Hour 3 - Colonel's Cocktails

Thursday, January 18th

This hour, we go Inside the Warped Female Brain and we put the KFC Gravy cocktails to the test, master mixologist Danielle whips them up and our cocktail expert LB knocks em down!


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They Hill Man Morning Show on demand. And more I'm always online pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Hey guys having trouble unlocking the mystery that is when the supposedly you know and it's paying close attention on her. I'm not gonna be no right. It's time to go inside the warped female brain. Hartford being out save a few relationships. As we go inside the warped female brain we do this from time to time in the show if you're a man. And you find yourself. Perplexed. When it comes to the way. The mind of any woman in your life works you may ask gaining altitude translate exactly what is going on up in that east. So I just text your question to the tax line which is 9717. And you'll you a rare glimpse inside the warped you know bring. This is a 774. Texts. My wife of eight years and I have been going to the strip club religiously for the last four months. After she caught me there in person four months ago boy and a confession. She stayed and realized. That she actually loved it and that she liked women. As much as Egypt OK my question is she keeps talking about wanting to have a threesome. Which I would love but I am worried. That once she sees me with another girl and she won't want to do it anymore. Should what should I do you could this actually mess up. My relationship. The chances that a three where in a mess up your relationship are most 99% doesn't it takes it very. Very strong bond and special people to be able to engage in that and separate from and he's invariably somebody always gets tell us whether it's you know. Getting jealous that your wife is paying attention to other woman which she would think. Why would a guy ever feel that way but when you get in the moment today do you or the woman you know your wife being jealous of of seeing you. It's also still very fresh thing for months in the grand scheme of things is that what you been married for eight years straighten. Plus whatever time you've dated for a month for herded like well I really like checks it's a new thing. I would still keep it on the front burner and maybe explore her feelings about it but I wouldn't push it to a three way just. A girl. This is a 617 text of girl that I've been seeing multiple times keeps going back to her ex boyfriend. Who is in the military. And fights and and marry. Do I keep pursuing her even if she can't even what you want to keep going on dates. Why Al why is she doing this if you want to keep your eighth syntax I would probably enter the relationship. And I she she clearly didn't know what she wants maybe the situation with her acts was a little Dicey and they were trying to work through some issues instantly he still not doing that thing she's been nagging him about itself. She was like that's and then move on and do this but she still get ties side I would kind of cool your heels on that 1774. Tax I met a girl the airport in Atlanta. Who was from my area. And a super smoke single mom very friendly and seem to warm up to me rather quickly room we've been messaging and she wants to meet me again. Does this mean that she is DT after. So Casey met at the airport now. Which is part yeah. This strange the strange thing is ours and this so there is so big men in Atlanta that they're from the same area wraps up and there and gee that's Africa who is accused TTF. Your DT after you make the plans like the next day. If you're interested in like actually like hanging out and getting knows somebody you're hearing kind of willing to be like. Right yeah let's talk we'll go back and forth habit nimble planned for our first date for whenever but if you're just written down down to smash. People and tendered don't have a waiting period and like immediately since they swipe where are you don't want to thank you and who are good he asked critical offered drinker would that be sexual. Rather than a definite jealous that she's a single mom tears social probably busy with the kid yes now it's. Probably has all I had a lot of action aaron's shoes off fired and and for him you out there and are you willing to jump in rural issue of port Sumner has gambler. Her here's a 617 Texas is an odd one but they often are. I have been hooking up with a girl for over a month I really like her last night I couldn't fall asleep. And I noticed. That she is a massive ruler then. This is disgusting to me and I can't stop thinking about him is this a common thing with women I don't ugly. I mean to women commonly drool when their when their sleeping and had everybody rules at I don't. Applicable to women but I predict and it's a student I got some people say if you stick it now is a tough time year has its dry. People have like that lingering cold they can't shake their stuff that's willing to sit at the mouth open with a lot of times that leads to it now you know I I'm. How occasionally drool in sleeping but it's usually get my head is on you guys just minutes and it it faces ultimate shot and you wake up Emulex. Both are not bad yeah. Here's the senate senate vote. Who tax and that we have discussed before the debts from a Nevada solo in the modest 702 text. I met a girl online we got together at a bar she invited me home whether. We started to have sex and after she orgasms she made me stop and kicked me out. And then she continued attacks since say that you make it up to me next weekend you came over jumped on top meanwhile watching TV. Same thing happened. And I'm wondering. If she is just not interested in me anymore. It is I do generally somebody