Hour 2 - "LB did you Drink Last Night?"

Wednesday, January 31st

Wednesday January 31, 2018 Hour 2 - Paul Simon retiring, LB's sports report, new video challenges, Spaz calls in from Radio Row and more!


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Yeah Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Send more I'm always online pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. But. Like without boring that video or was that something of an auction HHH baseless and confusing and uncle critics out yeah. Canada and the world wide packs from the home continent of Rhode Island. 401 text there. Says my little town. It is is there that's great that is that is on a really great storyteller and he is a great story balls like Bruce right on the mark now how does Bruschi going. When he got Elton John calling it a career. Paul Simon calling it a career. Those guys that we align right. And our policy and an upbeat she's way older than Britney. Are there in their sixties how old is all that 76 only 76. Yeah. Mary the Edie Brickell all right and they are still they're still marry yeah he was married to the artists Edie Brickell from the ninety's so it's been ya twenty some years now. So are markets we 76 years old wonder how old. Out of 75 EE seven air it got to be 7576. Maybe seven hater 7777. 27. Right it is so that's sad news pulse that one final show has been announced yes to life fifteen and a tickets are 8000 dollars a separate area that yeah. Hey we're gonna play here hill mail voice mail messages back in about an hour. So leave one of those right now on any topic go male voice mail number is 617779. Five or 636177795463. On the show tomorrow. First and foremost it is February 1 so it's new intra day sell. We'll have rare content replays on the new intro all morning long new show intro. Will they be you. Way and we hit the airwaves at the six. Also tomorrow still 50. 730. Brief look at all of the crimes that have been walked in were called in. The my home continent security force though police department will also go inside. The U warped female brain tomorrow. Bad. Seven. PP. And. John Oates is joining us on the arts. At nine or 5 herself around 9 o'clock got nine and his mustache one half one half of the duo that the union a lot of small enough so that's known to music yeah and accomplish what you have to darker with the perm yes. And and he's not like the other one I Daryl hall and down all Ingram in one line and I referred to us on Zardari and I'm not nice and then. On Friday. We will award. 750 on this show and word. We're going to be joined on Friday by an intimacy coach from. Doctors say the Allen Alison Alison right cool because Valentine's is right around the corner and in many view. Are trying. To create some intimacy. In in and in an appropriate way pace than in light of what is happening so she will tell you all about that on Friday's Hill Man Morning Show. It is 703 here at WA AF FM and HD one west Borough Boston WEEI. HD two warrants. And WW. BX HD two in Boston. And now though biggie in the afternoon Armstrong Susan's been doing them. Now he's up there laughing out with a WA AF sports minute. Brought to my hair doctors doctor Robert Leonard doctor Matthew prestige. IBM ball lays he had bigger hair issues call 1800 get here go to your DR doctor on changer let us change your life. You can pop CNN. Layup CNET 31 Anaheim. And that won't bring the eighteen game streaks going to end. For Bruce Cassidy is Bruins this second longest streak without a regulation loss ends for Boston at eighteen. Are these are for real but all good things have to come to an end and Henry kids I've been on fire for the ducks since being traded from. The devils might be Santorum Adobe gave the ducks. First period to simply didn't back him up short. In the end 31 you heard him you never know Brad Marchand he sat out against second of the zone five game suspension rice Bernard apple won't tally. Over to garden last night for the good guys in black and gold. I've won five of six and it was like Korea was a crazy crazy win streak to do line that this was the first loss. Saint Louis is in town to mourn I did yep let's get another warm all they sit. Fourth in the east right now. We're up four sweeps away from the pats Eagles and asked B 52 out in many. May did you know that radio rows in the food court on the third floor of the mall of. America ever have a roller coaster of all of America cared. Air and then of course foliage coach reached out to his former teammate he was a backup to Brett Favre threw the Packers. When they beat the pats in Super Bowl 31 he's gonna. Farmers can I did the motivational speech it's gonna put them over oh yeah yeah well so he's gonna give the guys is speech some horrible lies. When it comes to the Eagles locker this Jimmy you know secrets to beating the general Brady those two fellows yesterday and come back to a number of wolves and. Loaded policy 120 to three no animosity behind fourteen to three look whatever situation weren't we've got to we've prepared for which I've played through an investment camp. We don't want you on two or three touchdowns and and again. My hand it's way better