Hour 3 - Single Yummy Mommies

Friday, January 19th

This hour we have a Nerd Report from Mike Hsu, Hillmail, and Rob Ninkovich calls into the show, also we find out that more than ever before women are having babies without a partner and also not as many couples are getting married anymore, and Boston made the top 20 finalists for the new Amazon headquarters!

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They Hill Man Morning Show on demand. And more I'm always online pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Here. Or are they get the next few. All right. Time for the nerd report this morning we our own. Head nerd here at WA AF. Mike Hsu. Great if you're like me your fascinated with the weaponry from dungeons and dragons and lords of the ring Lord of the Rings death I didn't. You'll love this story OK it's and I gotta get me one of these it's takes place in a Washington State in Kirkland a hospital had to get closed down because someone was caring what someone else thought was a rifle. So they call police shelter in place rice and there was doubt the shelter in place order and hold the news evacuate the hospital but apparently it was just a a person. That had an umbrella. That look. Like us so far. Are oh yeah I'm so. If I thought that it acts they got him on camera yes they set it looked like a rifle but then when he's on social media they were looking form. He wants the police that in Canada and that's the. I rounds my umbrella periodic. Here's on as the police spokesperson there are looking for ads served himself hi dad doesn't yes. And he was able to contact us and let us know that. Where I am the person that you know the keyboard at the I index that you guys think I as a great hope is actually an ornate and Ellen there's smile on my face now just because. I am so thankful that I wasn't a rightful and that it was just an invalid but obviously I precautions and protocol was taken to ensure the safety of the public. He was not here playing at the right way strapped to his backs and easy access over the shoulder I have to refer. It's. Still reference the avengers. Yes it's was named Steve Steve did you secure area yeah everybody knows it and he is everybody jerk you've. Yes no word I know you're wondering what kind of soared wasn't Greg. They insist it was an orcas is Gabbard a car. Yeah. Or if it was the sort of king Alison hello Al I'm guessing it was and slandering the sort of bug on dop top of the opens it up when it's raining he says. And yeah. Just speculation on my part. That happened at the Burlington mall a few years ago. It. I hold placed on lock down what. And I don't remember that it was it was just some random IT dude with a number umbrella and they thought it was so that it as I won't have to worry Concord chick filet. Yeah. That's it I'm going to kids who grabbed at him an American patriots. In the your sword. Hopefully you have been paying attention all morning and you'll be able to answer questions about today show when we and the show. With their end of the show game where you paying pensions though that happens at about 935. Or 940 your cell and if they're able because you work or you have. Mouths to feed. Kids to get off to school you're not able to listen to the whole entire show I will remind you. That due to the hard work. Angry march issue we have now instituted the the fulfill podcast itself you can hear every hour in its entirety. No commercials that is available at WA AF dot com so should you be home alone hang in the late evening hours or this weekend. You should find yourself with some time on your hands you can listen to this show. In its entirety hour one hour to hour three hour four as a full show podcast and should you be. An older man and have no idea when he podcast is. Like want to one of the principles that the papers or. God and and only at the news go to WA AF dot com and needs just that you'll see public eagle WA AF dot com slash. Podcast right and Mario immediate or at the immediate and only have to do is download. I'm sure you know what that means and everybody knows everybody it's yes hello Paul. Every morning you guys what's up. Basically you don't shoot an extra quarter. Didn't just go back to two billion dollars in an act of Greg. Completely if you can't put together I beat you guys that the app omitted to mention. The purchase hey it's only going to box that's why does. The the on the staff the summer staff party at the house. Didn't and because I'm cheap it ended because. The former producer of the show Anthony spaz pars yeah he jumped in the news pool in the nude and it was pretty those bothersome to everybody. All right time for this. And now it's your turn to talk. That's ahead. They have created out waited for years but they have to build more. As they Hill Man Morning Show presents a film mail on WBA yeah. I'm reminded by a taxpayer. Promises made promises broken. And there are a 