Hour 2 - Things Get Demented!

Wednesday, January 24th

The complete second hour of the Matty and Nick Show! Four You, and an interview with the legendary Dr. Demento!


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We lost Indians 37. Podcasts are always on him. I'm new schedule and WA AF dot com. Previously on many unique and maybe give them they roll good. Reach over and turn that down HD men for. Since when do all they do my he has said the veteran. We are probably will get. What is this things and it's evident many Blakey. You know people did you I'm wearing a key role. All del Walters stopped doing stone called canal right now. Up and now of two guys chock full of Wednesday's winds down Cincinnati and on WBA yeah. Afternoon everybody. Forcing you to know on the 4 o'clock our government that I was done that now because. And about half past the hour. We'll be talking to radio legend doctor memento. Who has a new album of fun and funny songs. And actually kind of rocks. It's document recovered in punk it's like punk rock bands play in the background music with a baton and Adam West sings one of them no way he did pass. So all the other wanna walk down memory lane a little bit who have document the woman and just. Little bit here have passed the hours. So what are we what are we start before you what do you say stays or Reno. You stood for the fort things you should know history rules and never get less than twelve hours a week ever and I think I've got the same first name as a city never going here ladies and got a tattoo back. This is for you from that he had this really got some breaking he or news. We got a bird today. Coming up actually today is birthday I'm a third legends let's think I mean yeah I'm here also little story about AC DC next. A boy and this story here. Coming up also and for you about Netflix. But let's start with the Budweiser if you're Budweiser fan like I am. You may be disturbed by this the king of Beers has lost it's crown. Would. Do you mean there's no mode Diddy did it to pet theory. Budweiser is how the place America's top three most popular Beers since at least the 1970s. Until 2001 to carry the top spot it was knocked up by its late cousin Bud Light below me and let me guess yes ugly as the top Gary. Oh it's got to be but might as number one. I'm gonna go cores light and then. Bush. In 2011 cooers that battle raging here Jim Nance says cooers he's like. What you buy tour is light with with the extra I don't know I don't know cougars cougars. Of course like to rebut light at the number two. Post. For the last seven years despite its filing status bud has remained firmly in the top three but now. Miller Lite has overtaken it as well. Putting Budweiser in fourth place and then that would probably drop that punting beer swell. Bush down to like it silly guy known mine no kidding good for them you've got Bud Light colors light and Miller Light and Budweiser has been knocked down which I hate. I love about Lima but what it lists and you've got me all the fancy I PA's I am and I love it it's fun but. When I'm just fatten up belly and up I'm having a Budweiser and a Miller Lite. I knew my ear bud drinker when we first started hanging out is saying is I'm done. I mean yet your basic bitch that's not. I mean how hot spotlight as the number one selling beer in the world I knew that I knew cores like because of their affiliation with the NFL. Protestor culture fantasy football had made its way into being number two Ryan Miller Lite. Still carries with a for some reason a little nostalgia. Yeah even that be they like they re introduced a little Stein he bought by. They always say like it was your dad's beer now it's yeah I'd ask that the air campaign brought yeah that's yet and that's Miller highlight of course but Miller. Miller Lite to me like if I'm gonna have. A bunch a lawnmower Beers if I'm gonna be if we're golfing and the and the beer lady comes by first world like Roger rings. And then you know I was yeah what I went to school. Then the first mass fours like you know like I just. What really your physical therapy. Oh Tuesday oh I didn't mean to spill that onion Oakland slurry protective are my crotch towel and it might our cart seems not work anymore we run yards. But now here's a spin a story that's during neck. Budweiser known of course and having great Super Bowl ads with the super ball coming up. But time magazine ranked the 25 most influential Super Bowl ads of all time. And buddy is there four times in the top 25 of all time amazing. Bloated wise. Her old frog was like number eight. The bull frog Budweiser commercial. Who. Aren't mood for love it's. A little. The most influential result out and number four and achieving number five on the all time list of Super Bowl commercials. 