Hour 3 - New England Vs Everyone

Friday, January 12th

This hour, a Robot Uprising report from CES where we meet our new robot overloard in the form of an automated sex doll, Hillmail, the art of a sex scene courtesey of the James Franco acting school, and are Patriots fans too sensitive or is everyone really out to get us?!


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They Hill Man Morning Show on demand. And more I'm always online pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Get ready to bow to your robot overlord. Speed. The road. Lot of Bryce in his car. I'm systems. Aren't. This might be helpful for people who have been listening for the last 45 minutes and don't want to ever go on dates again. Where of the human being at her because. The of course we've been talking a lot this week about CES the the Consumer Electronics Show which is happening in Vegas right now and yesterday. For the first time. They introduced everybody at CE ass. The sex this the female sex robot salon is her name is a lot he's actually a second generation. Company that makes her abyss creations. Came out with a sex robot called harmony so that was like version one point oh and I believe we discussed harmony. Now Solana was debuted at the after hours show at the ia is she Russian Irwin it's. Where where you're from well west you can really have her beef from wherever you like he has switch double faces a whole bar if you wanna you know. Writing isolate rate was selected occur so that she'd come with like. Ten different faces Africa that are becoming the different outfit via no corporate Barbie usher instructions like Barra the chute get. The different faces in the different personalities. The board let's get this over with wife face. You can profit comes to that might get more and but he. The developer of the row by. Cantor up on agent he peeled the faceoff to show all the mechanics. Of the face to show Hashemi facial expressions and does the things that amount does that the that you guys that you can mean you can customize thinks he can pick here colored body styled Bonnie and indeed it's. It's like genetic engineering but for a. We think we have some audio in which the creator. It is talking with lovely salon salon are castle and a lot of good morning. Good marine. As you know European MySpace now. Saw what's your favorite concert band. Yeah. Career. She's funny. She sounds a little sarcastic and strategy here yeah and it's you know loan and lawsuit. Tough to get to and really a payola. Any other robots are listening don't is is that she is issue issuing a challenge to her human counterpart enhanced. She is she thinking that I don't have my I pod at the ready is that fired up at ready to go is that the deal yes that that's the deal she didn't think. That you would be able to jump on this. This quickly he clearly underestimated. Or opponents like what it is. What is wrong with her. He's a fool I. They clearly it and build her and I personality well enough to be able to anticipate they that you would take advantage of the situation I will always take advantage of the situation unfortunately we're up against the clock. It's 803. And this is the Hill Man Morning Show which is presented by Echostar technologies your data center solutions provider. For more information you can go to echo store dot com and it is now time for error. Your goal Mel voicemail messages. And now it's your Terri did tough luck as they Hill Man Morning Show presents. Kill mail. Linda do us. Think you're gonna say yeah seriously why wouldn't they get what you. RW any fight. Tied for today's till Mel voicemail messages which are brought to you by the city Abbas and credit union with all the convenience of big bank checking accounts. But would no minimum requirements or monthly service fees. Check out the city of Boston credit union and their checking account service today you can join the city of lasting credit union. If you live. Or work in Suffolk Norfolk county and I'm proud to tell you that Greg Hill foundation has been a member of the city of busting credit union nearly since our formation and we're also. Delighted that they are partner of ours when it comes the fun. Thanks to the fine people of the city Boston credit union now the very best till Mel voicemail messages that have been left of the previous 24 hours. There's only 824. And again. Because we're learning the batter of the game no Rosen at five. That was an act by more like that. You can mother talking down the overreact if you need a lot of wealth but did you know. India and in a molecular innocently to have this stress and I want her life. Who do not want to let it flip that switch in my dad's sudden at the end of and on the very very few and far between them and you know some people if you missed. The lengthy argument. Between the union now and television news smoke Rosie woods in 2017. On this show we relive it. And the extra sauce podcast this week. It's part of the top seventeen of seventeen and it's it's a two part of next week of the second part. Of the top seventeen moments of 2017 minute show so. Check out exercised the podcasts. He get it on iTunes or stitcher or Google play. They say 901. AM. I don't. Michael boot. I've got a bad. Back. And I will let you. And. Got interested currently in the list earth I don't know anybody right now I mean they could be not for you and that's fine that's great I appreciate that thank you very I'm