Hotflash - Booze News

Wednesday, May 16th

Matty drops some of the latest in liquor news, and also relates a story of his failing memory, which may or may not be liquor-related as well!

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We can't Virginians 37 WAM. Podcasts are all is I'm. I'm your schedule at WAA asked. Things happen and then we talked about them. Time for a hot flash has. The same time we should do something if it's hot and flashing a review all the way down at my club ready and nick we'll cover it appears you're. Action on WA AF rock you've by Mercedes-Benz certified pre owned vehicles visit the certified pre owned sales event. It may 31 it's the one the only Mercedes billions. Breaking news right partners are throwing things out here soon if for no reason breaking news also I went to get a sub before the show did some show Pratt went to get some lunch. And the breaking news I'm turning in my father we program for a special report. I'm literally turning in my father I called the sub place that I thought was a brightness beat down the street on the menu called this in what's your name which order game two on. Shut up the brightness pizza though like we don't have any sorts to lower. I called the wrong place one who does that who I would think millions of people every day. No they actually call up certain place high certain place you called up there on the just get above a lot of great okay thanks very fifteen minutes. And then you go to hide this is place you didn't call welcome to do for you. Aren't you the certain plays that aired from noted you hear us. It's both would not say that name. I had sting is called them and say it was a mistake I know yet if any hole on his own thought what it was. At the bright has beat I didn't know who I called and I called from the office fonts I needed you to follow up. I didn't you have I ever made you like. Order me food they're like get my dry cleaning the way that he personally this is you know wars over the weekend hills and the like a picture of life. Eight posted an example of the flu plan. I brought you literally have been examined whether on your phone ever you're better at you're young you've got your mind at the mine high in the people. You got the word in the strongest now literally everywhere at everything use that makes him. Could not be more off base are more old. Speaking of old he was coming back. Do this last summer and wait this happened that bet that it happened last summer I think report the same thing no we most definitely talk to its returning this. Summer after a demand from last year the court is brewing company. As re releasing Sima. Those you don't know nick and I used crash at the ladies handing out Siemens has legally these spring break uses. Name's Matty. Sunday and famous actor television how's that radius. And it's part of the at all. Yeah yeah and they they got back then golf and Xena offered a lately thing for me. So yeah I don't know anything about that and it's it's fun out here it basic black licorice though an idol. It's just a road it's a clear malt beverage and oh here's a funny thing it's clear but it's not like. Low calorie they've also already missed the bandwagon like everyone does despite seltzer is now there's like a hundred calories right yeah like. And everyone's into like crash site air museum trying to catch the retro markets are that ships sailed long time ago. Now suddenly I saw last night. That text or for a one just asked us about I was at the beautiful flat bread Brighton enjoying a delicious I PA and aid. Unbelievably good flat repeats watching the Celtics with friends. And I saw an ad for the new Budweiser and nick with a large it's called no it's called amber ale it's a red. Yeah and it identifies as labor I am cool. Rounded bodily that the bud pounders. It's actually very reminiscent of of the cores like the best of banquet thank god we got difficult stuff is at least I know all about studies. And I wish they would make the regular Budweiser is doing little models that are like bringing your conversation to a screeching. Better than Matt weighs screeching halt there's that's a wish we should literally make a segment. Called the screeching halt there's I am now totally trumped speaking of bringing conversations. To a screeching halt nick how about that whether. Here I am the WA AF. Media hero girl just as well as I did the media are Crist you know mediocre Rollins mediocre relatives that the WA AF mediocre colleges deer with a 3 o'clock hour check of the weather sponsored by. UPS jobs dot com. Cologne Cologne. We only have to do dot com wants who's just putting on a fake and go find them like everyone relax that is what survey. Once again. The weather brought you by UPS jobs dot com UPS is seeking part time warehouse workers in Chelmsford. Up to a hundred dollars in weekly bonuses of 25000 dollars in tuition assistance offered a apply it UPS jobs. Dot com currently 61 degrees in the fair commonwealth cooler little cloudy with handsome son tonight without benefit to do tomorrow. Mostly sunny high of seventy. Ideas we got coming up in the show. Indy. 4 o'clock hour which is just moved seconds away we have. Tickets that great craft beer music festival. In a receiver punt and drug. Then we have three day passes Abbas and Colin. And we have Red Sox tickets with a little Alan questions.