Hot Flash w/ Special Guest Erica Rhodes

Friday, July 21st

How come it feels like today's hot flash is much hotter than usual? Well maybe it's because the beautiful and talented comedian Erica Rhodes joins the guys hot flash today to discuss about bare foot passengers on airline flights, O.J. and much more. 

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We lost 10 AM the previous seven. Podcasts are always on him. Mind you schedule and WA AF. Time for a the same time we should do something if it's hot and flashing a review always doubt in my wallet ready and nick we'll cover it appears you're. Action on WA AF. The hot flashes brought you this hour by lenders visit them on granite street Worcester and get the right vehicle at the right price right now lenders in Worcester. We all know by now. Jerry and Erica roads are comedian. Actor or visiting us today we all know by now that we have set the juice loops. Yeah good chance. And here is Christopher Darden you remember Christopher Darden former OJ prosecutor. He had a comment about OJ. Being released at any thoughts. Hide hide hide the women until. All. Well. I feel like hey hey Chris Darden. Do you think the reason why OJ is on the streets right now it's there so you can name that made it through their own incompetence and bungling. May be guided him acquitted tribe on the glove. This blood is not that their blood was not yet there was a trail of blood that was gloves that we shoe sizes. And some argue spent two weeks are notable weather at home. Had housekeeper was allowed to leave the country is that a given testimony on the you'll equivalent of a guy who went like oh wouldn't want him the starting rotation and now you complain in the Rockies did win the world's. I would say is it I feel like no matter what they did. And Erica I don't know we you around you seem so young and so I'm W Wii U Cognos yeah ground okay alive. Playing cello no we're talking about the murder trials not the memorabilia thing from Carolina tonight well yeah I feel like your parents were in high school and now. I think of the brains are misleading and I was very much alive at that time and I do remember I remember that cart chase I feel like. No matter what that team did he would've walked because you watch those jurors in subsequent documentary stuff saying like it was just our time. You've got a lot we're gonna make sure that you know odds that there's nothing might have done but the prosecution was a bit sloppy at times also we'll let the perfect storm they let emotions get away with that you know they that emotional you know. Then dead is get in the way of of the job they were trying to do but it'll summit we are saying. Five decades. You think about this OJ Simpson in some way or another has compelled us. For five decades in this country you go to his college career sure yeah cabinet his professional football career captivated us right. Then his announcing career than he did and commercials. I TV and eighties and nineties and in the ninety's as the trial another 2000 one's name again now we can. A year now he's out now he's the big headache grandpa I've onside yesterday and now he's gonna have a second I fifteenth life. As a guy who sells memorabilia and gives interviews he. He's like a fictional character that keeps getting reboot for another generation like Dracula like back there at however now. Abdullah says he says that that public yeah. Hide your women heidrick.