Hour 3 - Not Everyone's Good In The Wrapper

Monday, February 26th

This hour we talk about the incident that happened on the southeast expressway involving dirtbikes and atvs, we listen to your Hillmail voice mail messages, we go Inside The Simple Male Mind, and someone adopted a pet pig only to make bacon with it!


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They Hill Man Morning Show on demand. And more I'm always online pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Many us from Saturday the began bikers that we're on the expressed waits. Oh my god out of control jump over the median like tugging the bikes over his. In absolute disaster at state trooper allowed a pending discharge his weapon an attempt to actress and some of the suspects back from Randolph was wounded he's going to be okay. A lot of people is writing like ATVs off road bikes on 93 they were going around in circles just really. Any chaos as a laugh yeah just trying to. Interviewed other people getting weather going this there is a lot of video online feature Twitter FaceBook one of the guys is wearing you can go prone helmet he can see how it unfolded just absolute chaos. And we got some sound from that two term mayor Martin. I think they did get a little balls. And Michigan that they can go on the highway into this highway and I think it's a major concern that caused a lot of problems and it was a real nice day yesterday and they decide to take on the highway and seven people were arrested. I definitely do that subverts that they're giving him a thing for right. The last five years I couldn't believe the comments under the video from some people that elect who cares they weren't hurting anybody there or causing any problems that decided that some funnel like the expressway. It's not just government go ten miles an hour and all day every day. All right. Well it is 8 o'clock on the dot here at WAA after FM and HD one less pro Boston WEEI. HD two Lawrence. And WWB. Acts. HD to box them. Here's that code words you need to tell stand for your chance to win your share of 300000. Dollar. Baghdad we're giving away 300000. Dollars and right now you need to tax the code word some mile. As am IL need to this tax numbers 72881. You. What do you give every fifteen minutes and art and fifteen minutes that tax the code words smile. 72881. Message and data rates apply. And you're next code word will be announced that nine and you get one every single hour all day today because we are giving away 300000. Dollars attacks the way hello Matt. They've got about let's. Not that a call about yeah obviously that money fruit or rewritten their records yes yes I I thought they are in and this morning. About people that nothing but got fired shots in the and I watched the video. Yeah that was it was chaotic like the old fashioned I'm not. Have seen the video yet so I really I really can't comment with a with a crowd nothing like bad mouthing the police officer for firing shots is that there. Yeah added they they you know biker community are they weren't doing anything wrong all lines like get out on by. And don't go in the woods with those things don't. But it's legal to drive me TV time right right exactly yeah social. It looked like the road warrior out there all right it's obviously crisis he didn't know where which way people were going right it was easy to CEO Larry you know me righted your partner or is that plated in the animal world waited. This is Jeff ocean councils. Good morning welcome to Canada workweek lets. Hello everybody eat so I can go into the option that let them by a couple of template in America and. And accurately at the yeah and she would. Yeah just left him there yeah there's some dump them into ten grand and Reagan on the expressway. I finish here at the the video from the helmet cam on the WA AF face the patient not yet seen over the weekend. You can see exactly how everything unfolded that was and is not. All right we'll check that out on our FaceBook page it is 803 here at W area. And now it's your turn to talk as they Hill Man Morning Show presents. Still male. So might true. Today and nobody's what do you do pick the family over to. Under W a death by all. All polls show podcast also go up Ira I. Today's political voice mail messages are brought you by the city of busting credit union. We all of the convenience of big bank checking accounts but with no minimum balance requirements. And no monthly service fees you should check out the city of busting credit union. And their checking account Serbs today in here are. The very best home L voicemail messages that you have laughed over the previous few days. Then 148. PM. Et. It. We. Hope it's happening this deal out on me he says that. Rick Nash despite the fact that he hasn't had an awful lot of playoff success. Is great additions team and what does that do there is none of the other Rangers had any playoff success either via. And now I mean you know I they get to the player is Rick Nash scored in the regular season. People are upset about Spooner but he really ever you pay him every opportunity on the planet nobody gets yeah if it tingles a year yeah I mean listen it's a game. The and we just except the track. Just take take Ryan Spooner. And Rick Nash. Ask yourself who's better. And here's magistrate now yeah they're great job by joining Sweeney upgrade and he the other got