pick minutes not quite where wanna be so I'm just trying to protect it the best way I can I was obviously very important part of my body for quarterback. So I just want it to be as healthy as possible for the game on Sunday it's un armored dismayed at army says it's a great glove it's got a lot of recovery and not put any this time. That's still for half point favorites over the Eagles this morning he should start he's should start selling TV twelve. Glove yet for winter. Well I mean I had the prototype has wisely I have been developed and some kind of a robotic hand glove that allows the average Americans throw a football 450. Yards. The due to the do the robot uprising yen and the and then it's like the bionic man like yeah put on the TB twelve glove DD DDD you can do anything with your name and Vietnamese. Right now other news I'm expected while the NFL offseason got jump started yesterday ESPN reports of the skins acquired quarterback Alex Smith from the chiefs. Per hour corner for quarterback Campbell Fuller. And they can only 183 round pick Smith agreed to a four year contract extension with 71 million dollars and Washington. Pat mahomes was taken I think it was first did you know in the first rounder for the chiefs and deserved. Is their future Kirk cousins. If he was franchise by Washington would have made 34 million dollar so he is and have done strictly free market. And I'm sure he'll end up somewhere there's a bunch teams of their souls who have been so some knicks meet for their third tilt at the garden tonight some good to borrow. Seasonally seasonally big east teams split the first two tilts of the season his son and that BC ESP. What also the Red Sox and outfielder who keep vets. Had to arbitration hearing on Tuesday. The all star vets once ten point five million per the socks off and sub point five million per monkey made 950. Grand last season. I would hazard to guess where the market is in baseball right now. He'll get the ten point five so we'll see what happens. Also present Sam Kennedy town manager Alex Cora at Sox contingency. Took relief supplies such scores so home state. Puerto Rico I guess mirror wall fell quote yesterday as well to help support Nawaz stuff. You know hurricane Maria went through that place. And toward a lot so trying to get everybody back to normal so a great job this time albeit to their sportsman. Several techsters concerned that very soon Roger Goodell will in the gate to an investigation of glove gate. The use of the club by them makes sense could be could be a problem and now he. I would go so first to say that you Gregory. A dip and she well yes I do enjoy play. A a school. Pointing experiment coach every soleil. You like to reuse them although I was cents a new products which I'm I'm trying to. He use. Always had the TB twelve on McConnell colleges now it's out and I can't stress enough that it's white pills smokeless. But it has no tobacco which it says. So I'm giving them a little bit like a content all comments and giving network of it why I ask why do you ask about it while you mentioned Tom Brady yes needs telling funny story during press conference about one time when he begged his uncles to let him try. Is this yesterday yeah Nebraska yes and the only bad design goals yeah Odom give it she would drive yeah it's. Our member out my uncles gave me chewing tobacco for the first time when I was really young and they said we're fission. It's pretty good story we're efficient in we went son fishing and on the way home ice that I wanna try to selective we give it to you then you know you can't spit it out. Until you get home is like a thirty minute ride back to my grip as farm so of course. They give it to me within five minutes on the outside a cart brought up all over the place and I don't think I've at Mercer tobacco since then. Like everyone has experiences then you know. Time your Erica yeah. That happened LB one time this is like he could figure on the shall now you're playing for the Bruins or whatever and we went out. We went to like dad's Beantown diner and oils and street. And we had a limo. And LB's like it can add depth cited the depth and like. Ten minutes later he was lying prone on the limo vomiting and I'll remember that yeah I visited I guess what thirty years ago regardless of your beer over the that you have a choice. The problem. How it's pretty good story a pretty good at being generated that it's pretty. 