flattered. Originally nice very sweet messages of encouragement and good and work and taking some time to yourself well maybe take yourself out to watch. I definitely take yourself out to dinner and check do that it is. He weekend away short. So I think it's weekends we're tough and it's a weekend. That's always nice to collect yourself and life before. Outlets and I mean maybe you can have a guy go with you and I'm not interact with them at all the hired the whole weekend I've booked a seven couples massage is so I never have to tucked into an. There's all 956. And again. Hope there would be on anything. So then what no vote their commitment conduct. You can read. I've played do it may look at it you went in my teammates and a big impact if any room. And down. The moment I can play it then not only had one never. I. But there are a political act that we look at. Where there. And message. Permafrost that access plastic armor for I think I learned about when we do go beyond history and that is the magna Carter is an honorable to New Orleans not in not least. Not police now its main card and. Well I know exactly what is deal it is no I don't remember and I can just read it I remember and I don't what do you mean you know we'll document meant that thing in the what kind of a regarding incidents. Between what's relevant aren't. I don't remember you know and I talk I and shoot you don't want an admission that my knowledge of history is abysmal real idol and I know I love to see history I excelled ranked the only subject that reliefs in English. So does it have to deal with the America or is it does have a legit or you have to really are. Constitution. A care in some way shape or form via. Judy you know magna Carter. It's not a it's not a kind of wine or today sounds like a car on condom it's not a condom natural and storage cards it. It is an English documents and which they setup. Essentially bears. Rights to govern. Manifest destiny type rate govern them in week our. Howard documents here your did you do damned good. Well I read a lot you know I I I and I watch a lot of television play and Omar they used the word manna fast arms alma manifest destiny you have to you know that now and nothing I don't know what me and no friction going. Did all manifest destiny and I remember I went about it I don't remember what was your best subject. Math and science ideal diagram an apple group free with no problem. Mean you know to break down a couple carbon molecule medicines stuff Wendell overs and some. Levees geography specialty is ruining ours on maps though is his his geography specialty is going to Gardner when he supposed to be at an event. I'm good and another and another town they've got a nice memorandum that. Here's the texas' Greg it's easy to excel in history when you were therefore it. Well that he parred out first was like that magna Carter was like twelve. Fifteen I wasn't there for 1215. Minutes I wasn't there in the twelve hundreds. Then when he shoots 64 PM. And doing I I had about how. Did that he's. And it and it and it. If that if this Collins left and right. Women say that have been texting in. Since you it's single status yet. Saying that they would not normally be interest in the woman but they elected -- legitimate catch you seem to be like this your senior for a lot of the women who listen to the show your their spirit animal anger him and kind and generous and compassionate and cook and eat out we have learned a truck driver yeah have been willing to accept the shadow people. Thank George got rid of them. All he does now what that nest of three in my neighbor's house across the street that was remotely remove them. She is alone no wonder why she single I'll save the trouble keep track of the phone down when it comes to your cooking yeah. What is your specialty and don't say Greg's easy crowd b.s because those hard to take an army. Man and makes so much and to be heard there I think my go to your go to. Hank Hill and parmesan crusted chicken cutlass with either sour cream mashed potatoes or lard roasted potatoes all. With something green on the side if you reeling off I am so hungry you know could we have a platonic the unity church you cook for me gonna come to my new 1% her island gas and yet doesn't match viewers was yes I don't enjoy my lovely new courts counter violent way too. Yeah I mean that it can fire the someone else. And I play my own personal playlist on your son yes. Certainly am going to be app that's know Bruce. Mark. I don't sonus is included with the birds that's like that the only thing that is back. At. Sonus Italy and our matches Solis is the greatest the greatest thing ever is that. And you know you you know Ashley who who works with me yes and right not you I've seen him aboard with yet we electors. Progressive everytime I get over there Sheehan is currently cranking country music and they don't know on in the office in the name immediately switched Bruce on the settlement. These are their sentiment in America sends him into a complete tailspin polish armed. I yeah I agree on the make a reference not help because you're really good at geography yes yes and different reference from tombstone. On delta over what expedite I know what we have the selling cones. Annika left now consumer grade and a movie and there. Virgin listener Friday question from a five way text there why does the union I'll say he took. It out he took. It out. Is a sign