Hotflash - Taking Matters Into Your Own Hands

Wednesday, February 14th

On this Valentine's day, Pornhub has a very special offer for our very special producer.


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We lost Indians 37. Podcasts are always online and on your schedule and WA AF. Time brouhaha. The same time we should do something if it's hot and flashy but if you all the way down my mom Betty and nick we'll cover it appears you're. On WAM. Pop last Roger about Mercedes-Benz for medical all wheel drive all season competence all road confidence limited time offers available on a complete lineup of. Road gripping coupes sedans suvs and more visit and be usaid dot com for more details. There are some. Breaking news stories going on right now and as you know as I always say when nick is here we are certainly not a credible news organization nor are we pretend to be. There is a high school shooting going on. We're following that now there's really no information other than it happened we'll shoot this thing marred the shooter still large so we'll keep an around that but I we don't wanna get. Unnecessarily bogged down and something that we. Don't know heck of a lot about I don't even think they on the scene like a lot about it but it is Valentine's Day I saw this story still is this is good for you impact. On this Valentine's. Day. You can rejoice. Because. If you happen to be alone more. And hub utterly alone porn hub. Is offering free premium videos on Valentine's Day. How much it is usually about I don't I know I'm an animal. Degenerate. Degenerate. And T noted Jenner it is not you know and after that today is no golf ball I'm in my rich him. Three great import import of all day long because what better way to celebrate the most dramatic day in the year than by. So they got for all you who are alone and by the way. They did something similar. It's been you know wanted to date ticket into there own hands as where the where is that she today Broward South Carolina Parkland Florida is where the school shootings don't worry it's not local not that makes any better but I think some people Texan like way as a local no not at all in Florida. And you can text me about hoisting of taxing 97107. And commune training him for studio line and anytime Amal alone I can use some Valentine's wishes. Six or 79311. AF if you don't get it. On if you don't get talked into framing import studio line leaving a message I can use a Valentine's message or maybe leave nick edgy apply for leaving me alone here. Our voicemail message system is 6177795454. Still accurately I buried the lead. You're all alone this Valentine's Day yeah one yeah. You are the story you're hot flash. 01 Valentine's Day in the long time. Buddy. Yep still is and we'll just remain look at me look at me look at look at. Don't look at me that I got to make eye contact direct icon is what you. Yeah. Not everything you say that everything's a rap lyric that having to pick up game and in the hood this is real life. Remind him do this is your first Valentine's Day alone. Post our break then. God knows him alone now yeah no kidding. Hughes is it because you call and she's open and a big bucks to talk without cause and she is lives get but. Have you fully looked inside yourself. And are you okay it's alongside an open up more of them are we doing we're looking inside myself. There's no cars and tech sideline today Austin is I'll be a balance that's. Yes to an apple a day it would mean. 603 navy says and Danielle can meet up Smith hasn't done a day so that's got to Danielle throwing up and mouth just now that's my crushed and walker agitating. Hair ball dislike whatever cats I should give you a job. Because I wanna keep your mind off the fact that your girlfriend left you and is assuredly. Hooking up with at least three other people. Literally at the same time right now god it hurts. My parents and good about it and all I saw him give your job to keep your mind off the wanna give us a little I get a weather get a weather when our. Don't today's web done and brought to you by the New England boats go right now it's not degrees. And I drop down to go to starting plows don't we break. Nobody is bracing that Rick tells a different idea bring friends is cold you know ray. Part of a break the weather hits in its rate like that opportunity but tomorrow tomorrow kitty back. Or that he passed Jimmie eighty gram of shut out now. Here's another one you can't keep. My some higher radio continue. Anti Valentine's Day signs. I thought this one good news just in town the other night Marilyn Manson. The tainted love. The strong young heartbroken like my voice kids.