else human at the shower that much it's. Oh it's. So she's just basically concerned about her own pleasure like let off and on out is another thing Taylor has is that it says that that you do with the last person she was and she like screw you and act whatever and sometimes sometimes. Some women have this thing in every human defined sex differently most people think of it is on. But they did some people consider you know maybe and I'll hunt them. Sometimes women rationalize it in their heads at. Even if there. Taking care of them if the man does not reach the finish line at the marathon. Then it's not technically sex. And so sometimes I'll let I'll let you don't get to that we didn't really right do it so in her mind she's not adding to her number. Again they're to be a million different scenarios I just like to come up at the most messed up once his women and asked can we use another word besides marathon teams come along to sprinted to my dad. I do as credits stirred the FCC regulations creator. As we're going inside the war two female brain and then we are gonna player he'll Mel voicemail messages and after that. We're gonna follow up on a discussion that we had yesterday. And we are going to prepare him. The Kentucky fried chicken gravy cocktails. They posted on the website yesterday. A couple of adult beverages made with their gravy. And if you're driving to work right now. And you're saying. I would love nothing more than alcoholic beverage that is created at Kentucky fried chicken gravy and make streaky with that because LB is gonna tell you exactly how they taste. But this is a 617. Tax. I've been seeing girl for two years we get along great however recently. She has been getting phone calls and leaving the room when I am there to take the phone calls she says. They are work calls and I'm wondering why she needs to leave the room when she is taking the calls sound suspicious in the dock has calling about unintended pregnancy or she's got a boyfriend. Is that we think it is like it if she won't talk in front of him yeah I think this is this the only thing that kind of. For me. Makes it not as suspicious the year very suspicious of every kind suspicious of everything you can play and everyone Ida didn't actually know to really one particular. To people. The iron if another guy were calling her and she knew she was in abuse you. She probably put the phone and do not disturb or at least make his contact you do not disturb. And if he called she wouldn't take the call. She would wait until she was away from you suspect she's taking the call while you're there are little weird that she's going in the other room that maybe it is a private matter. No one there are or. If she's duping that guy into thinking that she's not with someone she's got no good reason to not answer the phone if they were just texting. And he's like Tammany give your ring or a quick. So it's I would just step I would keep your head on a swivel and. Be aware of the seven and one text put up with a grow and had amazing sex twice over the weekend. I have come to realize. That she is potentially. Bad pass crazy I want sex is carry out. I'm Ari. I want to end it. But I feel like she's going to do something physically harm me your somebody that I now remembering what house now what is the what is the best way so I guess he wants to know what is the best way to end it with crazy like is there is there felt when Aaron Goodwin and it would that was. That was Psycho crazy after he'd Google and and the main non emergency number for the FBI headquarters is. Yeah see if they he get into you know witness that witness protection. Coste added yeah and yeah you can't dude you. Posting a crazy chick is no worse. Possible thing that India. In nineteen breakout discussions. Well there's no discussion she shows opener and your house and dressed to kill them what I mean is that there's no way to there's no particular had a bit. How is it she's got the crazy and. Any any guy that listening right now. Is nodding his head if he's been the crazy chick before beat TT knows. It took like nine years to get that pitch out of the picture. Like which act in like eight restraining orders problems at work. You know I'm gonna get your license to carry revoked in pretend that you did that the enemy it I mean distant. I can't stand when they relate to these. Life ruining things because someone doesn't wanna beat them 774 tax or can you rule the text machine up a little bit because the text messages are coming in fast and furious. This girl and I had a great second date that ended with some fun. However she hasn't been texting me much since the Dayton who is she still interested or did she just want a piece of the. Guess it depends on what your definition of honest she may have not had as much as you yeah it probably your bad Iraq perhaps it sounds like unfortunately degree. This was that you know they're good for her is that what happened burning neither was just a spark maybe there was no connection and she just wasn't feeling like sometimes that happens like. You you have great chats with somebody have fun when you allow opening in the betterment you'll like. All that was a giant model Vanilla extract. Let's see here's the Texas says there is truly no such thing is coasting a crazy chick I tried but she just show up in my house or I'd have to sneak. Out the window and reads insurance. That sells tickets there isn't. I care about Ian Nolan loves you like nineteen. And then nineteen and I ran a kinda put a knife down. Here's somebody says they have used the pond her off on year on your friend bill and I'll treasure with the craze that you name. You can put on the crazy for your friend quality of a crazy friend Michael. Oh here's somebody says Aiken STD. It it could cut the and then. Gouge your eye out with a KFC explore additional think he gave her something or spoon she'll go to your doctor end. Just like I want proof let's get tested together and you so much and to be with you anyway. Yeah yeah definitely yeah they in a CD that very rarely works out the way you think it's gonna work. The event and it. It. Is that Texas says you have to research the hell out of the fake ST the because they will ask every single imaginable I ask how passionately but apparently they've done that you would also do they'll they'll tell everybody they'll post it online ads and. Can you believe that guy exposed to nature an at TD would've come back and to make sure no one wants to be with you throughout your life that I can have you. And health. 