25 now a champion man. We'll. Do that. No indeed sports in the game. So which you know and lots and he may have been good and true. David did create I mean. So I'm glad what I that first hit yeah I remember actually way ME if you think there's seven is like Chile Chile's agrees that our like it has not been on that blows away doing their lamps are. Story number two the nick this is for you AC DC story. Following Brian Johnson's departure from AC DC and when he sixteen duty hearing problems. There are reports we talked about on this very pro and of course now premieres departure from earth if you want to yeah exactly. Reports were that he was looking they're having in ear monitors developmental outcome back someday buy it doesn't look good. During an interview and England Sunday Times this past week and he hinted. That is singing days are behind him he set on stage is it hold it always operated she's getting harder and harder to hear the guitars even the keys. House basically going on muscle memory I'm not a guy likes to cheat the way I look at it. I had a great run so looks like he's done but we do have some. Footage of a recent performance Reid did c'mon let's face I'll leave it to you neck then you tell me if you think he sounds like I think he's lost a little bit of his fastball. But for pot probably could still rock okay you decide it. Injured. Okay. Yeah. I don't know them karaoke at rock bottom on that suits. Him went. I don't want him to sing with the many more I feel like not only are we going to be just like salting user to running him into the ground but also. Malcolm young is gone. I think it's time if anything we should be did you see. You know Angus move on with a entirely different group what the drummer make his way to the sweet rock hereafter or just like or dislike of the problem I think you're right Angus. In his sixties can still pick it like this. All right what they can just get journey did you know get a feel right you know a guy. Art and get Jim brewer we all look at the best Brad Johnson we asked him when we talked to him awhile ago maybe leaching of the Blake throws. You know maybe. I will finish up for you but I think document dolby next the four Easter is coming up we have that story Netflix and also. Birthday and an absolute legend can't wait to go down memory lane on this guy it's Matty and nick sponsored by town fair tire we don't doubt that. Go live and instead of down the hall nick Matty ended that the by. Coming up into. Moments we'll be speaking with legend. Doctor dement toes if you have any questions from wacky sought your childhood he detect them in 97107. Stays we have a quick. Requests on the tech side and finally can I get a Keith Richards smoker laugh. The new official laugh of the Matty nick program in case you missed yesterday this is our new official. Registered. Laugh of the program. Status is now going to pull. I vamp and kill time I'll tell you that tomorrow you can meet Joseph Perry. At Newbury comics on Newbury Street and we Mike Hsu will be there. So check that out 6 PM tomorrow this year but he makes you a name he might even have a laugh particular. Reminder that nick and I this morning. Got to talk to Vince Gilligan creator breaking bad. And better call saw we are great interview with him this morning which we will play on Monday. And so just check that out. Now although we have a legend nick you know you and I do a lot of parity songs on this show in the year we've already done like what 1215. From the trump songs to. Patriot's songs I'd say roughly about eight off 4550 right. So and then on this very stage we do I'll return Tuesday we play how wacky song top of every hour by doodle of. When years much of a nerd on herders and like I am then you grow up and houseful where'd albums I mean that's that's that's how you that's how you got raised in this area. In the eighties and nineties. Well the guy who broke him. And the man who started it all doctor memento. With his producer John Kathy era they've got a new record coming out that's available now actually called doctor memento covered in Hong. They are on the line with us now. Doctor admit though and John Cappy Errol thank you for coming on a Matty and Medicare. Sure. We are site so this record it's in stores now. Available at Amazon.com or iTunes dot com is called covered in pockets basically. I guess you know punk indie alt rock bands doing wacky songs with some great famous people doing the locals. Combination of those things yeah there is that basically classic and contemporary pop bands that have been established. Killing punk rock versions of novelty song we've heard on the docket and don't tell. But in addition we have similar courses on the concept some wildcard track personality is. Doing demented takes on classic. Its so called document how did it start view I know you broke basically you broke weird Alley say irritate but how to showing us how did you start. Well I started doing oh road records were there early rock and roll record program model. Good ground station should we should be in Pasadena. PP PC if you people may have heard of and I take requests and I kept getting a lot of requests for novelty song from the fifties like the people leader. And execution execution object found massive talent and should never ever they were gonna be to get past the player to make. And does so the more I played effect kind of thing the most popular joke out. And Grant Wood that I decided that was so. Assigned from the radio gods that I think became the funny music I have not been what I meant to do what I started but there. What they're doing that now offer almost forty years and I have a whole lot of conduit. You know. Obviously grown up like I said earlier a houseful of comedy albums and as a disciple and worship her of weird Al. It is just so great