Hour 2 - Dine and Dash

Friday, January 12th

This hour, we find out if the Celtic's trip to London changed Kyrie Irving's opinion on the earth being flat, we hear from a guy who got used for a free dinner in our new segment Nancy Know It All and one of the greatest cinematic villains in snow in today's Nerd Report!


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They Hill Man Morning Show on demand. And more I'm always online pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. And now Adobe. As a lot of beautiful woman a lot of it is. Loaded with a WAS. Sports then grabbed you by the masses of hair restoration doctor Robert wandered doctor Matthew the prestige my buds. If you're tired of being involved ladies if you're tired of dealing with there issues call 1800 get here go to charity art dot com. NBC ES being able to cover cross upon. And down by 22 and roared back to beat 76ers in London. 114103. Jalen brown had 41 path rehab for twenty and the green white of 17. In a row Jalen post game. We got to stop doing that we are coming this seems later on the news and hard to come back. You also we gotta suck the audacity. The DeSoto resiliency. Don't give up and we don't get labor when we get down. Next up for the cardiac kids. They have of the pelicans who 76ers next Tuesday and Thursday there are 34 in and first in the east the bruiser and thereby weaken well working dale warrior I Serena getting ready. From Montreal in Canada tomorrow night doubts that the garden on Monday for the early 1 PM afternoon refer Montreal's doctor garden next Wednesday night. Boy still sits second in the Atlantic where once lead the way from the pats titans Saturday night tilt going to be. In the twenties so I thought it was going to be a whole lot warmer I know I don't think. I think this is advantage. New England Patriots if it's in the twenties. That I mean maybe it's not much of an advantage. And certainly Tennessee not playing a lot of cold weather games that I know are you reading home markets Maria. And there Henry who has a beast to running back that I got a great team on team. It's not gonna make much of the gas patriots remove an arm's gonna be awesome Belichick cater TB twelve yesterday. We do we always do we show tour contracted the best we can do. He knows a lot at stake and I think there was a lot into it so it is really what. Matter what happens outside of you know this facility and what we're trying to accomplish it's a big test development a playoff game. Divisional round you know I'm glad we earned the chance to be you do it who's that particular business. Take up to date fifteen if you're not there it's on CBS and if you want to warm tailgate and over there. I got a friend that owns employers are very symbol called splits Ville Marie cartels and good for him and hanging on the cart and I own and when our. Four hour's hot Philly also landed late afternoon ripper. Sunday picked Jacksonville won all five my what does it mean New Orleans at 440. In other news 48 hours is gonna chronicle the life of former patriot murder. Aaron Hernandez on a one hour apple so January 20. Boy what is that aren't you Eleanor let me out of Boehner let me out there that aren't our mandate as is well documented. And appropriate because it's Friday I Rampage. The climatic. Will be tune into dateline NBC tonight at nine least you can it and then I will make sure that I mark the captain may I'll make sure I put 48 hours in my outlook and there's actually. The New York Post right now. Is running exerts from the genes Paterson book on Aaron Hernandez yeah and their interest. What are the book looks the booklets and yet you're James Madison and I love James Patterson one of my favorite authors noted very good detector of is deeper into the criminal stuff he'll he does the normally writes the fiction. And he churns out. Applicable combine their Helena how fast he produces is where you know he's one of the he's one of the wealthiest people in it if you look at this plainly. Look at this network. Because the guy. He writes these books and they're good books. But he writes like one or we curse out there and I don't know I don't know how we use so prolific once again it comes to. When it comes was right but he is not worth it's got to be like reform months. 70700. Million why in 2016. He topped Forbes's list of highest paid authors of the thirteen sec. New year with an income of 95000004201695. Million. I was thirteen and storage into a book. Right. Whose agent story can my mentally as can be like a 150 major unifil and clearly that physically write them out like you do your sports. Our estimate dragonfly parent I know what I could he'll be doing is setting up an SR rain like. LB stories they get you'll move to electing green in the ground and it's the gold. So are they yeah and kissing his you all along more complicated bigger words. Right just an AFLAC for our next weekend Josie to twentieth the garden. Milicic vs Modano Cormier vs our system here. Will highlight more of a fight card by our fight legend Dana White. The fearless leader of the USC AK