100% correct that at some point last week I said we would do the best of canned and karaoke on Friday and today is. It's gotten ahead of us here and I'm being busy so are on Monday. Monday show wielded best of care man karaoke. Are you going to be here. Oh I'm not here miner died here Monday we'll do next week we'll do extract one week from today Aspen and we'll deal we won't we'll do it. One week from Friday be. Unfortunately have to work. And in Las Vegas on Monday Tuesday and Wednesday of next week what you will have jobs and that huge. On Tuesday and when correct that's correct jugs in addition with Daniel. You'll jugs that you Shimon okay jugs in the Duchamp Monday. I'm an ownership. Here working there Valentine Nebraska and nobody else's work and money and work on Hamas opposes him and companies it's the the gains the day before he's not come Bryant was just play the charade rank as the best player popularity and a UPU Wilson then it doesn't generate all of a sudden my vacation doesn't matter are there well. It all the travel you've had to do for your medical issues and all the other times haven't shown a really just I'd say I'm Kyra. We'll go with that formula and here's a certain. And collectively I mean you need cell. If you look at. Them you aren't then you have to chip. I maybe he came to the meetings you'd know we would have covered this already are are where you know. And so I am Terry Jeffrey yeah yeah yeah menstrual cycle 000. Me too so I had a I need to go. You've been subjected to cut me a few things yeah but you're fired like him. Like that test chain didn't supply the other day from mr. McGregor yeah I noticed that our response of those kind of inappropriate things. All right hey if are today so melt voicemail messages that brought you by the city bus and credit union without the convenience of big back checking accounts but would gnome minimum balance requirements or monthly service fees check out the city of Boston credit union. And they're checking accounts service today. We don't mind. 45 and. The opening few hours who on the deep ball. I think every few days that didn't. So independent might not there anymore I thought that maybe it did have a better now or they don't I don't know. Like then a further out towards ending in which is good news for Vancouver. Canada. That. And now yeah I did not have enough depth you know they'll go home. You know newspaper and so yeah. Did you did you just go Twitter IG. The only thing they they definitely am an amazingly theme. They have a Twitter account I think it's going to be started agree gates' program well they still make a ton of money in well they sell the. There's two shirts that are available none of which. I profit from the first is the all. Was okay sure yes. That has at the end of this a lot of this though federal calls they write all was okay like if they wanted to you know some analysts at credit if there was somebody following somebody else has their headlights were on and they solve the problem at all was OK so that independent cells those. But then a Russell's the convenience stores sells this sulphide Mosher. So you can go to Russell's convenience store ins though. On grant those route 117 and seeking an actual stove Bible shirt. Which. Somebody else is making money not not that not us. Me mind me PM. There are. And then that drive he's buried there. And he said he passed down easily passed Wayne Cashman where's that goals or points pools goals OK how many was. I'd and in Baghdad on ass and I I don't wanna hear the actual senators. It's. I mean and I've by the way. I I'd love Wayne Cashman wanted to draft by the Bruins are your called up after the world junior tournament. And cat I get to play with cash for ten games. And then the next year he when I turned pro for rial. After ten games cash retired and told frosty forest taller trainer and her rescinded and that he wanted to meet we're number twelve. And proceeded to pardon my faceoff and learn much strippers and Harry took number twelve away from me which ours which we'll have to constantly so. Time but he and then. I look at anecdote and then it abroad that the third best record in the league now public I think there. Yeah it took. Hall. Then some. They're all old age home again. So afford what they did you have the what you're rodent video on liberal MP and didn't find them YouTube it is. Who we are fighting. Both sapiens. Help I love children and he's he's. Very. Here's day. Techsters who. And doesn't want to hockey. State Gregg. Wouldn't. Points p.s in schools. They're not that not too familiarly. Hillary system with the age currently Tiffany with the assists. Thank you. Almost got me and I went on putting it all. They're the they're. In MM thick you pay six B nine there. I'd better on the radio. In this message at. 12 I am. Yeah both Portland and California. Only allowed our one thing near a couple that's about it left without