Hour 2 - We Need A Safe Space

Monday, January 29th

This hour LB and Danielle fight over the controversial story about the Andover Hockey coach, a new study says that your handshake is proportional to how your junk works under pressure, Hilary may have been covering up for a staffers inappropriate behavior. and should pregnant women get arrested for drinking during pregnancy? Plus Monday's Mutt!


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I can't overblown guides and I want to slip out of my name and another great coach who has via sober for long ar six foot long. Ask for you yeah you know what don't you think about it you can cut it in like twenty sandwiches and I just cut into three segments most of them enough myself. About what about a classic staple at the French onion dare I you feel about that I'd love that main. There's a million. Little ounce baby but little else that that's easy. That's that's a simple that's a simple one when you feel lazy instead of making the dip used like throw some of them like sprinkle some of the packet stuffing your mountain and eat a spoonful of. And that figures to influence absolutely absolutely. It is 7 o'clock right here at W. Afghan and HD one west bro Boston. WEEI. HD you'll Lawrence. If you happen to be. Up north. And here. Issue when having issues with the our regular wanna seven point three signaled and you can check out. WEEI. HD 293. Point 7UP north. And WWB. Acts HD two Boston. If yours anywhere or downtown south of the city somewhere. And having issues he can check out the HD 104. Point 21. And now no biggie. Inspires you. Okay. With a WAF sports minute. After Stanley your final go by the with either side air sportsman has brought to you by minor doctors doctor Robert Leonard doctor Matthew prestige. Tarred him Bob Lazar Gabby they're issues call 1800 get here and charity are dot com changer let us change your life. It's pretty overwhelming actually been fortunate to play in the game so I think it's just. I know the pace of the week what you remember that we get by win in the game so it's not about you know where you can go what you can do for me it's about what I need to do this study and prepare and be as prepared as I can be mentally physically sought to be the best I can be for the most important. In the year. That'll be Tom Brady TV twelve hour patriots leader and they leave to make legendary status at the FB 52 side dale many. The Eagles have landed already our fellows sendoff party is apt to let people are gathering. And you know the Broncos lose a couple of players give up their check news channel fans up. And they're gonna take off at 9 o'clock at 630 kickoff on NBC this coming Sunday yes gras cool way he's been on the field. For TB twelve for two days and I think he's got two more tests and is discussion protocol past. And there's no doubt in my on the call he's gonna play media fiasco goes down tonight at excel energy center in Saint Paul. But to come to begin for the big game and so on NBC SR ESP into an NFL network. In other news Josh McDaniels will replace chuck down was their go to the colts after. The patriots won the super ball map to Russia will be the general of the detoured to lie and so develop cherry tree. Continues. He'll decide your car for the game. Well albeit is here to be an armor can I I believe the patriots are believed that the patriots will be down at halftime. And then believe that they will come back and win by a touchdown so that is my. That is my prediction. At this point I'm kind of tired of it is amazing comebacks this. And our hearts our center's Jerusalem is that you're boy I'm tired and all the planning. Slow and again you know others are all kinds of records are gonna be broke by Brady and Belichick and the patriots I the FC hung on to win the Pro Bowl point for point through over the course yesterday. Delanie Walker and one Miller were your offensive and defensive MVP's. Sixty plus Kate to the air sea. Thirty plus K free player. On the losers which was the NFC the image all star extravaganza went down Tampa are these Brad Marchand went off. School for a citizen. Win in the semi Zoloft for the Pacific 52 in the finals. Amanda Marsh. Loved taunting the fans blowing kisses waving as the blue birds did to. There and I grew so here it Brad marsh and your second. NHL all star game weekend in the books how would you distressed about it everything went as straight had a great time figure made a few more fans here in Tampa this in. Really be chaired for a removed so the very you sort of embrace that role and as a villain this week and then have some fun with bill that I thought I was fanfare but. They're having some fun with that I owe us two. At the last laugh. Who is only guy booed and then throws everybody else you obviously there are going crazy because there was like twelve. Tampa Bay got this I hate that many faults that team. But marshalls all week I had booed a million euros yesterday easier it you he's awesome. And that he is suspended former James Morrison blackened hole. I get back to work tomorrow night without him and I'm in town for 7 o'clock park dropped. These are second in the Atlantic behind goes. Nasty Tampa Bay Lightning fans. Celtics lost to the warriors. And be Denver in the first two of the three game many road trip game three tonight's season nuggets out in Denver. Season one up on trial for first in the east since 9 PM tip off. From the mountains Tyreke post game after about warriors battle. So with a high level game. That's what you want as a competitive mode is the