Hour 2 - Australia is an Island, Not a Country

Tuesday, February 13th

Tuesday February 13th, 2018 Hour 2: LB sports minute, Mantown Alert, Nancy Know it all, Nerd Report and more!


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They Hill Man Morning Show on demand. And more I'm always online pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. And now obese while they're hurting before I grew up watching you aboard the front date we brother in battle with the WAS sports minute. It's broadly about minor doctors doctor Robert Leonard doctor Matthew the prestige all you guys do call 1800 get their change that exchange or life. Okay. Now I gotta love it that was NASA with the call thirty years our history the howling Huskies bring the U. In the Beanpot final fired two on the back of Adam their deaths hat trick. Standout in the consolation yesterday over at the garden DC got beat 545. Harbored in. Yeah Teddy did not go barn burner and it was just under my did you watch any I did not there was. It was it was it was pretty awesome to see that northeastern Huskies fans who were in full form. There is going bananas in the garden was packed in and has good aren't good on northeastern. I was watching then showed The Chieftains keep their playoff hopes alive by defeating a they grew up and constable team well there in constable things got a little Dicey with the gotten comfortable fans of tea fire around Lucia juggernaut tireless aggressive and yeah bingo as aggressive group up there last night when president knack for our country as a group. That'll be nothing like the Wednesday game against Maynard. I mean and Joba initialed as the wind got away and every big a win out and make the playoffs big game coming on Wednesday but anyway congratulations. Marie show the well I I'm being accused of reversal man jinx because I talked about how maybe northeastern shouldn't be in the Beanpot anymore. Yesterday and I think I helped them so congratulations. He's got a lot of new that I shouldn't play lottery anymore is this cricket expect that I'll say that you're never gonna find the man. That area and I think yeah I met them maybe we head. And in that scenery of triplets that yeah great offense I'm I'd Bruins who are laser show have been very hard Calgary Flames. And I'd be seaside. Johnny who drove Calgary's 145 are black and gold of ripped off five or six towns while. Going to be great game tonight puck drop its guard and 7 PM the season lost three or four. They are often have the clippers are causeway street tomorrow night there. In second behind Toronto is a half came up and there in Miami tonight. I've baseball season people Red Sox pitchers catchers today first work growth real moron bound times. I do things as. Landing here yeah I get it online and what I wanna I wanna I wanna win and how to tase a win most settling this city. And this special season hasn't finished the way they wanted the last two years and haven't talked to them about of his seems like they wanna prove everybody wrong. Yet outside your new skipper Alex Cora he's about winning divisions but he's about winter at all so while we'll see what goes down at this year. And 2018. So pre Olympics American sharp white. Ben Ferguson chase. Jozy and all I made the snowboard half pipe while men's finals American employee Kim and very old school won gold and bronze in the women's how hard do Olympics or aren't all day today. On NB CS and what do medal count Norway 243. For nine Germany 412 for seven Netherlands three to two for seven. Canada above the US to seven medals in the US says two ruled. Once over one Bronson it's surely full patients cross country skiing is over. And side yard runner up esta vinyl always are. Just an amazing story special baseball pitcher where document day he's 46. He was busted for trafficking cocaine he had. Forty plus pounds or were pulled to Austin's house when his thoughts about five. He rules certain wasn't paying yesterday I'm LB that's their sportsman. All right what do you make of the US women's hockey team in the controversies. Over. The statue of liberty. On goalie masks and is that True Blue grass in the US Olympic or the International Olympic Committee wants them to remove it. Because it the political statement. In that any kind of a political statement although. I notice that the army of beauties. All came out. And what they believed to be. Masks representing the face of Kim John Owens grandfather. Yesterday. And their pet and its athletes yeah. I think movement in North Korea the so that there is I think there's. 500. People in the delegation. At the Olympics from North Korea. And 250. Of them are in the. Army of beauties really yes and I how many are security people keeping them from. The other 250. Security people as there's only like fifty athletes but the army of beauties. It numbers 250. From North Korea and I am following up on a topic we discussed yesterday with regard to the army of beauties. Kim John Owens current wife and I say current