978 taxed I dated this girl for three years she is a complete smoke. Broke up with a broke up for 20. Slept together. Commune. That. Oh you went now you Larry held on the list girl's school in and I hate when this happens. Broke up for two okay slept together for the time between. And then when she got out of another relationship okay and a couple weeks ended that. She flipped out and left again because somebody told her that I was other we have other people while we weren't together you know what is going on in her brain. She probably meant that she can you being the the people. Yeah. Let's talk about the standard doubles but I'll what is it a factual at that so you know it's it's it's always a double standard it's you know what's good for the goose is not good for the gander I can do whatever I want liking on women can have guy friends that work inning out and one on one admin can not have female friends of art in them when. Now it's fine for her she can do whatever she wants that for you it's not it's it's what about the email scenario would not even and Hilary. Sir I just and its marketing guys impart her. There's guys only wanna just nail everything on the planet I. But then when Nagin it's that chicken and it just manage the business. What do you think of that I don't you lose. It's too soon and Elvis she sucks so as one of our work but we can't believe the U went on do it was some of what we broken. All right well that is inside. The warped. Female brain and it is 807. And this is WA AF FM. And HD one. West Borough lost and WEEI. HD two. Lawrence. And the pristine sound of WWB. Acts HD two in Boston. And now it's your turn to talk. What do you use that didn't know. This. It's. As they Hill Man Morning Show presents. Hill mail on W a death. Today's tell Mel voicemail messages but you by the city bus in credit union with all of the convenience of big bank checking accounts but no minimum balance requirements. Or obnoxious monthly service fees like the big banks check out the city of lasting credit union and their checking account service today. Or police woman he had a parity. If you don't like about it what does your body. And now it's. Our real healed educated system. I didn't hate the system. Although the system brought us the Stanley Cup but I didn't like the system. Cleared batted. Proud. Out shot pretty nice except for random and you can't do what you make your daughter. LB was LB include Julian got into big argument because they'll be late to go over there for the complimentary skate sharpening and close it and close that who is this the food Rangel comes in in the middle of our team meetings and gets its H sharpened. And then starts chat it up with the fellas get him out of here. And he kicked buyers out of that water on me how does it was arson method country. How dare you I mean how hood who kit nobody kicks Lyndon byers out of anywhere. Time to. 21 am. I need a well how he might pick up wide I don't know that that overlap some of the old I don't bullies who are you wanna go get some concern app. So when they they know that populate people. Work you know one out of a hundred times but never. And then now his absence. One day Casanova you'll our content to a pool and again. You know Greg I think it was kind of unfair that as bad as they've LP yet now. We call but no we can't put nine out of eleven. You know I don't know yet remember those five words that you know that's a little while other guys that you know with a concussion protocol developed. The life you know I think if you looked. You pick that you know you're great at a current. I don't believe how many brands of boom didn't yeah but certain that if you can get so I haven't looked look you know why I noting. News category. And the message. You remember any of the five words during the cognitive tests from yesterday. Bottom real yeah it's not yeah not that. I don't know drive drive you get too nice and remember the book then the other the other three. Now no. I don't really old. Tech. Air it out grated Bender is a great candidate that ma act act act act. Oh man. There's there's something that we're not being too old. About the the hand of the ghost I don't. I don't think he injured so badly unit in hand are that he needs that's the doctrine. I. The guy's been on the limited participation. More us just every we. Bird eighteen years are you saying this is subterfuge. Where we're trying to throw the jaguars. Make them over confident they're all they they probably cancel practice today and they sent off. Tom Brady's hand is broken we don't even have the practice we've got this thing locked down and I don't worry about it it's like a day off go to the beach enjoy your cells. 