978 Texas says Greg by dip human ranch dressing now I'm not a direction that it is 710 and and today's Hill Man Morning Show is presented by Alco store technologies. You're data center solutions provider. For more information. You can go to echo stored dot com coming up. How creepy is that. And about ten or fifteen minutes it is going to be sunny today. And temperature it is going to get all the way up to thirty right now it is nineteen. Here in beautiful city Brighton Massachusetts. Wondering which state agency LB will try to play today for something. Completely unrelated to it you guys can lead people to other people's lives and almost everybody. Find this this this Hill Man Morning Show. Danielle any chance you can find that packs of from the listener. Who is experiencing issues. Would their brand new school home when they held there Google home. The play WA AF yes it can look forward. Certainly because they're telling. They went out and specifically got. A Google home share so they can listen to the whole show. And have you. They're telling it to play WA Athens playing in other areas. Well I now I don't know if that's just confusion because of the robot uprising kind of thing or why. Com did you find it is affect countries Haitian and and so. Gotta we've been on the air you mean the New Jersey countries as Erica. But it's not I don't know I don't believe. I don't know it I mean might have to take that thing just do what I do when something doesn't work returning an athlete as the person at the best. I don't know if I did my first two X one threat I tried a variety of other. Obi those pretty little thanks might. You're both. Which do not drink last night you're definitely literally on fire I don't know and I impression Beers watch on the ground assault on the on the coach bonding in any input can't ever want yourself and I'm. I don't know what the tidy cat and enjoy this show. On year. Elects oh ordered to home and I have to do is politely basket. To play WA AF. Today's weather is going to be sunny. And thirty for a high. The current temperature is nineteen here in scenic secure Brighton Massachusetts. Coming up in about. Half an hour or so researchers. Have determined. What. Makes you irresistible. To the ladies. Very interesting so. We will get to that important information coming up. We're gonna play. You're hell male voice mail messages back. In about half an hour more more I guess diet forty minutes or so eight so you can leave. A whole middle voicemail message right now at 617779. Pocket or 63 several textures really love lucid LB. They're really think they're really happy this went crazy if I hydrated but I was on the water. And the pink plummeted last me and lower. Here's the thing a lot of people are texting and about their Google home. And they pellet. It's better to tell it to play 107 point three yes then it is to tell if that played WA AF zone. I'm if you tell at the plate wanna seven point three Boston. Then. It's it's working and working matter acts of Fallujah. Let's see we have that you're a 774 attacks I have to specifically tell elects up. To play WA AF on Tony and or plays a weird station. So that's you gotta say apparently NC WA AF bars and and or you might wanna say wanna seven point three buses so we learn more about technology. Every single day you know speaking of technology and not a huge thing in of the the viral videos of people go nuts over Greg why just don't get all worked up like I don't arrive at work. And grabbed Sally angle hole. Have you seen this viral video that's floating around the guy it's hilarious but at what I want you what you that I found one that has that other chick. Written all over really. It's a student at the university of Ottawa the video is actually posted on parcel on it was answer granite. And she drinks an entire bottle of Jaeger off and then chases that with kids. Don't try this at home a whole bottle drinks and a whole bottle of Jaeger. And then chases at the Canon rebel poll. And we get commentary programs and other data other chick is doing the commentary for her for her while she's yelling. I'm getting not just think it's grosser than Yeager I know people wanted to month I think you're just carbonated Yeager and well there so the kits that you're you're you're Jaeger fan over eight straight arrow eager vomit once every three years them straight off. That's my problem example. Amman at sportsman's. Yeah. Oh my god oh god. I'm on your mind out with my gut who instead. It's a point where sex and no you. About likeable lot now first on the plane to meet Aaron. All not at all and. Could you survive. Yeah I mean I mean I want the nation they're wearing an arm. If she didn't puke it out yeah I wonder whether that was actually in. Really Yeager in the model that we and it bottle on you're just asking candidates to that point I am. That's why don't like viral videos that a particular plot lately bears once you are honoring college shots. Well about obscure reference and late forty something man now. Did you trucker bonds and five with five minutes for flip yeah that's a fugitive. Yes yes. It's. Well they sure provide me ship can't there. It is an 857 Texas says it's it's a shame. That we're sharing the Earth's resources. With the idiots like this well apparent Canada so it's. It is sort of attitude and the knowledge through as a sport and our so called there's not a lot going on there in the winter. Let's get to. The news. Which is brought here's somebody says I call the bottle of Yeager at the home wrecker. That's. Like that's a good does it learned call Marie names for a a bewildered and then. News that salary is abroad to you by. Riviera university are you ready to transform your future and online degree from Revere can help choose from programs in business. Nursing psychology public health learn more at Revere radio dot com. Structural salutes our vice staples it low prices on everything your