because she could be shot and any moment. She is a former. Army of beauties. Remember Barbara. Let's into the next week Jason Carroll wagon. Down a path now at. Anyway I think they should be allowed to keep the statute and giggle yeah. That is their tendencies it's a nice area. What I did you see it when he come into the country and yeah. All right coming up. In honor of Valentine's Day which is tomorrow we will reveal the number one thing. That you newlyweds. Are brawling about so that is coming up in just a little bit. Then we're gonna get to Nancy no it all this week. 730. On this morning show and at 750 today's nerd report we OG WA AF nerd Mike Hsu. So nerd report coming up and fifty. It was a nerds around or some kind of late this Marilyn Monroe Betty and better on earth and today's Hill Man Morning Show is presented. By echo store technologies. You're data center solutions provider. For more information. Go to echo stored dot com. After the Hill Man Morning Show. Yes they're here because we. And one of paper wow your homework welcome aboard. Out mast pike into the city. Attic crawl. Because it's Tuesday because David and that why inner solar glare. On it is going to be partly sunny for most of it today and the temperatures going to be in the low thirty's however. By Thursday it is going to be. Close to sixty. So that's good news tomorrow on the shelves. It is no one on days though if you're alone. And desperate on this Valentine's Day and tune in tomorrow morning. And we'll give you advice without lives not many so called experts who'll join us. To tell you how to switch things around and how to be. How would be happy for next Valentine's Day snow and also tomorrow I'm very excited because we have finally worked out. The phone situation at the nursing home and will be Joseph mind. By hard by the official historian of this home in morning show. Our 101. Year old World War II veteran friend Larry Steinfeld you'll join us. At 750. Tomorrow and not only talk about. Valentine's Day bull get an update everybody's always asking if I'd get an update on how Larry's doing so Larry will join us. At 715. Tomorrow. It is 722. I need to mention that the weather which it is day view was brought the guy you're New England Honda dealers. Coming up at eight or a player a male voice mail messages back so you can lead a little male voice mail message on any topic. Northeastern university in the huskies' winning the Beanpot. After a thirty year drought. Or any other topic told Mel voicemail number. It is 6177795463. But the Al was stuck in the in the offices morning during a meeting about Adam. The fact that she is a craving to have some alcoholic siders every single morning now after Friday. I'm but he was also she was is also talking to me about this information just in time down things day. About the number one thing. That newlywed couples fight about. And it's not what you're saying is deal. We did two relationship related segments or week. And we a lot of different complaints from people who had recently gotten married like yeah in the last six to twelve months for this really surprise me did you think it was going to be sax yeah or sex related or lack of sex and I'll. Something Z along those lines I thought it was gonna be money. I mean yeah if you had to guess. If yet again as she'll would you guess if you had to guess about the number one thing that newlyweds by about. And don't say whether or not the new Star Trek series is worthy of the popular Tennessee tries vs Star Wars. Always Larry Harris adult. You know it's like Sox yankees yes terrible I'm now what does that money because it's people are constantly that that's why a lot of people we've discussed this on the show but. A lot of people who are in. Relationships these days Disco was separate bank announces so that they don't at their money is their money if you're household account for you contribute equally to or would it be determined. And you have your own and a now we need to know everything ethernet. But. Attacks through says the 617 Dexter on the tax line which is 9717. Says it's gotta be the toilet seat. I know it's not whether our seed is kept upward are kept down here and involved against some known an indirect way though yeah. And I just say yes the coolest thing the newest invention because we are just redid the bathroom. Are you touched the toilet seat yet and it automatically slowly. Who go oh yeah. Any definitely paid for that. Here's a text that says what about the in laws. Get about. Yeah that aren't that that's a super new thing I feel you RD know whether or not you know you have an Intel. No relationship to their in laws I think that we we discussed this the other day and he may have been yesterday have to act like you like the analog exploited dating but then once again very fair what about. Tax there is suggesting. That it's. Where the attacks go when to have kids and is the number one thing that newlyweds. About. But all that talk before you get married I love