Hot Flash - Matty Finally Meets Chris Robinson

Monday, August 21st

Matty's dream has finally came true! Matty has met Chris Robinson of 'The Black Crows' (and almost wets his pants in excitement!) as the two have a 1 on 1 interview discussing Robinson's music. Though Nick and Stiz join in for a few laughs over Matty's successful interview, find out why!


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We lost 10 AM the previous seven. I guess are always online and I guess schedule WA AF. Would place down from my interview with Chris Robinson because unbelievably. That they and his CRB Chris drums and brotherhood was in Charlottesville. Supposed to play a show that day of that tragedy. So they made national news to they'd canceled a show you know they have to they decided to new. And I actually and then they come here on Saturday and that Saturday. Here in Boston there's a big protest route we to know how to I was gonna go down we're seeing images on the screen of police get pushed around missed on the yarn fine so we're sitting there with the band going like you cancel again I don't know. So I asked him about that tell what you do with the water. On when he and I are you ready to. And ironically and it is why it's and so for god is no classes and that's and it returns and we live interview Chris Watson he's wearing. Like a nice mayor ray bans. And had a bottle water rights and Chris sits down. What's the water in the glasses next why did they do goal in their view Chris gets up and leads. I look at Matty and I say oh look Matty. Chris forgot his sunglasses. In his water right. So Matty all my clinic the crowd I don't I don't want to give them fuel Mariah online I had you can give into them right. So I give Matty the glass is in the water and I we star break in on the cameras. Like three minutes later I looked over Matty is wearing the glasses left any. Getting out of the water bottle it's. Out. I wore a model yeah yeah yeah you certainly wouldn't. Away his purse for Asian with a rich Robinson's Howell thinking. I am you know the black rose. I'm bringing them together he literally asked how he could get DNA out of the I was gonna clone his own crap you get gingivitis by the way yeah honest she's you know law. Almost divide I think that was embarrassing I was. Water. I didn't know that they get the man actually you know he's big yeah you're gonna get back yeah. Yeah still. Consent to sharing nowadays yeah. Other men born drives. Oh my view have you lose rank Laura and I do that you're absolutely right a lot of stepped up ready these. How dare you insult your quarter. Record saying panties. Time for a high. Just think we should do something if it's hot and flashy kind of feel all the way down box ready and nick will cover it appears you're. On WA AF. The hot flash this hour's brought you by the fine folks at the vendors looking for the right vehicle the right price right now than visit lenders on granite street in Worcester. Lenders I and C dot com that's lenders by and see. Dot com. So nick as we were talking about before stay is told that horrible lie about me. You drinking from Chris Robinson's water bottle yes then. Wearing his glasses when he didn't see. His band and Chris Robson brotherhood he had made some national news because they were in Charlottesville. On the day that the tragedy happened during those protests. They had to cancel their show. So they did a bunch of you know news articles of about that you know band cancels show with the ripple effects of Charlottesville they released statements saying it's horrible that. Hatred had to cancel their concert Obama. They get to Boston. And here's protests on The Daily Show at the house of blues not even a mile away from where they work to feel curse that these it has fallen well I asked him that nick really say here's me with close personal friend Chris Robinson. Asking him. How about even possibly ditty is that he like. Was he jittery was he for was he swear I have a picture of Matty like Terrence Williams before Chris rock and it looks like he has to take the biggest who Abner. How never story I was so nervous that this is my god I. And heavy breathing he was doing breathing exercise that literally I'm like dude what are your doing is. Due to be bought and Jeremy today. And ambiguous and I was gonna ask that uses a monster what are you aren't running the I was breathing a credit to me nick I was myself but I kept thinking of one liners and funny things that could set at couldn't get out of like swallowing a home with. But I couldn't get words you were swallowing. The most in the smaller cup and I don't know who's a wood of the field instructed it. This is. Those events and that it quits now at least here in Boston they hear hear bouncing off the month off the cameras outside and while that might be another narrative there there. It's not following you but your providing. Antithesis masses that. Well you know it's funny please we were in the first bands to Paris. After. He attacks there. It doesn't mean I got a great friend and he's he's in the music business in France and easily understand you know one's gonna come out. But