Hot Flash - The Usual McSuspects!

Tuesday, July 31st

It turns out that McDonald's Monooly is the center of a recent scam!

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Legal opinions to read seven WAM. Podcasts are always on. On your schedule at WAA asked. Time for a hot glass is. The same time we should do something if it's hot and flashy but if you only doubt in my club ready and nick we'll cover it here's your. Action on WAM. The hot flashes that are brought to you by our good friends of the mid state auto group located on route Tony and offer. Miles of smiles mid state Otto the best most fun place to buy a car. Course that was. Revel healed by Billy Idol hero on motorists have three WA AF Wednesday's there really room let's move employees I appreciate that. That's mine nighttime jazz host voice now with the name. I don't stand. I don't stand with him on. WJ. IZ and jazz radio. It's. Government. It's such as. Or didn't time stay is wrote it down the paper Eads said I disorder due to the that we just OK you know spelling Ahmadinejad is seen it about time magic. OK okay. Aaron let's start on Armstrong Williams finally time their efforts. Alan Hemsworth stand here with you want to be jazzy. All the hostages. Still ready. Hi how are you grades good check everybody I talk coaches do that again all right. Now crap we've got to practice at the shares okay. All right so I don't know if you've heard it's made it way up there about in the last couple days. A huge and I mean. Huge. Scandal has broken out in the world of retail name now fast food and it is tearing everyone apart. On line social media you name it. Why it's tearing people apart so much our producers texting someone and not pressing the right button. It. Big game monopoly has come to light that McDonald's I'm economically appealing about having him as your Coca-Cola and you didn't didn't. Mom. One. Oh can we can we really win big men not have a McDonald's tries in 2000 monopoly fast and that's what happens. Mac Natalie minute on they can't even till it not an avid. Yes that's right Matty the McDonald's monopoly game for years now has been nothing more. Then a scam. So what's the story says some of an ex cop rigged. Monopoly and stir. Home Miller in the news you and yeah and so you know basically. It was a long line like I saw all day long series yeah it was long it was in the daily but basically. What happened was an ex cop. Started working for the company. That printed I'll the monopoly pizzas right. And he ended up becoming like the person in charge of overseeing needs. And what's funny is that everyone who worked with them said he was like this straight this guy ever you would walk out of this place he would be checked in the bottom of your shoes. To make sure that you weren't stealing ultimately are a wise because who would ever believe the guy that was checking everyone for stolen monopoly pieces was standing monopoly this it was the monopoly beat himself so eventually decided to take one thing I think it was like you know winning you won't let you dodge bite or something you know. Any took that gave it to a sprained. Got away with their. And then the snowball just started rolling from there and get and bigger and bigger. Before you knew it he was taking every million dollar winner peace. And what he would do your different he would give but he had to be like kind of Smart about it because. You know if every one started winning that were in this guy circle right maybe it's actually a little sister a little suspicious seems like he's got a real lot of really lucky friends like him a bunch of actually they're all one Keno or scratch exactly. But still he would literally traveled the country and try to meet people. That might have you know maybe not then the most. Well this is a beautiful burglary Hammurabi get some great beer here. Sailors and how would you feel about winning a million dollars actually and. Believe it or not man. He got. Ought all the million dollar pieces that were available to win. He gave people that were in his circle these people included. A member of the Colombo Crime Family. People that all. I can't stress crown club owners yeah. Yep Peter now notre thought it would happen at that. They called this an FBI mixed thing that they ran it's it. Yeah so they ended up doing a mix staying at the end right but here's the question Matty do you ever. Make a point either going to McDonald's to get peace is to play did you go there more frequently did you. You know use taking mad Max there. As an excuse to get more pieces thinking you were always the elusive one piece away from seriously when some box. It ought to scratch she's at undo king now I don't play in McDonald's monopoly that's Yoko think listen if you get burned playing. You deserve what you get if you really count on winning at McDonald's monopoly. It's like that things they have stores now to supermarkets got food you want it'll stand cyclical stamps that tape went by Stubbs give me a break to get groceries and leave please I just want. What a couple quarter pounders. And I wanna go home. Well I think some people you know maybe they weren't necessarily. Trying to make a career out of even though some people war. I mean some of these monopoly pieces would be selling on eBay for thousands of dollars that insane yeah because you really could well be right spot you could win a million dollars or other you know like a Dodge Viper or whatever. Most people just enjoyed everything not going to McDonald's and grab lunch who knows maybe I get park place. And you know could potentially become in the media you know the old B you know regular gas and NIC it was like you know one in 200000250. Million. And wanted to get that. Now days I think our laws and is a long story it's available at