business needs to clear the clutter this year like banker's boxes file folders in storage bags. Less messy equals more success is at staples dot com for more. Staples it's her time. Well looks like the guide accidentally triggered the missile alert in Hawaii has been. Fired. From his job. When he took so long. What do they had any internal investigation leg that we know he sent the entire state and and hard part of the country into a panic look at it because of an Aaron. Missile or die down I don't know how I'm how one is that investigation. We still can't figure out. Whether there in Dover hockey kids were given water or undertaken to Barack Panera Bread and that this guy OK so he's done it. He's the employer reportedly had a history of confusing drill events in real world events now. Opera we can hear from Vern Bianchi who's the Hawaii emergency management agency administrator mr. me RT yes okay. Specific. 007. Grand children's pool on the test the wrong. Button is pushed on this test right. Actual event for us as kids. Wall. I was I was reading that. It happened during a shift change in that added to the confusion that the night. Supervisor wanted to do a drill boring not all of the people leaving. The day. People were coming in even the foundation supervisor NATO. And share with may have been confusion there but is this guy is maybe done it before. That's kinda scary that he's in charge of a nuclear attacks SEC yeah there's still has that what we put him over and viola. Seriously communications. Committee yes that is now. And up after a mistake like that idea tell your next potential employer that you're the guy who did that policies I mean. You're not in charge of anything important next year Ingraham and show blows yeah there is. I'm a ton of respect for. A lot of second I know org. We're going to get out creepy is that in the moment than but I told you yesterday that I was. Alerted. Speaking of people who. Are well known for pressing the wrong button. I told you that I was told I was alerted that our former producer. Anthony spaz parziale was heading to the Super Bowl on his own yeah and that he'd gotten himself some passes for radio row and even though he doesn't work for any. A radio station. Athens over there and apparently he is on the line this morning that's. Say what what what's happening the Canadian you know Bart yes yes that that's you what's happening. I I'm I'm a non Minnesota yes and that the media center here for the Super Bowl yes. I I my communications bombing Malkin added I've set up my own little rate because of course I. 01 or work for a radio station. This is amazing to me are you one of these guys who is well known well known for sneaking into events would that would like you're able to forged credentials that I'd like. How did you get how did you get radio row credentials for the Super Bowl. I. Well basically Archie I don't want out of eighty people so yeah I know some inside people that capital work for the patriots okay I I reached out of them yeah. They told me who to call and who beat you may also liked it. And I thought reject it. Of course. Let's just as I. Right what's next albeit by I had to call and find out why can't reject it really like chocolate I bought rejected that I don't work for radio station right right. Soledad I had to get a mold. Of say that I do work Spurrier. Took a pass. Animals why. Wow. Nobody gets better yeah. I passed. If like the worst capital where so I'm out on an antiquated Austin radio spot that 6 o'clock. Sorry sir you up after only picked up at 630 out here we can't let you Wear a white is nobody's yet. Are you perhaps only good for a few are done. I don't under him. And the balls and goes what kind of person goes to the suitable would their own radio setup. They don't work for radio station and then goes out to medium well I got to pay stubs see you have a lot of passion for this is are you like going to interview people. And then those interviews are not gonna be heard anywhere disconnect. And what I hope you know. What I wanna do well be right so what I'm an editor at domino approach. If there are a guy I I don't really like immediate and obvious I don't know that's a pretty federal air because they're gonna tropical Caribbean I don't ball. Yes yes yes and I don't see all. Someone who's Amos wants to be aware. People lining up element jumping up automate it and all right but that but I can find anybody but it was a matter. I wonder how that might solve all with a microphone comic bits. He has got a that ought to be a bit off but they all are great. I lucky you Bob this morning I eat eat it 1 o'clock. I. Doubt I Tiki Tiki I think god. Awful on that. Mikey get someone like him on this got a yen on the headsets okay Baghdad. I don't like get up packs or something and so that I'm not on you know on old old five while trying to argue but hey I got my guys back to Boston. A couple of more. Are you actually there to steal Tom Brady's Jersey from the locker room like yeah you get that yet. I got that Marty I'm the as this is great for the credibility on a gadget ESP and incidentally did. ESPN's. It is the worst spot right when you lottery you know I