Hour 3 - "I Love When People Snap"

Tuesday, February 13th

Tuesday February 13, 2018 Hour 3: Finishing up the Nerd Report, Hillmail, medical news, a public sword fight, zombie bots and more!


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Well I don't know I don't know what your kids supposed to be doing thirteen months vs fifteen scene in just like he turned a year old in November. The Texas as a storm storm troopers also have. The worst shots in the galaxy they never hit anything and do. As a clone it's like inbreeding and did you get your eyes get close together. A here's a vitally Texas says hold the phone you're telling me I could have been a storm trooper all this time female by the way. These guys at the end of that that she says female by the way. Our rights though that two princes cutouts. Left on the cutting employer you know they were too tall to be storm troopers. And unfortunately they weren't able I want element it's either because it would show up for the premiere packed you wanted to think they're gonna be in it so my. I mean it has to around me to cut a couple of scenes because in fact some consistency and continuing issues though it. You guys could just testing you see stealthy than. Let's see here the number of coffee RBIs 6179311. Day after that is the thing and Ford Field line. Today's weather it is going to be setting in the temperature is that going to be thirty yourself. Love all attachments is that the movers specific corrections and like information I love you guys well I guess I just know on these look like certain like a new order of storm troopers from the illness and then the other guy in the cloning like this on. I'm the new orders storm troopers that are not clones they can be any height. Right for your information right but it can't be tolerant invader everybody that every man in America knows that polo Bryant. Parents yeah I'd like this. Eight so it was like that you had to be either or either stop wars are dark shirt into your full of Star Trek. You're beautiful and historic church in your outlook. While love Star Trek but I do follow Star Wars does. Well life I would. Remember and make your body. That stick it thought I'd collected it yes. Now it's there is there any terrible weight requirement on the storm troopers while you're going to and it's a great opponent. I don't there's not a I know there's not hunts are who spent tens but is there if it's pretty incredible weight requirement. When it comes as a the last brazile close to see the students who were. Stretches out the 38 and as you held islands and that's when I'll read yes yeah that you're you're worth the extra plastic shields card that covers a month muffin top. Hello Alex. They record our guys what's up Alex. I just got a might you correct and hung around a dollar award yes. Our door troopers were flown there actually enrolled in AM tired so. About one out there at the leader in the clone wars that work CBS are in a court order they were clone and I. Yeah well that's an excellent eleven standard was zags. A solid on the Ortega who prayed and we're going 590. I don't have to listen to his boots. I happens Iverson last night she's tired. I I was scrolling through. Through TV and that move was part of a closer work from foreigners were last night. Where the glass you know. Get zillions amounts are clones memories of this game and ship that was on the in really bad ones that got discovered why have so many issues and technology if you're scrolling through your politicians and prisoners being thrown your way out her daddy. Beat wealth. Follow day Jack. Eric Eric. Let's. Hey I don't like you are welcome you look quote super eight the last. Yeah quickly secrecy. Well not safer and parking your arm yes. He also ahead or different or new movies it is six series so what did. This is the head storm trooper and afternoon on an editor there he goes very fragile as the sit out rival right very vulnerable but with the Bahamas for that movie. The as always they start ours is fantasy. Star Trek is reality. I. I different Allan Gregg when you want to tweet something or her use any. Event that easy girl meet in human disappointed Albion have until start Nolan. Not linked to upload photos and well texted thanks day that that they mean that date that Paxson thinks there's the gotcha moment why. Well because I mentioned that the two princes are not in this Star Wars movies. Head that nobody who can get through. Well put out a little puddle for nothing I got Peter we are gonna get the Cardinal Health voicemail messages here at WA AF and and HD one west grow Boston WEEI. HD two warrants and WW. BS HD. In Boston and now it's your Terri did talk as they Hill Man Morning Show presents. Hill mail. We move important if you do it isn't that good. Went. Morning herald to enter. On WA EA EA puts them in John and the staffing counties don't testing out. They always you know for the rom child