he's come to town on Tuesday Eldorado reached our yesterday. And now we'll figure where he's going to be on the show all right and at the Sony Open in Honolulu Chris Kirk part of 703 birdies here and two lead round one round two is a seven on the Golf Channel sedan albeit stance sportsman. All right thank you LB. Today show is presented by Alco store technologies. You're data center solutions. Provider. For more information go to echo store. Dot com. All right. Let's talk about high re Irving yes and the fact that the Celtics traveled to London and got a win yesterday. And there are several who are wondering. Is. Tyree. Is still a flat flatter there rates after has tripped on the gas and what do you think about this yeah Irina at these big. I think he still hold onto it it thanks own solo homer to yeah we have some audio we do have some sound from Kenya stuff about it. It's not about whether there was flat out whether the world's it's really about. Just steroids just believing what they want to believe he'll come with a you know I'm not a scientist minded and tell everyone this is it. For me is this just given everyone a chance do their reserves and find their own knowledge rather than having knowledge just shoved him so. I get it tonight can't chain flatter thirst that's got a patent right that's the take he's getting what you believe that whatever you wanna learn a patients a flatter there and I'm. There are some good icing I. Jindal Antarctica thing and a documentary he in fact nobody's allowed to build anything or didn't ant ark because there's supposedly some pending an alien thing down there and I prove that that's where Charlie Daniels has the woman obviously orders in Antarctica that's or Mickey Gillie built into club pool Charlie Daniels plays an image you. I am now. We add that one flat earth there expert. On the exercise modcast and the guy was pretty good but confident I'm pretty certain artists around parties and spherical in shape yes yes yes yes I am. All right so I guess what he's saying is I went to London I realize there's no possible way. The earth can be flat however. In order to save phase I'm gonna say it was just an experiment in people researching and believing what they wanna believe social experiment to test it out. It has an opinion. We're gonna play your home L voicemail messages back coming up in less than one hour at eight. Film L voicemail number is 617779546. Theory. Quick note on Monday were off for the holiday. But will be back on Tuesday. And will go inside the simple mail mine on Tuesday. That's brought to you by LB's here doc doc Leonard and if you're a woman. And you are confused by the way the very basic Neanderthal like brain and he Meehan in your life works. You can go inside that simple mental mind on Monday and ask. Your question and and sorry Tuesday and also on Tuesday. The author Erica Garza told us she has written a book. Which is called getting off and it is about her nearly life line dangerous addiction. Two point Houston when she wouldn't rule yes. Yes and if you listen she was really in this. She really went. All in on the on the types of things she was am watching yes. And so she has. She believes that she is now using one it's kind of like me with food she believes she's now using it in how. In a healthier way it by the judge that. But he show me how to use pizza and a healthy attitude back he's contractor's license. I get a tie is sadly I really felt like a fool last night. Got. We got pizza you know and Greek salads. And I had one piece of pizza and then I want a little more I cut up the pizza and it matters can a person. And there and I was ridiculed by Julio. You're five. I'm trying to keep myself from corporate yeah you you sound here NJ I know you. And then run it higher yesterday thanks very much how I don't know what our hearts full mile and a half followed knowing rain delay but it just that one piece she cut off. There's just evil yes I'm just gonna have a little more than you know the whole nice now I cannot I kept it that one moment for you I kept that that one little puck just went out. Just will face it was like inflicted great that I rolled around in my in my mouth and just sample that a little bit. Are right nerd reports. As posted. By angry Marc Hsu coming up in just a few moments. What is going on. Around here with your work product for any technology issue than the worker in the legs are tools that literally just went back and fix everything in for some reason things that I deleted are still showing up as available for Mark Hughes to use so much demolished. Them out of marine she be twelve till about. What a book rates there component in. All the odd man a fix that. I mean it is nice you know what day it is you know we say about financials and I feel the same way. About your production work. Garbage in. Garbage out I mean so sue anybody or. Right yeah. I left. We're I'd out there you know it was we thought maybe we could add one extra dollar tendered to. Absolutely and here and it I know us sir and I I I was out. Rain is still expect now Heidi bit of