speaking to that I'm that we. And then that show literature discussed and those people I get to that when they rein them yeah next go round. It's probably gonna be the scenario where they have the put the bulletproof vests on the because that what they did to those kids off is absolutely. Disgusting and despicable and I don't know how anyone. I don't know how anyone. Can do things like that. Two children it is the most if you like having them change to the bed and then holding. Food out in in front of them that they can't it's under his own. What do the neighbors shields on the nine now than I mean it is it is it's amazing pretty frequently. I'm one of the things that they did was they moved frequently and they were actually about to move they hold. There are neighbors. That they were about to move before that the little girls gave him. It I mean. She was planning Netscape for two years. And finally you know him and saved their Brothers sisters it's just disgusting to we political pros on them when they go to prisoners set up the viewing if I would love to just visit and just sit and watched prison stickier the weasel its gross. Now when all. They did an idea that a government and I don't know you have to try to get the same old man entered the move from the players and one triple B and love what you do it. Interviewed them like you let people in the metro candidate there are things that little bit. Now so that was pretty good today. It was funny yeah its it was pretty funny today. Point 40 man. Well no. It is the work will be important in both Iraq and I didn't I didn't know what. If you could. What it is whether it's the fact that the flu shot was way off I think that's probably what it is yeah it's allowed it to spread 'cause. I think they will we talked about the fact that the flu shot. Was only effective 10%. A grand time at the door for 10% of the people himself. It probably just allowed it to spread and get worse definitely did predict toward which strain it's going to be in everything mutates. I was I was I was gonna say they're you know think about how long who's been around and how many times it's mutated right you know I try to keep up there's got to be a nightmare. I'm feeling coming up with the flu vaccine it's kind of like predicting you know what actually gonna happen of the nor'easter and we can count. Here we are so many things could change that you get set up for it and then until you're there. I. Shortly wiggle it with the I had some computer problem well. A prisoner music now what happened I don't know civilian lives here we go one more what more mellow voice analyst that your full. Oh yeah. Close windows and doing that until again. Important to our life quarterback is an ideal. But lose to anybody. Why today why did you do it appears. Yeah I would die yeah. The movement and you want to do it don't. Don't know why just getting into that dark it's not that it's not an argument and I don't have time to. You've never taken steroids how there's a clearly never taken its case on to use a needle in your payments on them. It is 813 in today's Hill Man Morning Show is presented by Echostar technologies your data center solutions provider for more information coast to coast. And it is a delight. To have this former New England Patriots. Now. Professional media sports commentator on the show this morning on tire we are joined by Rob Ninkovich good morning and then go. Hey guys I don't want a better car I ever heard there's no contract side so much media availability is pretty much just. Whatever whoever. It's a re exactly right if you are modest eight bit being. If you're required them. There I mean you're kind of listen I mean from a negotiating point of view the you're kind of sell yourself a little short and and I they're gonna pay more if you tell me Marty have a gig somewhere else yes I want to give you that give that advice I'd. Well the jury I wanted to clarify everybody. Told and had. December and October 3. Those are did not want a job but didn't want a serious so I'll just go to army like the early show. Is is it possible. And it is it possible that you're coming back on Sunday and we don't know that yet. Ito that. Which. I won't say which is every bit more over there but you do you like to do you go flick the fruit in the whipped cream or justice Europe in the butter. All of this goes straight original. And like originals back a decade but the F voter because. There were on the bat about. Hash browns or home Fries. Fighting it. I got to go to our. Fire you know it is pure. Bruton Judy fresh offered me. And the other otherwise you go for the the home Fries that fear. If you're elsewhere. Noted that sent them place. But or prior to a huge error. It thought you'd like there's got the better that I really hot. Well McDonald yeah eyes. This strategy yes. There are already are seeing is over you need to meet you thought it worked. We do