best and tonight we had a chance to if so is the best on their home floor came out firing. It is made available please as we've. Actually I don't know if you probably don't bug might decide to set sectarian family we're going to have to have all my. But the warriors came on top it was a some serious awesome basketball. Roger Federer nailed down slam title number 41 in the Ozzie open beating on Marian Cilic. Yesterday down under the FC former champ Robbie Wanda lousy afternoon nickname. She's inside to a deal by Vince McMahon and the WWV. Rowdy Roddy Piper while aides gave her his. Patented glad they're yeah. It's the new ground beef in the WW we. I had almost announced a double raw lumber and Philly yesterday. Farmers Insurance so border wars that Alex morning Jane are not winner. Dollar store so Norman and Jason Day are tied at ten under that he will play today. I got dark plus nights of very they were battling tiger made the cut finish 39. He was three under and albeit to their sports. But I do well be this is Brian on the Framingham Ford studio line what's up Brian. Yeah yeah yeah yeah. Exactly into wellness check Jeremy Roenick. Victory over another hit and. An. Awkward. They probably getting excited about those kinds of things. Today's Hill Man Morning Show it is presented. By echo Stewart technologies. Fury data center solutions provider for more information you can go. To echo stored dot com. Coming up about ten minutes or so. For the ladies. Science. Has found a sure fire way. Who determine if a man is good in bad as soon as you meet him and get the doubt important information. Coming up. Then we'll get Monday's mud in here and Monday's mutt is named harper. And looking for forever home so Monday's mine will be in here about 7:30 this morning and we will go inside. These simple mail mind. Act 810. On this morning's show. A lot of time on Friday talking about the controversy in Andover. With the hockey coaches that were put on leave after allegations of missed treatments castles the players came out and I've feed not familiar story to summarize. Other plane a couple of games on Springfield. Other news story in the news last week that the as punishment. For losing the game the players were allegedly denied food and water for a period of up to twelve hours. So these states stepped in DCF is doing investigations about. That any allegation of the coaches withholding water after advocates are forced to do. Drills. However some new information that cannot now of the Chris Richard the head coach and over has obtained an attorney. Attorney Tom Gleason sent a statement out. Friday said coach Kutcher strongly denies the accusations that he's the he's abused neglected or in any way mistreated as hockey players these allegations are false. He's cooperating with the department of children and families any fully expects to be back behind the bench coaching his team once the truth becomes known. Moon now Harrell had a piece with Peter Silas who's the student manager for the team appears eighteen. And he said that the coach is not. Ever denied players water or food city always encourages them to drink planning of water and eat well before game he makes water available practice in the kids. Were stunned. By the news. He said the it. Learn on the bus with cliff bars and water box lunches that probably at the end over parents are complaining it was it was a boxing match it was an catered affair. I realize they relied. Like some flaw or wrong or something like I'm. I you know there was an interesting turtle boy had a pretty interesting story. About. The superintendent. Of schools in Andover. And the potentially interesting. Related. Incident in which this particular coach. Had benched. The son of the superintendent. I. Sorry about that over Jaffna. And so it was a rather interesting. Piece of information but it. I also had all the receipts from there has they got to the rink early and they didn't want the kids at the cold drink yeah for the coach just a ticket to an area and the four receipts broken down with all the kids orders by name yeah they have evolved they took him to panera and paid for and I wasn't good enough for one parent apparently whoever complaint. But I mean what a waste of DC last time that's the biggest thing to me is you want you want them investigating kids who were being. You know. And right and in Niger and way at malnourished kids and I you don't autumn investigating whether or not. Panera Bread was good enough for the handover of hockey. According to one it's just goes to show you how unqualified. People in DC out and and fly it. What goes up and do what it has nothing that would TCF what are you talking about showed how stupid parents are. When you first a ball. Wouldn't they have done an investigation it said now everything's fine. Instead of the deal ends at their doing what. I think I'm 100. Make a point and what are you points on ten it should be fired if indeed if you have to do it helpful it. Is doing their job what do you. Kind of job that. Hi I can't make me do any amount you make one couple calls you like to other parents and and and the parents say I don't know my kid had an era. And the airline and then there wouldn't be this incident. Very slowly. Another parent being like did you queued at an air this is apparent with an agenda. And then when these reports are made it DCF they have to investigate it's not that they make one phone call to one person it's a link beat it like. Gee sure aren't you know story is my point I don't have also now on TCF it's not their