I saw butch earns an attack like you know about a popular like the a market. What do. Are gonna go out Amare next. A lot of people I saw out will be on my odds on and I walked weight problem. That's great can you. I can you said that the picture view with your headset on and you had your fake radio station and was elected to lead it or Sharon and. You couple bullet Bob walking up to the senate are opted immediate and now like yes when it bought my. I. Thought well I'm actually trying to figure out a way to get back to outline a Amman. I. Wanna get anybody a problem what what other people. Need to act that actually get a direct line you guys so that I get better quality ought. Did you bring like a lawn chair for your. For rent that you have had produced the elephant weren't able. This is the greatest thing ever. I want somebody who's like hijacking. Radio row up super ball and they don't even work for radio station you can eat it you can tell its strategy comes from the other side of the tracks are brought here. I'm for it Everett is our because. You've had been a great Euro many times and that's and that's really know we had a cigarette you have a evil. Saw it legitimately up just walking around other other radio show it's as it during their shot what I saw when people look at you like we get up. Yeah. How does everything in business it has the sickness those here's the 617 Texas says this reminds me. Of when The Three Stooges made it's still stole the buttons in the bathroom so yeah definitely get Ron. I asked do you think you every hour. Yeah Bob Poehler have gone into that process media and the ripple effect. Oh yeah at least I think most. It's. A bit right. And I keep telling everybody. Is that a power went out Greg you know I just decided to come but I keep on everybody writes but yet the Lockwood yet. And they got the engineers who can you back I didn't hear any. I don't mistake you can email him the wrong person today that. So you can do it although bought only around that. What Rondo aerial view by. All right and it showed up uninvited you know Jack Austin sneaking out from steerage of the first class on the putt and and nobody does not replied yeah. I didn't realize that maybe you guys notes. I guess that this area shoots acts traffic in the area. I did I did not in the right I was out I I would like to eat and I sat. Down execute Cadillac a bop yeah they did it appears wick there problem. We were you put what you put it trick on someone out coast. To leak a close third yeah yeah they covet the top of that one as soon as I sat down between a bit over the top but it starts. And I have to capital. Why do you do that and I'd like all too real big sex strap it around here we don't know we. The tour male prostitute. But. A rookie but there are serial killer you look like a serial killer and that's. While. Do you wanna do also bought well if you get a good interview just chuck gray it and I mean you know what may be in Iraq. Well what what. What you're good theater. Well into the same thing I asked you ten years for that ten years that you worked and they shall likewise I am only sorry thirteen report. Whoever you got let's see who you can get by the end of the shouted I mean it's Super Bowl. Let's all week. Let's see who you can guess I mean I think you know I don't on me and like if he can get the you know Joseph Wiseman is probably running around the error. You know I mean that it's Minnesota so. It's about everybody in the business as. I mean it's it's see like. Fran park and then this probably running around over there somewhere in her pregnant. I think what you eyewitness that particular theory you can get this means to be radio goal I feel like that's the B. This could be your arm trade act on the radio I know that's what you've been trying to do so. I don't understand why it did in a radio dropped we talk about that for a brief minute I've talked to make that. I have the I'm I don't need the money I just wanna drop. Yeah obviously have the American people EE EW yeah yeah yeah passion and enthusiasm. Doesn't ourselves on the radio and music and now that it just about terrible but I saw it radioed that that's just what did it except it great reviews saying you're not creeping in their talent. Not that I have a lot of outlook. I I. Like in a nutshell really can be summed up the report. Stay all like yeah do you have. Do you have tickets for the game or you're looking for them did you try to get to meet yeah. Aggregate I I would open you can did you try to get the media asked for the game I guarantee hundreds. You know like it I guess I'll. Are again. Caught up let the Bard's. Who work at. And media. Got up in a while talking about yeah. I first thing I ask you let want to send it should order get some audio and any way to get in speed that it could be game. In an opening are talking still talking about these fugitives. They have yet. I'll use my use my name without my mission. No. I think it I would bring you audio would be be Yelp is an art what. These guys distaste agreed in one local response was was classic at all you have to take that up with the lead off so. That's great let me put it where you