Hot Flash - No Power In Puerto Rico

Friday, September 22nd

After being ravaged by Hurricane Maria, the island of Puerto Rico is without, which gets Nick and Will Noonan thinking what a life with out power and electricity would be like!


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We lost 10 AM the previous seven. I guess I believe I'm. And I knew schedule and WA AF dot com. Time for a hot. The same time we should do something if it's hot and flashy but if you only doubt in my club ready and nick we'll cover it pierce your. On WA AF. Seamless transition going from somebody pleasure themselves to golf to talking about. Porter go on the hot flash and gore here 5 o'clock hour hot flash rusty by Chevrolet of knowing when the time is now to busier New England Chevy dealer don't miss out an outstanding lease offers. On Chevy Silverado or the all new 2018. Equinox actually you know today's and equinox was a little when he seventy question of the call. What's that the Vernal equinox journal notes via a tunnel Vernal or spring. Can't yet his I've gotten Vernal usually in the spring before it's time to drill that. That's right drilled out a Dell laid visit them at New England Chevy dealers dot com to learn more art. Everyone is full well aware of what a disaster it is in Puerto Rico thanks to hurricane Maria. But it's bad it's like. But they're not gonna have electricity bad for the next several months Puerto Rico's grapple would damage and death caused by hurricane Maria. Another storm is hurtling towards Turks and caicos. They're estimating close to three million people I believe. Are gonna be without power now for ten months and even worse. Because of all the flooding and the storm surge afterwards. All area at this actually came from the National Weather Service all areas surrounding the one hot check out river should evacuate now lives were in danger extremely dangerous situation. So it's awesome to be in Puerto Rico or. Beyond what a disaster and I feel bad for him I mean no power can people even imagine that now I can't at all you know I know I can I like clearly cannot what what what would happen if we had no power for sixty days here I don't think I'd make it we can't do radio without power oh my god how I get like Hillary make it how to get my Green Day in my mattress that's. I got like thirty things don't want from a home like two tablets of foam ice I cleared the lights on just elevate just I can't I mean just yeah just a low power yeah that's like an American luxury or I don't want to I'm homes right next. I bet. Worlds like it is like. If you could afford it or. Not aren't nearly died. And we're like we ought. I I think I left something in the fridge you know what I gotta put this thing you know I'm a leave the fridge oh well yeah well I figure out what I want for dinner tonight. We don't even know what refrigerate the. I does that leave Miley I'm all. I leave my lights on just as I like the way my place looks better when I'm coming home again. To me especially if I go to the movies than a mile I'm glad I don't have a pretty well anyway. Yeah delegate feels like there's a family and they're waiting for area right that would go to Stanley at June 4 though it if there was two months without power you knew there would be relative safety would you kind of like I think you're being nice part. Yeah unplugging. Like for like at least seminary days I'd like to give up taxing for like a month. I mean on the awesome he could break all your digital addictions and bad electronic habits Joseph Rogan did that he just was both and I was answered and he went like the mountains of Utah for like seven days and was like I recommend everyone do it a few times the text in the 508 says I was without power for fourteen days. It's an opportunist in the 54 months is now being attended by Atlanta court particularly. I had 78 years back and ice storm knocked out power somewhere for thirty days okay but we're doubling down on that sixty days or more Puerto Rico might be without power. I think it like it no joke and yeah I think it would be a big party we get communal we deal would we we did do we actually all. Talk to each to be weird and we've read. Books. This war find out. If the fact that it by those that take your first quarter of yes but can we get ordered pizza. Good point is clear up your hand and catching mineralized Amanda worst personal problems ever.