reacted to the dump out of Rob Ninkovich he's referring to sitting on the passer. The toilet. I don't say jets our society say that word. I'll let you know it's my you know it's money may go hard to believe you don't you you don't play for the patriots and yeah you're just you're so let's Iran and. Well amid her not her. It's like I'm more. Who referred for guys like rob it's like there suddenly he. Read you know they'd they had so many restrictions on them they couldn't say anything other than I'm focused on myself and I next week and then. All the sudden you're able to like that pocket express appeared in anything great is it in my article it must be very freeing Nikko. Well beyond every week. And now he's who comment but restarted them. Do last year to go maybe yeah good site that tells you it on the radio. Don't let that through different human to bring your not. Like other radio we're doing interviews like the obvious but if you're voted diet though that number radio. Yet they let you just like block black guy now because I would eat. I'd be fired her body yeah whatever so. It is also because. You got obviously the question that you can't devote playing football doing it would be in the actual work and I'll play. All know great team. On the ball well you know I love playing it that they. Are there. Yeah now that's the thing. As and did that begin from like the very moment you arrive is there some kind of a is their liking handbook that says. The following phrases can be used to answer the following questions. Is that how it works or is it just didn't bounded into your head. How did your head but then you're you're afraid that figure. Here boat check common view. This concluding gripping you or no one. Like. Or doing fine. You know let you do thought that that happens so. No it you learn early. I'm sure I'm sure Cutler a rookie at that whatever is that this week a surety cap over the side. Absolutely destroy it. Well what do you that I mean it does Jack is if it does I mean any given Sunday you know any team by. He knocks it out of a bit a bit like a that this week ago they're going to keep and they have the dealers. And it was the patriot. Dealers. All they didn't play better that it went well they've played out of our competition. Under what Jack had built built game. Do all the work they've ever seen right it's like seeing comets are like are you kidding me he urged the check. That terrible oil to. All goal. Long neck guards and I you know I said I said yesterday I might. Okay. Let's get this straight we get the jaguars vs the patriots forget Tom Brady vs some dude called morals. Had pulled something out of his ass last week. And you've you've got a guy with twelve AFC championships. I gain some dude did so trying to climb the ladder. I don't think I'm going against the patriot. Not. You know you. Combat or bigger you're so be so it. It often thought if you could just straight out like. Dropping the ball and couldn't all the result of both offered some order or outlook. Do you think that do you think the hand thing is trickery and subterfuge. Or do you believe that. Operating yes it is like there are reports this idea they're saying stitches in his and what do what do you think. You get the all that much trickery and then let them vote yes it will limit trickery in the fight broke. I don't know why I don't think that they would be bad. This or that. Like OP's chances but he really did you ever covered current equity in burgers and certain cracked if he. Something or read that somebody had them like old black some sort so. Cautionary from down per couple say well I. And then com and Orion light. Crazy is our place and goes so. I'm sure it'll. These poor old victim but I'll. Say. Wolf although it yourself that be so far what. Do you I don't think we've spoken to you since the dramatic ESPN story on on number radian dollar check what the what was your opinion on that. Any any any any truth to any truth in there. Salt I think are a lot yet an athlete. At some point prior all of these order sends people that are going to be here say they eat something you create. Talk all Mercury. Big controversy. And that. Like it but they were in they're going and the guys who voters there liked our lineup. And and that fact the picture problem in the effect of is that aspect bill. Because of the oh there they will also visit eight absolutely and another thing in the fight. It even if even if and bill and the award of an issue but he. Ourselves focused on what they have to do that it would let it affect the outcome of the game already so. I don't think it has a lot of yeah and they built the data wherever they are going to be the best or factor built at a Utah coach. Coaches. Are going to be. William you that you mention it earlier and Erica outside you know that got amazing story line of the jags in the bills let's roll it back. Yeah there's that put the work of our