the Daily Beast dot com we will tweeted out from now heading right guy who area and this is a fascinating piece you know what. Let's go would this let's. Based off from what we know in this story and this brilliant scam this guy ran. Many want would play a little game one we like make this a movie and cast it. All right guys let's let's make let's make. It will make oh will think of a title working title Mick rip off. Something like that and we'll due to this site. He knows a great follow on its program. Our body Jared freed. I yanks who performed yeah it's been on the show a number of times Matty he's actually playing the South Shore Music Circus next Friday night I believe with Tony B Jimmy Dunn in the boys. Hopefully he'll be able to join us and it next week in studio. Actually one of my favorite follows because he a lot of times is repose his tweets but all that's at Jared freed at a party idea gays and wants to throw in the fall. This stuff is so good like here's that here's a great one. College profile pic. Drinking in Mexico wearing a bathing suit both college profile pic drinking biz casual late twenties married couple pick. Late twenties single drinking in Europe early thirties married. Kids early thirties single. Drinking in Mexico fully closed. Perfect incite the cages gets it. Held a good falls to maximize come home to yes and just crushed smash absolutely last November. So we were playing along with this whole. Monopoly McDonald's scandal. Piece in the Daily Beast about how somebody. This dude this master this mic mastermind. More frustrated. This scam for years. And that the FBI launched operation final answer. Creative jeopardy and I had and I talked a lot to talk to beckon a little bit too since he may be moving on substantive. The edge of that nature back maybe moving on possible host suggestions. It's about. I think that I think that I do exactly out of I don't wanna put the cart before the horse or Sunni what is the cart before the horses are. Well how will get to that a little bit but I agree I think it's about time. Anyway FBI launched operation final answer blew up the scam which I'm only about a quarter of the way through this John enormous piece but. Wow this became like an international. This became an international scam yeah millions and millions and millions of dollars as I was bilking from. The greatest fast food chains history so I said well let's let's make a movie out of that this has to be mean anything to be a movie for God's sakes so. I came up with a title. But he. Crack team. Working title. Would you like lies with that. Any ice or super lies me. Stupid lines and not like would you recognize what that average likewise of that now who's gonna play this what's his name again the this this mastermind. It's gonna with houses guys and last name Hoover along with them. Then threat there Jonathan and I'm here again who is Michael Hoover. Who might go. To practice got. And this summer. Hamburg old. You won't be eleven this starring Paul Giamatti as Michael Luther Jeff Bridges as the cop turned to bring him down. And Meredith that exterior need. I was there aren't there because let's just say without Meredith Baxter Burney do it and I don't know I don't know I just wanted to say and Meredith begs to it being the. Oh no this is not exactly like someone just said in a drum Gigot and learn an overdraft. Your Reynolds Paul Giamatti well that's how language was right there 0774. Make millions very good. It's only we could yet that's that's kind of give play not the millions on showtime. 77 for the show's so shockingly great amazing how you guys are able to do this afternoon accused thing you sense there are more you know it's not easy I know we make it seem easy but. Oh my god nick I just noticed you share it that is at bank I cannot believe I guess you don't want to go out and racetrack I three. Eyes on my walk I work but we'll put it on our IG I just noticed Scott the three match Sharon I've ever seen the greens I don't know I'd lock to speak wow yeah right now. But as I salute. My. High let's take this quick called for because we're up against the Rick. Yeah on the fringe import studio lot the got T damn Tim you something about the McDonald's monopoly that about. Chill guys they. Are. Eric. Who opt out. Great and I. We got. It up. Brought it. Back to what. I. Sure the local art or. The picked. Up. No doubt that yeah like. Oh. Year out that you know and Tim thank you so much of the call I'm not shocked in the least bit I can't tell you how many times we've heard. About corporate espionage and I was hearing an idea about deeply hearing an idea of big pitch me. Cannot that'll never work for us six months later these times Matty do we know people who. When in pitched ideas for interstate souls full blown TV shows movies in the next thing you know it's like. Yet they liked my idea about said that it wanna go anywhere that and then two and a half years later your exact show or movie. Comes out it's happened million times in New York's truly story for another. Oh you pitched his show called story for another day while I was rather an impression on dude you're gonna love this very. I Ed Ed Norton. Being allies are up that's an excellent title finally Ed Norton Gerri aren't. Nick Berg where the railroad incident Iberia Matty. Number two right now is nick pick millions pretty good the Hoover maneuvered good stuff. I think the most right now 603 scam burger and lines. Up last grab a it can't hurt and lied about ridiculously high and Salem go real quick look forward to the thousand dollar what do you. What are you tell us and number one billion serve yup. All the warmth are sure that six hamburger in lies in the tag line over one billion screwed you nailed it and you brilliance out about it yeah now that.