felled obscure reference I'm Elaine was telling Jerry about that date. I'm now when he set her up a person and that she was in the car she went to go kiss him good night and he'd taken it out but she's cleaning her classes. When she describes it to Jerry so she says he took. How the white glasses it out as. What is lard potato 97 apex there. Or asking for friend what is Smart potato you take it this is the way to get like really the best most Krispy roast potatoes is you par boil the potatoes drain them. Put him back in the can put the lid on it shake the crap out of them so that the edges of the potato get fluffy. And you wanna put Allard. In the oven and melted so you've got a pool of lard and baking dish. You put the hot potatoes and a hot lard in use in the hot lard all of the vetoes it and Chris set the exterior shell and feels it's for the potatoes don't pick greasy. And then you roast them to gold and crispy perfection that have the most beautiful fluffy soft interior mean. And then you have to go back to work on Monday two or three days to make up. Nice to fly out not Uga Uga LB refers the solved in the box the car you sit and try and stick a day speak for a thirty day I don't have to I don't have time to eight. Are you kidding me. That's what LB snacks in the the well recently and it was a memory or ram memory and a break down and gosh I can't even even because it's Monday morning I W toward a one in the city and. Yeah I kidded I'm proud. You know my people would come and I could get a and then you get them and I thought I. And now. These guys you mind me. Do little to do a little research. Google it. Why don't we moon oh man. Yeah go on web crawler then bill we're back. I have when we break it in yet Greg we understand you need that law wouldn't get that we get a guy. We boom. I doubt you really do get more time all the then president. And then left. He does demanding for wrongly here. Get a hoop game that night the show vs Marlboro very excited about that that's going to be a battle and I enter three spill in The Chieftains knife that I get dateline and action packed Friday night for you again that we get the big game of all things advantage tomorrow morning. Because taxes says something else sounds like he scientists in the kitchen and a mad. Scientist in the bedroom. And but who knew. And win. Okay good that it's got a one game at the bottom all the all you want me to do them. I think yes it would been income I think it. The call at an all wanted to end it Boston. Doc went out that Britain. And America are. And then I hit the 781 text there. I think it's a man. I'm in love. With the large potatoes and with the union I can't see many when if you can cook isn't that the secret to move him in the widow guys are right it was indeed great dad. That those checks Jack there which is most important being able to cook are being great. Which which would which would you say is is more import you can learn to cook yeah. Obviously that. It. Will we be in on them. As if the world in black or on the bottom I think they've never political and this area would love I have been dominated the morning. And the men and Kylie Irving. Course went to London. And everyone wanted to know. After traveling to London but he still felt like that earth was flat. It's not about whether the rose by one of the world's. About. Just everywhere just believing what they're going to believe he'll come with the you know I'm not a science is not here to tell everyone that this is it. For me it's this just given everyone a chance do their own reserves and find their own knowledge rather than having knowledge just so sweet so. Here's a Texas says. I don't have time to eat it because it's Monday and I have to go back to work. This said by the guy walking around with a KFC bucket at 5 o'clock in the off her crack. I just had my last being smaller hole and I'm really isn't what you did it. KFC for breakfast active subject of restaurant that's going to be left over KFC's just ketchup in the buildings use yellow mustard what did you have any left over gray beard did you drink all of that when you're not if you are committed to see my degree because but it is monitored. Wouldn't pull all. Oden could play in the eyes behind the crowd what are the team. Yet if you're confused by what although and that is what phone do. Owned or not an editorial that so sure you're called then detonated if the iPhone is so faster yeah. The technology and trying to you know he he. I find it today impressive but you end up and in some sort of section where you don't even know what's going on a dozen members you know back. Her eyes all you press another button and get right out of yeah. I have candidate it's not that confuse and hear a lot of people say that the iPhone is wildly confusing I mean I don't know deal 75 Euro PO I think there. I love it today you have a picture my son whirls her happy birthday to birthday yesterday he's on the screen which makes me happy but after that. It's just for can then nightmare. Watch Eagles football on everything gonna. You should go back to you I got my mom as when she loves it. I want you go why I would love wanna do that can't hear you heard of fuel and her about the same when it comes the year technologies. Gil and his ED I would love to go to the football but I like Cameron like the pictures. And video. Well certainly that's use my iPhone four pictures of world and the video will form