601. AM. If that was the object could get out of there about poverty that. The world won't end. And there. And that message. In Canada. Trap me into thing about it when he's. And it's deflated and nothing lea county woman number on the end near pressure machine detect Afghanistan and and voltage and the standard practice them. So we went through as well it tells them irony the I mean if you're going to be here medals and the questions that some people ask him. That's Joseph Belichick. Took 28 and. Maybe people don't believe trump. We could cut either lies about every and the most of big big thing it and called it. I definitely hear Golden Globe. In medicine noted that then another thing that they're upset about that aren't OK so he was reported. By his doctor to be an inch taller and a public where's lifts in his shoes he's probably the. It kind of guy who wears listen highway data you wouldn't. Carlos. You're casually funny I was I I was in my truck pulling out of people's garage after maddening chain was Esther. And ideas I do's and walking with those walking shoes have you seen those they have the souls that are there. I don't know are there were routed there grounded on the front in the ring I just say hey I got to shape ups and and and the souls like an inch and a half from now. Maybe looks almost opener. Looks to me yeah. According being there replacement for the blue. There's going to be either gotten. An old the girl. I gotten guys. An old guy. Media may go more. You know what also tried out. Wounded who perished. God bless god bless. Ramirez courts. Thanks bleak he DN. Our revenue and put them both wooten who. Unbelievable it is an international. And glad thank you. Appliance. They that at all I have a 2013. And it right after the marathon walk. And I'm glad after they retire at my opinion the thing that every night. I'm not a good idea. Cam might be listening. Donnie Sweeney might be listening how about rather than get somebody to come out and saying the fans just sing it every single mine aren't helical week now if anybody can do it will be Bruins fans heart and soul heart and soul lunch pail. Working class candidate they would absolutely. Dude I Lee that's I think that's that's a good idea. And certainly Renee ranked court as an ounce of fuel this is that he's been singing the anthem at the garden. 442. Years and he is calling it a career. 703. AM. Awarded being that they're actually saw it as Billie you've been caught before he died. Do you have a if you live. On the net well are you an idea and I should be funded sixty start because I was a duo or we're going to limit the amount. That he's excellent he's just an example is just colleagues and personal demons thinks every cocktails and had any effect on your mind I kept. Three this hour and a few areas that are injured twelve people who thought that bother him I'm gonna make these things happen. RA. So tough by the way thank you for participating during hill mail. And leaving a hill mail voicemail message it is 815. And today's weather. Brought to you by Subaru of New England dot com it is going to be sunny and temperature is going to get into. The thirties today and were already in the twenties and it's gonna want mop. Into the forties it's gonna price slides can be 48 on Saturday Tucker yeah. It'll ignored kind of on don't you know for the patriots still. I would like it to be cool. You know I've yeah jags are from I don't think it would it would really affect them that much I mean may be a little lull Idaho. Would my lock it's gonna be warmer here than it is going to be in Las Vegas now. 19 when obviously when I'm taking a few work days off him. By the way I'm not taking vacation and going to work. In Las Vegas and everything in the ocean now and there's not there's an affiliate company meetings does that company meetings ever get a ton of work done in the company meetings and it means somebody's getting pregnant symposium just less work people who worked from home yesterday motivational speeches symposium house. Guess the best of best practices via. We'll we will be going over best practices for a howl at the ammonia annual rate pleading coming in a thousand. Company needs them boss pats himself on. And tells I can't do that doesn't bright smile and saw. That I just Seger right now I'll be giving out best track is new again. On the agenda the desperate and differences on the one of that is that I. Daniel as a former bartender. At me Greenpeace. And at. What was the name of the cal cowboy he obviously coyote ugly here as a former bartender would you like to mix up. Some of these KFC gravy inspired cocktails and so maybe upgrade the gravy infused her. I I was. Speaking of people that I have the pleasure in the honor of working. I was speaking with the executive chef for for whole house group yes Peter yes. And he was asking me yesterday at work if we were truly gonna make. He heard us talking about the KFC ground beef gravy cocktails and he said he really make those and would anybody really. Possibly drink Ravi and that yes I've ever seen and it. Obviously I mean once he gets. If it's the issue is apparently gonna make him look fat by once he gets an excuse like I'll be so. By the way everybody wants to know is it jogs and the dilution next week is that's it as a way what is happening in my thinking it's an IP Monday music organs and these days to get into his institution me. Jones in the dude you know Tuesday in ruins. I itself. Mike Hsu went to KFC yesterday and purchased a giant vat of gravy is that correct mr. shoe. Yeah I ordered a three large grief these amounted to me anyway and that is just agree but he does the gravy at the moment plus degree now a publicly held in the three he's a couple. And KFC has. Created some. Cocktails that the goal line so he won a mix these up in her all right Jeff. We should I I did in Steve Graham all the ingredients. But I think I'm gonna do it instead grand story. View making the drinks so do you mind bringing the ingredients over this way. And we'll do it on this table over by over over bias here. My shoes my humorous this guessing with