fault they're doing their job. I think I did their job there wouldn't be a story. They're doing right. Cents at Texas says send them to the blue tent got a little blue pad I guess I just over the blood test I love. No like official did whoever whoever the d.'s yep person that was in charge when they get a complaint to have to invest I wonders. And to act if they would charge of Andover high now. They care about that and. His glory against age against people are annoyed at the hockey coach was this what yeah yeah yeah yeah that the person or else in my. My level of the media artist and. Each player to player that does not like yeah yeah yeah 96 banks I don't unveiling. Part of the puts the kids. Kyra clearly that I don't jump around slowly enough. All right we're gonna we are going to play your home I'll voice. I don't know how he didn't tell us what is and what they only through because somebody yeah. Nobody in Seattle if somebody about this path our way home where agents Leon. So we're gonna player Helm elbow it's on the ice that is fast you fast forward and we're gonna we're gonna play here hello Mel voicemail messages back coming up and they. Your boss is an idiot coworkers are encountered. In Europe under. You can fix any of that but we'll kick off your game with the W. I would no commercials they extended stayed out of group and arbor. You AAF work day blitz to go bids to go beast go Killington. Right she good times all season. This kills dot com slash seeks civil 40% on tickets when you buy in advance more winter more Killington. Its credit cards unlimited cut plus plan lets you plus any time for a black low monthly price. You can't believe pieces of the deathly. 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Now the universal weird. Think more. Morning to lease who is listening on in Google home. This morning and is concerned about LB's mental condition and I got to pay and now I I mean unless I used. I just don't understand how people just think it's acceptable that three coaches get thrown under the bus and no one's held accountable to nobody thinks that. Nobody everybody everybody think there's lawyer doctor thought lawyer everybody thinks that's ridiculous over everything we don't think it's these caps ball what's ridiculous about. A guy have to waste money the lawyer. More durable but what's it all charges that no once held accountable for and who's in charge of making people accountable that's not DC have spot somebody files and playing their value and that's the game. Yeah. I don't know what I'm immigrant mood it's Monday it's going to be it's gonna be a great week yup it's awesome. You guys can let people ruin other people's lives and don't hold anybody accountable that's. But you understand like if there weren't different story were someone made an alligator and a he let me finish please and DCF did the the individual caseworker in charge of investigating. Made one phone call their elect. I spoke with mrs. burns she said it was just figured out and then a shot at then what are job is her job is to call. Whoever's in charge of having every phone number of the parents of each you're on the team making. Story chin jaw pain and there that day that didn't do that they do it in the white. Why the guys have to lawyer op report any cases. That's what happens because daddy. And it was punch cards dropped the ball now it's my Politico you understood this and it's also not there they'll they'll. Clarified yeah he raise everybody's happy ninetieth annual black hole you're never coming back out of Texas that LB LB elects argue with a black hole left and on those are not the time and Dexter gets into its its I I just feel bad for three coaches get thrown under the bus for nothing else. The reason futile after DC act. It's that it there is literally as hard as well. Oh and yeah yeah. Aren't there just in denial of Encino at all like that have been in charge of hockey team. Speaking of that you know about tomorrow 730 left and Nancy Miller well. I got the hell could. I got an email over the weekend. From somebody who has an issue with a thing. That happens out work. And somebody is leaving the workplace and the need some advice for Nancy Nolan law. That is coming up on tomorrow show at 730 and this is sandy on the Framingham board's duty online with ups and the. Morning everybody else I have. I have to tell you well let me say that I have worked for eight eat and be at eighty. Lets you in there cutting in and out of state agency yes. AMBER Alert he would be the yes and trying to right it did greening contract that. In not every single that need to eat the act to be in that he gave it. There if it in the fact that and and trying to get me get a little bit more and Sammy and before you actually put out a little impact eat sand oh. Is there any moment but I thought I was it's the they didn't. They didn't. DC have didn't put this story out since the. They get it out right so you're aware of hot air out there and in and out keeping it like they don't. You can that be gay. So you're telling me that TC. In Europe and eat you never you you did not work for them here here here yeah stating. You're stating with full confidence. That if there is a key complaint if there is a complaint lodged. With DC. About it that way in which children are treated they do not have to investigate. I would take what did you say eight. At eight and every day. It any thought I'd be Alley and END infamy and gathered during that I've. That's called an investigate CNB doubts at all and her allies in Asia agree with