payment huge banner from time really like he's as good bit actually and yeah it's yeah. The run China is Jess and in the Catholic yet caught on I 86 that called anything specific damning is that still OK it call. A coffee with the Jamison and or with Bailey's and Irish coffee or is that we know that insensitive to the average drunks I think it's cultural appropriation. Is that is that with any Italian food out at this Greg the Italian ethnic and cultural appropriation speak Italian company was pretty given copies immigrant and like camera again as you call it flashbacks. To mania Reynosa hours just drop just that yes it's. The omens. All right today's home L voicemail messages are brought to you by the city of Boston credit union. Which are all of that convenience of big bag checking accounts but with no minimum balance requirements. Or monthly service fees check out the city of busting credit union. And there checking account service today there artificial partner of the Greg Hill foundation. We have been. Members there almost since our formation and I thank them for everything they've done I remind you by the way. That. Our annual event are beneficiaries. Is happening on March 22. At the U mass club here in Boston. And I hope you might join us to great night you'd hear speeches from those whose lives you'll have affected. With your donations over the last year to the great deal foundation and there's music. There's food. And there's adult beverages and it's an integrated and it's so. If you'd like to join us you can get tickets by going to the Greg Hill foundation dot ward. That's the great legal foundation dot or. And your donations. At this event. Allow us to continue our support. For beneficiaries. For the rest of this year's so if march 22 is the date. Our annual great health foundation. D.s event. And here are the very best home will voicemail messages that you left in the previous 24 hours. 227. And. Welcome to Hancock. Took the bed every morning into that he. It's nice. You know what was served. At the air fire house last night life. Greg's easy Italian chip unit make it and bring it over to your Brothers and sisters and yeah about it I treated you out of AIG June picture or a lot lot of people lot of people made. For dinner a lot of people on in Seagram. Made Greg's easy kind chicken and the reviews. Were stupid and it's as bad or star reviews left and right. A big air fire department guys added. M two which is almost like a Cordell breed though. Kinda thing yeah. That balances this with I think I have something to this would this great cooking segment I think Emma and I might get myself a YouTube channel or something like that. Let me Ian. Good morning good day and wanted to Colin where you are happy. That. Oh our favorite. The artwork and the body I don't want to go to London that his. Tuesday of course in the Mardi Gras happening in people going crazy down in new ones Jameer and it's stuff that's the good time them. No only on. All right thank god not a not a war or. Oh. We're talking about it rational fear of a woman from Morgan this morning who will go out and ours she was on a fishing boat and she contracted. Cattle farms in our guys seen energy the only way to get rid of them as the pull them out yourself well. She's the first human than ever got no idea that's what they say yeah. 27 PM. Thank yeah in my sport but for a lot of from the Olympic Somalia at the mid mall everybody here is that angered all of that he does now. Can carry great Spock. Great spot. How about this is anybody else. Willing. To proclaim their love and their desire. To marry. The Russian. Controller. Anesthesia. Brew is dubbed Lobo who I fell in love with the yesterday as anybody is that anybody else I would like to declare into an international smoke of the week. She is and her eyes she so intense when she's growing she's into it and she is. A very very focused very beautiful very beautiful Russian curler relied countered yesterday watching the Olympics. You know when I get health one I sit for half Pearson with the boom in front of mend it don't do Couric's treatment of the somehow you know calls. It's the that in the end problem and then I get murder look at my eyes are still some men think it's kind of sexy seeing that the issue. I have a long maybe you come on nice to me to occur you. Cleveland Indians. While more burden is in the army if you wouldn't North Korea that would mean Dick Dell and that page. Only 25 athletes over there and 250. Women in the army of beauties. The the spirit. We eat and nick Valentine there when you have downtime. A lot of soap opera. The man who cut down. Calibration. Compound. Maybe against either your Frye and and make them like actually. Did the man. I just found out that. Mrs. Helen died doing something special for now. Seeing each other. What I tell you about it later okay. It's. Let's continue with the male voice mail messages. And