it felt like you know you used to be that go to source like if doctor dement who approved at that it was a comedy album more funny song that you needed to hear. And now I feel like. The way comedy has sort of spread out and so many different forms we just don't have you any more like you were the archive is you with a trusted curator of comedy music in America. Is there is there. Is there any time you don't hear you know are now. There's just there's only a little dot com I do it every week that in. So it really looked good battle back come. Good I'm I'm glad I'm banging that drum that I'm Elijah just you know did that because. I feel like you know people like I have ever doctor to medal like no folks he's still here it is still out there fighting. Great new funny records it's just that everyone's too busy with their face buried in their phones now. I thought. Well and then this album to document to and again we're talking a docket of doctor memento. And producer of this record John Kathy aero the record is covered in punt this record is very vitals maverick let's put a little bit this is weird now. Bomb I was surprised by how vital and alive and and and rocking yourself was it gets posted. Mean Johnnie hated it what's the line of like having their funny songs but I mean it also rocks you know you gotta you put on good content same time. Thank you actually that's the idea I mean now let speed on the brat for example. I don't envision where Al during the finale at their record what sort of look at that could stand not upon classic but we've both mutually agreed that the lyrics for the other crap we're demented and not just that they were read about the Ramones so there was no need to change any. Any approach really want to bring Al personality to it with a great vocal and accordion. And change a little bit. That's a picture of the original I'm with you a 100% I think it completely rocks and it's got a little bit the humor square throughout the same time. Just simple all the original bid. So that's so doctor dement you are a midwesterner a year actually from. Minneapolis which tried America will have its eyes on for the next couple of weeks as well sorry about the vikings. Yeah as well yeah skull. And a wealth of effort regarding. I got hey let's and I'll I'll take that to we may have to write a song called the patriots. So but your sense of humor to me seems so you know it's so good natured in your eyes for good comedy so good natured and it seems to me. To be such a midwestern thing could you speak to. The midwest and sense of humor because you know where appear in the East Coast and everyone appears super sarcastic in this at the age of irony in like. Your vital bastion keeping food natured comedy alive ago. LOU for the Minnesota and violation and that's where I came from. There there certainly comedy actor had been Mitch Hedberg came from there and then we underserved. Some doubt that there are there's some musical stuff that's up from there reform but you'll see your bishop was real popular in that part of the country. So from a little bit but you know I get music from all over I think actually lift on the West Coast now for most of my life. And always will get all tensions and forward from here from fermented purple people here efforts Earl folk including me if so problems. All of that column and confronting stuff. Doctor Who the new guys about the way targeted doctor dement if you wanna ask you a question. The WA AF tech site is open 97107. About to be last month fish heads to get to a second but I'm wondering. Even do this since the fifties who are some of the new parity bands like. I think of like Tenacious D they're not new anymore about an artist like that were real musicians putting out funny stuff but it's great over the new guys that are really interesting you now as far as. There's not there's a web site called the funny music project THE MUN peace profile. And bill that's an affinity newer guys kinda got together and they do great stuff I think back. But I think that there right now is such a two man group called power pellet. Actually there but instrumental but that people really think he's demanded that it it's still wouldn't. It's doing real well on my account down its culture and also like blue developers to. And while that's what we've got what garish. So yeah what you the text line. Doctor wanna talk about fish heads which we played a little bit of yesterday. Yeah what was the Genesis of that and how big was that song for you. Well that's my number one motion request is on the side yeah well I'll. Not bipartisan bunch nobody who used to be the redheaded kid Will Robinson lofted straight silly little reach. And I'm Robert Ebert who does ultimately I think into right a lot of assault they. They've known each other since fourth grade they were kidding one day in a Chinese restaurant I have noticed if that's true on the menu and the song was more. They wrote the original lyrics some cocktail appetizer the restaurant. Then they recorded with a host chip operations and it was a much of its nuclear armed might show when I first played it. Oh wait a second 1978. It's so bizarre and yet somehow it works and here's a little bit cost. Us. Amazing. It's quite a new version bio clock pop. That right now again the album. Is I'd love