me. Call that is called an investigation. That is what that's called out called. The where it's going. Yeah on how serious are not serious that something is or is intends. Yeah that's right rational or without knowing what they're doing a rat out there isn't it works for deeds d.'s yep we're made. A bunch of phone calls to the other years. Very cool stuff and happy is that clamp on and then there wouldn't have been any story pretty sure that's what mother would have been the. Now the stories about the coach doing a good man yeah that code a different arena about the current arrangements lawyer now why would be lower your big problem. Did. Not thing and that is not the deal would be out there it's just that you are gonna. Do you know. Yeah Iran have a warrant by a little. And and I'm here here here we go through this like we've been done that's between wins. And what makes you smarter than me but we all work together quiet and can be 21 year. If you got 32 different decreased from fourteen different you bailed. The letter followed by at all and I give it to me yeah and it didn't get to me like I'm some in this election. Well this. And I revision could. That he bit. Doesn't this mother and the US but it is ten years in personal hackles since the I think he's making the right over the top of that thing I. Well that's yeah it is pretty lawless I am absolutely like now. Called these fast mind it yeah hello Ali as I'm. I had I had some coaches police helped me get Wachovia now for a few minutes yeah I knew that I know how glad that I then. What what is the what what what are you you have some of the doubt because you have a friend who has a son yet on the end of hockey team craft I get yes. So what I would fault lies you can limit the hockey game that gave me eighteen and that and that fact it in the travel back. So what happened like that gave the team was playing and that are sticking points out that that's an airbag bodily into the gate seeking to. It gave speaking Spanish and then the fact that he played that game love of the game if he would lead but the fact he'd been at stake in the company. Slipped I never bet elevated attacked Iran water whenever have you but the bottom line is. At the open waved black elected public complaint that that it into an aircraft and that backyard. Yeah I think that the that's exactly what it is is that. One group of kids got to go to Panera Bread and the other ones did and went ahead and somebody and somebody complained to him more and it's our right. Let's get to there's very important information. With regard to. When you meet a man if you're a woman and how you can immediately be able to determine whether I'm not he is good in bed. His handshake. Tells you everything you need to know really a steady at a South Korea. She showed that the strength of the man's handshake is directly proportional. To how well his junk functions under pressure well now it doesn't say anything about the size of the hand now that is giving a handshake right here that we are gripped it and every every gram heart goes out there opposite effect athlete skinny little but he still has a firm handshake is that okay. So that's a. Researchers said for every eleven pounds of grip strength a guy with 18% less likely to have ED issues all rock. Now they say to your handshake is tied to your muscle strength and your. Testosterone. Don't LB started on that and both of those are also connected to the performance of your business. Obama soon and shouted in marriage I wouldn't recommend it harder. So that's very interesting so basically when you meet a man if you got a firm. Powerful handshake. He has a master in that yeah are neither right firmness so bad that sometimes a guy comes into the overly aggressive voice financial regulations that are showing that he is. Sex Howard ultimately that he's admit to that point from wrong for doing this I shake hands a Longman a little gentler than I do with a man my pocket and bad. Why I get that but isn't really there. Erica sorry asses and then manager of the women I don't know I just wanna feel like what you just it's probably an over aggressive guys its own image reasoning and really hard to manage its maybe the whale was on. Have a nice firm Angie. Do the firm handshake without the some people they they do that handshake fight so it's like my handshakes heart than your than I'd hate it like the birds and branch pushing back and forth just. And nice firm. 12 and then release. As that was it was Edwards echoed yeah. For next month a load different. Good morning everybody whats going on there the Steelers fan on the fringe import studio lines up there. Would not I'm I'm worried about my ideal. Let's. I'd who isn't something that I want to obviously I'd I gotta be honest but yes. I think is excited when Obama went to Vegas yeah it in Mikey all right you know I want. But I you all competency those couple days in Egypt have been. Come off. Like let's send him. Through this who will always give him some kind mock. The that would in the little time yeah. I love our listeners but tonight and we'd like I got a 163. Coaches and everybody's turning their back side. It can and honestly. You'd you'd get kinda have a point. You just suck all the time. We have you know. Some come back want to get jackets a body that you don't need to fire them. Promote you know what job they it would appear they call these yup and in Lincoln. They they put people artwork for like three weeks while they conduct an investigation find out the first one liners. And then not have