went into our own man. How big you remember that that morning you that cellphone charger. On the countered that it belongs to the white yeah and act act and act. I really thought that people of the night I can get. And that's. He and former guard. Wouldn't boot up bought the dynamic. Ports to weigh into that. It is really terrifying video if you haven't seen it. The video of the robot helping the other robots sneak through the Diller. It is completely terrifying you can find that around them that's on my Twitter feed. Greg Hill W laugh if you would like who. Check that out robot uprising wise here's a 978 tax. Female here. I would like to take in yell out for Valentine's Day is longer she'll talk in that Russian accents. Dinner on me. That means a comfortable to high end restaurant because unless clients who have been let's color of Valentine's Day old enough. Ryan. I know they'll be says Ellis nice hit kid we bring you to back ample B gets one dollar Long Island nice fits she bottom won't kid you not hit. Shall never and always feel. You know it's the best that bring it she handled the boys from it pull out an inch audio CUNY created you have all you can eat the privilege to have soften our basic set to lick my face and typical police thought. But if we can talk about that I would like to get his cognac and that but yeah. Yeah ridiculous Clinton. Did this techsters correctly she gets that we've tried before to get somebody. This is a bit of a conspiracy theory we've tried before to get somebody from Boston dynamics to discuss the robot uprising and they never come on moment is that it's not a part is not a weird conspiracy going on they never wanna be a part of the discussion that's why and then robot with a hand is holding a gun to their access to. Yeah. If they can they get recaps are more prepared. They could mean one in America why can't be accusers are governed by. Five other Elon Musk who wants you over here. I. We take you on most group with him on falcon having. I don't wanna and we like antiquated. Ration technology electable of planned. But I'm guilty 1950 in them and ever bet they're never mind planned obsolescence. Are washing machines still work. Well they do your Levitt is not a eventually the touch screen LG that you have in your house like you with infancy. Two of and kitchen over and they're if they're commend their skilled yet sees it congrats congrats to them rather everything with them. List for a long time a live because of radiation from ExxonMobil announced. Nothing nothing about the moment. She's like a month. Here's somebody who really enjoys the mixed. Doubles currently made us nevermind the Russian and the female Russian girl and anesthesia they like the mix the doubles and a Canadian woman on the mixed doubles teams. Area to real choice as soon as probably the most homes. And ripped. Triceps I've ever seen really the ground yet they just shot right down bottom and the thing is that a body part you really look forward now that they can when he noticed it was bittersweet because there haven't restaurants and smarter direction with the stone and I she's like it wrap. Zain just sick and super tight black and I think I think it's like I think it's a women's softball. You know call Gen-Probe. You know they used to be and a half. The did not ruined shape but knowledgeable. If I'm smoke or inject or indoors or do you like it yeah it gives it the curlers are fall. Amazingly. Hot. Guys and girls who. I don't know he's found out all these into the got her back out and let me just say the guy and its fans on the American mixed doubles team. Looks like a curler brilliantly if you think America figure what does Dallas like now looks like a Carolina he's got the security guard must she's a Lil Jon B. This still reminding everyone to Beers. Out of reservoir engineer that in back in the day and there's not a better on the watch my uncle Wes and my hand is in question have been down payment of the smoke her mouth coming out of the Stearns like Morocco. Who is you secure and down on the other hand. It's. God is on the Framingham Ford studio line I don't know if it's that's got her ninth. That sound followed by the beginning electric generator. Now you're encouraged to yesterday's cause like you line yesterday and now you're calling and the Smart. We are also calling on I don't. A line and anyone who watches it and has no idea what the rules. I think there are being evacuated to thirty minutes and even look at all the trying to do it anyone know the rules are. Uses bus yeah or else they are also would Obama also what we mean it. OK so so when that when you when name. But when you should narrative target what's in the middle. I'll gag so why they won also and then they get excited note I was gonna go abroad would look at sympathetic senators are surgical candidates senators game on the planet. You know it would but what's watch yelled bomb school. After big