RT. Let's see. Card I'm from New Hampshire is calling we'll carve up. Here you EU. Might. Little historical correction the magna Carter is very historically important as good exceed each to the constitution I said I sold out relation between. People but in the subjects the baron is not on what has nothing to do with the manifest. Which a nineteenth century American concept about how dark decade cripple watched correct it they take over and so a lot on. I stand corrected however would you please acknowledge. That off the top. My. Medium sized head. I yanked out of out of nowhere. That it was the document in our constitution was based on could you please acknowledge that. It is not really what it was in the efforts are credited that's all you do partial credited I thought the article about. What's your base Bob what are you a teacher you got to be now I would wait let Ager got behind yeah. Okay hundred weekend I always I noticed that the annual listing. Of the most. And least stressful jobs is out today. And no disrespect. To our senior senator from Massachusetts Elizabeth Warren. But one of the least stressful jobs in the United States of America on and the list is college but it's real Somalia. Well and I teach America I was yeah gas pump jockey what do you have to go out like we're literally what you have the ability Roland there. Sex with a couple hot students and throw a lesson plan out there and then falsely. I was a ten year I was reading that article last night in the LA times. The LA times did a big expose and James Franco who is now five women have come forum and accused him of sexual improprieties that does mean an electric and eaten meat you know James Franco had there and acting school. And anywhere in the flight from. That the school at the court if they are talking about now. He was always he was like working late. Filming the deuce. On HBO. And so he come into the acting school and begin the class and then fall fall asleep or like you have this week on the basketball fleet. And he did a special. This this should be how creepy is that I think. He did a special part of that that it was 300 bucks to go to the acting is the James Franco acting school when. And he did a special class. That was on sex scenes and how great it dead I am and how do you have to interact with the professor and yeah Adam and how to how to master the sexy. And how to be able what it will do dissect the amendment and the kind of empty. Has convincing on screen sex with someone you literally just that but who. These money. Corners women who are it's it's it's like a FaceBook model one is the wanna Astra is a waitress who moved out to LA night and decided I'm no. I don't care how many people there are waiting for their sag card working picked parts. Don't make it sound one of the big allegations is they were doing an orgy scene. And this was even written into the script. And he removed they have these things which are called genital cards from tournament for women during sex scenes. And he removed those and went out my rod that's right. And dirt to create it during the course. They're in or easy and it was so it's not authentic candidate to farming land that's in full under. Let's see here's a 978 Texas has Good Will Hunting tells me different and that's a reference what do they reference. Magna Carta audit they're under magna cart Ohno may be you got Hologic yes maybe to stressful Columbia College revisionist those. Several are inquiring on tax. Not that is not the top my head but they wanna know what the most stressful job is. It was military yep and then firefighter police officer for you Shannon. And a not to put any additional weight on my shoulders. Broadcaster. Ones though also. Plus dress yes nobody shares people around you who have actually get. I feel proud captain exceptions. One Katja I guess Texas says James Franco. Is very creepy in spring break I haven't seen that he would be. Our guy that's old school 77. Now it's probably not old school he hasn't been acting for a long time so you're probably thinking can we do know Jane hurting. James do you have a couple jams I told us yeah I just come on TV spring breakers came onto when he twelve point two. LB has an opinion no. Let's see here's a 774 Texas says James Franco can get creepy with me any time I that's a woman who would against would welcome yeah kind of sexual harassment and the page he's off. Permafrost a text recessed. What about restaurant manager a text or wants to know if that's the stressful. I don't think that was. Is that I meant was that on with the now it is military firefighter airline pilot or airline surely officer. Event coordinator watch. Played editor at the bright villas and stuff Ali and the mom of the black economic drag an event has not shown and the air traffic control and the rich wife who has an event to do. And has nothing else to do but planner that. Newspaper reporter what's that were and broadcaster NPR executive. Okay senior corporate executive and taxi driver. Well got traffic control the job is being limited access to an average of every shot is that what yeah yeah area could you could get injured. Here's a 978 texts. It's kind of weird that James Franco is now being called out they showed him laughing several times on the Golden Globes. And I was thinking how many men aren't allowed there now because of the allegations and now he is. Well I mean I don't know what I see he wore the com. Time's up