Hot Flash - Stiz Grimey Meets Freddy Krueger!

Tuesday, November 14th

Producer Stiz went to Comic Con and got to meet Robert Englund of Freedy Krueger fame. Did he get some compelling audio for the show? Not exactly...


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We lost 10 AM the previous seven. Podcasts are always on him. Mind you schedule and WA AF. And we're hot flashes. The same time we should do something if it's hot and flashing a review only doubt in my club ready and nick will cover its peers you're. Action on WA AF ride to you know by the app. Imagine Hurley classic cars festival there. Fenway are pals at Fenway it's Sunday November 19 keep listening for how you can win tickets to that event in you know how it works when we spin the wheel of contents. There are. Six news stories. On the board we spin the Rio five stars. Wrecked his country's real. There are five stories on the board. And we stick whatever comes up that story we talk let's start number one. Stewart scum bags. Story number two Freddie bacon. Story number three. Cinderella baseball story in sounds nice. Story number four is simply titled score well heroes and Earl Warren and stern of a 50 wait there's. More. Allegations. This spinning and oh my guess it came out on number 20 Utah 02. Now this story is involves our own it's his grimy. Up for sometime now neck and they have been talking about a reboot. Of nightmare on elm street the classic you've gotten booty and heart at all excuse me. There's only room in the studio for one front impression oh right. How did you. That is not ready. No it's Freddie it's just not Freddy Krueger but they can be a Freddie you know these are his authority in matters like this on our verio producers his grimy hustled and got himself but the comic con Rhode Island which is not an easy ticket again but he got there and he recorded some sound. With Robert Englund. Freddy himself. Waited hours in line just so he could. Get audio for our shelves right isn't that right yes and lay out you know I really wanted to have him autograph feared stupid hundred dollar replica Freddie glove and my own streets on the back room sign magnets. He actually got some compelling audio now if you've been following this story has been going on for years people talking about a reboot. And announcing and there were rumors about different actors playing. Freddie. And still is captured. Robert Englund saying his choice for who he thinks. Should play Freddie. I gotta make you an idea. Evans and interesting the office of goods physical. He's got a sense of humor I just don't think anybody will ever body that the way you know come on you are being as good practice Freddy's dead. Junior match. It when he nearly fifty million dollars. With three kids you can't seem actively wreck but he wanted to he could be wearing green and red sweater and bugs. Of one of the. At a pace so severe that he said. Kevin Bacon is his choice in meeting to play grit and as they did agree that wasn't there or remake of gathered actually now a museum they did let me tell bad. Then it flew down completely under the radar and it's almost like. If we all close our eyes cross our fingers and tap our good glove together three times didn't go away it didn't happen and as it was supposed to be that bad. Yup but no one could embody Freddie like you rob why don't have exiting his and his might EIA the rating and why did you not give the reasons I run and I stand out. But it made me think Blake and I'm serious to me you know what you want my videos I did afghanis and now. No closer you ask him of course I have that ball I gave them don't have any shirt. Pull all grandma all garbage hold I don't think there's more audio you are you sitting down agencies and you are. Steve had asked that stands well with the interview supposedly grabbing its value for our show right this is what lets not get Robert de Lausanne like distance Freddie you know listening to the nightmare on out there on ad drive time why would you do that when you can promote Iran career. On the wraparound and often. I really haven't I wish you wouldn't go to sleep and ask somebody from comedy. And yeah I mean don't recognize. This year's big gesture. And it is. Israel alone kid and you know you learn in. That's a lot. Yeah. I have. So is he right now recognizes. But that's what he does Robert Englund security guy and I know we allow the beginning of that again this is what he said this in like you're right nick you've hit the nail on the head nick. He didn't grab hey this is ready you are watching and listening no matter and net not I'd like hey this is Robert Englund I note nightmares and you're listening to the night here in drive time Matty nickname out. You've. Got through it. He. Leaves it there on the run around on Boston. You are. And the direct icons ever what should say once this looked at is that Al that would have been awesome he meant it. Did it literally leave until water teach him to drink in the reminded me may not get a chance to drinking and any time soon. If you watch this dollars in sub all you'll want leaders like Jethro might Bob.