view that I want to game. All of my friends audience might argue watch in this terrible. Terrible terrible act like that David just. The worst thing I've seen it all very long time. From the go to that you were actually up or put out there you're better short are undefeated team and protect its record through week there. Sort of like think about the patriot. And an upbeat about Earl. If there walk and now you're actually a much. Older or younger or. Create. A more weapons or in the quality where they sell soul. The patriot but this week it. Up the runs they should they eat out of the block will go far up. Let oral strove for. ER. If is the Rob Ninkovich is our guest former New England Patriots and all around good guy is the let's say that Belichick. You know I stay in and he that ends up. As it appears he's going to. Losing he ends up losing Josh McDaniels and the map Patricia is is that is that any kind of an issue next year those guys what they are because of them. No idea that went in those two guys with these are what hurt us. Goal. Of the day you know problems all over and I understand okay. You rather not hear what the back saying kitten that same production and necessary. I think that's good stuff we'll go to so are some reason they're so walker a a guy that he felt awkward hole all the plays off bad or. All the played Pete and you were you all understand you reduce some truth to put every of the game it seemed impossible so. Think they'll be fired obviously Google the big loss because they're great cultures. At the end of the day. Which ain't gonna is connected in the group so. And then what about it. Vikings Eagles who do you think wins that one. I. If he's been great all the quarterback play an air of yeah all. That well I love it. It's at the peak at the games are going to be you know whoever gave it says it's going to be close games were. 140. Of the pillows for game. And Hillary I mean it's going to be all what are the defense is and whoever whoever plays but you as ever win that game. So. It up and another vikings. A dome team in the critical facility. It. A bit tomorrow we get our critical look at the weather. Let the vikings it really. Yeah I do. Or technical little error old. Yeah you know you know want to know what's amusing. Is set I I can't believe I had no I don't I didn't remember they were teammates. They were both they were both quarterbacks for the rants. It's or was it the Arabs area for the rams and and they sucked. And both guys are. Yeah I saw me and I expect David going to be important that as there. Angry that their little about the Rutgers basketball team record set so hopefully there's. Each quarterback throw up in the air but the vikings yeah we're. All right eagle on Sunday. I won't be around come on a cool thing. But they're interrogating saying. It dead. No four of us are trying to go to hooters. I don't know I understand there are helping out premiere at nine or later something. Yeah I'm gonna go at almost the opposite but it out today. Besides. Well even if it goes it goes Laura allotment on here. Breaking news Europe and bring him to dinner I think I think delight you with state didn't answer and I thought I was gonna give you free steak for years he came back and play so well. I needed to. All had a bet I would bet now work without them or stop the run they don't and anyone else that your work has. Girls that look at outside lives. Gagne you're great on TV did an element. Thank you Edwards yeah. All right rob thanks for checking and we'll see you a cease. Art. That's Rob Ninkovich former New England patriot Euro Hill Man Morning Show. To make me feel bad about that trigger so I didn't feel right your faith gap. No more pomp no more on Betty well Johnny Johnny dead bats a trigger for me I feel bad. You show that he killed him. Quaid talked about The Beatles more current. Our. Audience. In. What will his move. Eight wife do for her her money if well you're probably a lot of I would guess. This afternoon at three it is our afternoon show Marty and neck and they will have it. It's a free ski Friday so they'll have lift tickets every hour beginning at 3 o'clock and when you win the lift tickets. You could also win the grand prize which means. That you could win and a ski getaway to one of the great resorts here in New England so Marty and neck. Coming up at three of course that will be. Enthusiastically. Discussing. The AFC championship game and greatest quarterback in history of all quarterbacks in this. Most important hand in the history of all hands and all of that stuff and you know what. Budget techsters during the break. We're talking about how incredible. Mingo was. During the interview and it's really it's that whole entire thing he said about how. When their plane they're so afraid of what appeals threw it right at the ticket it's one thing that's. That's why interviews of the guys are upbeat and yet be a veteran