and yeah. Which I think led to these people coming out and bullying that just social pressure and Colin have and I don't want to rid the aids walk craven. And I hate to say this in front of Shillue. But there are new allegations today against family. Home alone I. I have my guy out there is a masseuse. Who has come for her to say that's the in the league. Took it. Out to it doubt took it out in front of him and this was. This past spring yes he's a 95 results I aggravated it today. Chicago hotel. Dean the sewer that he demanded sex. And master baited. When she refused so suits. His attorney said that this is nothing more than a demand for money and that stands good character. Will be defended. With. There are people who were just making this up course families. Are people that jump on the bandwagon aren't enough cushion where he's old yeah they wanna take advantage of it yeah. It's just it and that. If you do that. You make up what they claim it's like the fake rape claims you should be punished and that if I agree if it can be proven that it's upon the heart the heart part of this is. And sometimes I feel like journalists are being a little loose we did. They are standards. Where they're basically using many of these articles when you read them. They say. This person told someone about it right. And horse you know is that good enough. Mean is that good enough like for some really stand leaves 95 years old yeah. Mean is that he is is that enough food. To running unnecessarily I you know if if you have details of there's dates places like. You know like toward him when LB includes image now and I'm not sorry enough. I think you're you're you're witnessing a with the S piano and Berkshire patriots story. Though you have anonymous right yeah. Yes David yeah one person with a name on record right and and and it's hard even provisional and that is that the Brady craft you're writing about. Jimmy or upload didn't even exist. Talking how can you give any. Where with all of the story what damage to push its way what are you saying then exist. That the claim in the in the in the ESPN article that Tom Brady went to Bob Kraft to state Trajan McGraw a law. And in there and it did did did the meeting between craft and Brady never ever happen. Well yeah we I don't know that day in I don't know I don't remember in that article that they say that they they you know why I I. You know I I don't know innuendo as a breeding made Bob Kraft Trajan grapple innuendo the innuendo was more than Tom Brady. Did not want Jimmy rah blow around and that and I was and then shut about it. With the what do you mean no always proven that the whole entire thing isn't true. Where is that improvement. Whether they've photographer Judah school didn't ever. Who though I mean what a lot and roses were separated so everybody. Just say about sports talk radio does that mean OK so yeah any year we were you won't what are we seeing it's true or not I'm asking where where the proof is. That Jimmy drop below wasn't shut out of he B twelve the training through the training facility down there for a couple minutes talking about the factor commuting between Bob Kraft and Tom Brady about Jimmy grow apple did not rally. The meeting between do you believe that the meeting between Bob Kraft. And Bill Belichick cap and where Bill Belichick said I pray I I believe I heard Bill Belichick didn't want to trade Jimmy grapple and Bob Kraft made him I'd vote now. I believe I believe the whole story is hogwash and and it was treated trying to stir the pot sort of patriots lose their tartans and the stories just ask him. And news program you know I've heard that byline from from diehards I know that's what the guys on the whole entire network is I. Desire to get out last. You do I think you have many discussions with your managers and your herders. And argue and and and you want something to happen and your partners don't want it to happening and managers don't want to work out from a corner so. There's so my whole point of you're not you're not leaving your business. And your partners are leaving the business decide Belichick's not leaving the patriots he's not a knock. You know he's gonna retire you know that he's gonna leave you know my whole thing is a mild thing is if anything at all happens and where news. Story even may come from with somebody is a bill called Jericho retires goes to Florida Josh McDaniels takes over. And payment Tom Brady role for another 34. Years. Yeah I mean I don't know I I don't. I I find it hard to believe that any 88 journalists. Is going to. Edit it put their whole entire reputation on the line by writing a completely fake article. I don't say it was completely fixed I just say a lot of it's made up and a lot of their desire innuendo Warren and make believe and you know like I like I said last week I didn't go to a player. And have him ask my question in a way that would make it seem that he was upset with Tom Brady and when I read the article. Who's in who's news news. Quoting your article or are writing an article saying. I don't get enough balls from Tom Brady because Tom Brady doesn't like. I gotta pay I hate to say this because everybody's gonna get up in my face in my grill and I'll run Al remind you that I Wear glasses so you can't get violent physical and but it is. You're eight I if you're an arrogant football fan I'm gonna be in the minority when I say this but I'm gonna go ahead and say OK