template that mr. woods what you Alabama audio I'd never heard of it. What it. Give me the guys knocking balls around yen and I'm sorry about I don't know how to cite article I don't know couldn't. But it's okay and what they were they where edwards' closest to the middle of the points OK so when they popped a rock video Microsoft does upload maps are what you wanna call it lit. The button about Israeli and us motivate the command line that red line. Behind the B target is GM lion in the rock goes past that they put whose side. And then however many rocks are closest to the senator jobs. That's how many points he yet on every end. Well it just sank and I thank you elevate I have no cloak but definitely on solid I don't watch it I love it I don't know why won't the but I do. It's more it's that nobody can get without sensual side. So you know what about the idea how important is that when they do that scraped in the abroad and they try to increase by government of a second door. There actually that's causing the ice to melt a little and that makes it go fast and they just a certain direction we'll just for the records thereof they use. As. Like showers Berry. Handle. And they spray the water out from their lands on the air racer cars as bombs and when they sweep it melts the bombs and you can steal all you can. I don't didn't let them don't know enough about that nobody is talking about how they are not being facetious I'm being that there have had currently serves no kidding. Good thing I don't know what it is suppose a lot of kind of girl will like our place to live yeah me. Well actually even thinking about Detroit's three up on the whole drilling thing. Okay all right let's finish reading this you don't know I was from Canada I don't get a helping OK everybody let's have a listen and I don't think the toughest fighter of all I want it I'd want you to have agreed to. Play on line. So that you can feel good now basically a fight Bob Robert. On my can be yeah I'm not a question about their dugout but I don't know I. I don't McLaren on the occupant on the bank all over the top best player in NHL history matching Julie closures to me it was the ball really. Just want to dictate the toughest fighter in NATO history total serve really. You know what I want why what I Esther away from my blocking all other the best advice I don't stand you know listen for announcement. In 7778. I don't spend for the big bad current stand place for that team. John once in play for a team burial Ryan we had a nine year old had nine B wings and was one of the most fiercest. He would answer the bell all day every day I don't know what you consider tough but I consider people that never say no when summonses do you wanna go. I think curling is basically corn hole on ice yes this was very similar to what I. That's what is that addition of an appeal to figure out if I attempt at is. That was torture at school money. Here on the Hill Man Morning Show. I'd didn't wanna mention. That one of the more interesting things that happens medically has occurred again and I I absolutely love trying to figure out how this works. And when it comes to the human mind but there is an another woman. Who has awoken. Where is aid British accent and absolutely no idea. How she is and that up with the British acts. Not only British but also Irish and Australian she's from Texas yeah she's never left the US never it's never gone out of this country ever. She suffered from debilitating headache in on three different occasions she's woken up the next day after having an episode. Having a foreign accent at it's and it's amazing it's unbelievable via cell. She had to go to the psychiatrist at the hospital visit documented adamantly issue. She first took up woke up and Australian accent than an Irish accent lasted for weeks and in the latest one. Was the British accent this one has lasted for two years and that's cool. Okay. So once to us and her because she says it's very stressful and frustrating her name is national miners. Ever won only fees. Or negatives are he is Mary Poppins who did this thought hits and I don't know they sit in a psychiatrist at a hospital in their day. Makes you not playing well and I whether it's cattle and he's always go to the moment say my bones. Why am I talking like this afternoon at a different path. Though amazing. And it as a man so the modern man the mind is crazy thing it's like. Who knows whether her mind at some point focus on somebody that she knew. That. British accent but they think they say we only 10% of our brains you don't know like where that. I think it's on me restored ancient Asian watched she's watched a movie whip the British arts and watching TV show. I'm an Irish dancer yes maybe she watches an awful lot of Benny Hill that is that possible. I don't know. Space what many hill all the time and at least watched archer. Alison Pill conference in an email and and and