once you get it to be a veteran guy like Rob Ninkovich now whenever you feel a little more empowered. To say things. I'd let that I didn't get the whole flying thing. What oh you would what you're going to find if you say I mean right I your savings or something it's fine yeah and that's unheard of measure if you had that in place like. A lot of Marines were illegally period it loosened the reporters never came to me unless you're actually but I mean on the shelves. What I did what it is that something I'm. The reporters never came to me or nuanced arguments. Yeah and it was your fault yes Jack. Martyrs for. LB used to be known as Ron manner. By I buy a lot of this evening at old pattern that's what they call. On own better now he's learning another ice very interesting. Report that I wanted to mention by at least from the Pew Research Center pew pew. End of the pew research institute yes. They found. Even during a study that a majority of women here in the United States who's never been married. Have given birth to at least one child before they reached the age of 44. While this is. AA this is a bit of a trend now. Where women. Our. Very comfortable with having child. Without. Being married without in many cases without having an active male there it and I'm. That's why I don't fault as the but what you mean you talked about this before. Would you be willing to have I'm asking for a friend would you be willing to have a baby. If you warmth but likely you know if you weren't married or you warrants. Like even win like with CE said to a friend viewers. Let's say you said to charity after that proposition thanks so yes Inaba liked would you say would you ever get to the point where you would say to a friends hey would you. I have your sperm I wanna have the BB. And and not be worried about that is you know what active involved popular tourism related financially support ticket yeah yeah you would do it UN are probably. Extremely difficult but yeah you know I mean it's hard to parents yeah right. It's not something I would rule out. There's I think it's one a lot of people don't understand how how much child care costs say yeah. Incentive payment yeah you know you're talking big box each week uses that several techsters are saying they're still halted and an addict that's how well. But there is. I mean here's the tax. 617 tax. From a woman who says this is exactly what I did when I hit 41 and had not gotten married yet I went out. And had a baby and I and and she is. It she says I'm very happy. So on me you know and that tickets and their very interest and it will there you're you're one of those neighborhood bullies that. A water and a martyr. The American relationship. Ping server child who's the best. Situation well yeah I mean you say that like there aren't a lot of people who would believe that like I'm an outline or something I don't know I think you're ever you have to act. If you can have that that's great I think there's a lick their single parents who do an amazing job. And couples who do a terrible job parenting GAAP aren't our topic are horrible there's a couple on the news yeah yeah yeah I don't I have to I don't I don't think you listen info if the woman wants have a baby. And is. 41 or 42 or whatever had the majors you said before the age of 44 we set up. Then and she's a great parent she's going to be a great camp it's gonna be a better parent then. Some. Kids web apparently felt coming out and actually waking up at 230 to bottle feed six kittens three squirrels and didn't feel more acrobatic kick failed to that occasion being here. That kind of feed themselves eventually watch what is. That fact that that can't here's a 978. Here's a 978 Texas says they yell you are a whole will catch. Don't listen to any of these mom is hierro fixing it. Yeah going to be fine. An hour and yes of course amazing. It's the destitute Diane dot com. In the 1960s. Lyndon Johnson years in nine semi tech's. Lyndon Johnson sent people to homes. To inform families. That they would be better off. To not have emea and in the household. Which would allow them to collect welfare is that true about LBJ I don't know that that's a factual ads. And I know that. He didn't like to have any kind of little pulling in the in the in the B hole that would area. No okay the odds down where he had notes I think there's always a little too tight. So you cannot get here it's like we're out there because they cut me one I can't wait they have made under the so. Believe me. You know they have much margin there which if you can't really do about it gonna change from the Florida separate. It is. Ground under back from above hope he started out there Sunday too. Florida and a beer. Probably launch PS little heartburn leapt over art Brent from one yeah. Is that true did you find out of that fact I am there's. If there's a lot more details and I can read in just one thing right now so I'd