Well yeah I mean I. I don't know I disagree Daniel 'cause I think and I'm not to diminish what happened on 9/11 or what the coney 2012 that was about but this is something people will deal with every day yeah. Every single day of work if at all. I think she say going she's saying that it may not be you won't be as prominent and president's. Ego thing is the group. If you're looking to I think part of the problem is that there are people who are looking. To Hollywood to. For leadership on their staff and their. I think that they cut. They think they accomplish that by wearing a black dress like and by the way there's a big awards than last night and they crawl and waitresses again like you know five days later. As a black dress I just saw that's going to help I go and any and so if you're looking for alike leadership. From a Merrill Streep horror. You know will Gwyneth Paltrow right that that's the one point. There are I think there are probably a lot of guys who have said to themselves. Hey I gotta I I should think about what I say if it yeah or if it is gonna affect somebody. And and and make somebody and corrupt absolutely but yet but I understand what you're saying and what Catherine the duke is saying which is don't. Make life. Interaction between the two sexes. Ace their role. You know guide where you have. Five phrases that you can use and I can't ever say anything else that's our consent form birth and there's a lot of people listening who probably met the love of their life. At work and how would that have ever happened. If the birth one person could flirt with the others that. Is that kind of what you're saying yeah yeah but I don't like it takes thing you know you have. A fun. And banter. With people that you know you can of the fund thirty relationship with people that's not like a sexual thing you wouldn't pop up it's just. You know it's just now being menu or men and men or women and women whatever floats your boat would every year into wood everything is in now you're just. What's funny you can't you can't do you can't he can't. We'll work place. Person until what the third Christmas party I think no period because that causes a whole other senate. Problem is right but there are people who do fallen while that work I can. He's been no sign of how successful really threatens everything I yet again the pessimist in me looks for the time that you break up in your life at work is pretty miserable yes he's a person pretty quick and here's the ninth to many text where do you see you're OK with the blue brush where do you stand on the moose knuckle brush. That's right remember don't ever after at the five K at the jingle all the way to protect like added I was having a conversation with someone that at one point. It's probably three years ago when I was at that he friends and it they can't casual acquaintance of ours is also talking. He kept doing the growing push like as he was laughing it would push is growing into Letterman like if you look at him and broke. Doing with back. You know but other people would probably call the police don't like it SO improprieties like tired I'm not joy and a little you know that no era you're pushing a peace and I don't Atlanta residents there or does that I'd just sit there summit. We know in that first into the deserves while doesn't Lackey do some sort of thing that you don't quite click does the unsolicited AFLAC I don't look at decadent parties could come up behind you do like the cool or does he get the bride look. A Texas said the other day the black is single. Maybe you maybe YouTube. It loved writing it in a very platonic friend. That and I'm sure he felt the guys criticize my friends and kind of got a ton of personality alone he's ten smiling pictures appeared and I. Uninstall this girl answered by this conference are still be plan is because he's got a good chance he doesn't maroon it was a multiple and then at that point he doesn't mention. Let's see here is a text that says. I think everybody should just Wear a sign saying whether they are into sexual harassment or not I. Well what's your day it's like what are your definition of it when the server comes over and says don't touch this plea it's hot. Immediately what do you do you touching as you wanna see what they consider hot right. What is your definition of pot the same as my definition of a hot memory. The C here's a woman. Do you agree or anything else that this woman says vitally text I'm a woman. And I love being flirted with work or not it makes me feel good about myself absolutely. Absolutely. A compliment via other women get hides. As. You ion anything if he would eat here. Two complimentary here how dare you think you think compliment me yes that's that's where react unfortunately. That are well anyway people only to learn how to take compliment. People cannot take compliment any. Either they tried to enter the kind of aside from the hold me to movement. You complement somebody. And Millie the brush it off the like and I hope he now. Are they'll tell you crazy or they get offended thinking you mean something else at some did you complements the paint ilk really nice today. Well thank you it's a smile