all these. Lot of unhappily newly married people protect it here's a 978 Texas says we fight about who gets in the shower first that's media side. Yeah and gamble yet getting together that was great when they were dating at least an Elena. It's hot box. Lets the lazier us. Am very your bag or not the couch. Being a slob the 77 for a text that's from a woman. Social media six on that contacts that somebody's liking an ex girlfriend does their posts and instant hammers on the night that that's that's about it. Here's a 781 Texas says burning might Turkey pot. The kitchen bitch that is that's right at the sticky pop not birdie Turkey five via they're trying caulk around the body. The number one thing Daniel told me this morning that knew who its fight about. It is house hold. Shores racquets who is doing though washing of the clothes and doing the dishes and doing all that crap that's the be done. Last Ling is a marriage health app they surveyed 75000. Couples and they found that overwhelmingly. The biggest thing that they find about as newlyweds is who is going to do which chores. What gets cleaned buying homes. Whether it's dishes dusting laundry floors of windows at setter out. They say that a and the next thing they fight about most is what the other person's definition of clean. Yeah. Time to think and you know are about chores. And you know what is reasonable. As far as splitting hitter who gets what depending on your schedule that are that are you know it's gonna solve this problem what the robot uprise right yet because the robots can do all lower because of solve a big. Problem for new by the way. Did you see speaking of the robot uprising. Did you see that terrifying video that I tweeted yesterday when the robot open the door yes I did not ski that. Crap out of you there's this video from. Boston robotics Abbas the dynamics be able. Of this robot and the rule but is in Harlem. And the robot approaches the door and the robot has no hands. To open the door so the robot somehow Solomon's. One of its other robot over low efforts and the other robot. Comes walking over with de hand device. And that opens the door and they rushed through the door to kill the human beings on the other side I avenue I. The video I'm gonna have an essential I added to kill the human beings on the other side by. But it's an absolutely terrifying video some atomic would've be great deal W today after checked out by anyway all right number one thing. That newlyweds by about. Is household chores by the way I also aside information for those of you might be getting married tomorrow be careful. Couples who get married on Valentine's Day. R.s 37%. More likely. To get divorced you know I won't his your wife's pain in the Anthony you got married on Valentine's yeah married yeah me that as that. Yeah I don't know it mean yes it's probably mostly visited the female who is insisting the Miriam on Wednesday it also may be that. You're rushing it to try to time and out of Valentine's Day or where or you think the husband is gonna remember that Valentine's Day your anniversary area though. If holiday wedding political candidate saying she's married boss is an Ericsson and and old he'd just right. Though if you are considering getting married on Valentine's Day Dan you'll be 37%. More likely. Dude get divorced. You could believe he'll male voice mail message. And any of those topics or any other topic and we're gonna play aerial Mel voicemail messages back. It about a half an hour. The mill voicemail number is 6177795463. Here's attacks from a female. She says yes I'm a female and yes I am Greg's age. Six. She has a point out that she's senior citizen age seriously. Life's too short. Clean as ego who cared does what the writer who does what enjoy each other there's a message from an older woman it. Who cares if you're picking your close up for your carrier urges dropping the more you take a mop. Got a great kids do at all surprised and it is you know being counted not a reason it while the newlyweds don't have kids and a hundred is there fighting about the list. It turns into one of those the other person it's like the LB method of getting out of work the other person tries to do something your like it did you you know it. It keeps crying and just end to put it put down let me do it now over the elect. An overload the dishwasher regardless so pure program to do dishes and pray that you can't heat up that much corned beef and cabbage and a small pot can aegis that he needs just the backed away from this I will do it now ranks. I'm doing a lot of times that's when Athens is that one of the spouses just decides armadillos rather than right that's called compromise. That's of necessity is the mother of all invention that's it's you stuck since this thing you want to help. And now I'll just take care the way I feel about these things as a man. It is if fuel avoid it and ignored for long enough. Somebody else eventually. That's that's the easy just short throw on some of these