Hour 2 - Ask Matty Anything!

Wednesday, February 14th

In the secomd hour, Matty fields your calls concerning all things romantic. Gigantic grain of salt recommended.


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We lost Indians 37. Podcasts are always on him. I'm new schedule and WA AF. Previously on Matty in the lineup he's arms no no no no I'm just ask. Well lucky charm now we know. Hey nick we'll put out the concert series not you don't know deep seated separate email email alerts I did you know. Why. It's we'll see. This is completely guilty just told us he saw. I've heard that backhand slap some peanut butter on your Wiener and how bad it. Not come out like I wanted to know. Did say that's not I don't know what its people and church groups did it on stage I don't know where we're going to OK you know. Don't you know nick and now two guys who got youth so meaningless garden. Box of chocolate. Let's here's Matty admit I'm WAM. Manny know nick. Lover and partner has left me on this day ironically. Our great partnership in unity. Now takes up New York City to do some cable thing but that's our right. Direct. We're still proudly presented. Do you buy town fair tire for the guarantee though. My son tires go to town fair tire because nobody beach town fair tire no. It was so that work on the course walk around there a retrospective and episode. Investigating the simpler connection with the cross found earlier this season. They'll be much more on that and they lose my one hour special. Wrapping up. This season five of the course of logo on this incredible season five by one hour special air on the History Channel. In March. Early march that's all it's at this point. I'll remind you consistently and aggressively in every so that. We're just initially get through that plug without being just berated by my partner. Amazing. No fortitude of romance isn't over although landslide if I am a little hurt that he's gone I'm also continuing. To play. Songs from my own personal catalog of broken hearted anti Valentine's days. Yeah if you've had your heart broken. You know that these songs are like always with you their life savers they got you through a very dark time so I love to play that even though I'm with my beloved Yoko and have been since 1996. And I am madly in love. I still can field as it can still feel. As the song says this fogel berg once said. I can still feel that old familiar pay. So belly on up to bar me for the next few hours we'll do it together on the B pirate re doing some great anti Valentine's Day Sox. I'd like you to join me and come in the framing imports studio line 6179311. And a half. Coming up this hour we'll have. Some drunk Shakespeare going on also little bit later in the show Alan questions project and I'll give you tickets to go see the professional bull riders all that and more on this. Anti Valentine's Day show it's Matty sounds neck so I never far on my angry list of anti Valentine's Day songs. Crazy bitch about cherry love those guys loved that sunny horizon my first target into the crows. Back in the day it really get into an after the after southern harmony. You would only say an audience a couple of Gerry that couldn't check but do you talk like that carry Buckcherry Buckcherry. Buck you. More pirate radio we're taking your suggestions to 9717. Any songs. You would like to hear on this Valentine's Day. If you aren't into it. If you look like I said earlier I'm in love my Yoko I'm very happily married have been for a long time it is fun to kind of belly up go back pedaled familiar pain. Remember we need heartbroken is that heartbroken you never the same. You always have that scar tissue on union always a little more careful that got film of the first time I would. You might have noticed this in the show I'm a bit earnest gonna get excited about things I get very excited about them as an on the main zone shut out so yeah Matty. Meets this beautiful girl. Diving in with both legs balled and balled everything my whole body. Not a care in the well I was like I was like that Donny and memory video timely reference. Hold on you don't worry about it. Like puppy dobbs is in line marvel world. Guess what. My partners to me what happened you found machine on your it's not important of course the most important part. Unimportant only tragedies Dave Baum loved to write your life history. Yeah you go bizarre skills and you get three deadlines is exactly right now M. Ford I would tournament there. She's. Skin you know Mario. And here they come out a lot a lot now some of these songs can remind your arm suggest suggesting. Prom have a lot of curse words in them and it's just means is here in studio and our RD getting angry text from bosses for doing this yeah so I don't know if we'll go to get to edit a lot of them but we should be okay what most them that's the second pan terra. This love suggestion we've got and that is on my list of content and had a that is coming up in the six quokka that is coming up I'm gonna play that song. The up and you know the job repent their big golf fan dig up a little let's