have to go into little bit and it seems like it could be beaten. Here's a Texas says you should practice aren't raising your baby on LB from what. I carry around the flour sack at a high school at. I know I don't think they make a stroller big enough for that and Africa there but it's gonna that he wanted to. 62200. And and an. Okay well so that's interesting information there are many women who are now who have not listen didn't we talked about. The fact that a lot of people are issuing. Marriage anyway yeah they're not getting married anymore becoming a more updated content I. A buyout. And then the reason that they're buying houses for an animal and not write I write rights as well my house is and that's what I think that's what we there was like a stab on. The normal meals in that most the main reason they're buying a home is for an animal and this is the last hello glad. Blue grit it out what's up line. Got beside a I mean. Love Friday because you know I have a very exciting crazy party and I planned a one dateline is I go. Who I go to watch that show The Chieftains basketball team and then I go right straight to dateline at that and as a rapper big weekend. And I make you more worried about you kids they call it doesn't think. He gets out on the parts that and it might might die here that we want to just like please stop watching that let me have a light a all week. Not at this being hyper fighting game will be a great mother I know. It always but only occurred just like he she got the background experience that execute to that are. You yummy mummy and he did yeah I didn't. Yet it editing notice their relationship what it ended like this product it all don't obscure reference the soprano. Wait a minute now we have Neill show on in the coming on the fell in about thirty minutes. Is it Neil show on a journey coming on the show and didn't. The Sopranos. On the shoe box. If that ended. Yeah. Smelled. Yeah yeah. Feels charm of journey will join us to talk about there federally show this summer in about half an hour this is Mike on the framing imports studio line what's up Mike. They have got in my crazy if you don't want you to Ameritech crow that broke little White House yes. The one. Break in now it's slipped uninvited I don't know her but I look at it and seek. Crash she and her that was her former husband yeah right yeah allotted yup they day. They were like the people who know those people who always talk about how they sneak into the Super Bowl or. They sneak into the grammys there you know and so that was a big thing and he snuck into the White House the man. And now I think there there marriage and I don't know if you sit with Neil Shania status. Zach they got married. They had their marriage to them wedding was paper you. Yeah really yeah because she's one of the housewives of something. That you get on one of the huh one of New York some the lights out housewives futures here when I hate those shows and then you know. I'm seeing do you want to as a housewife. Not okay good and a you're way too Smart for that may PRI in fact I almost reach greeted incurred ash and for the first and last time in my life this morning because. Let me he'd treated something about Lamar Odom saying he was done with Khloe Kardashian. Once he realized she was on her second or third NBA player to impart dashing and track quoted that tweet and said or second or third brothel. Well I was like oh. Think there but all of my life I get that woman crops that was after half an idea I don't I'm not. The match and learn all I just the it's not I I very rarely watch TV anyway while I was pretty it is barge actors so it's. 'cause they're crazy crazy growth in the match that's the question of seeing girls on the bachelorette the line. Nobody wants. Pirates. What are we what else is happening news wives. Well plots has me beat twenty location. With Amazon really new headquarters they had 238. Proposals altogether. It narrowed it down to twenty feet this is big yup now. I was asking somebody about this yesterday. And they know the answer is it. These specific site that was septic Darren that made the list or just all of the people who apply. On with that could spark and worked with the governor. The governor will be your next Thursday by the way for breakfast maker probably makers next Thursday. They didn't work together so does that mean any of the sites that were suggested in. Massachusetts could be on a part of this there are two different proposals that made the cut within so. Amazon. Said that. He selected locations in Boston metro area. Right and then the one the proposals that advanced were Suffolk downs and east dean Revere and and Somerville also had a proposal that advanced. Which is multi. City proposal. Having to do with like where and bta stations now okay so that's those are the ones that advance and Amazon it is if. If you get it. There are throwing five billion