happened that first well is. The right yeah this is not that they can do with somebody brings you reports. The prelude. But if it's a flawed system but that that. Like send him to the Super Bowl. I think now we don't go back circuit nineteen you know nine and like. Pick the three days roll it into the suitable or don't show up Monday we'll see. I. He I would love nothing more than to go to the Mall of America around the role of the the biggest mall in the world. I'd be able team's stadium there where's that at the Mall of America they have to hotels herbal tea in there crazy stuff. There it let's. Get through the news and then we're gonna get there is not as much as harper it apparent that we're gonna get harper self. The news this hour is brought here by 80 goodness hold on. Heather on she brought she may Revere university are you ready to transform your future. An online degree from Revere can help choose from programs in business nursing psychology and public health learn more Revere radio dot com. Are you also by 7-Eleven now you can go beyond breakfast with endless options at 7-Eleven where you need a fresh brewed small and copy. And everything else you won't find anywhere else plus tax where applicable and participating location. Well Clinton. Accused of covering up for a campaign employee who is behaving inappropriately with young subordinate female staffers Orton. That the leader. Of the resists. That the resistance movement yet if she covered up for a man yes let's say well why advisor. Is named and the from the is that 1% or jam. Burns Strider. Got a private school special right there are tons per Strider. Was Hillary's faith advisor. He founded the American values network a lot of iron enrollment and he would send her scripture readings every morning for months during the campaign. Later on and he was said this is it during her 2008 campaign later he was hired to lead an independent group that supported her 2016. Campaign. Now. He had been alleged to have been sexually harassing a young female subordinate. Four different people familiar with what took place to hold a news source that instead of wiring and die as her campaign manager recommended. She. Lobbied for him to keep his job. He was docked several weeks of pay and ordered to undergo counseling. And they moved the female subordinate to a different position. Of the church scandal like let's dump them around like. This is the CF's fault. Because I don't agree with Louisiana because any idea what the heck with BCF and puck through. Why you wanted to stop please don't pull down dog Bo the dog here now act of or. That's ridiculous now Hillary released. This video over the weekend. Where she was slide. Trying to act like she's the heavens and I did not win was lake. Batches. I didn't feel no ways tired again yes it's pinch hit it easy that there are obviously two. Hopefully they're going to be able to. To get to look. The bottom of why she didn't that's. This is neck polo neck. They got. And while the self but I actually insert your friends list. Cocky two got the fact that. They'll all. Yeah. As they can optimize what that are there. Loves the kids always thought what if you'd know that. Allegation is let the Massachusetts hockey association I don't know about that. Well open letter to the heights schools say that the investigation was five or that they always back so I figured that was that was just part of. I think if you want to read up on this you should read. The turtle boy you report from all over the weekend. And I think you'll be able to surmise. That there may be something else going on here we have three died. To a student hockey player who was damaged. In the past and unfortunately I think there's. Something something stinks over there in Denmark. And witches which is and over. And boom it sounds to me like doctor coach all those coaches or guys. Sounds pretty ridiculous our. What else is in the news that it may in Montana wants to throw pregnant women who drink or use drugs while they're pregnant in jail what do you think this. Our reaction unlike great let's protect the babies but I think when you start legislating that people can do with their own bodies at that thing huge problem now. Even though it's it's a legal grade B I mean now days what's not legal to do drugs. I'm so I figured I'd damp yeah drink alcohol caring. Yeah I mean I you know not that went. I see women like smoking everybody has that argument like my mother smoked and drank the whole time she was pregnant with me I'm fine but that aside. You know I'd just it's it's like heartbreaking NIC people that I know their pregnant and in public record but some like Billick I now I know it's just this is the last one half. That you like. That there's not my body it's not my kid it's it's very easy to want to jump in and and be protective of you know something that has no voice and and no choice. But you know when you start getting to that legislative secretary I think it's tricky it's those things that changes. Every once allow like butter verses Marjorie right you know escalate because. Sometimes for you know other periods at times they say it's okay for a woman to have a glass line in the tunnels are. That's like when my mom was having me. The she went to the hospital that she was starting to have her contractions or whatever and that doctor says don't you're not ready for. When he told my dad to figure out there and give her a couple drinks to to relax and think moonlight those. Convicted of oh pence pence why I am like I am today I am affected your hand