instances. Are started one. OK you got a blight. Did you keep the keep the egg white cold by the way we want to end this on any Salmonella. Apparently they were today and needles garage I look at on the open are eleven others realize the camera and weight loss program. Daniel you have recipes in front of you. She she will and jewel in the moment. Shoe Adam printed out there were over there and I'm guessing that somebody is okay they're they are. And equity at the now we have the risks so much you are so here I stars soured Daniel. So and stuff is they started getting some really. So these particular drinks. Who are these drinks were released by Kentucky fried chicken on their website yesterday this is. Gotta be like this is gonna be a worldwide different. I. All right I don't I don't like people like you know I know Larry I think I think care season ranking people like me who you know live further. Food to. Live for their graves is what you mean it's the gravy and their fruit name on it you know like I love their checked in Iowa you know I love you know that the family meal planned. When you always make an amazing thing you take the skin off the chicken yeah heart attacks now and you put the mashed potatoes and gradient and yet it back on the children. Which is delicate doctor Frankenstein nightmare scenario for mature and. This text there is correct. Why are we not FaceBook lighting swim out we must FaceBook live this process so that some who cannot enjoy gravy. Because they wanna live to be over 35. In a drank a dark and can witnesses so yes we will FaceBook live this. We're digging out where she and I don't know uttered aren't aware of the juniors martians if she noxious. I know that I I I get a Sharia. I am I'm a little sketchy about. Radios odds are two of the lobbying to I'll be excited and scared I mean when right now aren't opinion. I'm I'm bringing glasses half empty. But it I'll be pumped and you know it's glass is half full yeah. Maligned kicker here we're running out here running back. Is everything okay. What. Where yet to prove Portland or what that's what happened miniature replicas of analysis so bad are you kidding me just can. You can not know a year ago. All right so I want NC in this life community can you share the ingredients of this the first the first cocktail your enemy if good. With the with the KFC fans room and I started as the sour with them this hour. So that's got the tequila. Where sheep and me for in metric directions you lawyer really out of ref. I shake my. To run ten feet and. And twenty take it from an elite runner up here and get some exercise for yourself for Conrail not doing touched on this question is your on the market yet it's got to be trimmed up and re Iraq. Okay now. And. Hundred mills are grieving a hundred milligrams of gravy okay. FaceBook log but if we live. Podcast opposing Marcus hook lie full pull it oh yeah FaceBook live pulls hopeful that in march of so. It's seven tablespoons. Seven tablespoons of greater degrees industry OK what else 400 mills of messed golf tequila tequila and great yeah okay first of all how do you feel about the key ingredient it grows all I'd. I just breaking figured out what happened what would she let out. I said we're gonna we're gonna go is applied but I was getting to rip every of your busy. A I don't even let you got it. Up together that gets you like okay anyway enough time to do when you know what you did sob that just are not so it takes half an hour and a man to let them get married you married. So in the glassed in Els the tequila degree V and the lemon juice OKQ. I know sorry Kerry look cooler yeah fresh lemon juice. Orange marmalade of soul salt pepper and light. And a at pine times spring two guards. So you're gonna make a gravy cocktail with Kentucky fried chicken great. There. I'm just trying to find so he's occasionally US measurements every arm and arm and remove the garbage can closers. Or. It and I by the way. Although practicing this is not the first time tequila and in he would see gradient mixed. At least on the open in my stomach back it's not certain times yes and chorus so. By the way. I just shared a story. On my ins to Graham Greg Hill 107. And that story is the in L begin the process I'll share another one. I should be do create that. These agreed to heal and linemen are in the party in there. Yeah. I know. I just at the cocktail shaker top keeps coming up with the second time iPod it feel very for church. It took fourteen hours average ticket time to get a drink it agree v.s when Daniel was Smart not mean I. I'm happy the apple out yeah thanks for the 56. Your needs and costs. You need knees and lost I do and you look any real thing and you're pretty incredible. Just eyeball. That's a real Barton's run. That was by the way that was more than three count on the poor now that party. Two and a half count. Reporter trying to retract an apple we're trying to cut down on pat costs over here. Marmalade completed marmalade and a little experience turn on you makes a month. Later. Like pepper she brought in white spotlight on him it's hold on wall while the strength is being prepared. This is Jacko LoJack. Great little lady grilled once again. And you know you what you have faced lies somebody older era where she prayed to the fourth. I am very slow I am ready to it's this is just listen this could be a century. By the way mark your did these people are annoyed the holding the phone sideways on the face what line did you not unlock it in Seattle. And you know. We'll take if you are ninth everybody's breaking their necks trying to watch the decidedly yes sideways sponsor its parent artist and I wanted to Mass Pike westbound is Jack. No wonder mark didn't get that producing gig he went for. College football. And I lead now