see what's trending in a hot flash Stanley here at 430. The same time we should do something if it's hot and flashing a review all the way down a club ready and nick we'll cover it appears you're. On WAM. Pop classic brought to you by the Mercedes-Benz certified pre owned events there's never been a better time to drive the vehicle of your dreams. Limited time offers available now at your local Mercedes-Benz dealer visit MD USA dot com slash CPO for inventory and offer. Deet tails. We have an updates. Is. On that. School shooting in Florida that I had mentioned. The suspect. Is in custody. Right away our. Unfortunately they're also saying that there were fourteen victims now victims we don't know injuries deaths were not sure yet. But it was a apparently. A high school shooting. And they are saying numerous fatalities so not. You know. It's sad state of affairs and you have to whereabouts in your kids' school. Young. Sox. But I will will continue to keep our eyes on that I'm sure will be you know and national news by tonight just everywhere you go you'll see it at all we don't need to tell you here you'll see it everywhere. But we move on it is Valentine's Day. And I am alone. Ironically on this day that celebrates partnership my partner has left me. Behind. I do have people coming into Simi though drunk Shakespeare people will be here they put on a hell of a show we'll tell you about that it is what it sounds like it's on Shakespeare. Also played Allen questions projects special romance addition. My wife Yoko and my son and excerpts on their way into the studio. Because we're going on vacation tonight's and coming in. To join. Mean here and then we're gonna fly out for weeks vacation with some very access. You for music what does. What does that. Is now that's music. History. Well look you don't like to stated that we've got your son's story so keep listening because I'm gonna have little surprises that we don't normally play a lot. Hear her play at all in some cases. You are you given away free relationship advice yeah I am how well a little what we do the last Matty anything relationship wise how about that. And now Indian name. Ask Matt eat anything. An incredibly valuable resource we you can pick. Pick the brain of a man who believes in ghosts in bigfoot we don't have a good job. Stan brings juice boxes to work in his bat man lunch box I do love when I AMA. Asked Matty anything. It's like read it I freaked out drew moments of a but incredibly stupid. 6179311. Am asked Betty anything but to keep her relationship. Wise because it is Valentine's Day we'll do a special romance edition of ask that if anything and before you laugh. I'll remind you. I've been married for some. What's 1999 until now. It's 37 years known 42 years. Almost one almost twenty years on time nanny she's working in the entertainment business I've worked on maxim models. I've traveled around the world I've been on sets and I maintained a healthy marriage now how did I do. I can share my secrets if you get in lady problems. Knuckles and enough you don't commune like if your girl and you sleep problems. But if you got problems at the ladies in my own producer. It's is I know you've got some problems because you just had your heart broken and you'd just. Now starting to come back out into society yeah actually have a question so I wanna start things off as I. How did this person right I wouldn't really say friend you know acquaintance you know worked together sometimes like yeah. He broke up put his girl right name broken up for a little while I would say at least three months. And I think. His next girl. Wants the unit with you yeah. And I'm conflict it's like I don't know why should you know. I was thinking maybe the right manly thing to do is to just hit this kid can be like hey listen what do you think about this god knows who you. No don't do that. You don't end zone don't don't because venue you know either heat I mean because I don't think it's that far the round that he says I've got to go for a cool now. Or you can totally see Nolan and Mike. 'cause there's one or two things can happen he's gonna say let's call and then he'd used it's a lie. Or he's gonna go no that's and then you got a problem him anyway needing to do it yeah. As I've always said lie deny can accuse and take her out. If it's not then he'd need no nothing anyway. If it's something and he'll find out later you realize. And ice are you look at my ex girlfriend a couple times lie. Tonight encounter cues are trying to have a relationship with this than the partisans in oh boy as many innings on fire right now battling government for studio line 6179311. 