yeah that is a message right in Manhattan this week out that probably the mayors you know charities that its chemicals in bells analysts are elevated outlooks are pros and probably that's yeah all right let's get this. Looking for a very new friend hey guys cereal comes out with the Hill Man Morning Show help you were about to go. It's kind of neat Monday's much. God speed. Fun W. We got Jess here and good morning Justin how are you get. Get read up right up to that microphone right there. And I don't think you and the name of your shelter. It's New England all breed rescue okay and the dog that you brought in this is harper heartburn is a Pinto CA. Okay she yes and she smiles my boys think. She's a two year old terrier mix and she was found stray and yeah. Out of astray and AM after the different shelter. For about six months she was stuck there and and and someone came to adopt her but at the last minute they pulled out and the shelter had no space left for aren't. New England all breed rescue stepped in where completely Austin based at this point. If she's been fostered her home awesome what do did you guys let Alou went over what kind of a place is she looking at war when it comes to home. On the issue would be great in a home without dogs she would be great in a home with dogs and she's pretty flexible. We have two cats and one dog in our house and she does great. We are live on FaceBook by the way if you wanna see harper and harper is now roll over her getting treats from Nina now. Nine only to share my treat. It. OK if somebody is interested in giving harper off forever home how to go about the process our website is our initials for New England a breed rescue and EA BR dot board dot. They can go right on the website there's an application to fill out. Where they can check out Harper's well as the other dogs that we haven't Foster homes a thought out. The last for some references and then they can set up an appointment to come he's so you know. And partners issued her Danielle she's sticking with Sanyo yeah exactly. You ladies. The first really like oh god yeah. Yeah yes he's very vote speaking tunes. How would she do like if he had to leave her alone for a few hours so we're working not crate training and she is progressing beautifully. If you have another dog that she gets along with well she actually does pretty gray being calm down by the other diet and as well out of the tree she was asking because he goes to bingo yeah. And I probably try to meet ladies they only take Eric and I just an. I well if you liked give a for ever home to Hartford. That and EU okay go ahead and and and contact these guys. And we're glad that you brighter and actions. Hopefully she will become the next Monday's month the final hour opened our guys thank you ain't here oh. Monday's Mott is brought to you by critter the mobile tool to help shelters and pet businesses organized. And better connect. They launch in early April and they want your help you can join the beta today. At critter dot com that's a RI. DDR. Dot com that's KR RI DDR. Dot com get in on that Dana arm wrestling and by the way yes there's one other thing real quick. There's a family. That adopted. A previous Monday's month. Brandy yes purifying dog brandy and a and they are having issues. Because. Their landlord. Told them that it was okay to adopt Randy Levine and and the landlord changed. His or her mind and it's booting them out hour and a large banner at its I was some department down the hall sat out that he had to stop quiet and then. And then they need a place to ports. Brandy for two months until they can find a day an apartment that allows. Docks yet Seattle suburb bring he's a bit when it happened was there a doctor Sara got the approval from her landlord. And then there's attendant who had a fear of pickles for whatever reason. So they complaints of the they revoked the ability so then in brandy went the boyfriend's house. One of them is called blogs are one of the roommates went under the blood he says she said anyway they need a place for her for a couple months. You could actually follow her on and degree in brandy from Boston. And they got a lot of updates going there and they're just looking for someone who could take her for her for elementary and you can possibly lost her for a couple months in touch with some of. It holds an announcement. You reach that. Right now I'm so after I think that is. Monday's market in the studio with us. Harper amid a share a photo of harper on my instant Graham Greg Hill 107. If you would like a car per hour. When they first ever home. Alexa can do a lot of things for you but did you know your Smart speaker can do this other way great way to stay awake I tried at all Coke. I mean Coco you bum a cigarette upper body beyond smoker he UFC events ended at like 1 in the morning so I just did get a couple bucks fired those Oklahoma cranky. Music singular black crowes smoke in my bus daddy why does it smell like the place you say we shouldn't go on the weekends for breezed. Yeah for a reason next day to have real people on their ride home from USC and 1 in the morning after I could pick up ladies they thought they would remind us on that and they agreed just tell your smarts he could've played WA AF and you'll be less than enough time. And Lis you listen to this show it's Mehdi index on WI AEA yes yeah. 