Hour 1 - My Scrummy Valentine

Wednesday, February 14th

In the first hour of Matty and Nick, Matty launches an anti-Valentine's day tirade, plays un-love songs, and a Hotflash!


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We lost Indians 37. Podcasts are always on him. I'm new schedule and WA AF. Previously on Matty and nick blunt he's arms no. No no no how does this say as I'm like yeah wired bro lucky charm don't know. Hey nick what's going out the concert scene stuff you don't know did you decide for a mail email alerts I think inferiority. What we. We still likes to beat them both and elsewhere that have plagued neighborhood dogs ever foresee something. I've heard that about half slap some peanut butter on your Wiener and how bad. London it's not about like I wanted to yeah did say it had dropped I don't know how to speak lots of insured groups did it on stage I don't know where we're going to OK you know what. We had a lot of Glenn Beck and I had him I can't get it it's. So you know if and now they might not be heart breakers but they're great ball busters and that counts for something right it's now he had nick on W a gaffe. And everybody. Happy. B day. Hope you got your loved one near you or your on your way to her him or it. And you have a lovely romantic. Corporate mandated holiday. Gets some crappy cardinal last minute box of chocolates. Don't kowtow to the man. You know what you're woman should know you love her by your black of action. Though you tell Yoko and ladies. Take it easy with a hole demands like a I get so sick of both Hughes and true. Moon and. In watching the stopped CVS and get just stupid card box of chocolates meaningless. You're married to the man he gave up his life for you and vice Versa. You are route from its aim it's silly but hallmark created. Nothing yet good luck with Alan don't tell Leo well that all I'm sorry about to get on a flight with her to a luxury golf resort. How romantic now that he's of that surprise selfless funerals of the prizes you know she got she got the ultimate prize. Got two thumbs its right here. Lure sheer shoot she you're. I just talked a big game on breaks. But I just hate that people get. Bullied and if they say I love love and I love romance I'd what I don't play early in the clearly you won't dwell on what I don't love is being told to win I have to express that love. That makes sense I think it does I'm flying solo ironically. On this day that celebrates. Partnerships. I am without a partner nick is in New York City. Doing something we don't know one X we do know one but yeah I don't see. MCs come in to give me love she's got that look on her face like a puppy dog like all you don't have a partner. Ball out all right home Matty I feel so bad and nearly maybe if you are nicer to everyone you would have friends. Well. But one way to go about five. I'm glad you're here though because I have no partner yeah today give no life you have no partner you. No love you have no nothing although I Yoko and mad Max on their way to the studio. Really relieving right after the showed a mile luxury golf vacation so tough to be married Blake I don't know what the hell they're gonna do my house so bummed out that you never asked me out on that date back in the day. Because I could have ended out. In Alltel Roma he had a luxury golf resort you know we've we do you know it's weird NC. Is all those years ago I didn't have the guts to ask you out on a date. And then yesterday. You came up with a video of you and high school. Yeah I want my friends uncovered the video my high school graduation I was singing with the choir. You look. Exactly. Like Yoko did when she was younger like it's good to dig eighty's yes it's I believe so I must I must have I must have tight. Yeah you know I mean bad ass bitches well yeah plus a BA being around what a silly happy to hear that. So we got a lot of the show today MC. I know I know you won't stick Norris and I abstain hero today Iran Cuba may Valentine's Day etc. do get your Valentine's card real or is it. I'm just have been well I mean I don't remember an envelope thanks a thought that counts put the Libya I got to spray my own Centre right poll that's going to be amazing. She sorry I missed that boy I dodged a bullet back in the day there is nobody here to stop me all my guys realized this. At a Texas just accidents united symbolism and no we are here to stop me from talking about aliens. Paranormal. Golf or even aliens golf stick is done here have fingers that can hit buttons at any time don't know Nick's there. So you know nick com how are things going there are New York. Idea virtual there are things going in New York. That's a double goblet. Quicktime that's what's going on I'd that's I hero and currency and that's fine I'm more of hospital. I see okay well we'll be talking to virtual nick throughout the day Matty we all know that steered too hot. He admiral thanks but he appreciated that is down past days give me some. Kudos to give way ski getaway weekend. Drunk Shakespeare I'll explain that later they're coming in the Allen questions project and on the putter radio soap and tide Valentine's Day. Loves socks and I hate you person that destroyed my life song. Personal catalog. Apparently they think you center room. Love that song and you know what I'm dual pirate radio the bosses RD texted stitches and said. Take it easier playing songs on analog in a lot. The requests are coming in people wanna hear their anti Valentine's Day sung so I'm gonna get to some of those I promised five away a great suggestion. And Tara this love we can't just we pay all these fine and you know look let's go to an alcohol. Just spent in people they gonna gonna mandatory wanted to next hour let's rock solid. That's all you and I am. TrailBlazer was. I'm gonna get that matters I'd love at five women who took it to like 6 o'clock but will will get to it. So many great