at people like today is like ten to compliment somebody and they wanna know. What your motive is simply don't have ulterior motive for telling you have nice eyebrows I just think they'll look nice for you I mean yes my unit breath. But it's like I when people compliment you makes you feel that this month via I try to do the same for people with sometimes to a Billick. What do you mean by that and I like your hunter booths like that literally only meant by it. What what else could I possibly of. It's them. At the Houston Texas says unless it's the nacho plate never they'll touch the not to do I know. Oh never and never its way hotter than any other play and I took place. The other one way or the other ones have just been under the heat lamp right right than not Joseph plate has been in the environment yeah it in the box and it's below bill. The golf and I wanted to come about sexual rat the yes yes I went out and peaceful. IE the what would it all the time and it would be absolutely inappropriate. But she is receptive. I got the expected for sexual harassment. Because another hit it it. And she isn't what it and reported in perceptual. And what you got wrecked out of the top like a little bit. Yeah I mean yeah I mean it. It's a very. Tricky it's tricky to figure out where why would be tricky tricky tricky tricky a lot of people were a lot of people below. Have we felt that bad at that yeah. I don't really wanna complaining about the suit. Can't I can't how do you feel about work. Workplace flirtation. If possible so we got a quad. Take it that come without a we got it could be on probable case to be Moby remain but did not be on the show well we got a lot of red tape. Give it up after it could happen that you. The quad CNET news. The quad six is what's that all about. That got that probably stepped up at Columbia companies go to bed every week. Why all the quad six's 6666. Hill Man Morning Show as their industrial Michael Ryder. What when is that gonna be eight. Yes good morning there but talk today about it. That sort of meet you all they don't have one. That's right you're getting the ventures to come in here alive right. Yeah but anyway I don't want I'm not know well I'm via out. Of the order handled doubted that that it yet. OK but do you believe that in this climate. It is okay for a man to flirt with a woman. About. It. Eddie what downloaded it and I'll let it dividend act but hated that it W Marriott alternate them. Did you tell about trying to get beyond might make a lot about cap and I'd tell you OP big. Thank god you all well bought debt the if I'm that we felt. It amen I'm go to give to try to get like maple walk but India you. Try to get swept out any broad popular allow anybody if not he would go to Napa but now. We will hunt if you don't like a dog and the W. And page. That's what I couldn't take it all the way on the capitol Florida right it is but look at end of I had an alternate take it looked pretty. Yes all right all right yeah all. A gun law there is this the leave you mentioned cam and karaoke. You know it. Our one opportunity. And this season everything you've ever watched. It's only moments from you what do you calculated. Let's let it slip. Always. Mom didn't sweat the unique and all that ready above an artist whether already bought the tee it's edgy nervous. But he admits he'd look thing called already dropped the bombs. But he didn't detonate what he floated down the whole public so loud opened his belt buckle multiple pump out. He's still connect everybody still get it now under a dive as well not guys over a smile. Stopping him back that we had to deal if they go on the ballot he would go to the Bobby Kielty still bad but you love. Give out the eight who won't have a but he knows what he won't go back that it doubt he's doled. Buddy don't body blow to but he still played he don't when he goes back at the moment I would hope. I did doctor again don't go lucky that I didn't go to these bullet hole out without that. Donna loved vastly distorted his life I can't get enough so that'll be another I don't it is. I could listen live with that at all times that is that is the single greatest game in karaoke. Selection while Panama I do enjoy a Pina colada all snow in Atlanta when he did the the escapees on via the Rupert. But Hooper Holmes club for bird. That was excellence there and listen that the he had some hacks in this or that he's getting about a CD. He certainly certainly did just don't get on his FaceBook roster about it no. No bonus that's our agenda he can truly. I'm getting caught in praying in the bottom thank god they tune into the hill blue. Are you meaning to campaign. That I've got to meet you tomorrow afternoon. Unpopular all the vets day. The death. Handed them a lot like that. A earlier we can iron. Validates I would like a peek at eleven is I've got to go about their loved he would pick a gold Yahoo! yeah. They got a little behind me. And in the end he's staying in tune on that one fight Al Lowe difficult but I love I love the past yeah writers are trading in new. Bent the men's council Newton. See. Here's somebody says what is canyons deal again I always feel like I shouldn't