a plethora via draft they're not there. They gotta do what he. I thought he would need now what kind of salary you know he's a wily veteran good guy played his ass off whatever but he you know he's pulling down millions and so another eight. They got some don't own their pocket yet. They gave away a youngster and linger and whatever now. And only 12:16. PM. On the hope that in but the apparent in. With everything from me underworld. Great can't even. I mean I mean less than what we do it our next blind taste test challenge on Friday with the best Italian sandwich in the commonwealth. It is could be and I mean I mean let's are gonna take probably Wednesday. Is today. And which I will ask you for your suggestions on the very best Italian sandwich and McConnell. I happen to believe. It's at bombs and in Waltham budgets are we're celebrating national hold cut day which is this Saturday. And so we're gonna celebrate with the our next blind taste tests we will put to rest. Any questions. From now and in Philly eternity on where the very best Italian sandwiched in our commonwealth is during Friday's Hill Man Morning Show. Five we see him. Account. Accurately what if we get the babies that they have some of that O Biden but it had been notified Benedict about that. When. They're promoting. Analysts why Julia watched homeland last night because they're really liked that show and they were promoting this limited run and number batch mini series which is coming on showtime so. I'm sure miss the shoe is censorship but he knows it be hunkered down in front of the television. Watching now he's been watching the bootleg for the past three errors as she got an eye on Saturday night and Asia series to China. Plural. We weren't all that. And are aware of that. If you don't think you want that I'd go to Natalie. Our own. Then I brought it might not blow it every time he's a former radio. And. Think who thinks he can. The idea that dead clothing line. But I'd be a good idea I'd like if I do I liked it but it's kind of rip off under the old man who has stepped through every clothing line. Wounded. Am apparently it's dangerously Drew Carey. And how to successfully argued Jerry. I only see him on the price is right and killer on that show me that's that's a great detail and the days of the year. All it shows that tea all the shows I am like a week yeah you know. Think he won only man. And it's you know. Who get colored kids when mom there and I'm. Independent academic bowl I am certain there is nobody cared. I understand. He doesn't do good LB. You know what did you emissary means that yes we need he did agree nailed it at the trailers. Year all of the Swedish colors. And check the gas well in the velocity and our fans want it real. Oh and one old. Monday Martin's. The day I'll be here to tell everyone have a great weekend. And the message got Wednesday. Thanks theater. Thinking Foreman older. Greg is in debt that there are definitive word in your video. At. People are days that the correct rip off of my joke. The fifth and what they would be happy that we did not like he's thirtieth whether they are great but that you go under and you look right on the bad side. I'm locomotives by capital will it a bit of a particular out there better but they're really. Thank you very. And then that. Of Immelman is running for the great deal foundation marathon team this year and he even spoke Newman I communicated with him the attacks took the other day because it's. The Phantom Gourmet is having a crap year. That's the death that's the next best loan and it was getting involved and in. But and I assume maybe he'll come in and plugged the craft beer that's been awhile since he's been in the seen forever but I guess you but I think his plan. He still in the east knows runner like myself definitely runner. All right it is 810 thank you for participating this morning during hill mail. And now and it's only natural front eliminated girls joining us I'm never going to stop going to prostitute. I don't understand this week peer inside another got to work when I want to want. The simple mail mine worker we're having to examine a great time. Are right inside these simple mail mind is brought to you by LB's here doctors doctor Robert Leonard and doctor map view press the if you'd call them at 1800. Yet there Austin and it's if you're a woman and you find yourself confused by the way the very basic very uncomplicated. Male mind works. You may now text any and all questions. To lose the tax line which is 97107. And if you could roll that back. There was a message just little while ago keep going and you know. Keep rolling and now it's like a one of three text message. Series. Keep going and keep going and keep in mind keep yeah I think the real on the prices I feel like it's gonna give it one or two I don't remember I don't remember what it was like a three. Like a 0123 message saying in Evian litigate here owns here and where. On the one on the I'm a defense motion next machine. That it's just it's early on is that going to be of any can't tell me to back it up anymore I don't I can't do this I it's it's difficult the pocket and do something at the same time I know some people are out of that area. You that you found that I'd so any and all questions that you have. About the very simple mail mind ladies you may text them now to the tax line which is 9717. I have