this record and I got to tell you it's been it's been a blast listening to get artists like we are now William Shatner Adam West Fred Schneider the B fifty twos throughout this document to covered in pumpkin and it does rocky I think nick found. I. I'm John fan until there was fan don't talk about her. John this is so great you know here we're getting to speak to some a seminal part of our child at some of we've revered and loved for so long. But thank you for actually putting a contemporary rock spin and some others to revitalize some of these. I must return already you first factor then sure enough thank you guys act that was really my been my intention was to take something that I loved. And now to contemporary standard and I think we've really. Achieved without this record in fact it's funny because there's a so I mean why is this song that really defined the demented music movement from the etiquette. And I used to write on the Marlins fan letters I was at grammar school they would write me back to be huge what I would come home from school maybe a lot of personal way to commute from bonds and bonds. So little put a contemporary pop rock stand on fish that little Lotta fun for me to do I'm glad that you guys they get. Yeah I'm able thank you for or spend some time with us John caballero and document so the I'll back that doctor we ran line it's our volume had to go we'll let you go we appreciate the time is great ram. Missing with you yeah and I it really hit it really has been you know huge part of all of our lives and I had a five year old at home that I'm just now starting to roll out some of my favorite comedy albums too and I'll be introducing you. And tonight he's going to be listening to Osaka pop star fish heads for shore. Don't put it this summer you don't put your game. I. I did. You daycare years. Let's finish up for you after that great interview with doctor dement of those so lovely talk to him. I was telling you about Netflix neck. Netflix now never hurt the ramifications. Of this whole house take me to thing. Guys being dirty old bastards. Continues. To build and grow. Netflix now has said. They've lost tens of millions of dollars because. Kevin Spacey. On Monday and hitting unexpected 39 million dollar charge for content that we've decided not to move forward with involving mr. Spacey. Almost forty million dollars this. Because he liked to. Man doable war emblem of the young boys OK everyone knows no don't play it. Don't touch that I wanna hear it's does everyone get sick sexual jock that we get it does is gone for. Now. So I mean what that's. One guy see that's you. Here's a thing else they connect OK stay with us and it's like a self fulfilling prophecy that we don't think about it but a guy like Kevin Spacey. Worth forty million dollars of that company. Give or take a million. No wonder they get away with some crap. You know saying netbooks. No just in general terms he's not at all to be so huge they got a little inappropriate concept a -- someone told me on the set of oak about an actor who can't. I won't mention his name but he's been mentioned time on the show says that he's he's a legend ya old time legend in the seventies and eighties. He gets to an intern they don't know what she came out there crying. Name Brian with the water radner. No no no not tie affair Ferris and hard to know 'cause I don't know this is just told me say him and I know the guy very well have a keen Jackman and made into a thing. They said that he should skull to the girl. And the and the thing is millions and millions of dollars worse on that set. With its debt we're dependent on him showing up the hill past their Capone no no it was on him. Met earlier that conversation we had ours descent like gamma and a shame about that guy like. Now he just wasn't abused himself somewhat from all those substances what a terrific person you're like yes show me throughout history how many people how many great men of power. Have been positions resell like yet they just didn't have this proclivity or that. And this is a classic example man of great power abusing their positions. From doctor Nasser who has now sent to jail forever the judge saying I've signed you're death warrant as it's somebody like. God forbid I need and bringing up his name's Sam does he yes the whole idea that. Like wallets Penn State football we get a wedding tradition here we can't turn this guy in and meanwhile Mitt literally thousands of lives were ruined peoples a little. I just. I mean like we have to like wait to see like somebody leaving like a flatly. Macy's bag on a subway train you see something you say something what you guys do to me it's I find it very funny do you talk about you know him. In Mosul and its weapons and nasty it's mean should be filing the HR report because I just had to watch and I'm the host and comfortable. Let's let Seth Myers from last night have the last word on this old Netflix chemistry secret forceful. A for an annual report Netflix lost 39. Million dollars this year on projects that scrap while cutting ties and Kevin Spacey. And that's not even including all the money they lost on the Jerry sandusky Christmas Basil. And it just I mean what it comes to us and ask him. Little ones I guess you got us in the media room separate don't know are.