laugh. Now we don't know that fear Julian loves on the DL and and good sport about it these he's a guy and he used he would he was in high school. He was one of the great cross country runners in our state. And aunts. Now he is a giant cross country. Supporter he'll go to. High school meets the day after day after day just to watch people cross country rock sits on a big banquet yeah it puts on a banquet for ya ya ya. And it was all the stats is awesome man and of this that is in who it. Almighty that this person is requesting the gangland style I don't know that's lord I don't know if that's in there and not that might be. It's Friday we I don't you know his Military Channel we have. I. Today's Hill Man Morning Show is presented by Echostar technologies. Huard data center solutions provider. For more information. You can go to a ghost dot com are you finding it now I'm looking and I think I have a suspicion of where my being in LA. Calm I'd is inspired idea I believe it is if someone were hidden somewhere worth waiting for. Scrap its own language there's so many. For me and for his best when I'm just looking through some of the old cuts to carry on my wayward son CAA RY. I won the Iowa your like yeah I play there. That's probably not even listed as probably probably didn't even use Agee. Probably spell in them that Jim Ayers line it's really slow and not muttered as soft if he. While having to. It's it's so it's worth a look in four notice that is worth looking about. Hold on singers is John hello John. Good morning everyone erratic and John what's up. Am I crazy protecting hand them out and all all white comedians from respectable mean anything. A little bit any yeah he does the little bit. I. He also knows every mascot for every high school team. In Massachusetts. Accent and and we tested among that on the show one time and he keeps track of exactly how many shows. I have done. In my 27 years here and that's why he was mentioning that on the 23 will be 6600. And 66 radio guess the curse and suspicious minds SUPIC. I US let's play that right now. All that up I act in its and then the long youthful look let's play this suspicious minds. 99 problems PR OB LAM and maybe we should she there's somebody's eye and I that I forgot how many songs. What do you call it initiatives reload. Misery you know that was an epic run. What do you mean we load them. Balls renamed them so we can find all of correctly spell of spell them correctly yeah. Now of cameras ever being Deborah Meehan castles garage was browsing can hit it it would take. Three to four hours to record decay yeah yeah like over and warmer and former us there was there was an effort you know recording session. Each and every time. I heads up bar and Tuesday's show were gonna go inside the simple mail mind. Eighth. Ten on Tuesday night's. Since we are not working Monday because a holiday hopefully you warrant either and then and 9 just after 9 o'clock on Monday the author Erica Garza will join us at she's written a book. Which is called getting off. About her nearly lifelong addiction. To porn and so Erica Erica became addicted to learn. At the age of twelve crazy act and she will tell you all about how that has affected her life and how she was able. To get off of her porn addiction when she joins us coming up on Tuesday. We'll call live slam. Hi Jim okay. Today. Lot of good things. What you do. When you go there. Guys. We've attacked. It's. Pretty good out that I'm very got a and I actually did he usually does really well and a yen actually that's the rap does not his Forte. Well at tough to keep up what yet that the lyrics move fast I have the same problem it'll tongue tenth. I'm when I'm in aluminum sit home. And trying to spit flying again that we deal yet in 2000 at the Texas standard as if you're exits the lines are what is that what you like then I decided that if I was them. Well it's also. It's wanna how to console in an effort narrates. Out of city. Here's a 339 texts. This is gonna get this straight. Every man in America is addicted to porn but a woman gets addicted to porn and she gets to read a book about what yeah that's what I think that's a mega acts. When you guys get to have sex a lot of women your heroes back we SX a lot of guys were whores out I don't I don't standard I did it I don't think there's a lot of women that are probably addicted the point now is that would admitted that the masturbation thing so taboo and Malia. And eyes don't think there's a lot of one. I couldn't tell view would be down there not because he's talking about how the AF bone heads were on its FaceBook page about Iraq may be maybe you wouldn't. Maybe we can do like a Friday can man's greatest hits show next Friday I'll be awesome. Yeah yeah I don't have the great old that's we'll do will be it's good or prize if you just think if you just everybody's mailing in in on a Friday when medical program actually have to do is great your fist across the keyboard and whatever letters you hit will probably spell something that's about it and on their own way. Equal to that that one week from today accident as coming up our end of the show game or you look paying attention.