a question my boyfriend and I have been together this a nine disseminate text for a little over a year got Jeff we have a great relationship out. However for some reason he still feels the need to talk to other women and flirt. Why does he do this and will he ever stop. And does it mean that he is cheating our rights that's a 978 Texas McCoy does. It doesn't mean he's cheating muses and secure. And and and you know what any wants you to run over and go. OK you don't tie it and recruit I truly love you a year amazing that he's trying to make her jealous that I think certainly that's. There's so many quirks with guys heard you know us. We have so many insecurities it's breezy. And you know trying it figure out he's still got right that the in here and there and I just personal life just that it still talked longer just not just a lot of millions to play there yeah I asked them yeah regular myself in the back is that you wanted to to me. You know guys being that usually doesn't sound good. Knock it off in Iraq and I. Hears of or X 401 text from the continent of Rhode Island I caught my husband. Based timing a woman act who AM talk. He claims it was his guy friend and there was the guy's girlfriend in the background. But I never heard a man's voice is take from state farm he spends what are you wearing he says that's all just a misunderstanding what do you think now. What do you what it was a movie based timing anybody at 2 AM in the morning. Are excited hi Alice is somebody in your family her diet like and you know each time reading my mind I think starting yesterday yes I accidents none I don't know what notions here I've faced in Ernie and lower fees charmingly and and there was mad he's. And these Brothers aren't any of these people who are these days right Matt Henne and brother Luke yeah there are hurt his daughter Maggie yeah. It was her birthday so we retraced armor and then the best was land was there. I don't like Palin she's like yeah I never CR might know but that's some water but hey this time as he held on grounds that his. So anyway yeah yeah you're here your husband your house boy you know the other thing you have to ask yourself is do you guys have sex on a regular basis. Saw you series desperate and right shoulder he's got some long. Dude from Iowa it's going to get naked form so we can work one out. Which is not a bad thing I did I'd Seattle cancer that achieving. If you if you're not having starts with year. Counterpart. And they have to go somewhere to work one out it's not cheap. Okay. Here's a 774. Attacks my fiance and I have been together for a long time. Yet. He refuses to call me his fiancee to everybody else. Why is. That banana and a future dared to. That's. That is if if you hit you might you might wanna sit down and down day out an adult conversation on where your life is going if he's not calling out his fiancee other people laden tomorrow you have an issue. You have a real issue can't accept it yet so when you actually get married how long is gonna take for him to save your wife and I seriously they accepted by now and yet even listen to any don't waste Edwards I'm like I always like Jerry are saying these situations. I know you put up weather for another three years you're three years old or the pool gets smaller you're gonna do. The end and DR he's probably. Decently hot then you pack armed want me. Visions of perhaps. A nurse sooner date and some dude it's foreign fifty pounds of works on meridia and. Here's in the 978 our friend 978 tax. My boyfriend. Refuses. To have sex would meet twice in the same date. Because he says it hurts. Is it normal. For a man's penis to be sore for a whole day you know their make Wayne of it why aren't an out of the first army abscess you do Freud for a half hours that Aaron. Now that. Now are using a swing of some sort I did you sleazy and army want I mean once today that's pretty good. You know what they expelled most people do it works like terror hours the guys they want to exercise for me Kamal when you're the bad news in the morning. Everyone in a BC world works ten to fifty hours a day and except for himself. Are you a you know exactly where I work I work from six to eight and I do like every little around the offers yeah no one says raring to me and monitor them and the. Meaning I don't I don't I gotta I walked into the cells. Office with everybody there every day after the shown a marked on their radar and he got me today remain at night. I don't. What I am going. As Mario. Apparently ice bath. Can dresses in the album is on the beyoncé thing. A lot of guys are texting and and there's some women texting him through. That they don't like the term beyoncé would I be why they feel like it's pretentious. We may never. Know you can't really rich buddies and fake these pretentious if you five minutes explaining. Why you don't wanna use the word fiance. But again you you you you went to a shop. Spent a boatload of money. Ranked I don't remember ring and then years in a pretend you didn't happen this is person to where we managed to what you guys. I'm there. Five boys taxed I met this guy on a dating site and we talked for a few hours and then decided to meet up. After we exchanged numbers I texted him the next day. Now it's been four days and there is no responding from him. I felt like he was in the meaning me and I was in him what is the deal he