Hot Flash - 'Trump-a-Dump-Dump'

Thursday, October 12th

On todays hot flash the guys bring on Assistant Producer, P-Rice, to showcase his latest Christmas production for the upcoming Holiday Season. Not only is it a Holiday jingle but it also has a powerful political message behind it. The guys question their assistant producers masterpiece, 'Trump-a-Dump-Dump', wondering what his idea and message was behind the track - along with reading off the 'cheerful' listeners text messages. Listen to Find Out what a 'Trump-a-Dump-Dump' is!?


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We lost 10 AM the previous seven. Podcasts are always on him. Mind you schedule and WA AF. Time for a hot flash it's. The same time we should do something if it's hot and flashing a review all the way down in my club ready and nick we'll cover it appears your. Action on WA AF Roger darva elevenths or credit union your somebody with a great. Auto loan rate visit them online and let mr. CU dot com today that's let mr. C you'd dot com today Sonya I received an email from pat. Our bone screener and assistant producer terrific guy big help around here a real go getter pat hello. Not do that again. And OK that's that that the email he sent in the north that reads in part this nick I hate their guys are random idea popped in my head today. After hearing that he's president trump wrap. I came up with a parity for the holidays. Based off trumps a based off little drummer boy entitled. Trump a dump stuck pig we've played in the holiday season so unattached the 92 song to this email so I said the next. I haven't heard interview. And Nixon know. So we played at the office today and when we shall we sat and listened to it and you know I'm one of those guys who normally rails against celebrating holidays too early I don't like. Back to school in June I don't like Halloween candy in August and I definitely don't wanna start doing Christmas songs right in October. However. This might be. The greatest. Political and holiday parity. Ever so pack just real quick for a play it what was he when you create something like this how do you do. On the just begins when it's not and I damn I mean little jumble it was one of my favorite Christmas songs grownup and when are da bump bump bump bump all the sun and don't put don't dump came into my head down like I gotta do something that's the thing look you know GMAC are saying that's the thing genius to exit the you know inspiration you can't control in Toronto all right. So here we go gonna see if really years juror. Parity holiday jingle that every. And. Yeah. Wu. There's some I didn't know if excuse. Yeah well it's. I want to get inside a G is that you won vocals yes and all the locals are you Patton. Yeah all the little with a mix of the samples but we still hear Audette got great art back. Lines. The vision blue. It's okay. Okay. And honeymoon period. Love that tells us that it pet. Pat pat pat pat pat. Did your hair grow up underneath. Power lines. Ireland and Poland my dad's for Deutsche estimate months of high party to kind of take close to it and a a read. And die not okay you know truck and he's so until that date graft done. It was it was well if that's not yeah also is to paper towels I'll watch the heart. And yeah basket and some don't but don't don't let us doesn't don't but don't mean. What sports again noted it's okay. And full load. It's done. We will build a one. Person ever gone. What does it. I'm. He did do. It. I'm pat now what the hell do you say there. On unity the it's both Kim Jong whom I don't know yet it's like in June you know June and it's interesting tact you're taking because oftentimes on when we're doing very centric we. Like the voice dropped the singing was where did you get the inspiration for that let I mean I used it to Tom get an up in the morning and like when he's Leno -- -- wife doesn't merit behind and he's going and straight for the man not his wife and I mean he's all upset about himself I love I love the day you think that she would be receptive to accused and be that they sleep in the same room I don't care if I'm not sure pat is a like it's like a tiny Tim thing. A much are these gene I think he's the Andy Kaufman of W I I if he's I can't I can't tell trawling. Now I I think there's. Comic genius that this is what. Yeah mom and it may Ed. Yeah okay. I feel good Maria. It's. Own season. It's I don't know this before it's as if I mean this patent. A little bit of both via I mean I issel deteriorates and on the out political correct people are gonna ticket my house tonight I come home. I know I think you got the MBI I think you've pretty safe and a I cupid. All that's it it's give your social. Well I social media items of plug that our FaceBook dot com we got the page deep crisis T dash race he also got And I still believe it's five late favorite and see underscore and see if signing on as to Graham that he rice OG and. You know good. Cool. What he's saying don't put them dump them. So we'll say to each other balls and our idea to get. It out to welcome the season to rub a dub dub ya it's it's say it's a it's a Christmas classic Destin a white Christmas. You know it's up it's going to be up there and the outbreak has resigned that any thought of maybe having some would do that could actually do entrepreneur you're going for the among guard thing. Com I for some reason opera came to my head because it's picked a strong walk around and castles and he's dissing into himself. ID on me gone meta Coker. Yeah that probably adds. Pain of an above the fireplace. So stupid some people attacks and other light of coercion growers thought that'd be voted to understand what we're doing here it's amazing thank you everybody on the 9717. Tech needs text line. For sharing your thoughts on that read your text in the sixth on seventh I will never follow pat anywhere ever ever oh god help. 781. My ears are bleeding health hazard. Horror and. Six three please tell me is it safe to listen again a dump that dumped dumped. You do you had the you've you've you've plotted limited direction that's the thing that's the thing that I love is that you've you've. That you'd you'd get a response that people yes not exactly and that's what counts not can't hate the player he got to meet again. I can't. I was just. Where do you where is he from I don't know I can't. Our I think he's our Karl Pilkington it weighs. He's like Obama fascinated by you. What character to it's likely play in those Nike commercials Morris yeah yeah he's like aren't like that's like our hype man yeah. Where would you live alone or do you have a girl or were to deal. I'll probably be a little mock pops notes down and in the basement now helping clean up the cobwebs. Yeah but you have a certain kinds of talking or you are you of primer text is here yes death lane. Participated a lot of Nippon grown up as a youth rally. It's and yeah last I ever pick of the hip mama you know mostly in my hometown bedroom but not to like rockets and end stages. Okay look at this OK there ago pat Moore who have come and there's seven they want I followed my boy he rice. Nights that they don't forget pat initiated the road soda game 617. That might be super gangster well rocket test beta gags to use the extent that that's probably what started to these performance artists you like is it. I don't know fascinate me a lot more. Well this isn't stick his rap battle. A she was and so down and I don't even I don't know if the station we'll stay standing.