sleeping attacks and wants to know he sleeping in your car. I wish I was why I had my pals like. 45 minute wait I think that the you know. Reached at his at a motel six they're like one dollar and it'd bomb a remote now yeah ot it's not like public like that it looks like up or not. Did Bobby a map I think at about planned out what it really see how much and how much how much seagate four night for hapless. What are much. I want to let our debt limit so why would I want they thought they eat. That the about a hundred that the night kind of that the in the right. If you wanted to say quote somewhat bright yeah I have no money so I'm looking at all of us closer you want and I'll ball might bicycles a ball. You can direct in what do you you bring your own food to the appellate courts that you you always do when you're tunnels that divert hopefuls eyes all waves. I'd bring my own core I bring my own or perhaps he can't. So Betsy did not get through it now I don't mean. Please please tell me and I'd just by yourself. A ball out of Atlanta. Well yeah there are otherwise not mobbed. I myself on the actually up in the radio rewrite Allen and our sister station got a look like we don't now what I. And got. Picked it might have an opening over there actually. If you. If you could if you want a guy that there's going to be an opening in about four that's why I don't play a clip of apple opened up as soon went down. I expect the chicken when he got a good guests are we'll see how well you can do. I don't bark. There are I don't know what his passion. The guy the guy kick he loves radio he does he's upset that he left the show he eats eat you know sometimes he calls Ares recently that he regrets. Listen you spoke that no rag grants as the attack ranks and yes but he nodded once he regrets and even when Leonard who gets hold on this is this is standalone Dan. What your check the general. Picture that apparently our guy. I discussed what the like what are the chances. That it's passable and and aimless they interview just want to check check check 121 way to do interviews do some patriotism shown more check on what I mean. Would you guessing C list B list I mean there's a lot of people who float around. The whole radio growth and we we used to do radio. And is there's a hundred radio station there. And they bring these guests and for five minutes now generally. They don't bring you if you just are sitting on a bar stool without opinion for your station and that'll bring them who you elected there especially if they don't know we want however what are the chances that legally and like it he was interviewed before the show this knowing how well this morning I keep my yeah. Now badly he wants to come back I say eating against key western inning Lester I think he's gonna stumble across an idealist or pulls up and out of possess I think. I don't know I think he's Smart if he's Smart enough volleys not mean yeah. When the big win the big old you know with a big morning shows have somebody on the ridiculous standard trying to. Trying kidnapped Missouri resident I'm an option and I'd say listen he's gimme five thing. One reason cost you much forgot to ask of god it is gonna cost him out there. I love America that's so awesome I love getting the periodical from Spencer is like. Hey sort try to get in touch with old dogma he's not he's not answer his phone voicemail small. T what do you think. Did Greg would a goal for insert stunt here in a letter I I mean I think that LeBron might have a problem with a bank to Greg LaMont that it's just like to win. Listen though don't kid yourself. He loves radio he loves the show him so that's the part of it yet the other part of it was trying to wrangle free Super Bowl that's when the immediate past don't kid go to Ole ball an analyst Steve. That's what's going on didn't we. Yeah yeah. The only audio all that bad is gonna get it and security to them all. Of I don't we don't you know gold right there. Text there says. Bats. He. He's gonna get. A one TV interview and it's going to be great yeah he's probably getting a bit theater by based great adapt O'Meara you know apple stuff out of his hoop if it. Feed the our outlook anyway but this. That's what is behind a little bit but that's fine Sosa bats that show about the so not bad that radio row with a what he calls an official media path pretending to be. Working for this radio station and trying to get a guess from the shelves of bull and normal week that's it. We will get out creepy is that coming up and play your home Mel voicemail messages back in eighth. And today's Hill Man Morning Show is presented by Echostar technologies your data center solutions provider. For more information go to echo stored dot com. Hey Boston this is he's pretty scary government. Great. Did you write clever. That it changes that. Whether or Julius and. And you're listening to the Hill Man Morning Show on WOK okay. Coming up live. From radio row the Super Bowls. Within interview. Exclusive or we deal with Cooper Manning the there. Declared Manning brother and we'll get to that. I actually you know what I'm being out when I was thinking that was thinking during the break. The