doesn't light you know OK okay yeah. His girlfriend is. Disguise what I. And again I mean after you meet someone on a dating site. You're here each other's voices we like each other's voices. My a great example of this is Hillman had delivered with me. Because I have an infatuation was Liz wild. And I thought I started amazingly. Amazingly awesome. And and I took a limo and ultimately that radios and just as when LB played for the Bruins. When LB was playing this is like nineteen EB eat or something like that I think he's like Harry care. Blues well Arnold's sounds pretty hot in the afternoon man. I play and I think I don't know I don't. Have to sag and a lot of my you know am I supposed to so we bulls out of the limo. I can't. Stretch limo and that it gets there. Gets to the radio station and it's like. Okay I want you and I just go routes Natalie McNeal someplace different. Am I somebody whose club in Framingham was the name of that place used to show with. Community beach club now is where the shot towed the bill I shouldn't welcome yeah that was my. Job is in an there was two clubs in that my uncle Carl and here's the seven they want tax. Are trying to spice things up what my boyfriend. And I always suggest road age. He always says no because it's unreasonable and dangerous is that I'll say oh I'm sorry item and to that so yeah assignment and not tell that I had a serious. So he's suggests. Let's I'll just go back to Lisa can be. In the Irish man I'm not and I. That's not what it's about not about any candidate. 978 tax my boyfriend and I have been together for over two years we were out this weekend will be a friend of mind. My friends saw a guy that she was interested in. And started flirting with a guy eventually the guy joined our group and we were all hang out and talking as the night went on. My boyfriend got in my face and caused a scene in front of everybody at the bar because he thought I wanted the guys for some reason. I've never given him a reason to accuse me of doing anything and I mean I don't know what like what's going on there is just. Thomas topic and does it again I sister's ass of the door yeah. There there there's enough there's no in bright Deirdre. Is there any yea you're in the bears' side and in the various old blood here in the desert anything worse. Then people that do public confrontation. I mean listen that's one of the beauty queens go to use as the public yeah. No absolutely not in the iPhone that over the caller are you and I just don't don't. Don't raise your voice that would get me yeah I look at me I thought what is this message I found what her own but as I haven't app that allows me access to your quick to all of your phones and yes I saw something camera that I installed you'll like. On homeland there's some secret cameras that have been stalled again in the home of the White House chief of you my obvious and could be acutely than they did. And error thing about that situation as if the guy has any sacked at all he goes and bundles and my. Frank in what they were winning when he and yet your girls face for your behavior that you she's the one lights years you don't even know the other dude so just go knock him out. Here's a 978 taxed when using gaming apps. Why do you guys always ask for more picturesque even though you have several clear ones up. Including multiple full body shot I can answer this one. They're always suspect that you stole them from someone's profiling could only get access to six good looking pictures so they wanna make sure that you're like the real person wolf that baton or trolling or trolling for very you know accomplish. In the nude. Tired. Is that what it is though they think that the pictures that you have up there are like your best pictures of ten years ago it is that what they are. And that's yeah that's why if you wanna set up the great date you on the half or the website whatever using for dating service use your worst pictures. This way the person is always pleasantly surprised and they see you in person at a good looking you're our guy I just think the whole. Dating. Web site being so freaky. Why do you have expectations. If your brand remotely. Rolling. Web sites to find someone that you want to be where for the rest here alive. It does random because those people are also there for the for the most part let me start random. You never you don't know they are yeah I think that what they say they live fate he yelled at the same thing if you met somebody a bar some I I know do you do you think. Yeah do you get to decide and talk to them and say you know what I I I'm one of the union talent moral and I wanna I wanna go for dinner in your town tomorrow. And in and they don't they don't go okay. On the on the corner of 47 and fifth. I'm just picking up being your arm Google would put him. And they don't crack you know don't come to the door oldest just brought into our lives are enrolled as usual dose and I don't know more about. Here's an 857. Taxed I work with a guy that I have a crush on who's married. He is frequently flirting with me to the point where we start to talk about going out and then he backs away what is going on here so. In the country it now from oven when when you're in this situation. You start your right to the punch. Greg just I'm gonna be in my house a Friday at 7 o'clock here's my address. You wanna come over and smash more