Benny Hill and you know. There's a hot chick walking by and he's riding his bike accidentally and cell phone call just now finding. External amp or maybe she watches an awful lot of faulty towers solo mob action. Britain love that show us British comic does this explain Lindsay Lohan. I think Catholics in an interview and the imminent we need to know what that is something good explains their acts. Is the. Oh yeah. Have a road yet about the bit of a rogue. You tired. Of Mary does and she now its bears some time in turn tree yeah. Sheikh. I mean it in Allentown and affliction ecology only with a guy with the things on earth. Now hired pending agricultural. Our our appropriation. And I've always said Sheikh Phillip on the phone. A text that points out that LB was a big fan of Downton Abbey well it's a good programs. There guys that use logic. Ask your age she lures me in one personal that's just on that and then hours. Let's go into editor and of their last season. And we are here and watches a muted if you've watched at all you can credit for season and yet. We if she's into she's in their Victoria now. But he died during a crock pot this accident that I was at Toronto on. On fanatic as you poor Jen cook. You watch that show I don't because I have enough emotional turmoil in my life and decrying anymore. What's the deal is just about like regular people living elect their life is so late applause. When general under today. Again as with everything he's got he's crying in dribbling out at W LeMieux when you look in any of the social media platforms now. People are always talking about this is nuts need to take the day off because of past and this is since that way it like now legitimately happens is via. I. Coming up at the end of today's show we're gonna play our end of the show game where you paying attention he can answer a question about something. That we have discussed or that has happened on this morning show. Then you could win 8100. Dollar gift card to show the valley ski area. That is happening in 935. Or 9:40 or so this morning were you paying attention. Today's weather. Brought to you by Subaru of New England supplying all wheel drive vehicles with a passion. For winter adventure. And it is going to be sunny and temperature is going to get into the thirties that's as warm as we're getting today but. Temperature should be in the upper fifties may be close to 60 believe and am not on Thursday. 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They're younger than arsenal that they were smokes marijuana. You can and as the heads up there are many ways to listen to this show in real time. One of which would be your Amazon echo or you're Google home and I have to do is ask elects or Google. The play W and contain your Smart speaker in two or radio. Course you can listen on our apple where every golf and you can get out if you're somebody who doesn't have it. By texting the letters. APP. Nine B 7107. That's 971. Assess then. And if you're worried about your data usage. Than he can listen to us on HD radio. And if you listen 937. On HD radio. Then you can hear us in the in some of the North Shore communities where things. May get a little Dicey and he can also listen HD lies. On 104 point one on HD and if you happen would be somewhere south of the city. Then he'll be able to hear us there as well so. And I I I realized that. Many of you feel like using some of the new technology may usher in the robot uprising before it's time this year by. I say go for written worry about worry about the robot overlord Slater that's that's and I. Union or we will see you brought in any lions I hear you're gonna fighting until. You can afford to drive this car as. And then and then you get me out there without. Ireland moves aren't going to be having about certain in the back from a car drinking a Bud Light pizza. But not been able yet you know. Here's the five away text through says I am still live mid. All caps. About the this is us Margaret marginalization. Egg bag. I don't watch it does not now I have a vision try it maybe I gotta get it I mean right now I am. Obsessed with the FX. Andrew Keen man in Versace murder series yes which is about four episodes in. And it's really good the guy who plays Psycho Andrew Kuhn in Ann is this is Axel. There at the point where a spoiler alert where Kuhn and then. It is he's living with a skewed. And he gets jealous. One of their friends and so they'd the invites them over and then he lacked some depth with a hammer in the department whoa and forces the other kid on a cross country trip them as the gets closer to. G on either side she doesn't sound more exciting them this is. Well this is us. Thing is it to 2018. Year you're not allowed to be happy. So what what's a show Obama. Real life. Don't we get enough of that this comment is in exit door because it's one of those shows are. Watching it because it'll make you feel bad. Like why