evenings I'll show announcement. To test of wills creek. And I yeah. All right the news this hour is brought to you by. It's state auto group this ever recent missing is having their first ever exclusive three for three events. You don't wanna miss this call in today for more details missing on a group Britain wanna an Auburn. Brought to also by Amex and help monitors find your corner of the world with the new Hilton honors American Express cards. With seven times the points on eligible Hilton purchases. You can get to your next trip faster terms apply Texas as the we have discusses previously and it's called strategic incompetence yes. And which the man acts like he doesn't know how to do certain things like vacuuming or lashing the close literate flocking to her legs and on each and it can. As the two Princeton. Wouldn't look to you how long and so there's a just in story coming out of New Hampshire. I'll work professor. Has been disciplined at Southern New Hampshire University because they gave a student a failing grade. Claiming that Australia. Was not a country the student was supposed to that word discipline that's five fired feature was the professor was fired. The student from normal here in the second nationally Arnold has 27. Is doing a sociology degree online listening she has been online program you probably heard about four. And she was doing a project outline. To compare a social norm in the United States that another country in chiefs selected Australia. The professor gave her all zeros on the greeting rubric and sent back an email. I think actually lives in Idaho. Sent an email that said Australia is a continent. Not a country. That's mistake made it nearly impossible for you to put accurately completed assignments all of the professor early morning hello what are we don't know this is what this is the problem. When he stopped teaching geography in US history and our schools and you only focus on. Social justice causes this person has noted that Australia is the country and her professor Abbott unit per. But actually sent back an email exploit inning that I know it's also a country and hindsight did various references within like a library and on why are a library the library even even the Australian government's web say let the pressure on. The professor wrote back and said thank you for this web address that that that right there says Ethier to make the after I'd use an independent research on the continent slash country issue I will review your paper. Which the professor did and then handed down a B plus but. Actually was very shocked by this. I've been shocked shocked that it we're very sorry not third. Then why are you now would mean not everything out so early let. Well on the bike parade that about cover it that's gonna happen that I had to let her out. Food I'm very liberal and open up I've got a lot of country at apple really asked. Everyone knows us really is not a country it's an island. Okay I'd heard about that prison. Let's get that straight yes it's it's not a country it's an island so much I love it I I mean does it surprise you though. No I didn't element people it is if it's not on instead Graham or FaceBook and nobody knows anything about it now officials. All right she should have been given the job as the professor like it went right once they fired this professor at shouldn't matter the broad isn't that the. All of. In Iraq this pro. Since you were up Australia I have to share this important breaking news information. In men colored form. The most popular. Naked. Yoga teacher in Australia. Is declaring that she's bringing her classes to the United States. She says. Dad practicing. Naked yoga yuck. Ten and pep up your sex life RN that since she started her naked yoga classes in Australia. Women are leaving. And they feel they feel free yeah hey there there uninhibited. Today many times. After that they don't ever want to take their clothes off that anymore I mean yeah they don't I don't wanna have my hello I am right there already and get a little nude shutter undergoing. This is a very important for those of you elect me you're in two. Peak physical condition. This is. Rosie Reeves is her name and she wants to value. About nude yoga. Arriving on our shores. Okay then it's up to now thru line and I do mixed says. This thing he needs classes I just want to create a space for blue. She did not include and he'll have a Ph.D. she's doing really safe woman's face. It makes us happy and excited secretive and transform. An economy the Bruins have very nervous and anxious before the end. Some trepidation. You just. Totally liberated and extended an element of many clients aren't. The big and they're member line and thought I asked if death plunge you as a power wash your those matters. Bring your own mentioned that the the trying to get a hardship as it did you know now it's yeah it's it's not it's not the NG people it's gonna be like the new. All right there's somebody finds him attractive people on a new