and smash leaders who were in the smash your own don't want them. My husband and I here's a 603 texts from New Hampshire. My husband and I've been married for eighteen months. We went from having sex every day to having once a week and now it's only one time every thirty days oh boy. He says that it is the stress but I can't help but wonder. If he would rather. Watch Warren instead of putting the effort into having sex meanwhile we did learn that 25% of. Women. Would rather watch Warren and and master Bates and then TCP. I don't remember what the number was for men but 50% it was 50% of mad. So do you think that's what's going on here are I mean. Sex is it's if it's a crazy issue number one he's getting lazy ya number two you have to ask yourself are you good the rapper. Yeah because not everybody's awesome in the wrapper so maybe he's used to have them like crazy blog XX and rob pursuit right and then you're not there yet. So. Again if you guys have been the other fraud time any caring wanna make it work then you sit down and have a adult conversation. And I don't mean you're you know you're together. Make it make it right if it doesn't work then say don't waste anymore time. Let me tell you something as you know if you've been listening all morning. I I'd been very depressed about the fact that Emily Gradkowski got married over the weekend okay gotten hurt him maybe she may be the most. Beautiful. Thing that god has ever put on this plan and yeah. Eventually. In maybe sooner than that minimally thinks. That man mr. mr. accounts yes. Is is going to be sick of having sex it's just a fact it happens it is a fact of life you show me the hottest. Looking. Woman in the world I'll show you somebody who is tired of having sex with her it's just an unfortunate thing that happens. She shouldn't get upset about it she should she should not she should not let it get her down okay yet and by the way. Do you think mr. Gradkowski is is upset about that picture. That she put on Ernster Graham moments before wedding where she was nude on a couch at her home I mean what does mr. What does mister radical how's he gonna do about this he pay you millions chestnut why I am and the man I guess we're gonna pitcher without. You're probably more than sound just how much of the couched in held in your arm that. A gorgeous in the decorative pillows thinking myself what a pain in the ass and those are. Bob can I ask your question Deirdre wire to be difficult. No one or women into the pillow thing to be difficult. I have like 35 goes on like articulate green fits you duplicate it and I'm off to war under glory yeah. And back on as a whole thing it's it's it's like company comes over Selig can look fancy and no one ever actually sees that room. Not only beautiful like homing gardens magazine like come down. Here is a 978. Tax that says my boyfriend. Only wants us to make love in one position. Well he's he doesn't like it when we switch it up or spice it up it's always that one of position what is the deal. Number one can accuse us something we may get an arm and it is it ain't gonna work. If sex angry you may hang and so again we're back to Iraq. Mr. you have bad sex for four years to your completely seriously tired Everett and then you walk away and your five years old. The pool gets smaller. All right. While that is inside the simple mail mind it is 827. Here on the Hill Man Morning Show for crying out loud apparently a posted the caps in the office snap Chad place. No 1 am yeah. And yeah I. I got some issues and an island. I have Smithson you don't have this. This is Janet on the Framingham Ford studio line premium board no one will sell you a Ford for less what's happening Janet. Good morning everyone in our. I could I was starting talk as a result checking. Framingham yes yes I was swinging it well that's that's. He's anything like what. I don't know say no question Obama's. Senate thinking at all that anyone notice when no one has. Well that's the place before it was called which we're talking about this club is to be in premium. So airport before it was called shabby easy it was called swingers. And they had and they and the whole thing was they had a couple girls swinging on a swing in there and. It was a cabinet. Yeah. Without observing that object what atlas. But I have been you know checked swinging from the roof over the place and I. Montreal it was a place no on that note it only thing I know what's the big play since August and now the house yeah. No even better now Paulus took it to a whole new low level lead but he did to apparently dated smoke show stripper. And a rocket ship will come out of the wall. Lowered cameras this I don't think I was old enough to go to a club I don't know like. TV. Maybe. Five even six it just imagined it maybe just the masses aren't. With the now. Julia are limited by now that the rocket ship opened up and she inner lower murdered down my. And then she danced on a poll that was. From the roof from the roof of the Rockies chipped in this announcement out of Palestine. And at times it's there's still a plug Berry is murdered their ballots on the loans La La La. That that it. Everyday thoughts and prayers for the talents are god blessed moment and carries the happen to know. We should try to get Sammy Johns. To go behind the earmarks on the outside I just I didn't just jinx and I am afraid you need