and I don't mind I don't know any different than has normally Marmol didn't really show how much at and it's got marmalade and pray the present because to a record to seven spoonful snow and African player. Usually meet cute where mom Tammy normally don't post episodes. They're perfectly good Peter bird Jan. So are you over there now knows that regularly over here she's gonna deliberate mixing both sides payments you to. When you can't say I think now thrived don't try to break we've Cheryl. Everybody wants to see you shake vigorously shake. Take it vigorously shake shake shake vigorously. It's all about the shake when it comes to a cocktail. I'm okay all right so this is gravy and tequila. Kentucky fried chicken gravy and tequila at the moment and orange Marmol also cracked in this Aaron sorry now I assume Randi Richard Lugar and general. And generally if Jericho get a little chip actually it'll charitable currently are and and by the way I assume that what KFC is doing here. Is working toward a time where they have liquor licenses who's out there at their KFC we call I got a warrant on an audible. I I never understood what back through children restaurants don't do you know have a beer wars wars death please. I'm new taxes says. I was I was actually pretty stoked for this segment however. These guys have lost me at cherry looked core like they're upset that that gorgeous is that little a little additional flavor right. All right so we ask that you agree he and normally it is not enough late Senator Kerry would you tequila gravy marmalade and Sherrill who work. What does this thing call does that have a name to the name it and garlic and now are the finger lick star power is echoed that at kernels kind. Yeah the colonel naked in the bedroom. Right so when I don't have to make the let's give LB a sample in the humid the other one. The egg white and we have to do it waits. I'm. Way too many steps to service in the spay and neuter your go to guy. FL veteran air stepped up during got their collective we got people waiting to buy drinks. In Poland us again this is Joseph on the Framingham boards studio line what's up Joseph. I morning guys. That's where after LB dot cute flip whatever residual during the video. You are so. That he brought the soap soap you know. The tide and shouted this iPod challenged by a mean we live in a country where you have to tell people. Knocked. To adjust laundry detergent writers Deborah is that we're we're not right now although we're making this cocktail instrumentalists. All right I'll be. I want on a scale of one to pan. I wanna know how the gravy cocktail pace. OK I I'm stirring the burnish out of their enjoyment burnished in the garbage cam which is very close to me. It doesn't look very appetizing but you do have to Q and you do have great all of. To go live I'll. I you know it's bad does LB is telling us you know only for a lot of years now I rent a lot of good yeah I think you're going to make a lot of rapidly ever TO does it I think the only time honored you're delusional homeowners world that you know ferret theory goes this them what you think call. The finger and you can now familiar with consultants out here's here's to my idols scarcity. Now on hold. While he doesn't cut it does undercut those shot oh wait a minute I think he actually all would get on FaceBook life. And nothing but good manners are good. I swear to god as rocket hits eight you don't feel like getting sicker and I don't know I don't know do you taste great and it smells awful yeah Abbott argued that but I'll beat you taste the gravy yes everybody degrade in its it's like drinking gravy and cocktails at its best of our us that's got that's our suite and then the saver and then the gray green into the race all right now it's savory and great you're right it's actually. Not back up while. Oh my lord I don't think exaggerated giant one that is an unbelievable like if you like that I used batons to savory mix I've got one of those things I think it's like your frozen mud slide you don't have liked to yah and then your parent over warm wood ever on your adrenaline and at least settle. Now it's. So that's how I get disagree be any yet to sour in the sweet I don't get degree being that's our idea that I will give that two thumbs up. And so KFC is something. With gravy cocktails. Greatly confused Minsk now yeah great infused beverages. Unbelievable dollars and I demand that none of these being given towards that president all right I want support and who doesn't drink anyway but did not do not allow the president anywhere near the Kentucky fried chicken gravy. We are. Will make the Sutherland during the break out that when pace and don't forget that at the end of the show. We're gonna play our end of the show game where you're paying attention I'll ask you questions about this morning show if you cancer quickly that you could be a winner. It is 840 and there are several text messages without regard to the worst flu epidemic in the last thirteen years that they had been tracking data off. And techsters asking about the flu shots and why they don't work they got the flu shot wrong this year if you remember right there still recommending it's not. The sound of some of these great cocktails. Offering random being stopped 12142. In the morning. I can hear shaker Boehner. Let us. They do was say the experts say that it's not too late to go get a flu shot and it may make a difference. On however they got the flu shot on essentially have to predict before this. Influence and it's what a confluence going to be and we we we had shared the news story they got it wrong in cases which I work when BC 10% of the guys working like 10% of the time so. But it is it is the worst. This is why I'm thinking of canceling my trip to Vegas because