extra work the way it's absolutely scenario Pallet right. All right so I was so excited about the fact that we're podcasting the whole show that I just couldn't keep my brain street couldn't focus on this Friday morning production and then. Dude it's just such a big deal now they're doing it. It's by the way people the people wanted. The people spoke you to mark she delivered is both the collar FSP. Yes full show podcast based on the earlier text there. Full day and nothing to do with a red tile dysfunction by. Earlier text said after as the equals scheme changer and so yeah. I we talked about this yesterday in case you don't know it listen yesterday you. And oath. Trying this. Salvage year. Your roof from the snow or whatever the issue is. The show is now. Podcast in its integrity. Not just podcast highlights so you may any time today or over the weekend. Go grab. Our one hour to hour three hour for him listen in its entirety. Without. Any commercial interruptions so that is WA AF dot com. Where you go for full show podcast. We'll show up like at best people in bull will show podcast now is it OK before we get to the news and to the near report. I did get a lengthy series of text messages from a man who listens to show asking for a little. Know all advice from news since you are absolutely certain some game is you are you okay that yes all right. She knows everything. Our fans it's just faster since she's super attractive did you suggest it's time to ask Nancy Miller and. You know if your. On the Hill Man Morning Show. Well guys is well documented. Danielle knows everything just ask her and sell. The other day illicit suggested that we do and knowing all segment and essentially is fear feeling like there's something you don't know something means you would like some helpful advice on and you can pass the no all we all have we all have no balls and I like different. No laws are negated everything in there happy to tell you that they know how you act are you should handle your life. I mean wouldn't be knows all like attorney general. I let it that I don't know of I don't know about that I. Please go back to these text messages here. Aren't. This is 61 series of 617 text messages I met a girl on bumble and we were talking Barry. That's code by the way for trying basically trying to have sex is meant talking yeah that's next here on the sliding nearly endless at the she suggested that we go out to dinner. So last night we went to W goes Braintree who. And good spot by the way the did a beautiful job. There yeah yeah I always led to you don't hear about it it's just so weird that like you if you ever went there and it is Joe's. And now it's just obvious it's just it. It's a weird thing it literally everything but it ain't. If he in Philly cheese stick worlds we sat down and she ordered a twelve dollar glass of wine and the tool that apple. Which was sixteen dollars an hour chart that was that I are inherited bringing down the prices a conversation was a Mac and Mac. Then she ordered a rib by which was like thirty bucks. And basically flirted with the guy next elicit the bar the whole time didn't say more than five words to make gas tank. This morning I started to think about it. And I basically think that she did this to get a free meal out of me push you do you'll. Is this the kind of things that somebody dies is why I guess what is this guy is wondering are there always a thing. Other people out there who would literally go. On a day. In order to get. A free meal yeah Heidi and they feed themselves it's my pocket I hope bumble thing I could I could never do it because of the conversation aspect it clearly this chick. Was able to skate right by that part of it but. There are are written women I know women that have done this where. They have no intention. Of following through with dating the person even if they're into them. They want a nice free dinner you're kidding not even know what they do it that your your your kidding me not just women but men do it still. Your a I've done it. I did it once a I was starving actors of woman who worked with who was all over me all the time tips and now and then a very. Very intelligent and wise radio personality in Richmond Virginia said you always take the food. And so I say yeah she took me to listen I want Mexicans he says okay we went out and excellent Mexican meal tax and then just pretty much goes that are. Here is that taxes since this this is why you take a woman out for many gulf a conference day two ambulances. In all fun I know women women used women used the Internet to get a free weekend in Boston. I did that they'll they'll say yeah did you get to I don't wanna ask you to elaborate it takes forever but I. I do wanna well here's attacks hears a who. Wedeman. 