success in sergeant 603 I hate everything about you it's great to. So many can come in 97107. It's Matty and nick. Brought to you about town fair tire we are just minutes away. For me giving New York code word and your chance to witness ski weekend getaway I'll tell you where you're going in just minutes. Matty and nick. Happy Valentine's. Day and whenever it's actually just mapping nick is in New York City summit again to do this Valentine's whether you have someone. Or whether this day to you represents a big just horrible day what do you tell. I'm grand. Any kind of how well did Matt yeah you feel them eating. Typical girl while ripping his heart out in front of them. I obligate to do it when I get this together. Give me a column of Framingham Ford studio line 6179311. A apple due basically for our version of ask Matty anything. I'm relationship. Style. Gym member. Still is some time ago I did my relationship tips my successful tips for a successful marriage a marriage. And it was actually quite a stir guide for tips one of which was like pouring employ I would say. If you're gonna get married. Make sure you can at least tolerate the in laws because it's the to a screeching ever you married family to yours inviting yourself. To a lifetime of a miserable Chris mrs. Birthday parties get noted that thinks that in nineteen in the lungs right home when you're nineteen to 23 year old love with a girl. This is all hot and cute mysterious via if you hate that family on a big deal all it's a big deal. Isn't it true look at the mom in my doubts what you'll be met you know when I mean. That's the girl that when she gets older can be very true and also can be what you sometimes you get. A jokers wild that's true and you always tell me marry out. Jeffrey who always dumb comment I make that 282. K. Marry up. Definitely. You wanna girl whose father has a country club membership and owns a chain of liquor stores. Let's go to our Chris who was on that training imports studio line 6179311. By about. Christie with Matty no neck. Hey guys happy yeah. 100 days in now that they didn't really even that much or let it go do that up late at night but you go. They don't then hey are all everyday actually want Somali. I completely agree that Chris it's a it's a corporate. Made up holiday to make us buy cards and spend money in their stores holidays and I. It up and got bad credit check out my little dog I created any doubt that they re already within one guy that you know Chris I actually saw a movie last night it's not horror. Bomb. Irsay does it not only Netflix movies so the other day I talked but I saw the movie the ritual the ritual which was asked did really well done for bird if that page was not if that script was ninety pages. You know. Eighty of them were perfection and get to lose and they isn't Julia particles up and we like them but it was really good for Netflix grab it is eight plus. And then last night I watch this film. Called all up. What's that neighborhood in Brooklyn. Was that. Bush with navy I forget. I look at the whole deal that yeah Chris. It's out out out urban you don't want any yet. I think I can't go out my head but don't let the man wasn't loud. And it's also nice indeed where did that go that are old are going to leave their wallet. Naturally I don't know maybe that's classic. Yet the movie is called thanks for the call Chris the movie is called push where it's on Netflix. And basically. It all takes place this little Brooklyn neighborhood a bush or not. And there and it's it's almost like. Man it's it's it's it's urban. Warfare so we get invaded by this you know. Texas military force these good ones what seems to on the commercials for this and there are a lot of ball to it the acting as long key and then there's some bad decisions made overall for a Netflix cheap movie that they did on the on the cheap you can tell. And I don't think it made for Netflix Netflix picked up subsequently as they're doing now. It's a great little what it's really well done it's you know a lot of hand held shots bottle long tracking shot them running to the neighborhoods shot that and it really does give you this claustrophobic feeling like. This is how it could possibly go down in wherever invade a lot to check that out red dawn a modern reader version of red Don. In the city. As opposed to the woods and check it out yet bush wickets it's worth it. All right I'll continue to play a little pirate radio as much as like hand without getting fired or suspended. Picking my favorite songs. My favorite anti. Valentine's Day songs. Oh my god sent play bad Lewis about about black you are literally gonna get us in trouble damaged. Got me through a break these taxes are just giving you all these ideas and that is front and with them. There are 44 out of every Microsoft. Has. I in Oregon I told you. I would give you passes. Houses that I don't know why I don't know why but walked into the Pentagon papers you real bad food and on the line that. Here's always has the code word to we did we yeah okay that's the one yes the new one I don't want my mental. Line dealers area or to change the rosenbergs who were handled earlier on the donor but Nomar. Here's your password for your chance to get a ski weekend getaway and tell you we might be going. If you text the code word stop. ST AMP as in stop the art 1097107. Within the next ten minutes. You enter for a chance to ski weekend get away. Test Sunday river ski resort in Maine's beautiful what a great take lawful stop data rates may apply to text the code word stock as in. What we'll stop eggs awful stuff 97107. It's Mattie know nick it's Valentine's Day. Let's hear from you oh and one more thing I need you guys tonight because I'm working solo. I don't counts as a human. Amanda Allen's back you're taking your calls. I need to -- great GRB some great Valentine's GF wise how about some of the broke your heart let us