Hotflash - The Faster You Shut It, The Sooner I'll Blow It!

Wednesday, October 18th

In a secondary Hotflash, Matty and Nick follow up on a blustering  story from yesterday about leafblower noise complaints! Hear the blowback from Newton natives who may or may not be full of hot air!


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We walked in AM the previous seven. Podcasts are always on him. And I knew schedule and WA AF done. Flashy but if you only doubt in my. An idea nick we'll cover it appears you're hot flash on the some of water bank and it feels impersonal. And not Aetna mr. credit union you walk into limits or credit union you're somebody you know get a great auto loan rate. Visit them online today. Let mr. CU dot com that's let mr. CU dot com Mehdi yesterday we reported on a story that had been circulating for a couple of days now about the proposed leaf blower ban in the city of Newt in. Where I happen to resides that's right now temper and Caron Brey that's right as the woman want to roll into the bird mutant citizens against leaf blower mania is exactly well would you believe this. That now in Washington DC. Eight DC council members that she has heard so many complaints over the years that she wants to ban gas powered leaf blowers. Nationally. That's country. I'd national ban on gas powered leaf blowers Nazi Germany. I mean boy. Charlton Heston you'll never pride as rival on a night hello dad and indeed well listen as much as I'd like to ignore the noise myself as well this is just getting out of hand yeah. Now the sides for and against. These gas powered leaf blowers. Locally and nationally as I may say. Have started a campaign of attack ads on great pro and con for and against each other people think and I you're gonna be here in new media on the radio setter. The first dad we're gonna play for you this is actually. And had. For the banning of leaf blowers launched here in the very on metro west air interest. DM residents have Newton metro west in the Greater Boston area. A blissful utopia is under attack. Every day hundreds of lawless landscape is from south of the border. You know Walpole. Rock didn't descend on off thing. You expected to work and I NEC projects and update our community will. What's the post photos to love interest age enjoying this sensible lunch read the Sunday paper magazine hello listen to public radio with the. Portables. It's taking flight amongst them on the phone. We need to stand united in the face of this searing heat decibel trip and aggression that's why I. Sitting joining a coalition. Reassembled. Sensible sorority halting. Lowest every win together we can reduce the noise pollution and bring peace and quiet next web raves clubs. Wine tastings Pilates classes and gardening seminars across the region don't waste your. Green and tell them to pick up world. Caron brave or whoever sends list yeah. While inspiring we're sort of way when I get a lot of hobbies do. Well that. The you're landscaper is your leaf blowers and the garden keepers of metro west in the Greater Boston area. I have responded well they're not taking too kindly to people telling them but they may soon be out of a job boy. Oh new sold millions and residents of the Greater Boston area. I come to you today as represented above. Lowe's outside working in Newton gardens. Citizens under the new since tyranny yeah and I think guys speak on behalf of everyone when I say yeah. She jacked up. It took three at least. You know what go inside and show you chicken salad sandwich with the rescue friends. And as soon as you shouted the quake awakened blow. Keep prices. So I'm the same color as you. God bless. Go fast had a great day.