253 text message can you find out where that was generous to factory advocates in that area code in little Washington. Are ride I'm in Washington State. It says the first problem was sitting at the bar now is that because it gives her the opportunity to interact with other people other people. Doesn't budget given her too much strategy is to reduce sheet and is that where she didn't call bumble it it's if it's people use it it's like. My body so the reason dimensional travel in my body jacares. He used to and we'll chicks on the Internet from taxes from. Florida from Memphis yeah at all and then heat it that he linemen. And big big give them now then in the eating and drink for free all weekend and received his sights in and get form home and it was offering. Here's a tepid I'm curious if you're listening right now. Male or female. I'm curious that this. They has this happened to you or have you done this before. You. You look like you know some have you done this I haven't done it myself. But I have close friend of mine who's now married by a couple years ago when she was dating. She would go up we like we were randomly get together with the girls and catch up and staff and she that I went out this that it is having all these dates. And she would just sit there and remark about how were these guys were and they weren't her tight and I asked her. What's you process and she says oh I don't have a screening process of the guy asks needed in our ongoing wanna eat. And unlike so you sit there the whole night with a person you're not even interested in check. Looking at you guys know how I am I can't imagine anything more church torturous like I. I would rather pay for mine O'Neal six times over but there are still there are a lot of women do this that they're like. Great when you don't go to it released after. My option Mac and cheese at home by myself Argentina I go with the dude isn't the end of the light from what the serve line and lobster. In the 71 tax I knew a girl that would go out with a guy when she was hungry and wanted to get drunk. Once that mission was accomplished she would say she had to go to the bathroom and leave him at the restaurant. And how you know do away with that ditch though these days because of social media. Well enough for FaceBook you could pull that off and the person probably is never right able to track you down. Here's a 978 text from woman I have dated someone for weeks at a time. With no intention of following through the only reason was late getting nice and what to how shallow deal. I wanna get the guy's gonna. I mean I guess you could hold the guy responsible because he went he took her to adopt the o's on the amount of shoes quest that the obvious as a weapon that's an expensive dinner. The beef text from my female friends are rolling in gaff yeah and I admit I've gone out with guys that don't like so he go to sporting events and concerts. 1 chorus early morning and I didn't hold their hand another lines. That hit another one. You know my ammo I usually only eat a biter two of what I ordering take it home so all go out with a guy. Order dinner. And then feigned being tired and wrap this thing up for lunch the next day work check browser I'm a student saving any from leader after giving me now. And they're all sending it with like crying laughing emerging power outlet they they just don't care about you gentlemen they don't care what your feelings. Here's is 774. Text I dated someone for three months who I was best friends with a high school. Because he has a lot of money and he took me in nice places we never even kissed or hooked up and eventually I. I'd broken up when I found somebody else. I found somebody else who had. Slightly better deal worse personality. Treat you like crap and didn't take it at dinner is when window here's a guy I. Hold a march to at least three times and I'm thirty years old and I seat great size ice did it just for LB is reason I as I'd like living in two packs of rom and Dale Jarrett pledges podium I know. I request it and it as a spelled good meals are alternate that. I don't. His Texas says when you see girls 781. Text when you see this bar stool smoke of the day or you see girls on institute Graham. That part 2122. Years old they are always on these trips to the islands on vacation yet it hurting or that that is that a guy. Think guys. Twenty year old small sect independently wealthy. And get everything paid for Daniel found dead at. How right now a week and a visa theory on the Ali just mimic cheek and and. Cooley beside you and bikini and not panic but they sit there and like a hash tag wanderlust and to travel blow them like you are paying for that yourself now blocked our panel where I. Is vitally text I had a friend that went to dinner. In a movie with a smoke and once they got a new theater she went to the battleground opening credits and a network that he'd finish the movie. Alone and it's a movie you love so there in the movie. A law this is David on the Framingham Ford studio line premium Ford no one will sell you a Ford from last what's up David. Good morning gentlemen what's going. At the risk of sounding like LB Ed got a great story of all time yes my body would statement smoke in all of us thought shoot like a top five bald chick that you've ever seen. They went out maybe report I and things are going well is that is that a big game checkered or show and are