hear about it 617779545. Or leave those messages so we can have a great. Valentine's Day. GFY hotline. Just about to head into the 4 o'clock hour. We gave away those ski passes and our text to win contest that window has closed but I still have giveaway. Is today one of which is a PBR velocity tour. Four pack of tickets. At the DC's and I've said it once I've said a thousand times I told our guys Evan I love now I'm promotion got LaGuardia at a well that's our private conversations. But I tell him in the hallways listen I went to that PBR thing last year and it was million rave about who signs and great night literally. And I don't let guys that I know nothing about bull riding nor do I care really about it but once I went. I was like oh man these guys are athletes first of all. And they put on show this pirate tactics. There's. Danger intrigue. Mystery. Romance. Well peace over silently and Evan now we're selling it and promotions. Never owners and overthrow the PV Ari so we got those he will also the folks from drunk Shakespeare coming in. Or break a little later I'll explain what that is it's basically what it sounds sounds fun drunk Shakespeare on this Valentine's Day. Also play a little Alan questions project romance a decent and you know Yoko and mad Max actually coming to the station. Our guys and have fun with this because we're going to and are on vacation right after the show Summitt who will do little Newlywed Game or something you know go. Men in 1990. Six. We are now on. A lot and so depressing. It's depressing. I decide what what's trending in a hot flash. And for a hot flash. The same time we should do something if it's hot and flashing a review all the way down my mom Betty and nick we'll cover it appears you're. Action on WAM. Pop last Rajiv by Mercedes-Benz for medical all wheel drive all season competence all road confidence limited time offers available on a complete lineup of. Road gripping coupes sedans suvs and more visit and be usaid dot com for more details. There are some. Breaking news stories going on right now as you know as I always say when nick is here we are certainly not a credible news organization nor do we pretend to be. There is a high school shooting going on. We're following that now there's really no information other than it happened over shooter thing marred the shooter still are so we'll keep an around that but I we don't wanna get. Unnecessarily bogged down in something that we don't know heck of a lot about I don't even think they on the scene about it but it is. Valentine's Day and I saw this story still is this is good for you kind. On this Valentine's. Day. You can rejoice. Because. If you happen to be alone more. Hub utterly alone porn hub is offering free premium videos on Valentine's. How much it is usually that I don't I know I'm an animal. Degenerate. Degenerate. And and Tino degenerate is now you know and after that today is don't go up I'm in my fridge from. Three great import import of all day long because what better way to celebrate the most dramatic day in the year than by. So they got for all you who are alone and by the way. They did something similar. It's been you know wanted to date took it into there own hands as where the where is that suited Broward South Carolina Parkland Florida is where the school shootings don't worry it's not local not that makes any better but I think some people Texan like ways of local no not at all in Florida. And you can text me about hoisting of taxing 97107 and commune training him for studio line at any time mom alone I can use some Valentine's wishes. 6179311. AF if you don't get it. On if you don't get talked him framing imports studio line leaving a message I can use a Valentine's message may be leave nick AGF why for leaving me alone here. Our voicemail message system is 6177795454. Still accurately I buried the lead. You're all alone this Valentine's Day yeah well yeah. You are the story you're hot flash. Is your first Valentine's Day in the long time. But yeah. Yep still is and we'll just remain look at me look at me look at look at. No doubt look at me that I got to make eye contact direct icon is what he. Not everything's layouts. That everything's a rap lyric that I mean to pick up game in the neighborhood this is real life. Remind him do this is your first Valentine's Day alone. Post heartbreak and god knows him alone now no kids. Hughes is because you call and she's open and a big bucks to talk with armed and she is landscape but. Have you fully looked inside yourself. And are you okay it's a little sign and open up more of them so often do unilateral demands on myself. Then go carts and tech side nights and I asked his I'll be a balance that's. Yes to apple a day it would mean. 603 navy says and Danielle can meet up Smith hasn't kind of bend so that's got to Danielle throwing up and mouth just now that's my crushed and walker are dictating a hair. All this like whenever cats I should we give you a job. Because I wanna keep your mind off the fact that your girlfriend left you and is assuredly. Hooking up with at least three other people literally at the same time right now god it hurts. My parents and good about it and all I saw him give your job to keep your mind for why you give us a little I get a weather get a weather when our. Don't today's web da brought to you by the New England bolts go right now it's nine degrees. And I dropped down to go to darting bows Domi brick. Nowadays but they say that tells it like to bring yeah bring friends is cold you know ray. Part of that break the weathered hit to break and I like cricket but tomorrow tomorrow Betty back. Old that he passed Jimmie eighty gram pulp shut out now. Here's another one you can't keep. My some higher radio continues. Anti Valentine's Day signs. I've got to get some good news just in town the other night Marilyn Manson. The strong young heartbroken like my boys kids.