are you get asked why are you happy and I'm miserable. Now it's just like while we've been through that it's so real so broad fare well my god during that time that we saw no one else understood. I met with these people watched him go through Holland. That would be I totally believe. That want to organize it. And imagines that possessed tonight proud yeah. I it is 841. And if you wanna be on the show this morning you can call 6179311. And two to three that's the premium for its studio line and this is Derek on that very same premium ports deal on what's going on there. Good order and it. Not too bad hey Greg I haven't heard you speak the Walking Dead in a while the I didn't know you're still up debate on let them know what's your take your. Watched it years I got I I I lost I lost some. When they were in. Did that that they took over that neighborhood that woman was the kind of running the thing there. You know I'm talking about. I I did the exact same thing that's what else kinda hoping you would talk about it yet we up on that you have the watch what I would assume with the power to order. Yeah and it's eight got it got our act that show is great the first three seasons or whatever and then they just completely lost me at all well. I did seal warning. For Valentine's Day. That those who are lonely and without someone yes. Should be should be very. Careful of the bot zombies here is they that are out there. Trying to trap you into believing that you were falling in love waited a Russian woman or are. Some kind of a a foreign brighter something like that it's a warning that has been issues. And and really. It's good advice for people who are lonely. IBM is cyber threat unit exports. Has found that there's a massive scam campaign underway bands he's been also a scam. Capitalizing. On Valentine's Day and trying to lure people and it started. The whole thing started in January. And so let's see the first surge started late mid January they say that thirty million spam emails. Are sent out every day. Emails consists of short blurbs supposedly from Russian women. Who live in the United States and the emails are written well which is usually. Uncharacteristic. Of spam type emails like the Nigerian banker's scams I. Then what they do is once they have you on the hook with the conversation in the email they send you. Viruses. Malware that are trying to hack in your computer enough. Think people are just desperately looked desperately looking for love and especially at this one. Desperately seeking solace. He is grab the Russian bride to young to hide your money first of we are and get one better get a more in all your studio apartment I'm down and come out and they don't show up for over her like 234 years and Leonard Leonard green card and she tries to Jose for half you know I got out from. A robot verse is Russian. I can't believe you fell for that scam with that Russian war. A I don't believe you fell four scam with emotion more. Did you see this story about the individuals who got in through the public sword fight in did. It was carrying disorder on these days the victims. If it was scary path toward via. This very weird situation and I do a lot of digging to get the story straight that happened Boulder, Colorado right outside the university cholera care. Tony Parker is 26 years. He reportedly went up to. I guide. And took a samurai sword out of his backpack. And it Tim. The reason why he did Dan is because that got the victim's girlfriend. Reportedly had Colby's girlfriend jumped. Over something that was a retaliatory rank and they're spread out like. This a random attacked them and you look deeper there was the they had an existing beef again for an. On the other dude pulled over king character types soared. The thing was here's a first police get a call at some with walking around the samurai sword to backpack before the attack even. Tent camp in the this kid steals a sort out of the guys backpack. Again I put his hands up to defend himself and tries to grab the samurai sword away. Which is there and yes ouch yeah Brenda and that and he got an injury. There. Then he takes out his cell phone and starts recording video. And the guy who stole the sword said you'd done got my girlfriend jumped. And that's why he act and so now Derek who never let happen to be sitting in his car in a Wells Fargo Bank parking lot. And witnessed the whole thing. Now one point the other gentleman went to go grabbed the sword when it was in his face and they got that got pulled back and I at that point I think he cut his hand pretty good. And then he swung around the sort of have a guy in the side of the I would pick. The. That's in the middle of public now. And today middle of the publicly weighing in with us the mountain won't do that again death at least plan if he knows that the person that he's doing it. Yeah. And that's crazy ludicrous it's crazy that are as. Crazy and ludicrous. Any