bought tickets go to show. And I'm according to straw for a real nice dinner. Ordered appetizers and why it to 275. But dart at a what do you think you know all the sudden you start with. Well we're gonna make it serious things have to change. Oh. Okay. Into the bathroom. It's all what Atlantic walk accomplish expense of northeast coast. Top the box boy slip some twenty bucks and so I'll meet you got behind the restaurant at 10 PM about lead in the guy gives them high side. And walked out the door. A possible. It's you are dead ninths image text Allah. I was courting a girl on bumble courting yet you don't court on bumble. And she wouldn't answer my request to dinner until I said a week ago where she wants and she requested a five star restaurant in Burlington. Minimum fifty dollar meal since I told right taker and what time. In five minutes. To the time that I was supposed to meter I canceled because I knew that she was already back. I'm going to fall vehicle you know critics weren't I get a five dollar penalty. Yeah hundred aren't you for waking up this moment coffee. That's a quick question yeah I read something this morning. About. Generational things would regard the tipping do you tipped over driver yes you do get. Okay yeah because. More than 13 people say they always tip the boom over the lift driver however. Millennia old are less generous than generation acts yeah it comes to tipping. I particularly older tip. As I've I have some kind of weird any guilt. But I'm not tipping your work in these prison right now and like and I I enjoy keeping my impeccable five start over rating per passenger. But yeah like I think that's martyred she was that I've I've been on the end right I've worked in industries where you get ticked but I just always I can always panic comes back yet. You know the people that date if you know I go to certain places frequently so when I always take care than they take care of me tonight I rhetoric from every cocktail. Yeah re happy exactly. Here is Texas says the union now has absolutely no problem with her friends doing this to guys. But she thinks that Mark Wahlberg is a show minutes after making more money if doing a movie idol fan and never probably recognize the scum bag move I would never. Really you wouldn't. Arnold I don't feel like you would do that they've never hydra you know do it I was already I don't entirely when grilled cheese in front of the TV blame yourself you do it if it. You know me you might when he spent when I wanted to get stuff now like I'm independent I can you know I can I stuff that I need or want. To me. Sitting through two hours of dinner with someone I don't wanna be with. It's not worth whatever and getting on that back into the deal and that's why I never went to have it he has always joking like I checked Ernie be your -- your dad goes did you that it would have done that by now that. I don't understand that he does and I know that. We have a hiker in now and we we we know people that you know I don't know women that are like. Mid thirty's my age around forty. And they'll be dating. This ran dose 63 year old Diane and pocket and your like. What are you doing your time I slept with pro athletes before. Dating that guy and they don't like them but they'll like well we announced he sends me down on the ferry I get a helicopter down to Nantucket for the weekend. I go to bed I think it's the super bowl. Sunday night and for me. Those experiences are not worth having this gruesome guy and I don't. I did enough of that pollen is out. Did you get better I'm out of it. And slice of pizza cheese it's not a good. That's a little different because I think the two of them. Probably generally know what what the deal list right yeah picture I think in some cases there are guys may be the issue is that their meeting somebody on. This guy who who was texting this morning met the girl on bumble so maybe that's not but I think his intention was the taker to the nice dinner at. Obvious because he wanted to try to have a relationship wither and all she wanted. Was that it get an expensive. No way that it. Twelve dollar glass a Weiner but it if you're down twelve dollar lesson when you get the cheap one it's again it is to guide me in a jump review Claude if you want. Internet. And you're trying to we'll somebody for a relationship. Yeah. You best understand that it's gonna take its quantity not quality you're gonna get bundles like ten times before you meet someone writes. Here's the 603. Texts are you knew a woman that would get guys to buy her a coach bag on the first day and then sell them on eat. I will never lost. Act first did you do that alone is I love soccer guys he would say if you wanna go out when he got to buy me a handbag that's insane. I'm new to me down. I mean decade anyway if I if I manage your time and bumble and and we went to dinner and you are twelve dollar glass of wine and lighter. You're on a different bumble is the one about the guy who can't walk straight without Paula no matter what I've got this is a whole press. They gossip column this segment greens