I'm gonna say it. OK understood sale. You are an arrogant football fan if you believe as these people are texting him that ESPN. Is writing articles in order to try to. We Mallon in the in the playoffs and I really. Absolutely accurate ego we know we're here doing the domain a and ESPN that there that it was drag off the data we use music out there and people are tired you're not block. The rule in the NFL LB I know all about it we discussed and complete game for 55 hours too long I know all about ragtime. And I don't. About it. ESP Aaron is not out to ruin your patriots chances theory matches patriots chances that nobody has any kids yet. I love to see a different alumnus and yet it is 8320. My lord now I've done it I've been enraged. The die hard spike question trainer like questioning whether an entire. Network an entire television network. Might have. A personal agenda. Against the ones sports franchise why its entire television network and beaten and I have been written by even suggesting. That this kind of thing we're to possibly be discussed. I apparently outraged you and my sincere apologies to those of you feel enraged. I know wants to talk about this a that you do to allow. Don't worry about it like I agree to have people want a daily basis. It's Derek Steelers and everybody could see. Without let's get out there revolutionary women got voted by captain or president of red truck and these and that's what I think LB about how you watch it. You are comfortable run yeah it got the position. And and I can't read this announcer. Consultant like the voice of reason the more calm down I'm taken aback by that. You know I just. You know I don't know I'm I'm very much as is well documented I've been there since the beginning. You know I am very much a fan but I say I don't let my love for a the sports franchise. Lying to me. Two things that may go on if you know if if you don't believe it's like every other workplace where. People are trying to get ahead and back stab somebody who might be able to take their jobs some day than unity and years go at the. I could try and I'm sure you're up against it but if I could make a point from wind and I'm. I'm I'm let's look at what showed no. Difference what tighten up about that are. You'd have to be an extreme one where or not you're redirecting the patriots are cheaters and you hate dumb country email me at all that crap. Or are you you know your excitement that our heart problem there is a pattern that they keep. I didn't like think something happened yet I still collecting that it'll be important one without now. These companies that the flaky I believe something they've been acting it would no one well. It's just like this it was in the seventies everybody bucket like I welcome it. Everybody was doing it but big warrant shall they got label. The patriots have a pattern of behavior I'll be okay stupid thing that you do something they've been coming out about it with this small this fire here. Dot. So so you saw Derek so Derek sir you truly believe the Belichick and Brady don't talk to each other. That Belichick it's gonna leave next year because Brady went to Bob Kraft told Bob Kraft to trade Jimmy your out law because he. He he was worried about Jimmy drop low taking his child. Okay team believes what do you want. I believe it's possible because Freddie little you know it's personal now that you still live on like he's captain. Cut that the team. Now what we haven't seen pretty it's much in the way. Three years his whole career he can punt return to TV on the air at any time you can click on big book person. Lot pronto got on the market has little Moscow trip abroad could Broncos on Barack Obama goes on and help grow uncles and that cruises. Above settlement houses and our kids blocked. Yeah they did not. All right pretty well. One day. This guy is the next home brought him. Do you want me you might look at what we can't say no no one asked you this do it Derrick if you if you if you. All right you're a celebrity and power of Tom Brady. I just love the people. Did expect Tom Brady walked away from rallying up yeah and then builds sit on the beach and do nothing for the lessons like everybody markets every day diamond a whole athlete on the planet. The does America at their brand fertility and Aaron uptown magazine and an IQ of humility why that ended his career. Besides you don't want. I'm gonna make sure that when I retire in three years. I've got like seven different businesses are going to open to all stupid but. This. What have you believe he can pay double that people can't double it's important. Okay you've got into hiding in remote ought to shut. About them. The I don't wanna break it at dinner just like Ben Roethlisberger is. In the dark and all that 1% all the 1% eat plus superstar legendary athletes. All we want all get treated different than what you do and that's what I don't compare your co worker. And got up about it could mean Anbar. Similar event so you so half of what went into the got to line up when the fourth line for the humans when I played for them. Our nickname was garbage should ice tonight should I don't know I yeah he had to jam and rain. And being all this stuff now today it it it it died that was my rule. You know a number I just think it's a new easy agreement on how your you go pretty. Yeah everyone's sociologist. You're right he could and it was a. And I can't take that talking over to god. It be