it and I know he got in 23 slots. Lol at your Federer. Now he's in the book him via podcast this week. Our wow. Pretty good tune. Here's the text there who's asking if you said the name of the place was captain toppers. I know it was going to be very nice no body that cap on top of that story on Cheney did capped the players I feel that I feel bad for all you out there. You know that I live such an amazing life and I and all these great stories. And I and I can't everywhere and done everything in you're just. Working and now they're just gonna work it and a coach and followed the end. Let's update and or American ally it would recall about. Does it look already been sold everywhere is Eric. You're hair wearing. The. I think a lot of people probably. That a lot of places is that this thing right there. And I think. I love hate you're telling me speaking of those speaking of the caps the broad antigen the kittens that you brought in in a in a cat carrier and their and I think in my pocket and out of the deaths in the office secretly. This media of that you said that there is. Questions. About. A pig. That was adopted from a shelter. And then served up and I was paying him. No around the office and people are so they think people are now going to adopt some of these pegs are free throws in the kittens that they could meet them. And Rios of real controversial thing that you want to talk about the Smart. Here's the thing when you adopt an animal pretty much any rescue or shelter has a very stern clause in the contract that says. If for any reason in the future at any time you cannot eat or safely or appropriately cared for this animal. It must be returned to us. So on Vancouver island's. Eight egg. That was adopted from the British Columbia SP CA name's Molly she's three year old Vietnamese pot bellied pig. Hugh is. Is taken as part of an animal cruelty investigations of the staff at the SP CA up there. Took care of her nursed her back to health. Daughter healthy in this couple adopted her in January 19. On February 16. Ten days ago they discover. That Molly had been killed and now off what had to. We know whether it was like pulled pork sandwiches or bacon nor am an oil and hear the crackling in the hole on. The eyes. The owners realize they did not know how to properly care for her so they decided instead of your return her to the shelter to slaughter her for. And now brain Mickey. Who owns a pet pig it's kind of surprised. That these people are facing charges and I'm not. Blessed be he is the place where you adopt a pet and no kill shelter that everything up the FBP that they revolve around. Is adopted has taken at home rocket if you count locker read boom it bring it back. Whatever you have to do it's not working out that I don't think that the FE PA. Want you to feel the pact is not working out. No please please please don't please don't eat. The path the outlets from all sides. All the time that they get this little tiny ray pig and it becomes like 300 pound and I really well into a big big fat pigs in this country cut throat yeah you make him into barbecue and exactly. On yeah shut articles says that surely you know what little little baby cows you know cavs are sometimes pats or whatever and and now I disagree is Canada they treated this pig away you know most people treat pigs the majority people treat pigs that. Isn't the only point of why that it was adopted them I I have a question on you know violence that's on the year. Does our friend agent of the stars errant cells still have that little teacup pigs that he was convinced has lingered a girl to be about thirty pounds I think he I think he does I am certainly a big women that's different that's your discuss the Vick in quite some time enough. That it was a totally different it I thought to ask. That ask mr. cells he still has the Mickey got rid of it don't tell me out if you don't want announcement of what is so you get frustrated because people get these things as pets and and they don't realize how big they are there early growth to an even better how what a medical. Bees or that like the dwarfed kittens Billick isn't that cute the munchkin cat it's like that thing is gonna health problems for the rest of its life and cost you. Thousands and that built for the dwarf kittens olive on I haven't seen those member. Yes she basically has it she's like she looks like man they call it potato her owner I'm holly. But as soon as she has these tiny little I mean her legs a problem or about two inches long if that and everyone's like oh it's so cute because it looks like. Doesn't look like a real cat but that's. 