you are single well I mean. I yeah why. In Knoxville I guess but I went against all of this terrible behavior and that's why I Anke I think this is probably reason why you're not necessarily rushing to the big big big because that appears. Yes it here's the. Here's my best advice for you when it comes to meeting someone authentically on a dating app or web site. The worst possible pictures of yourself and lie about your occupation and dumbed down for instance. Friend of mine. When she met the guys that she's been dating. She was he he's a chef and when she was working a job. Became an and he told her he was a broom maker. He's on the lefties on us the fact that you but he made the joke that he's like I'm a pro maker. And she she liked him so much that she was like we can go out. And he always tells us certain police like. She that's why I like her because she was so authentic I told her I was a broom maker. And she didn't care she didn't turn her head and she was actually asking me questions about my line of work and I told her as a firefighter it was like the whole thing only it is still. Q so that's best strategies put up a bad picture make everything get broken if they still wanna hang out at you venue surprise them with a big old obvious tomahawks stake. Mid thirties female here this is a seven and one text that only you got a back that up because in my text messages about coming in fast matters. Mid thirties female here don't get me rock what these women are doing is terrible. But some of the blame has to go on the east completely stupid guy now I can't I can't do it because. I feel also that you guys can't win till. If you don't take it out for the expensive dinner and you don't hold the door and you don't show up with flowers. Your jerk your insensitive. If you take a girl out for the nice dinner and tell an order whenever she wants and buy her stuff and be nice tour and your chump. One at once I guys can't have it both ways I don't know either it are grateful that the guy is doing these nice things for you. War you suck it up and get talk about that. Here's a 978 Texas as many times on tender. Women have their demo account listed so you can make a donation and then they will talk. That's called trusted to kids and it is none and it's very any ill legal battle except didn't like re no. Line. Here's a 978 tacks on a first date in my twenties I got a can deal bike. And on the second day I got two carat diamond earrings so I didn't ask for any of it. Guys just fall guys just fall in love with me okay curly Joseph relax. But I guess it's two guys fall moment there in the and they give herself and not her fault. Don't get it's personal if you get politely and they're stacking individual ingredients turnaround now. Could shirk move an insanity that it was alma you don't have to give it up and they're giving him bikes in jewelry that's genius obscure vice. Well gift reference the office when Michael Scott brings the slightly used bike in for the Toys for Tots drive in and he waitress from the tapping not to place comes and he gives her the bike and she says gee thanks in wheels off with his attacks that says single woman here. If any guy out there wants to take me to a five star restaurant I will totally make conversation. If you have better at other current deal that are already different fun and that's great. Harry it is 741. We gonna get to this. Okay. Where the final nerve report. Of the week what's in the nerd news today actually itself local. Are you right you sign its founders the incredible murdered artists young Chinatown in Jorge leave yet I've seen his work before he did an amazing back and in Chinatown last year I was out of snot out of snow blocked yeah now wait a minute I mean I wouldn't detail what does he done now. Darth Vader. Artisans show us now. Ammonia all so detail plots on the helmet the respirator controls the boots he's probably Kate. Probably has that it's raining it's gonna pour out great guns and actually it's probably have to Vator at this point how long do you think it took him. And where was he away from his girlfriend for hours away the minute this man is married. And it hasn't shot up early he's so. It took four hours so it's a life sized Darth they tell little lies lies specifically detail salt and out and of a snow bank in Chinatown right just Lara unbelievable links snowman on my it is it is really not a good look at the bottom line it's it's unbelievably detailed issue really. Great you should like put a link on FaceBook yeah definitely that you say work WA AF we're fees and irons to and Hollis that some people concede. This amazing neared accomplishment you know it's it's a good thing you do layer in the sleeve girl outfit is probably would have been violated so I was. That's how is enough there's enough scary stuff in the snow you'll see it melting today in Boston but really would be. Where's the team's Iberia skirt a snowman anyone out of time it will somebody please they'll get to that next though star. How are you based on the. Volume the sheer volume. Of text messages from both