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When those two time was Olympic cost and are a lot of modesty and respect. But she hasn't expressed interest racing know a lot of stress the weather where issues like fast. When she gets her car washing rules the windows now so she can sneak in a shower and laundry at the same time she wants wanted to do was beat walking competition and when the whole thing by mistake. That's just two weeks years so it's no surprise she has its trinity which gives him the fastest in the back I've invested hallmark card experience plus withered so did you mobile. You kind of network good to. Whether Internet you can get up on five lines of a nationwide talk and text and no extra cost tool or resource thing. That's what I'm talking about it started with this special offer an extended the Internet and TV just 49 ended in a month for twelve months it's risk free with a thirty day money back guarantee. Plus there's no term contract requires. Heard this over world class go to it's been 1800 it's going to be or visit a store today conference which we we're reaching restrictions apply to energy because it was a we put in Texas and these are extra and subject to change after formal regular rates apply. Happy Monday morning Yang and I know your copy isn't just hue or cocky its usual it's the most important part of your morning. It's more prepares you to take on the day and that's how I start my day Dunkin' Donuts will doctor and make sure usual for you just the way you like keep each and every time. And me I love the people darts are always smile on their own shop you don't do anything you want he can change dot twisted up do whatever you throw Adam. They'll give her down and your feeling crazy and looking for something different. Put a twister in your usual with the new buttery toffee nut or winter white chocolate coffee flavors. However you like it don't get me to just to you each and every time America runs on Duncan. They Boston instinctive grasp. Your list. Okay. It. I insert ran the photo. Monday's much this week. Harper. Planes to Graham is Greg Hill 107. If you wanna take a look at that. Q does that high two year old. Terrier who is looking for a home. And you can check that harper harper out and mine is to Graham and followed him instruments there today everything we're doing. On the show and we can in interacts 24/7 on the rag. Probably stupid question that you follow gentle turn into their range of course they followed insult wired wired you why why why would you. You follow any of her ordeal over the weekend when she's kicked off an American Airlines flight now what happened the he. Amply dairy aired this model. She's flying from Miami to LaGuardia and I think. And the flight was delayed. For two hours. So she was shelling there sensor. I think Fister got up to go to the bathroom engine with me I'll seats that she was just standing up in the aisle to and a putter code in the overhead. The slight panic comes flying over and tells her she has to sit pass to sit down up to she said I'm just waiting until my sister gets back to the bathroom so I don't have to get up again. And this whole. Back and forth started with a flight attendant. Finally our. The flight attendants hellish yet sick asks if she wants to get off the plane and she says sarcastically yeah. So then the pilot comes down and tells her a flight crude as a lawyer on the plane you're not gonna lie with us. Pilot then calls airport security. Purity comes takes her off the plane out cheat sheet with debt issues posting up and the videos of ever going to happen. But there were a lot of passengers on the plane even while they were still sitting at stood up for her. Saying you know she. She didn't do anything wrong she literally was just waiting her sister come back and she wasn't you know willing willfully disobey you know well. She she attempted to use a classic which we have discussed on this show many times. When the flight attendant came over and holders sit down you know what she said what. Perot lack this nonsense you cannot say it cannot say relax Sweden we've told you it's one of the better. Now Seoul comebacks of all time or can be utilized by anybody anywhere but it's trigger word and doesn't Goldberg doesn't go over verdicts though. In now. And every every jet now is that sovereign dictatorship yes. Pretty much why would you ever and why why would even attempt to do now you just use you use you you basically whatever they tell you do you must do immediately and and you must not give any lip war. Actually exposed tonight even look at the can even make eye contact with the any. Airline employee or anybody associated with the airlines and all because. You'll be summarily dismissed. This is a ride in on the framing him Ford studio line what's going on Iran. Are you more let's. I know what if this morning there. I don't suddenly we're at yeah oh yeah. You can also applause there yeah monster. Until it started all of my it was back in Monday's mild one of those parties slightly forward. Well there's a specific dog named brandy. Who was in here awhile ago and was adopted. By a couple of listeners. And there having issues because age ten and complained. After the landlord said it was okay for them to have the dog a pennant complained. Because it's a pit bull. Brands. So now they need to replace somebody who would Foster that god for a couple of months so I'm until they can find a place to live. That allows docs so that's the situation without one. And bing you gave up the give up their contact information one more time brandy from Boston is the NC Graham and yes you can follow what's going on and they are. Putting updates up and you can get in touch with therapy grandes owner threw