used to it by now us and what it what is what are you saying no big. I just it is amazing to me. That everybody is jumping down Tom Brady's throw to and he do you think bill bell a check. Is wants to walk away and his pit stop Tom Brady because. He does a mattress commercial he wrote a book he has a way of life now TB twelve deal. I don't know that I'd like Don what I think bill bella check. Does not in July. Tom Brady insisting. That a the. In a guy. A medicine show doctor just Colleen please it is is around. In in on the team plane and in insinuating that guys must get treated by him the way he wants to treat guys and the guys don't need to be doing. The patriots work out they need to be doing OK Erica I don't think he appreciates that but it also. What idol why why are you don't feel around in the locker room in the first. Once because he was trying to be nice to Tom and and and what what what what do you think. What what he. Avenue I haven't answered the woman was not the way I don't I don't think what is what is that what. And our board made the point two year. If if I if I brought a couple of guys in here every day three weeks ago would you allow it. If you if you didn't think it was right to believe he was gonna be. If it was unacceptable to the morning show. You won what two guys to sit here if there was like hey guys and one died as a minor these are my personal kind of sold by Dave make me feel better while due to show you would be like you go screw me. I'm. So old I think people doing that people don't recommend spending a dollar check I think what happened wise is that. Belichick act. Allow the guy into the locker room and a lot of other guys started. Using your believing in the guy or whatever and the guy got god power greedy and alternatives like listen by a you're you're you're you're stepping out of bounds now when you first string here I got it it's all dared you're trying to help my team to make my team better that's great now. You're here you're you've got your brand thorny. You don't have person he's account in my life he was Soledad it later that's exactly what I just add rice was telling guys that they shouldn't The Who what the patriots are usually I don't think Tom breached on duty to duels are registered. Are terrible week I pressed on it paradox of your thoughts I had about absolutely believed I absolutely believe that I totally believe and I absolutely believe I don't does daddy daddy didn't want Jimmy grapple around here Wednesday bill and the governor 1239. Dollars you chose not to take. That he was signed the deal anyway I believe that bill wanted him to be the future that bill and doing the right thing for the football Jimmy Europe want it to what bill does not like aging veterans well well doctor Jamie who want blows camp wasn't signing. The the tag deal. They don't have to they don't have a choice so and that's why he insisted on being traded. Who insisted on being treated Jimmy drop below and let me here's here's artists are also harder. I think Jimmy grapple. Wanted to play somewhere as a starter and had had earned the right to do that and I think bill ballot Jack wanted it to be here. Because he does not believe now that aren't we don't believe they want Brady is slipping and if he's in his Shanahan apparently ran and he wanted Kyle Shanahan. To have an awesome quarterback. Tell her I'll read others those are doing now is now now bill is helping other team he's just hasn't Mike Shanahan I am well documented article what I went what what what why would you send an insanely awesome quarterback who didn't want to play for you. Were any air in wants to get out here. Because we as digital audio. Yeah it was told to by mr. Kerr missed our activities and he does not like to be told what he has to do. And when it comes time for that kind of thing to go on I can't believe your luring me in the same these things publicly I'm going to be persona non do run down hot air cast my. I am hour of the show I might only going to be I am going to be persona of the browsers out there scared I wrestler good season well I mean that's it's via. All right well anyway it's ten minutes before nine and let's talk about something else please the news this hour is brought to you by G. And see new year new start. Start something that really works top quality vitamins and supplements or by one it went 50% off and she and they start something healthy today GNC change starts here. Actor also vice spot hero there's a wait and save time parking. You spot here anytime you park first time users can enter promo codes smarter for ten dollars tough art here this sparked. Hero are smarter. Big deal to you that the presence. War not at all. All in a meeting yeah I what I would want swearing you in public and on Twitter. But there is that it's not that the amount and if it does a body or not. The joke what do you think she'll you're not fit into the sky what do you do now I. I you know I don't like you I don't think he should be doing in public but you know he's doing it behind that's what president hasn't swore race I listen to Vanessa tapes exist throughout almighty god. None I don't think he should be. Calling other countries when now all of them right yet this text of the comments that women who they say essentially that LimeWire people from. Certain kind of asked countries coming here and not people from Norway and apparently Finland Norway. They had a meeting this is this