news story that involves a samurai sword in minutes about a samurai is just cores it's pretty inadequate yes or at least a guy that gets crawled and that's crazy little false. And ludicrous I love when people's hair raising and it's. All right what do I wanna get the news Danielle. The news at 847. Is brought to you by. Cars for kids the easy way to donate your car donate today cart can be picked up tomorrow cars for kids not number 1877. Cars. Q also bind liberty mutual insurance. Nothing to worry about everyday insurance shouldn't be one of them you can leave worry behind the liberty stands with you. Liberty mutual insurance. A driver in reading them has been cited for allegedly leaving the scene of the crash with students. Still on the bus. Principal Florian from Attleboro was trying to turn around and evidently was running a little bit late the bunt he tree. A window smashed glasses all of the kids are shut plastic back up hits and other tree. And keep going on it's written you're kidding not even a little bit you know now. Kelsey ciphers a student at the school she actually recorded the crash. On her phone because she's the tree falling in English and this to my mother daughter Lindsay. The bus driver allegedly continued the whole group dropped off all kids before going back to the middle school and parents are very upset. She didn't stop the bus to make sure everyone was so now that's it's a it's a woman and it's that's a woman can come compartmentalize. Things started out usually been male specialty. This is one of the students on the box. An action is turning around she hit a tree while the trees fell and another one. Picked back. And it. And a lot of pressure. For a 165. Kids on a bus you gotta get him home went to their the other one. Before yesterday that was arrested her. Being drunk and the bots that school bus for those that goes with an emblem is there that was that was. Had issuance. She had depart the bus Eskew who. On the side of the and that. Gave the authorities sums of reason to wonder why via why the bus was parked askew amber yeah I had this there. So I'm things are out things grow. I think we owe it we may want institutes and tan further testing and who is driving her precious cargo around estimation of the right people tried dealing with those little bastard. Speaking at passing to rate tie. It's gonna have to take a raffle Isaac before the problem oh can I just mention one thing yes. The it's. I'm amazed they didn't think of this myself and and and LP you'll will appreciate this space science comments. With regard to the assess. Last night it was. It was sandwich night for us for the and shall basketball team a standardized though at the fellas like to eat the sandwiches on the way home after the game. So upon. Bringing sandwiches out the boss whom the boys were paraded by the bus driver that the sign says there's no. No ammonia on the bus. And so we stand there wondering what the bill. And doesn't see him purse. Father Jack say just column that in light of what happened in Andover where the kids. Get any food on the right path to have their opponent they have got their foot on the bus. And the way he could say about that night but no food and the food globally driven about stamps and that's when they beat kids to school and Barack. If the right behind. Me here in that you're making overtime only about LB no food and morals or rules most sandwiches on the bus. The corn into the tournament in the movie theater arts I thought I took the sale which is home and and made them myself I don't know round. I'd science or to do what we what we time. Last year. Drake at school officials found me so on several students so this year they can you clarify and let him what's been going on alcohol and teachers okay all right. So now they're going to have to approve they have not been drinking before they can enter the prom and other school events. They approved the decision at a meeting on Monday night but a lot of parents are upset with this saying it's pretty much over killing your taken the fun out of it because some kids did a bad thing last year how they gonna do what are they gonna do unpleasant or they're gonna do a breathalyzer. Before you can go into the prom below. Ha and who. And so parents think kids they think it's a boat it's an overreach. Ha yeah field are you doing that means what's that one fire yeah some pretty good but I'm not going to the Prada kids well when her own party. A lot of parents think that this is not gonna make school of Anthony fee for but the superintendent Steven stone disagrees simply deterrence and safety. That the idea where is that about introducing a blood alcohol test for events like the prime. I was starving students before they come to the problem before they consider drinking alcohol. Well. I mean. I guess it's somebody says that's violating civil rights but I don't think it is. I don't think in the civil