'cause it has a ton of health problems so people look for is that solved the problem is like I have a white doberman so and she has melanoma. People breed for these characteristics even though they're mutations that people. Pony up big bucks to get something looks unique. I totally unrelated to this discussion two nights. Instead Graham recipe is Greg's easy pork freighters on growing all over. I'm go to him I'm going over the season but I don't results of the pickle relish no quotas are sheltered I hit. I deeper yeah hundred balls. A look like I don't know but I never made them there's no need to know really where rolled up to a ball. Reason three days yeah need to address it Madrid dredge it in egg white and the bad and Fredricka battered I. Only in my beyond December Karen. Here's a 781 Tagamet as a out of metal is a 71 Texas says LB you must have an adopt an animal and eat them story. You must have one of us. I got cooler at me and you talking to the right guy REIT I I bit my tongue on the walls yeah. The less and then if you can if you can feed it into kids' spirits me. It's you know it's it's gone down. Unflinching and today's weather brought to you by the Worcester retailers hockey club and it is eventually going to be sunny. And the temperature is going to be fifty for a high today right now it is 39. Here in scenic secure Brighton Massachusetts the news this hour is brought to your body. Liberty Mutual you have enough things to worry about every day in ensure shindig one of them you can leave worry behind the liberty stands with you liberty mutual insurance. Brought to also buy cars for kids number one charity for card donations now also accepting boats. Arby's motorcycles and a real estate donations. Call today. I won't mind be free guess on the expressway over the weekend you see the guy in Missouri. Who was arrested after he led police on a high speed pursuit as high as it could go riding naked on an eight TV no well known. Outs the chase lasted about twenty minutes elected 330 local time on Sunday. Police got calls about an individual driving erratically on the highway when they responded they found the naked man topped the eight TV. They followed him until does stand for. All your it's that humble particular. And that's the old vehicles older I don't know that that understands we're. Touching the C yeah. Not so the man was finally taking into custody. And this guy Jeff official was be 2018 person who whipped out a cellphone the city some on the highway and have this effect. I looked over and I see a yellow eighteen you just come up on the road and my team we're gonna our state. Time and that on the highway and I know anything they can and so on my grandma used to say negative Jaber and he came right up on the road. And turned right and a traffic I remember watching Q callers like. Swerved to dodge them and I can be that bomb making and publish the and they had referred to now have an anxiety attack. I didn't care pass thoughts. Blow dry and it it was blood. What else thinking of naked people in the news. There's a guy in Australia who's in trouble for basically ruining an 88 year old. Pipe organ. The organ at the Brisbane masonic memorial center had been insured for one million dollars more this guy named Glen Lankford is 51 allegedly drank an entire bottle whiskey. Strip down naked and then got inside the pipe organ and cost it significant damage police got a call. And when they responded they found him holding eight toy gun and a remote controlled police car. He said he had to climb into the pipe organ because he was handing out cheeseburgers to the home certain Polk and now our local news reporters did catch up with the man and we grabbed a little bit of the interview for you. Things that a little bit loose why did you get nice kid. Can explain headline. I did have a lot of chased Big Easy gave Don Lewis apologize. Till the roaches promotions everywhere what do you get a day. Let's say shrink and dietary. See a shrink and I drank. Added that's a flake added that the district I don't district and the North Carolina and yet there. Here is the bill on the framing him forward studio line what's up bill. They guys or not a solo load up. Would become a rural area spurt right and my father decided to get a count one day and I was like OK now get someone to hang out words. And you know time goes on target pretty big. Come home from school one day liberals aren't grows as many home ticket that went well but keep it there he's like he's in the race. I'll. Rule. Well I mean with some people. Don't wanna think about where their dinner in for a need to. You know it's. This is what we did no matter where higher on the food. Chechnya to write a reserve part of the food jets are only ever do is drive through Ohio. Because you can smell the cow poop relate. An hour and a half before you get there and then you drive through. On an eight million heads of cattle. That's enough to he'll be handling your legal settlement and what happens I'm waiting for the blood and on that's what went unarmed and still don't have a budget. Is that it that it was diggers literally obvious why what do you mean that's the stockyards they're gonna sit here there's only yeah. Well no I never Darren. What driven through Ohio yeah out of cal Pope know and shock and you are millions of heads of cattle all panned out now. Getting ready to get slaughtered we have them around here you know tool. But it's only like hundred head of cattle loan I don't know I don't know it's like wild drive like. Four miles and it's like term after term after parent after parent have to look of light houses are heads of cattle that are trapped and a written get ready to get slaughtered and that's why you are nice cowboy. And hello everybody I rate now after the cowboy relies on a bad thing you know and place us. Our rights. Coming up the Oscar show is Sunday and we're gonna be joined by gray Drake who is editor of rotten tomatoes. And we'll talk about. Who is gonna win who's gonna lose what's gonna happen at the Oscars come Sunday. Get the rest of the conversation in the next hour of the Hill Man Morning Show podcast.