97107. Techs are streaming in C. Matty finally do you think three sums ruined relationships and marine time there every time none. This is one of those things this is like going to a buffet in Vegas. Sounds like a great idea on paper. But then you see how many people sneeze on the food when you walk down a lot like what am I doing what I could under a five star restaurant. Three some sound like a great idea someone always gets angry and every single time it's gonna happen as an and a domestic. Every time that happened to me. They weren't. Six at three in practice from the book the other day yet iron day. As a big fat and did you try it couldn't did you write any of goal. I'm staying on me lighten candles. While Yoko sleeping going down places I shouldn't go under the covers. Shouting go no no man is supposed to go where they certainly don't just keep him well and yet you just due due just to listen. Lovemaking and knowing this was we puritan. You stay close to. You do get out of dodge was any trouble let's go to Trevor and Hudson who wants to Hammond Fleming wrote hello Trevor said our readers to you my friend. It is so ability go and she's gonna tell him what happened in you know and that that's sound. Weird well some. I was don't know if I was gonna have many to apply should trust Erica she's an all this will definitely between UN dynamite. I don't know on it and don't so they're claiming that it double move thank you danced ever to every question from. I decided though you don't go to a column a and one at bat yep I love it Trevor thank you. Easy to keep a secret White House and a and agree on the talk about her love life with other has so to other girlfriends you might tell the sky but you know to get them their nails does against Iran right now member Tony old friends did the backtracked. He and anxious to respect. He kept asking me out Tyson OK even though she asked you that's a great don't know that sounds. Rightly familiar on drop in knowledge today when he does dobbs Jan I keep this gone. I am romance addition. Matty and nick and no neck but we're getting there odious as quick check of the Webber went well. Let's check the weather brought you this hour by the New England. Honda dealers it is 49 and sunny right now in good old boss in jobs down a little tonight at 34 and tomorrow mostly cloudy 55. 61793101. K okay after I'm on six you mean if you need a better man saying he needed better warm man. Auction. Paying welcome mat it's gonna help him. It's Matty sons nick my heart is broken as my partner left me for New York City for the day here. But let's go to Matt on the eve broken hearted Framingham Ford studio line what's up Matt had a question in. Pascal lives goes against you beloved but got upload my wife yesterday and in my view of the document she called it. And then love. Told me that she got an agent. Arrived at the other eleven years married to. Yeah I mean I don't obviously she says she ain't you at the strong men keep them on some other way sometime. I don't know a great job they would go what now we should get. I'm Matt hang on I I think you are. Just jumping ahead too fast we say things. Two people that we call have a tape with for a long time. That come from the bowels of our soul. That don't necessarily reflect how we truly feel about that person even though you feel like that because she used the word hate. We sweet truly do. Take out. The worst of us on the people that are closest to us I could be with Yoko. For a day and if you played me back the way I talk to her memory being honest now. On some days I'd be so Seamus on merit but I would then see someone and holing got it right Dylan we put on this front to the world. And when we get home sometimes with the people we truly love. We let our guard down we let we let that filtered drop from our sub conscious of which is. Burst out all her frustrations of work whatever she does date today she's gonna take it on and you probably because you're strong enough to take. And really I believe she loves you now there might be some issue I don't know about I can't answer that 32 phone call but I can tell you this my gut is in these things. We say things sometimes we immediately regret and we take out the worst feelings we have on the person we love most. To very thin line between love and hate and I feel like her feelings just got the best were in that moment. And if you and her can ratchet down the temperament. I'd bet you I want you to call me back of a wrong and it and it does leader divorce or whatever but I bet you. If you can sit with her. In an honest quite environment and say that. Really devastated me I'd bet she would say something effective you know I don't hate you Matt but this in this in this in this in this okay. Given a try. My brother and nobody got all of you know a text message and everything and I wanna say we know one more than it is doing a great job you've been up. That you ought to talk to that guy out maybe you don't you're it's an example an example. You're somebody else maybe a little closer to a menu and then say hey you know it becomes a conversation. You really care what it meant look at what. And now let's what you look at is not gonna get. Thanks buddy and I day and I think gene on our men and then he'll be you know she's. Hey did you know mess mould no. Just going on and I got say oh my god I just gave a beautiful heartfelt responses reverend ads are you just ruined got to beat stiff and everything you I love you. See I just took out my innermost feelings. On you. That in.