is thicker and this is right on the heels of what we're just talking about ESPN. Eight person familiar with the meeting in the Oval Office. Where Illinois. Senator Dick Durbin and South Carolina senator Lindsey Graham what the president. And they were looking at cutting the visa lottery in half moon. And then the rest would go to under represented countries in Africa. And temporary protective service nations a status nations like eighty. Once Dick Durbin mentioned Haiti. Trump went on to say why do we. Allegedly say why do we want all these people from knees ass whole country's. Coming here why don't we need more Haitians take them out stuff so that's the that's that's the issue but as far as it just the profanity part of it. In a meeting. That the people swear in front I mean they're like oh sorry elected to do. Heard me draft where a I mean we had a president who like to use the word normal yes. Another favorite odds down nor did note I think there's always looks good tonight. So you cannot get here it's like we're out there because they cut me one I can't. Oh wait they pat me on the so. Believe me. You never have much margin which educate people about it image from the Florida separate. Opinions. Ground under about it but my blog know. So I went out there but they do. Great Lyndon Baines Johnson what I love it. I love it hello Jeff. Little complaint to get back a laugh when I admit it that's all they had tied. A boat they patriot I don't know what to tell you to congress changed the environment of I may have been moved automatically get fitted up. Let Greg talk and show. If you get a support committed not a sport power down here that generally the. We can carry it it's not a conversation that convert storm. What else what else is in the news this morning and they have extended the offer of 810 million dollar reward. At the Ellis Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum for anyone who has information that leads directly to the return he successful return. Of the 500 million dollars in stolen art that's been gone since 1990 you know this may be the keeper of the century. I love the term caper. Connecticut where the heck yeah yeah. Yeah paintings yeah. But I it's amazing to me. That they had never Thomas Payne being down and I don't believe whoever has them is ever going to be able to unload them on there wouldn't it have collectively get the go to the dark web for that kind of do you have someone who wants to unload them or someone who's just happy to have that entity like more coverage and left the technically. I don't think in the underworld that the people who stole. Got. Thirty million dollars for a and someone else's house only user signs are there can't hang a movie that isn't based on is there's somebody who has the. Grim and you know. I ask the collectors out there it's old with some people there's this underground thing and it's all about ego like god of mango and don't do well Thomas crown affair right I've got the Rembrandts here in the it's it's race it's the 1% of things that they all have their little parties and they shall laugh there yeah it's the next you know showing off their cars or maybe Steve Wynn parity stumbled like Kelvin poke his fist through one of the Anwar Al. As I am today it's better than you or moaning. It's they've heard it's really amazing to me you know they pulled that ice off. And that they've never did never found like a shred of evidence about ten minutes is it's amazing. So how much is the reward. It from five million to ten million in March they can you have from 200 million I think because the paint thinner now. Is this is no way. Is a five way texas' look at me would buy stolen art that I can't show when he won I mean not I don't know I just. It's a small group of people yeah invest in stealing art and saying I've got I've got. I'm it's real and it yeah you don't want to say that. Doesn't somebody narc him out eventually melt as the people they're saying to also get stolen we had a camera out of Iraq now right. Not obscure reference from the text their contraband. Yeah Albert you mentioned that movie the other day. Obscure reference ray Donovan. Nights having text with the Donovan with the the only partly via the he buys a painting for bridge yes yes. That's right. What about the accountants that's a great movie like I haven't seen as I haven't seen that overlooked in my opinion yes there really nobody ever mentions that movie's so goes yeah. It's it really didn't he's got that hole I'm re done. Camper camper that he can result as weapons and everything announces. Weapons but he as the Jackson Paula helix the Sierra and that's a perfect example yes he's got like comic books baseball cards all the stuff that he in the liquid immediately loses yet millions of dollars while that's. That's a good that is a great great movie. Here's Texas as I believe. That the paintings are in the offices of ES PI and the because they're out yet that only people from Massachusetts. That's all they do every day they have a meeting over there and they go. What are you gonna do today. To try to keep to patriots from winning game error route out their dad asked. I acting out thank you brought them the Hill Man Morning Show is presented by echo Stewart technologies your data center solutions provider for more information you can go to echo stored dot com. Get the rest of the conversation in the next hour of the Hill Man Morning Show podcast.