kids. He's he's got gumption as my old man used it's that I do us he's very excited you know any just shows you shows up. And he's eight he's he's basically faking his way into the radio row with approval. They're getting interviews he doesn't even work in radio include the pick that left weeded out and now it's not as he and his garbage can table all. What I take Jones measured only how I got to read through. I have to re tweet that all right our marketing genius to that it is that is just fantastic. Start page and activity out. Megaphone. Week anarchy yes who would what was going up until now that area sports are here. I'll this that this our home monitoring tweaked this. Spandex suit this is great he really. Why is next to the trash barrel a must be the only place within a room for I love it. Our rights are every pleaded that that's on my Twitter feed Gregg you'll W. I will share it on instrument to world. Here's attacks wondering if he brought his normal. Half a dozen hard boiled eggs within the EOs you know it you know he did. Also for optimal evidently get a big drive to require that they flew down so imminently you'll have to play in the yard Gary Hoover and went to the super. Let's. To the liquor store 25 net store. Buck apiece park guy horror hand on Twitter says this is amazing I notice it really is disturbing it's amazing. Now odds. Since everybody bets on every kind of prophet that there is for is involved odds that he gets at least one interview. There's a reasonable 1 before 10 o'clock before the show once more today yes. What do it it's Wednesday it's Wednesday. I don't know man pain in the ass though. Yeah. A lot of the actor people a lot of people that are employing companies and do an interview show up on Thursday for. But yeah it's it's it's gonna it's gonna get role pretty good right now people aren't guys don't like to get out of bed so they know the cultural two B 830. I think I he listen if they can and he's not anything if he's not tenacious. And so I think I even spell tenacious I'm trying to you know we can it's not here on FTI and I am not trying to include and that's all it. Our intrepid. Minute column intrepid outward and rapid. He's don't that intrepid I NTR hall idea again geez I should of got my degree from high school via our intrepid. Super Bowl correspondent. All right I'm gonna share if you wanna see spaz is set up which is not really set up at all. They and he'll be able to see that on mine instead Graham. Which it is Greg Hill one of those that and I'm. Oh it showed up as Mall of America on I'm location thing so yeah it's geotag yeah. Philip well that's true test that and I knew. At some means you have to take a look at. What somebody the lengths that somebody old the go to to get back on the radio. It is 7520. Here on the Hill Man Morning Show. And now his intentions go from me. Wanted ram yeah Hill Man Morning Show prisoners and anything can some sort of smooth talking and he's made and the truth is charged. And freaky how creepy this activities this. By the way a techsters says the trash can. Is where his career. Felon to the when he put he put me what you what you look only a day. Hey I'll presents a very sick very successful dinner yes it is this. Mean unfortunately for him yet he drank his wife who hears the tax success hanging by the tragic hero is that he is a genius move. Because if he can make all of the other trash barrels at radio road disappear. Celebrity has to come by whenever they want whoever they wanna throw something away but that but they have. Like their monkeys that throw things away form celebrities so they're not gonna blow. Maybe he'll throw themselves right. If grant park and then those things away himself pretty picky as if a person does that falls for her and still with us I think he has the I think get believing it's I think he went off. Recently like this week. On Colin Capra neck. And other things I believe. We gotta get out creepy is that yes Benny what's up man. Yes you guys are underestimating as the one very very important factor in this all thank the Smart money should be on and you'd like to power behind it is winning and actually got until 11 o'clock to snag an entity right it's six. 53 there right now that's not so he does have it does have a little bit of extra time art. On this is a series of text messages that I got this morning from a 617 text or woman who listens to the show RX and so from time to time. We assist a listener who believes that they have experienced something creepy must rate this on a scale of one to ten and help her out. I won't read the text messages verbatim. I have become friendly with a guy from a different department at work over the last two weeks and last night. We went out for drinks with a couple of other employees after work. It was fine and actually sort of fun. This morning. I woke up. To a text message at 6 AM saying I miss you with the heart eyes remote. All that's a little much. But my god I'm so many and Leno. They share and Clinton if he spent four hours and occur making Alex and until the sun comes up you can send an I miss you part I am argue that explain it's not weird. If you corporate drinks