right to not be brothel at one hand of the at a civil right cannot be brought the wise what you're going to promise yeah but I. It's as high school responsible for the safety of the C enthusiasts as though one kid yeah yeah and then they're gonna sued the school as my kid was drinking not your fault I talked about it before in terribly do it right because you know kids. So kids. They don't drink don't turn the kids criteria are gonna drink regardless so in Canada. You you have to get dropped off at the prom by your parents. Then you're the prom and then they have they have school buses that take you to an after party. And yet you can dance and party and hang out. The bosses bring you back in your parents that you. This is Nicole on the premium board studio Lima taught McCall. How I I'm gonna love their OK thank you how are you. I'm dead I am I'm Colin can I actually went to their technical high school and teeing ground area and they actually apple iPad. In China for net. What went within 2005. 2000 five's out. It's thirteen years ago I was here that we're doing this that yeah. I mean I think be more concerned with the matter all that and they are with the Blue Jackets are drinking anymore. Now here's I don't even know if I can read this text message it's kind of mean I'll go and try to. I read this. Says unless you drag. And then you leave the prom party early in your girlfriend blows something else is that nice. As I thought I think eventually I don't know around Pittsburgh that. Hello hello Billie. Hey Billy. Doctor oh I'm sorry John Johnny what's up Johnny. Europe or Europe into a story. About the ball. But one candidate is either. It's much that it. Good movie valid only math scenario a hundred. And I would else's in the news today Dana well it's surprising to me that that happened in Utah but I guess I think I was feeling oppressed the man. Drank two bottles of vodka and then used them. To break into a police station on Saturday he wasn't looking to get arrested though the guy I want it to get into the police station. To meditate so. Happening or new time lieutenant Craig Martinez. Officers he was just trying to find Jesus. Thought meditating in the middle of the police department be a good idea he broke a window to get inside. That's where it officers and their type and there are reports. Majority times so it didn't take very long to have a whole bunch of people there was a little upset that we were kind of sort of put it we were messing up his meditation period. You know disturbing Newman was just trying to get some inner peace. He finally at peace beneath find the inner peace or Huckabee I never now you know I'll get Sify and if he found a little now than. The vodka gives him some inner peace anyway especially two bottles into her on Wednesday. It's not how are dead after drinking and running is an excellent and when LB asks that. Not. Who have. I it is 855. And that's the news. Who's coming up we're gonna play our and of the show game were you paying attention. Tomorrow morning by the way I cannot wait to. Talked to the official historian of this show. Our 101. Year old World War II veteran friend Larry Steinfeld he's gonna join us from the nursing home. At 750. While very romantic guy every player on any talks about his is wife. As one and only huge its wounds you ladies swoon over that so a good guess for Valentine's Day Larry will join us. Tomorrow morning. At 750 and as we talked about yesterday. The nursing home. People lost Larry's hearing so he is without a hearing aid to conducive. Rectify that situation when Larry joins us tomorrow morning. And now just what you thought they couldn't get any better we give you this we don't tell you know what you should know you tell us what's going on in your community so we go to all our. Correspondent sell short nor sure metro west and central mass. Is the best for you this'll probably get all of us it. Garza's body from Jamaica played here before you already connect. I'm supposed to let the community know about the sex offender and how to do that lazy to walk door to door so I think your legally they should cover it. Thanks guys shouted Xperia that's important news you need to know about shard filled up so Buren JP just be careful watch out for him. Now been warned I don't know of the there's no bad guys that said better not worse well. I'm Betty admit weekdays three to seven on WP. That's great values so close to home. More information Cristina show the plus there's showed an early snow tubing park. An Advance Auto Parts we offer you the quality parts you want and knowledge unique and we're always looking for ways to help you save. Right now out advance premium oil brands like Castro mobile bubbling and Pennzoil are all on sale. She's five quarts and an oil filters starting his lowest 2399. For your oil changed. 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Motor group we're committed to making half.