getting on that Petri dish of terms which is an airline wrote I'm I'm aware of the one of those stars mask some of the people where I have you forming an alliance here right here pitcher after a Manson to get Hazmat suits and on the yeah. And then I can Wear him outfits underneath and say it save money at baggage charge speaking of IG as LB adjusted. I did share another story. As the and yell prepares. Yet another grieve the infuse the K apps the adult beverage and that's when you're making is. Called this is the southern. Southern twist in what's in this thing. This is urban. Gravy. Black pepper. That's a pretty simple. But the rim is garnished with brown sugar and parsley the rim of the collapse can I virgin gravy over here just the after. Training is tough crowd really are on the run pretty neat yeah urging gravy at the side no. But it might be I'd like that they meet. What will it looks like this does. OK and Daniel I'm sorry could by the way if you're just joining us let me just recount before entering that. Patient zero. Hey. We are KFC came out yesterday we did some. Cocktails that use their gravy as some as a main ingredient wreck and people were saying yesterday on my god how disgusting how to people drink rabies so we decided to make them and try them we are FaceBook live right now so. You can check that out and watch and and take a look as LB samples the strength and again one more time what exactly is in this thing that I obvious drinking right now. Urban gravy black pepper. And a partially brown sugar rim OK and so the finger that the finger licking mortars the finger Lincoln sour. Got two thumbs up yes not good that the bad aftertaste kind of watch a little bit did Atlanta where Ellison I have an ice coffee over here could you remain. All right I anyway go ahead wetlands yeah. I can't what is an anomaly it is and what creates our people provide excellent at. What to say goalie and other twists and twists. I drink railed parlay flight automobile is an ass mouths. It out with important question is the gravy warmer COLT called NightCall it's underneath Osama Jazeera it's cold gravy you're drinking cold gravy if you drink one of these drinks listeners and I was. You. All know but yeah. Now is islanders rivalry now that it. Allen has not that's not working for don't know oh my god he's going about electric soured that half of what it would have been like that in if electric. All right I want them not you don't do it he says is that it's not under the law now. Oh god. Melodies I had holidays and all as Alan horrible and it's awful this this experiment. If Oprah can't seem to the second one yeah estimated Dawson. How. Yeah its. Now that's an area. That's probably my cats Madison thought about him and. Okay I'm intensity fail that without almost fell the other one you liked yeah that's when you liked about. Now listen what about that if that I. If they have like a drum sticks with the stick in the starter when that would that would I know I thought our mineral that is now don't just. Actually that would make a pretty good wings sauce and wasting little because he's got the brown sugar now. Well I think what you I was off downed it made me it is different. Could I yeah. Any chance I can get while you're while you're making drinks Daniel is there any chance I get a few. Gravy excuse for a lot of NASCAR or its could dramatically if you gravy ice cubes. OK well. That's still the brown liquor one is not the kind of tequila. That the one miserable thrill and it's fair view only. Have you ever had. The drinks sex with a kernel. A excellence and now I've ever had I don't know what is a good government isn't. And I dig them back I don't know that. Checked. Oh independent. And. That room are more I was happy that was another thing I can see our I was all fired out there now once this guy didn't buzz on before 10 o'clock. What is this one can you shake over your shoulder like it do some flare out some freaking flair to your shaking and at this all the data is not the takers compromise okay of shakers conference aka what does this one you're making degrading Mary. The greatly Mary on this sounds good OK so we got tomato juice or is a bloody Mary mix it it's it's it's a custom next opulent mere it's it's made it used to it. Best best bloody Mary mix mister t.'s. I read our yes OK glad so as bloody Mary mix Worcestershire sauce Tabasco celery salt celery salt paprika and dollars and horseradish cream actually I think it I think this one's going to be really good. I think the gravy for good. Drink up and I. Blanket in upland. I don't know I don't mind nasty I think gravy sounds good in a bloody Mary yeah an immediate status like an interest in slavery to now it's our media you know thirtieth splice. In this previous eleven herbs and spices apparently. That last doctor RB I mean teased him it was on the rim. Now now this is supposed to be gone this would popcorn chicken. You know themselves as it needed to this. Create the featured on the way in the sports or create so. If you're just joining us is a 48. And today's Hill Man Morning Show as presented by Echostar technologies your data center solutions provider for more information you can go to echo stored dot com. Kentucky fried chicken has released. A list of some recipes for her cocktails that are made with the gravy. We have tried two out of three and the third one is the with the call Kentucky merrier to be married a great team. Married an American gravy marry a and it is one the gravy marriage. Oh she sought. Let's give that a world. And that one looks like is. That is tasty looks like if you're watching on FaceBook lives that Linden is really enjoying now one that's outstanding does that stand out are yeah stand as it hits if this doesn't like that is off that's good