into Graham if you're mobile arm ax. On lies were plugging things they just want to mention that we have announced the deep pills. For. Our annual Greg Hill foundations celebration. Of our beneficiaries and their stories we actually we do this every year. Most moving events ever. You think so every year I know it's you get to see so you guys are so wonderful every time Greg yes you step up and donate to people that meeting EDO. And this event is great because you can actually see the people you've helped. And hear the stories straight for their mouth and every time we talk about whether it's fire death of a loved one. People ask Sinatra questions or the neighbor accused insurance in the person of life insurance at intermission and a foundation. Is to help with the immediate. You know cost cannot get that check from the insurance company five minutes after the person dies there's red tape so you can actually hear from people that like app. You know my husband died this person dial like it it's you know we didn't have money for this it if we didn't have that money we know I wouldn't have been able to. Take time off from work to do with my kids or deal with the stuff that I needed to deal. It's happening on March 22. It's happening at the UMass club in Boston which is beautiful awesome there and it's it's called our 2841. Detainees and and that's uh oh well on the foundation has been in existence 2841. Days but with them get to march 22 raised almost 20 is it to Yahoo! go through it well. Well we're we're getting very close to two million dollars. Donated trees so I think amenable to million dollars that. Has been given. Those local fan so. If you wanna join us it's a great and and it's easier. I foods is food and great drinks and moving and moving stories from our beneficiary. Let's see here's a 617 texture LP who was very bothered by how you. You are people little. On this show the only person. That's the ultimate and pro life and Brad Townsend you play the part you're treated accordingly. Here's a 71 tax with regard to. Jan seltzer. The penalty instead grams stars and Texas says on anything goes airlines. Jan would be asked to stand. In the I'll bring a whole entire flight at the front of applying a his future growth yet decision on the owner's lap. Our on them like and when we entered in what looked an evening it was anything but a month that policy. Here is a 603 text that says you guys didn't get to the part where she said I don't wanna I get back up. And isn't she a fitness O'Donnell what you got yeah she is a Chisholm fitness. Model and a lot of after two hours that you just. Not going anywhere. Clearance to take that was a miscarriage have all the power now she did I mean if my Gilman city Kenny make eye contact. Drunk with power. Well I don't think you know whatever just to do just that they have things do you kind of reminds me of the people would go to the gym that driver around the park wanted to give comfort. And the department's bottle front but they're gonna go inside workout program for the back to apart column Mark Few extra hundred yards. Person says that I can't believe they're attacking gen Salter they're saying that she has an amazing body but up top not so great emotional food on the flip you know I think they're saying she's not pretty. Just just. I look at our faith that's. At any. You oops I mean who might not be as big as or bot but that's her thing and she's known for high for the big buck. And a hit out at the important thing now. Like trying to Billick don't don't really isn't who took his mother when the ball and passing and throwing things and handling the flip. It is 757. And coming up in just a few moments we are going to go inside. The simple mail mind this segment is for you if you are a woman. And you find yourself confused by the way the very basic. Very Neanderthal like brain. A man works you may ask any and all questions of LD with regard to your relationship. And what is going on in the mind of the guy. That you like and LB you'll answer. Wall providing you with a rare glimpse inside the simple mail mind so that is coming up in just a few moments. Here at WA AF half down and HD one west Borough Boston. W. The guy HT. Who warrants and WWB. Acts each key to box. And now it's your turn to talk as they Hill Man Morning Show presents. Still mail. They're very bad morning you know. So why didn't go and although. Okay. On W a death. All right. Today's. No male voice mail messages are brought to you by the city of Boston credit union with all of the convenience of big bank checking accounts. But would no minimum requirements or monthly service fees check out the city of busting credit union. And there checking account service today. And here for you now are the very best film male voice mail messages that we're left over the previous couple of days. Thank me for 45 PM. Tell base. You can actually residual effect the effect that make you would have but I copyright law and got beat that you might well they're technically inaccurate US monetary policy. I'm not kids at. Saying that pool in 1982. And then. Old Gregory could have been duck and it got better. Or where it. Went out here are competitive when the second call or did you teach. Got my laptop backed they finish this anesthetics that an imminent clash is a decent bucks panel I think it is and it's very rich people pay attention was paid 200 entries on. And honestly I'm at whatever cost months. Dock where it belongs. The hole 11:49. AM. I've been written and in the morning. Support for twelve years now.