teacher heard from friends who live there I mean if you have your binoculars and I said it. I'm all right I'm into it bringing this minute my next nevermind the five case I'm going NATO in your view download new deal that. You can't you don't wanna you don't you you know the continent and wanted to get an important market segment ones. As soon as this is Paul but they can the studio lot in what's up. It's yeah there's going to be an uptick nobody got that big you know I was. For dislocated body parts. Of the Pataki has to go back to Sunnis so a minute ago receiving that message from the apple let that. And that it would come out there because they've been trying to heavily promote online programs paid. Back that would apply the lawsuit pending but the president there's been credited. It's not necessarily the best commercial for the southern with the new Hampshire university there early. I well coming to America. It is. Naked yoga she did mentioned that there is when it comes to captain moose knuckle not invited and I know man invited to the new deal. Notice that a lot of guys have been asking yes as if they get when mixed clouds and Barack. That's an all woman there. I we should get to Nancy no at all it is 738. Here on the Tuesday Hill Man Morning Show she. Every day. Subversive activities of this morning. Well. You heard or know everything and from time time. You may experience a situation in life. In which you don't know how to act. That's what Nancy no allows for sure you'll tell you exactly should excel I got this email I will read it verbatim. On Saturday night. My husband and I attended a party at our neighbor's house after a school fund raiser. During a conversation with the wife. She told me that they are only able to afford their home. Because her husband is a roofer. And it's a mostly cash business and so he doesn't declare most of what he mixes and. I talked to my husband about this afterwards when we got home. And he wants to call the IR ask about them that's him. I think that this is gonna potentially cost the problems is this neighborhood. What does Nancy no it all think that we should do the little nine your own business. Trip. I can't say you know like he keep you that it never works is this so many people would do this between people in the restaurant industry. You know people little their own businesses people skim off the top opened it caught on their own dot. By the way let. Can't he can't do it in the restaurant industry and markets everybody uses credit credit cards speaking speaking for our friend. But the day yes but there are people you're saying in these in these cash businesses and they just don't pay their fair share. Shake out eventually that usually winds up happening. If you're someone who wants to point I think it vetoes the glass house thing. If you wanna point the finger it's an LC there may DM sure all your receipts or Norton and it's like the people complain about me out explains the effect mark. You know. I just signaled they're now using its blink parents like wild it is blue or red lights on and off you know I go back to the camera on now we can check the dash cam I I I. I get it about her accuser paying taxes and he's not rock and found out that it. Probably time you rolled out a Stop & Shop without taken that case the water out from underneath the cart in put himself check out. They're great marriage. Right so you don't see grimy looking at issue and you don't have an obligation. To do let's ride him and the that the federal authorities that these people are to acquire all of the public currently handle okay which elect and some rain suit is probably have. The probable a lot bigger tax situations happening out there and it's kind. I'd be hard pressed improvement. Not forget it if things that in some weird side business. And the guy actually does declare world is referring money but that wanna tell you that they have a swingers club. With a forty dollar admission and you go now formally kick out of. Here's attacks. That says. Thanks for the party. Now I'm going to go call the had her house. Yeah I guess they really in Q it's. I guess there really into the party and it's a much they're gonna narc him out the map the arrest him his wildly don't get involved and Aslan. Now Nancy well since the not yet that. Come. Got. It is the nerd report we've Mike Hsu and then we're gonna play here hill mail voice mail messages back. At eight and after hill mail. One of my favorite things in medicine you know when people of an accident. And there's an occurrence afterwards. One of my favorite things that happens. Guys I happen to a woman who was in the news today. And we'll share that audio with view after hill mail coming up on today's Hill Man Morning Show. Muster with the deepening and if you're. God if you killed on got. Twelve Danielle would Valentine's Day looming ahead tomorrow at Texas says if you laid down I see you're the woman for him he's known your welcome in my one carries on them donuts. Yes. I