right fits with the taste of the bloody Mary ED get a little taste of the great I mean yeah he's a good in the area that community yeah the pepper that's. They'll let you know enough or not and to be honest. The popcorn chicken would put it all right I'm sorry be a little bit of a snapped a monetize it. On a diet. Only to rank among the whole load runner I only read only drinking until now I'm. Yeah that's good sauce. That's outstanding defense overbearing that I sound like Belichick Carolina. You know and you'll recall a time with the chicken the popcorn chicken it would add the chicken lever yeah you're gonna have all our crazy scene got to stick all kinds of crazy Brazilian to a jury not to bet. Not to I. Went to a carrier have used it touches and their. Gravy Marietta materials are achieved that back to me there may be silly not yet to mideast goal come out with some recipes that are school bus goal infuse Daniel. Ignore reload that would little affected. Up. All right that's a good job in good stuff thank you. I noticed he used the new Amsterdam black issue that's good vodka allows teachers that it adds well well well those two itself I want to name the other one it's a well special there was you know Thurston Cossack in city. Pop anthems mr. Ross Nolan and knowing him like on handle Rudy I've over the next shelf is it. Are right well. There's only one thing left. And that is somebody. Needs to. Give just the tip the bartender who worked hard so. That charitable and operate my services for free appreciate that to happen is that the thinking a tip we note that policy in the park. Hold on a second hold on this is a rarity. But angry Marc shoes wife has called the program the Smart guy. Hello I'm. Calling on March everybody. Else what is. What is it what is his name is it might give mark I don't I don't I don't I am. As it's Michael yes yes how little gray. Now let's and by the way it's been forever since I've seen you and up. We that we need to week we need to change that what do you call and what are you calling about. I thought about it and and if you do all all but they're out there remember and what has been thought as the colonel. First Halloween. At an AF. That you just like it is yet we assume it desperately eat really. Look like that kernel like Malaysian has done got quiet. It looked like the Asian kernel whenever it like as a patsy you know yeah. Of flight on to you public or to deal OK FC where you represent them in an Asian country yeah if you know. You just trying to you know it's in China now absolute that. That what your visit. I don't I think I know of are you guys. I don't wanna get too personal but you guys in to cause play like after that was it was I mean did he like bring a bucket of chicken home and it was mad passionate level and I. Now I'd I'd worked there and I'm in college and you have a weekend and let me just say it. They sucked into a secret recipe. Under. And we said he did get the car ads about it you usually changes a nice dress alike it smells chick. Yeah Hamas at all might have been done exactly and I hit yeah. Great did you meet because he came into the case it's not that I know that you know like advance credit elect the wealth for several. That was the well ports are met because it's right Wilfork worked at the drive through. They're better hey you know you know it's some kind of I was the general manager we have something that's not your name where you. It felt like I thought I didn't wanna rest once. And I didn't want me to get to know we wanted to over the air to win collar and mulch I met him. And they actually Whitney you watch a movie eat. And I kept burning them and that the scene in waiting having to watch in the back room having watched the good movie that company like that. We are well items like pattern may get it. What can I ask dress like when you worked you can see did you have. The it is Bryant's team and it's an auction in France since I got it. A fascinating. Currency did you have did you have the course lawmaker the giant cylinder that had the you know. Yeah what an idiot fifty heads of cabbage in the blocks. And an inability. All are all at the store real time all I can everything about it is if you ever wanted to kill somebody you kill off. Jerome and acting yeah blend amok and we performed on the thing it. Everybody went completely out Nolan not to make any border and a lack of class relic. I know the food court I asked it. Not to like a lot of freedom before. Stand there happiness that we have kids you could make you'd run articles law you can make calls offered 5000 people want to be set up. I don't know what else and yet by the Larry several techsters are comparing your little Greg to the hello Newman. Well it. And I'm glad I'm. But the Atlanta that I have a lot that getting immediate getting carbon copies yeah I like that and I gently that. Dresses you nice to hear from him and make it here you addicts like. Yeah like I. Flooding in the field there is mrs. Marc Hsu at. Lovely mrs. mark who worked at a Kentucky fried chicken. And awesome and that's why she stayed with their because history it was reject him and so close to the better job only. And it's. Put them so long where GO like five guys are on you have forget about it actually took it to a health foods to Bob. Yeah. As the days and that is that completes. A IRA. It is. 855. Here on the Hill Man Morning Show coming up in about a half an hour or 45 minutes our end of the show game where you paying attention. If you have been paying attention this morning should be able to answer some questions about today's show and you could win. Tickets to go see Papa Roach at the saga Serena coming up on Thursday the cute the get the rest of the conversation in the next hour of the Hill Man Morning Show podcast.