dollars. At you that's that's. Money. So Sicily Italy and amazingly gigantic. Warehouse delivery shot I don't know yeah. Had heard words like their campus and yeah out that people now live their people are gonna have driver less cars and robot uprise Cinnaminson. The whole the whole. Shamil can name maybe a meal they get the Suffolk downs big can they may be build a one a flyover America. I just passed all those lights because that will make my commute tell. I'm not a monorail. I was just gonna not a bad idea guy that would be such a great thing a nice little. Tram I hope they don't have to take down the Saddam statue of the of the virgin Maradona Sharon that's over the Don L'Oreal and homes of those around the corner that was about it up on the hill is not gonna come down and Lawrence. I don't know. Our rights. The what else is in the news this morning. Have you seen our customers saying Weymouth advanced as well the naval air force base that that the only thing about every possible the old naval air base and that's believable they're doing a huge development is that it does would now would that be considered Boston metro maybe that's IC I think encounter if it's that I. And outside the far off I just wonder if when they save Boston that means everybody who re like it's it's confusing but what else is in the news. Did you see that very sad story about he. Elderly retired older retired couple in Middleton. That lost 2500 dollars in cash because they were storing it in a fake Campbell's soup cans and that they dent then donated. To the food pantry when their neighbor came over looking for donations yes silence on the news the very sad story and then. Started off funding for these two when I heard this story and it like broke my heart I was like. Is now that's what they do their old they save cash to keep his house yeah we can actually hear from the couple's daughter Amanda. That's a lot of money to them especially when you know when you retired and I'm into the cabinet grabbed a bunch of candidates. Looked at Campbell's tomato soup. We don't eat that very much and she didn't realize that it is gone. Until several weeks late you know they weren't devastated they were so upset they are separate themselves. I have a lot of heat and humidity I think somebody's gonna come forward without money. I do think that there is more good in the world than bad. That's two down a canyon though what you could go on me accounts gonna make a 900000. Ballots out. But if you accidentally. Donate something like that. Let me tell you this as a frugal person. You have to have a family member. Like the daughter. Speak up for you or else people are gonna look I don't know you know OK you accidentally on disputed area you know the answer should really did keep the relegate go ahead and keep it out of it fine and we're not gonna find whoever got the soup canned had a lot of the aria yeah. Dale they thought the road and tomato Sidrane. Like come Gillick tomato soup. I like made of desk like creamy you know desk. With a grilled cheese sim matched us is that the Eiffel about a nice tomato chatter. A bit ultimately charities and marble it makes an amazing to me and I like her that tomato soup with a dollop. Of goat cheese and that's nice that's very very good deal like 1% and it well I mean Heintz Olympia do you like the B roasted tomato beatle types soups that are earlier or chunky and tell us those. But there's nothing better on a cold day. Big ass bowl of creamy tomato soup right was would Bradford dipping humane and minute diligent tomato soup with a whole tomatoes are you crush remarked we're DA have to worship them. Plan to appeal on Russian idea and stuff this is chain on it. The premium sports studio line assumption. So now what have you gotten crew let's go. All the walks into this morning. Mr. not costing us some little girl and a she took it upon herself to. I'm the tree. And seeing an American flag terror in the wind. The to a 1012 years old so we're. Home is it just outside Boston it is a town but I. I would love watch reruns of that. And even if Tom Brady goes to. Class so does not stand. Yeah I mean. We've we have them management's weir weir was in Melrose. Actually Riordan is the seventh grader and she was it Mary Foley park with her mom. Each flag came detached from the flag pole that was tangled up in a tree. So she scaled attorney. To get the flag down bats are so nice nicely done an awesome how all the shape she. Wall seventh grader so whatever your moral and learn blue collar I was gonna caller we I was gonna give her ROR new award that we give out but. I'll will call the Massachusetts person yet though of the week all right she deserves that honor that we gave yesterday that the I'd say it's two different people and Monday from from Bermuda experiences. Been gradually nice work by our. Get the rest of the conversation in the next hour of the Hill Man Morning Show podcast.