women and men. That big eating topic that the text are brought up is wildly. Interesting to people and I don't know if it's because of the dating apps. Or her. Do the interaction between people or what but it is in case you weren't listening. This guy texted in series of tax it was rather upset because he met a girl line. Bumble and bumble and they went on a date last night she said that he had the taker too. Obvious step in Braintree yeah. And she started ordering you know on a glass every line it's an appetizer ended that would shiver admire something yeah. And she didn't. They basically didn't talk to on the whole entirety and he was. Wondering if she basically did the whole entire thing to get a free dinner and apparently we're learning that that's a thing like I got out. I text message during the break 617 text that says I'm a serial Dieter I'm also smoke. What is wrong with a guy taking me to an expensive dinner because I'm hot I do all the time and it's my. Prerogative to get on here are going to be a lot of other stimulus I there's only soccer is out there. Why are they did that do rules ought to return easily to 45. He's like five a lab man. No I got a great IT job got grade grade doll. Any any meats is should come bumble she's a small a do you think even wakes up and smiles economy dude she's five point 405. Rounds. She's amazing. So you mean he should wonder before he even goes on the dinner date why she's going on the date with him your hot chick shaming. It's I am my my whole thing is. I just love guys. That are clueless. And then they get bitter. They're like yeah Billy Graham you know you should be happy she when you have to watch into the restaurant her release of look did you guys instead what is she doing with actor. And then you cough up 250 bucks for din din and the Ares you know you don't really get a kiss on the cheats. I mean soccer. Here's the Texas says everything is wrong with that woman who just texted you and I hope she gets exactly what's coming terror. For taking advantage of guys and playing them. We have it on the best foreigners is our system of a bitter Warman that's Mary river complicate. Gary delegates up and works twelve. And then they end up with some dude from the New York Stock Exchange and live by and pay well and Hampton for the rest room while Taylor hang out a couple of did blitz Ken Morrison. Make a million a year. The sad thing is that. No one can beat father time an unfortunate time for the time eventually catches up eventually gonna get those dinners out of the way early Carol. Well I guess I sex are visiting Texas is not willing to meet someone in person and actually. How some sort of connection if you're on the Internet. You are expected to skimming and babbling. It's a crapshoot everybody uses are but he union and. Here's the Texas says. My sister. Did the whole free dinner dating thing horror whole entire time in college that's how she made it through without paying for any food. I was so good that it should arrival she did at the whole entire time during club and if they're if your car and our communion to darn. It network and then. City. Here's a 71 Texas from woman. Why do I feel like I'm not only woman out here Lou if the guy is paying I look for the least expensive thing on the man you know shame on you that's nice. Thanks. That's that lists. From what I like you look for you look who you'll. Well I think the lesson learned I guess is made me unfortunately. You don't wanna do the first day. At a very expensive. Restaurant right sounds like you know it's you go to the 99 or something like Darren apparently. Mid level lake local lanes or something who came out it's. TV reports one point five ounce buds anointed me rim blitzkrieg. Style on Allen's. Yen and I did I I just seized one of postings you you can't. You can't do that Internet thing and then be terrorists. You know there's literally no other way to meet people may eighth is willing to speak face to face everybody's out all day every there might even do as leader house everybody's so lazy. Could answer. Here's somebody says if you're meeting somebody. On mumble or tenders you get exactly what you deserve. I. And many people kinda who woman were to step up I feel like actually written about you know what it's a step up not really his bubble is just Tinder that puts control in and the chicks hands so that. So you're not familiar with fumbled on key matchup with someone the woman has to reach out first for the guy to be able to map out there and that's the whole concept. Now it's like. Tender with like a hint more screening not fully Germany. I didn't who announces profile as a Ferrari salesmen who uttered that I'll go for dinner. It doesn't look like a miles right at the Pacific. This is Jim on the Framingham forward studio line happy Friday gem. People have a dog I know what's going on that. Yeah I just upload them the go ahead and make a comment a bit and I think the first state. Should do like I declare our guard and driver. Oh. Get the rest of the conversation in the next hour of the Hill Man Morning Show podcast.