do think he'll be receiving all kinds of floral bouquets and the like tomorrow morning from the listeners I don't know what what do you think will seep. I'm taking donations of food paths are imminent cats and apparently OK I think you're anxious. And donuts gift guns diamonds. But guards union mailed us and Donnelly in there I asked for rated so there. Diamonds are at it woman's death friends who writes Danielle that is clinic cancer and the Mans worst enemy I don't know I don't know why they don't Collison diamond diggers. Focus. Is that I F four diamonds is your argument internally flawless that's right sorry. I am a slight inclusion out ballot inclusion out very very slick inclusion. Now you use the good news could. He said you're not doing any thing. For Nolan hump day rally again you can I don't I don't think I really September 14 December 14 from it's not enough and a Margaret cap reform. Shuler. I use they'll be able to Atlanta. Gloria thanks model opening up at 10 o'clock on a way to. Are you going to he's so you won't go out in and you know sitting in the Barnes and cry and Nolan not scramble exit in man how many men come over and try to buy you a drinker or anything like obviously an experiment that the introvert in me says. After a night out but it that is and I have to have I'd rather pay for my own drinks and have conversations. For Iraq. Sierra Vista like got. Parents not to that act like every hour is I majoring some like I get a job and I can afford that side I'd rather just not talked at all. Two best to invest based we'll checks. That went out Valentine's Day out and Chris receive. Why is Christmas Eve because they're divorce turner there alone. They do not. OK dad broke out from them because you don't wanna spend like foreign dollars and Christmas presents you basically taken objects outside Planned Parenthood and. Now out of your reference on that that would be of the waitresses Christmas who just exactly what that's about health and it's not just about deaths and that's the thing is just a higher today. It is 756. And this show is presented every single day. By Echostar technologies. Your data center solutions provider. For more information. Go to echo stored dot com. Heard horrible owner. All right time for third in their report this week with the OG WA AF married Mike Hsu old. What are we discussing what's the breaking myriad news the. If you heard during the in the production the last Jana. Principally inspiration and they're big fans don't borrow and apparently again them a couple of storm troopers suits suited to be in a scene in the movie can't help parents out there they were on the set I Daniel Craig did in the last one you know there. And so they show up at the premiere in London and a and then they tell them all love. Scenes in the movie. So they were left the cutting room floor. It is now a halt I was we'll correct line. Everybody knows storm troopers have to be exactly five feet eleven inches. That is if that that is the imperial standard that your kid. Sets by Nokia. And income. By the the moments your Q you're kidding me that it's called jingle for a temple that you're okay you can clone in the first storm troopers 511 you have to be five feet eleven inches tall so you're kidding me. They either cut them out yes it by the way the this is this is the future king of vigilant. And his brother right. They bottom out because they were too tall to beat the B storm troopers. As it's somebody would notice I guess that nerds would notice you know first of all people like me would notice that probably walk out of theater right. That storm troopers is five rather that storm debris six foot one out. So the storm troopers are 511. That's the that is the standard hot cannot be tolerant invader how do I wanna guy that's special ops that are from the path that LB that only the power of the special ops in the royal family in England as insignificant. Next to the power of the force. That it's a reference and a well you'd go okay. There's dogged him for. Yeah I was I thought I was them actually when they were. Escorting captains days mom break you know that scene police. Following categories on the elevator and I thought that was them in the background apparently now apparently. They're seeing us jam table you know you gotta follow imperial rules at the height shaming and and it seems to me like did this somebody ought to be concerned that their bullying. Harry and William it's more like everybody gets a processor it's your 511 but nice. It's his attacks Suze several techsters winners bothered that I started to say 512. You can use knowledge. Yes it's 512 obese you realize your mistake sponsored enemy America I mean thirteen you name a toddler. Sixty martz. Sees it. IRS. Now I'll be they go to him and now and development that's what they say it. It's very important distinction between twenty and 22 months not like my it'll make it's almost of from there. It don't have kids you don't have to give us the month milestone.