people whose lives there and aggregate purchase my friend was. At the dots yeah and survive. And that is it down. Black prisoner at the one of the first answers after 9/11 have to be in I mean I'd put it through its censored in Oklahoma. After that horrible event I came within a day or to you. It's pretty weird. Maybe there is CarMax President Zardari. Your story tell you the music makes you as you say we the whale you know I've been here if this fall guy you know. Hi Harris producer and and Witten. And healer here you are the ball in the sad. Clash. You are both the band in the gave me a story color boundaries here really hear her use Gil would hear Jesus with a guitar. By eight. God I mean like did you even bother asking him if he wanted to on button and unzip reviews and yeah. I'd like all about the lyrics questioned how you got shut down so. I do we have that yeah. So I I I asked about a specifically Eric what is cool about his kids. Everybody's so into being like mystical and metaphorical poetic. Anyone who in each round. Nanny was like hey is thanks so is this where you out of this and dues it's like now. Let's I wanna hear no we don't need yes of course we do this I noticed a leader on this new record. Ohno was as a record for its California which excludes I played. Who call the other guys rock celtics' quick fix their lives in there about. Letting my children see my dreams intertwined with my teacher in Detroit there just seems there's another Atlantic driving some barren. But I thought for you that's pretty deeply personal you right kind of politically metaphor that I thought like that was. Our eastern right or maybe you're aides like she had gotten out. I am really it's just amazing like it's like you just wanted. This is that you wanted the the meat in the cheese in the letters to sing in a symphony in the just. I and whatnot it's okay thinking of the way that the bread caress the meat so as to provide. Leonard and you wait him out now. I made bread and put on sandwich use. Why are you interpreting his. They did it also the the ninety minute ramble like I'll pay back. I don't think you're. Long lead and took particular brand. I'm a dad now your kid well. No. And yeah. Leg. When it and a girl. It's yeah it's it exquisite it's like you reviewing what the ratio 56 place. Bottles embargo and you what did you say is it's he's in his previous album with exquisite. Something saver win wine and pain in clear. One. Top. Even it's funny because he when he was like no and then I literally say I don't know I think as my kid don't do that. Is that OK and I guess you are now. Ready my socks for me but I want to ask him about Boston. I asked about Boston what he got to Boston about this kind of lost. What are your thoughts about Boston you name me Societe or feeling sorry here's why did your premises where he's not. Yeah of course I mean we we have all been always our great shows you know. And then the last couple years seeing the most insane amount of snow ever seen counselor couple winters. As I am I've written I've busted memories or I've always black crowes things happened in the winter for some reason. I'm never going to get a costly action early ninety's tonight locking it. Cross the comments tonight on my way back to wherever we're saying that coffee spilled that it it froze instantly and it from the south and ever done it. It was stuff office throws two yeah well welcome back to its drive. Screw up there were in this grounds. Do you get DJ's grad represented. Do you think that I come to go postal there in the comments that maybe. I'm seeing you every third person on the ball yeah it was like what are hero Abbas and I've seen you travel time in like it does that the practice the personal preference was awesome. But the fact you did some a year best fake interview last. Everything is back Annie and crews that man is like the dog out well. I know I I've looked at. I refuse to open up it looks odd school. Odd and it's. That's a band he's sort of a guy who musician he's reference but the funniest part was that we didn't know what the times of Mattie didn't know if my hands on the fish that band I noses like I know you'll get your giving the rap singers I needed I want that to me that the fish so that yeah. What do you literally just like gaffe which hit her stride equated it that fits the fish that they catch they can't identify as they called they gave it a name describe what would happen is by the fish you'd like no man this dude is arrested for unlawful pot dealing with a fund raiser forming out god we finished the interview. And when opening the box. They too busy drinking his water. And drinking his water I will ice I will reunite. I'm the only one that interviewed Gupta told them to did you tell them that you interviewed his brother now here's the thing is my rule here is my rule. Rich in a phone interview and brought up Chris so I went there now that rule of Chris says the word rich I'm going in hard. Why not you I'm in a high level and I trust me we all know you went and hard. How you're able to talk yourself to have. Little black Muslim Monday go to an embarrassment or UFOs.