Hot Flash - Sasquatch Birthday w/ Special Guest Dan Soder

Friday, October 20th

On today's Hot Flash, comedian Dan Soder swings by, while the guys celebrate Tom Petty's and Snoop Dogg's birthday. Though it is also someone else's birthday...who could that be? Matty's favorite furry little pal, Sasquatch, possibly? Find out!


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Afternoons. Parents are only. On your schedule and WA AF. I grew hot flash doesn't do a lot of the same time. Slashing hundreds feel all the way down in my. Coverage here's your. Action on WA AF. I'm glad you brought you this hour by lenders looking for the right vehicle the right place right now the visit lenders on granite street western leaders I NC dot com that's lenders. I NC dot com you know it's a big day nick. For birthdays. It's Tom pennies birthday. Pardon this it's snoop dog's birthday. But most importantly. Where's the love perceived. On this day. I don't think we need to it's not a nation do ripe for the Milicic in Canada yet just like that suitor he's known that I. Sort of produce that there. Duchscherer. But most importantly on this day. In 1967. Along. Stretch of water club bluff creek in northern California that Kamal river. What 25 logging road miles northwest of warnings Californian Humboldt County. The Paterson game film. Was filmed. It is it's birthday today where where the hell is the Paterson Jim what effect Paterson Galen film what the hell is that. Big boy out it's good. The good. How come all the pictures of bigfoot are always out of focus. We don't really really yeah out of focus the picture is hot the pads and get the film which is clear as day you can even see the muscular chair the scientists have studied the pats give the film many many and you can see the mosque that they're enhanced breasts it's a female south swatch. It's undeniable the compelling video but no one ever wants talk about that can't speak. Yet for junior I love that here I figured I would seize Iran's passionate and yet he's not like this isn't like real weird that you know you've said enough studios you've formed an African just knowing like okay he's doing a radio bit and like I don't know that Turks are no Americans tickets and rooms. Ozzie mispronouncing his last name game announcing gable and congressional inaugural kitty. You just love the missing link they had a group of scientists. For History Channel special gather around and literally studied these are complete non believer skeptics scientists studied this thing go. There yeah we can't explain saluted editing. It's called CGI. God and I really hope you rode into war and they're gonna push of a toddler. And you forget that you cared. You know we see a lot of them are. Are ya on this day British Columbia or Google's gonna get scared yeah I mean I guess after target one of the deals. And assess portions of frugal shoppers and yet they go in the middle of the day let's could walk through the well. And who thought our guys didn't sound squash walk on as a good for a deal they perfected that looking for archer firms discounted about it. The film less than a minute long cause years of grief for mr. Galen. Who why don't we. He said it out we'll just like that the film ruined his life and yeah well he's that was my exact source Maya Zach Duke uses water out of myth. They believe was a female size as. This is where to start the Q and the leader Michael Google access. Look like a beast of organized Obama also with the she's FEMA that liquid. Click here Fredricka review of storefronts only is usually for a person's. Are there. Doctor dale war the huge Gator. Top five death lines and is in their friendship now he's gonna hang out with a mark nine out and threw for. First redeemer. She says 42. Egypt's. Our. Is she she's not move she would have been strangled each one of us there. All. Origin she's really not. I go see Dan so odor to midnight Friday eight BM. And you could soon and are gonna do about it Saturday Fraser's Saturday his advocates say states it's that it's up to watch tonight blockbuster if this is a drug deal all guns and beyond your. Those are filled I'll speak. Guys we do it a little bit this party just admits actually had found the undercover narc right there. Saturday eight and 1015 got a laugh For tickets to an excellent person.