with a brand new coworker at their. It's like. New phone who dis like semi automatic response to that would be did you mean to send that to someone else what she. I was actually thinking that I Michael within that this has been born creeped out but why doesn't matter fueled wild and he's gonna hand caffeine and drink your way. And I guess to expressive. Motion in this day and web. Emery or I don't use a little odd months I've really learned about it hey let's go out again or so so so a little lighter. I miss you lose your shirt didn't trick guys trying to be complementary and say look I you know I got a crush on him but he had a great time. Hi Ryan wheat doesn't lead to how much discussion now we have done so these are real emotion today are there are a little poll takes hey it's like hieroglyphics we're going backward it's the same thing it did those symbols Allman something. You can't eat the fastest way to make a dude. Ryan is dissent paradigm allergies affecting me them. We think it happens like I said the to a check. I'm down and hears of Bible way Texas says this guy is no game that's probably and that's from a woman's father and I kind of liken it may be just gearing ten in the heat is really a night and I noticed you panacea work. A couple of hours I had some you know but I do. Do you just take commission. You know she. She's a shot I initiate our mission backed what's grab drinks again he's on top of the world. 37 year old this is a 71 tech's 37 year old chick here. I don't think it's that creepy but it seems naive did the techsters say how old she was now you lose sales. Today I feel good about an MBA and it is finished canard that could be a dude who just got out of a marriage was married for like twelve years has no game trying to get back into it also Asus and random buttons what it's like me I would we want our I am not tech savvy. You know I'm so sorry I'm like you know it isn't currently done that's so simple and taxed. Part of modes yeah it is it taxes says that this is from a woman who says what is there to mess they have drinks with Brian worker's side though is say that's why it's certainly a. Went out Michael and and had like a really great time together in the mile out he really had an up this is great. And there was like a romantic interest that was very clear that they get were mauling each other like a Marat are going to see you got Ahmadinejad did they they were not returned with energy that you receive a mogul. Not anymore and I'm in doubt about what happened right back probably about Larry I was there a connection there must have been some sort of a connection and she thought she had a feeling he would've kept in the text message. Like I felt that connection and then I want you back now she issues affects back or. It wouldn't have been less creepy without the heart eyes emote yeah. Okay what's the still probably too soon to say I miss it is it it's. You're gonna see me at work at an hour and it's I was missing is that what I had fun about that great not a good time that's only got to do Maggie gonna miss you was kind of like Marty got a shrine built in house do you have candles yeah I took some of your hair off the floor last night right let me add to all a lot of it and I snuggle that. On and I don't wanna. Amiss we're so I don't know what about am I had a great time think you should persuade them. I feel like anything if she really needs to come back with something so Vanilla and neutral like. So silent since you did that get some OG with a heart. You send him back because some argue without a heart thing I take it down and fish scent isn't the yellow heart the one that means we are just Fran yes. There's jets coach Shea and they yellow guy and you've been friends. She should any any heart that the color other than read to defend the blue heart green part. Any of them are yellow flag those on the yeah all different and say yeah I mean even that it was great to me every remotely has that different I mean I've been wondering that forever but I don't I don't know where arrogant bunch of different color it hurts when you clear that the problem that all of the same to you are. But I it's like when you have a conversation with only try to shut them down you'll like the best of I told you the best. The best who's even death and then you shot the conversation immediately. Here's the Texas says this guy is probably older and a little out of touch with texting and -- geez. And he probably she's younger so he probably thought that's what you do like so he's probably trying to. This person thinks he's trying to be hip and. You did not negate the poor answer the first thing you do his plan at the wrong airport due date and a bike. We. Here's the Bible apex you can clarify this for this person yes they just their girlfriend. My girlfriend sends me yellow hearts. And now I'm upset or even dating does not only don't even know each other boys I thought. The the poured her husband get a yellow arts from now about it thought it was girl if she never send you see I think. Yeah have to look at the fact that when it. Get the rest of the conversation in the next hour of the Hill Man Morning Show podcast.