Hotflash - Strange Vibrations

Wednesday, October 18th

Matty and Nick discover the latest in a rash of hacked personal sexual devices, leaving you to truly wonder if your back door will ever be safe again!


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We walked in AM the previous seven. Podcasts are always on him. And I knew schedule and WA AF done. And for a hot. Slashing and if you only doubt in my clothes ready and nick will cover it here's your. I'd say the story on network quick view of the it take your. Objective criticism. So. The hot flash brought you this hour by our friends at the vendors looking for the right vehicle the right price right now than visit lenders on granite street Worcester. Lenders I NC dot com that's lenders I and C dot com. So nick. The hot flash story. Involves a device and which to talk about it openly we're going to need to Warren parents. That if we have a child in the car. Put on their headset with a little video game dvds. To. Distract them doesn't doesn't. Every show come with the disclaimer. Which discovers. Indicate that yet its failure to. The balls at this point so far. Think that every show some warning people about that because before it was news to our own take even a story that happened yesterday in Rhode Island. Paid and car interior. Yoko young mother of boy named mad Max picking some up to school pulls in the school driveway and mad Max says money. Miami on my friend and he needs a ride home also to which Yoko says OK get the car boys so she driveways is old boys. I'm sorry I have the radio on C Max is daddy. Does a radio show. And it never comes on down your round but for some reason we're getting loud and clear today so what I hear the beginning of the show. And she turns it up with a two. Twelve year old boys in the car. And this is what that her let's go with a I BS and now he's ejaculation schedules third. Suffice to say. The radio has been removed from my wife's car. That child is scarred forever yeah. And you don't socks here's what shocks nothing about I mean that's what's gonna happen if we put it out there here's what's Sox. Is that it's gonna get around his magical friends and ago all the pair is good but it's it's like degrees of separation they'll be none of the new wants none of the good. Good humor and good cheers we like. Maladies dad says whoa we'll have. All. It where you worded that new Watson Goodyear cover. Yeah. You mean you're telling me that there's nuance subtlety and good cheer and it showed that regularly traffic's in audio like this. You're just you know we are sexual punching bag. I mean whether it's sex or. Maybe you race relations. If you're in the relationship with somebody who participates in homosexuals. The site. You know when you yeah. I I just a complete golf course it's out of context earlier word Smiths right now if it fits into a larger. It evolves more intellectually. Grand scale puzzling me to. How would you know what greater point in life with sort of like clarity were leading YouTube because here's something like this out of cute on Kyoto. Well hello yeah. To be there. So right thank you for that giving me a bad name in my town well I'm glad that I could find me follow that particular assume you. Sorry about that so the next time's over. Glistening in the here's something like this do you not a racist then you know it's me it's not you okay so the story about stock to McCain too young for the rating in just minutes is about. But plugs decision. About that. Are with about well first of all. Asked is it for a nine uses that talk about that god save that. Nick out to about Yoko and hearing you say that on the show speaking of 97 and which is all gonna be living in my case. Divorced anyway at some point that this hasten the trip I there's cold Beers stakes in the freezer and a golf course around the corner what are you worried about the group for. The stakes the year. Entry now. Devils purse in knicks' defense 97. Yoakam and knows the caliber of discussions on the show she was digging that he's grave by listening to the show children. True gentlemen Sergio goes well and definitely. So this story nick that we are time on the hot flash you know we've talked about this before and for you will long time ago there is a hush. But more. I just doesn't come from whispers stated differently because look at him the radio and later it attracts more attention to reference I isn't a bad thing and you can just you can just say a rear entry sexual device there ass. Rear entry. Pleasure to rise Perez. Okay. Well it's it's it's remote so let's say nick let's just say nick the stick Margaret you know irony that. And your partner. I know they do think we're out there that's really bizarre I would then in its heard it hasn't been done Nana and the winner or what I kind. I am a control C and whom you unite and dropped a pass now here's the thing. Great between consenting adults are that's a lot of chocolate bars the other well if things go. I cannot believe it is for eleven in this show is not only come off the rails. But the train. Came off the rails into a densely populated area it caught fire. For fat back off cop for several and the trailer loaded with explosives that's weird sound like so I'm doing my control. It's all goodness it. However. Researchers have discovered a serious security blog this Bluetooth enabled rear entry pleasure device. That allows hackers to remotely take control of the vibrating toy. That means that somebody else to control nick what it's doing well earlier this year. We heard about. A different sort of entry pleasure devices that we're remote controlled and run to enable. That were hacked into his well I think maybe even being used to spy on us you know like Kellyanne Conway is microwaves yes. Using those devices time keep tabs on us and we're out there keep it in their bliss and they're all entry points that it don't we want greater border security. Yes we did we release today. And we need greater security at all entry points including south of the border nor north itself anywhere even game. So I'm going to be careful out there. You don't know who's got one.